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0:00​​​ Intro
0:12 Passive - Goes Where He Pleases
1:04 Q - Infected Bonesaw
1:28 W - Heart Zapper
2:29 E - Blunt Force Trauma
3:11​​​ R - Maximum Dosage
3:43 Conclusion
4:40 Outro

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100+ komentarze:

Carl daniel Emance
Carl daniel Emance:
I like how he just slams his head when attacking a tower...
Comment as
Comment as:
the passive is a bit anti climactic, "goes where he pleases" well he goes where the fucking canister drops.
Mundo's most powerful new ability is to recreate his ripped shirt after ulting.
Call me Mortats
Call me Mortats:
Now he looks like a purple Hulk who took over his father's lab
Literally no-one:
League content creators from now on: OMG I TRIED MUNDO ABILITY IT'S SO BROKEN MY ENEMY WENT AFK!1!1!1!1!
New Gamer87
New Gamer87:
3:48 "we might finally have our first true drain tank" poor maokai crying in the corner
Good rework simple just like old mundo
This rework preserved the old Mundo. The best rework is the I-headbutt-you-turret animation.
Jean Pierre Polnareff
Jean Pierre Polnareff:
Whwn you realize his w is waaay more powerful than his ultimate.
Looks like there are some transferable skills if one was already proficient with sion e's but with the mind of execution before proc to aim
King Shenpo
King Shenpo:
4:01 the best part of his rework.
Trouble in Paradise
Trouble in Paradise:
Nothing to see here, just doctor mundo giving the enemy tower a Blo*job
“Let me check this out, I’m sure it won’t affect me as a Morgana main”
0:16 closed my laptop
Flame of Mage
Flame of Mage:
I was upset when I heard he was getting reworked but I'm pleased with how it's turned out.
Qiao Y
Qiao Y:
mundo is more mondo right now (I mean look at how he attacks the tower lmao)
Oh no, grey health. Ah shit here we go again.
dante ciccarelli
dante ciccarelli:
so he's off the rank for now I'm guessing, inorder to see how these effect his placement
A Youtube Channel
A Youtube Channel:
3:10 Finally let's talk about tyler1-mode.
Josiah Rivera
Josiah Rivera:
This is definitely one of the best reworks I've seen for a champion. It really kept the overall kit of Mundo, but made it a little more dimensional and modern, and improved his personality, and I'm sure all three of the Mundo mains will be very happy to play him.
Im gonna miss the old mundo 😔
Karl Cruz
Karl Cruz:
Man even Mundo's lab coat regenerates back when his ult ends.
Mundo's w is the most Heroes of the Storm ability in league now
Josiah Tavares
Josiah Tavares:
The line he says when he meets Heim 🤣
bercibi 64
bercibi 64:
His skeleton feels wierd, especially when his ult is on :/
Giorgos Pavliotis
Giorgos Pavliotis:
Actually if its his passive that thing , then i believe it reminds more poppy's one
Strarn White
Strarn White:
I liked being able to just leave W on once you’ve built Spirit Visage, new W is lacklustre as hell 🥴 An added stun or reduced MR to synergies with allies on proc if your passive is up still up or even something to make him stronger in Jg idk anything to add some depth
Orlando Alvarez
Orlando Alvarez:
Just to let you know, Mundo's R actually costs a % of his current Hp
Great! More heavy tanks that deal massive damage. Just what we needed!
Amazing, Mundo finally has an ultimate
Kazuya Yuza
Kazuya Yuza:
Every time I main someone, it gets reworked -.-
Tychus Enfield Larsson
Tychus Enfield Larsson:
4:02 Me when I have play with 4 French premades
Milantique Studios
Milantique Studios:
O. from the concept art riot released of the new mundo in the making, I thought he was going to turn out much different
Manu Walker
Manu Walker:
He's literally a compilation of all top laners
Fluffy Torpedo
Fluffy Torpedo:
the ost in the background sounds so good
AF Raider
AF Raider:
That passive sounds a bit more like poppy?
default name
default name:
The only rework I see is the head banging on the turret. Im a mundo main now.
Imagine if they made him like some kind of gnar except his r is his transformation
Evan Lord
Evan Lord:
Wow, now he can heal 3 different ways
Pool party Lillia please riot <3
The only problem i have with new mundo right now is that all his skills are too good that i dont know which one to max first.
Show me how they ruined just that one skin I own.
David Brown
David Brown:
I don't see how he's remotely a drain tank
Gasu Gasu
Gasu Gasu:
i've been waiting for this rework for like 7 months and i cant wait for it to be released
Love me some tanks with % damage on their primary ability that doesn't take cost anything and had an execute built into his kit as a tank. God bless
Khoa Doãn
Khoa Doãn:
This Mundo will work best going Mid, especially dealing with Oriana and Viktor ._.
I like the simplicity of this
passive looks like zac's passive, W looks like kennen's R, E looks like sion's E
His Q isn’t the same, it no longer heals. Kindve a big nerf
Terry Odia
Terry Odia:
Do we get the rework on wild rifr aswell
kinda bored of champion with immune to effects :/
So he is basically the same stat checkky while being safe in lane by spamming q from a distance kind of champion.
Day 28 of waiting for kled to be added to the next midlane tier list
SharkChilli Idk what to add here
SharkChilli Idk what to add here:
Ngl I liked how mundo looked before the rework
Jerry Aguilar
Jerry Aguilar:
I've been a mundo jg main since post season 7. I have 5 accounts with a combined score of 1.7m mastery and peaked #14 Mundo NA.
Ima miss my mundo :(
Mate Kaluz
Mate Kaluz:
it feels more like an mini rework then an actual rework level like Mordekaiser, Volibear & Urgot.
Martin freemon
Martin freemon:
Bruh. He got a mini-Swain ult mixed with Tahm Kench's E as his W.
Maricchi Chie
Maricchi Chie:
Melee malzahar and crazed garen... nice, I'd like to try him
Ronn Arby Reye
Ronn Arby Reye:
I can already see the crazy builds people are going to use on Mundo. Talking about Nashor+Lich Bane+Void Staff+Visage and Tank Items goddamn.
so they gave him zac passive seth shield and sion e :/
Pat Rick
Pat Rick:
Honestly they shouldve gave him WAY more muscle, compared to his old look, he looks a tad bit underwhelming.
4:02 headbutt to destroy tower 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
i'm just scared of this man taking last stand and tping botlane to kill my adc after he just walks through morg q like it didnt happen
Michael Ryan
Michael Ryan:
Brah he’s gonna be op
anyone know when we can play the new mundo?
Why didn't they do that with Aatrox. Why did they have to change Aatrox completely...
Jovan Radovanovic
Jovan Radovanovic:
Imagine releasing champion who has passive that makes him immune to every cc spell. So u have champs with 160 secs ult who cannot ult him while his passive is like 30 secas smth like that. Gj rito drop dead
lucas dayde
lucas dayde:
Old Mundo preserved , everyone liked that. Good rework , 9/10
T Highdrus
T Highdrus:
What's the epic!
li oscar
li oscar:
BYe mundo, old mundo was very good, tanky and high damage
El chapo junior
El chapo junior:
Why do i like This rework? Im gonna miss old mundo a bit but he looks awesome and actully more fun to play
Eden Shorrocks
Eden Shorrocks:
That passive... thats gonna be OP
Udyr Q used to deal magic dmg (the dot part) they removed it so you could itemize against it and now they add in so many tanks that deal 2 types of dmg too its so fucking stupid
i hope they rework udyrs visuals.
He's basically Sion 2.0
Music Forever
Music Forever:
Mundo most gentle champion in all of league 👍
Idk League made my mentality that fragile that I tilt in advance when I think about our team getting Nash and I casually watch our base and have to shockingly see splitpushing Mundo finishing our Nexus by slamming his head against it
I wonder if they'll do the rework for wild rift as well
Bryle Auspicious Abalajon
Bryle Auspicious Abalajon:
Wait so the corporate mundo is now a legend skin?
is udyr dead or what? can u just rework him please
how tf can a tank tank 20 towerrshots and deal ddamagee more than aa adc
Ezra G
Ezra G:
I just know he will do more damage than a typical adc...
Pog Content
Pog Content:
R should be named "Mundo Smash"
I'm glad they preserved his identity and didn't give him the Aatrox treatment
Isaac D
Isaac D:
How do u play the new reworked mundo?
jm mangulabnan
jm mangulabnan:
mean while the whole enemy team is playing dodge ball minions with Mundo and Sion
Sooper Moto
Sooper Moto:
the vibe we get on old mundo is gone. the goofiness and the "big but dumb" image. now, he just looks like a thug from the batman universe
Pls Be Gentle
Pls Be Gentle:
So what like, new Mundo now builds Goredrinker?
Chrome Dynamo
Chrome Dynamo:
funny story
ever since his rework was teased back in jan, every day til the end of april i kept googling mundo rework
on may 1st i actually googled mundo release date and it showed me today's date
so i waited, too hyped, and im not disappointed
Looking foward to no longer being condemned by vayne
My Car Is Chaotic
My Car Is Chaotic:
"Like Tahm Kench but you get to heal it back instead of maknig it into a shield."
Alieno X
Alieno X:
We Will miss him
You know who else needs a major rework? Aurelion Sol.
this is basically a huge buff. Only new strong points.
Best skill change? He says Stonks in his corporate skin
Riot games is going to have a lot of work on their hands re working a butt load of champs! they need to re work so many champs because they release these busted mobile champions
Xafe Mode
Xafe Mode:
"first true drain tank in league"

Cries in old aatrox
Random Name
Random Name:
Stop overhyping with your voice. This is clearly a huge nerf. Mundo went from a tanky melee with strong damage. To a off tank low damage range with a mini heal and slow heal for an ult. Almost as bad of a rework as xin zhao's.
Iwo Tabakow
Iwo Tabakow:
As Elise player i have to perma ban him now. Without my stun he can just walk up to me and destroy me.
I really hate champions like this. With his kit he can be 0/5 and still murder me when im 5/0.
Pro Dev
Pro Dev:
Look how they massacred my boy
when this rework will become in league ?