New Ford Bronco Reveal ― 2021 Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport, Price, Interior, Off-Road, Release Date

2021 Ford Bronco prices, reviews and pictures

The Ford Bronco is back! And not only that, but it's also available in three different flavors: a two-door, a four-door and the Bronco Sport. In this video, Mark Takahashi explains what you need to know about the 2021 Bronco, including engines, off-road capabilities, interior, options and other specifications.

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LATE BREAKING INFO: The starting price for the 2-door Bronco will start at $29,995, but don't get too excited. That base model is essentially stripped to its necessities and is intended for those who want to thoroughly accessorize their rig and don't want to pay for things that are going to be discarded, anyway.

Trail Turn Assist is a new off-road feature that brakes the inside wheel, allowing the Bronco to make a tighter turn around it. Not as cool as Rivian's tank turn, but still! Towing maxes out at 3,500 lbs for either 2- or four-door, while the Bronco Sport is limited to 2,200 lbs.

On the tech front, the 2- and 4-door Broncos will have the latest Sync4 infotainment and wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. In addition to the many off-road apps, shareable trail maps will be available in the navigation system.
hai Nghiem
hai Nghiem:
Must be one of the best new cars Ive seen in the last 10 years. Looks like a winner for Ford.
Man...Doug is gonna have a field day explaining all the quirks and features of this truck.
*Yeah...stop buying a Jeep now. Was seriously considering it...* 😆
If it doesn't come with complimentary black leather gloves too small to fit my hands I'm not buying. >:(
It brings a tear to my eye seeing at least someone does give a shit about us in the automotive industry, bringing back a well respected model and doing it right.
Prspctv Matters
Prspctv Matters:
I don’t think I’ve wanted a car this bad in a long time, and it’s actually a price I can afford.
Blake Robertson
Blake Robertson:
I was planning on getting a Jeep for my first car with all the money I’ve saved but this... baby blue please!
Eric Rodriguez
Eric Rodriguez:
Right now, every single Jeep owner feels like a Dallas Cowboy's fan.
When just the design alone makes you want to buy one and then you hear the details and you sold!
bob wallace
bob wallace:
The Bronco is not a jeep killer. Fiat already did that for them.
itzel varela
itzel varela:
They should come up with the white high end edition called:
The OJ edition
Jim Tomlinson
Jim Tomlinson:
Can’t get a manual transmission with the 6 Cylinder? Ford, please reconsider this decision
Ethan Nicholson
Ethan Nicholson:
Will wait a year to see how the early buyers like them and their reliability. Looks awesome
Chris John Michael
Chris John Michael:
Looks great ford! This is what GM should have done with the blazer.
OJ will be able to get one in a year , wonder what color he’ll choose hmm.
Lecture or Ticket but not Both
Lecture or Ticket but not Both:
I’m glad this came out. Jeep has been skating along with half assed refreshed designs for too long.
PARSA power
PARSA power:
Wayne Static missed the new Bronco
Travis Sims
Travis Sims:
Is it just me or does the body style look alot like the fj cruiser
MjekuMati after work
MjekuMati after work:
Yeah...never buying a Jeep now. Was seriously considering it...
This thing is one good thing to come from 2020 in a while😂
GeV K:
Great. Also loved seeing a diverse person doing this for once. Finally !!
We need to see more of this great automotive journalist! Enjoyed your presentation!
Gilbert Herrera
Gilbert Herrera:
OJ SIMPSON 30 years later: it's about that time again 👁👄👁
Stevan Thomas
Stevan Thomas:
The bronco just became my dream car.
Nick Kerr
Nick Kerr:
Dang I knew I was a killer but I didn’t think the Bronco was too

Just kidding, I didn’t do it
Miguel Bilbao
Miguel Bilbao:
Great review by Mark. His design background makes him the perfect person to review the Bronco.
Matt Davies
Matt Davies:
When I see images of the Bronco Sport my first thought is LR Freelander ....
Lecture or Ticket but not Both
Lecture or Ticket but not Both:
I will just add, that I wish there was a V-8 option for nostalgia and the exhaust note, but this thing is already gonna blow the doors off Jeep.
Mike C
Mike C:
Ford really nailed it with this vehicle ... colour me impressed. I'm excited to see these on the road... I'm also curious to see if this forces Toyota to bring the FJ back.
Gonna have to see some real off road testing, let's see how it fares after 25k, 50k, and 80k miles.
2= Like
4= Comment
chance larue
chance larue:
The new ford brono is amazing and its awesome that it came back but let's be honest jeep still owns the trails. I'm not even a jeep owner or lover but jeep is still the best and they have been at it since forever
*Jeep Wrangler has left the chat*
I like to imagine this vehicle still on the road 20 years from now :) Because it's just that darn good and hearty.
Christian Avila
Christian Avila:
I like how I just got a jeep and I see this 👀
Ryan Mack
Ryan Mack:
I can totally see this going against the G-wagon as a Lincoln
We LOVE our 1995 Bronco but this Bronco I would love to have too!!!! It' awesome!
Kid: hey dad I need to pee.
Dad: it's OK pull the drain from the floor and pee on the floor.
Nate Malchow
Nate Malchow:
First time I’ve been excited about a ford product in quite some time.. 👌🏼
Regis Philbin *THE LEGEND*
Regis Philbin *THE LEGEND*:
It looks like all the penny pinchers had been locked out of the production room. Well done Ford!
Ant Car
Ant Car:
I’m supposed to get a 2019 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon but now I’m debating to wait till next year
Tim B
Tim B:
That V6 one looks like the one for me but hope I can still do crawl mode somehow!
The Nothing
The Nothing:
going to bed, looks like I'm going to be needing some overtime this year...
Incorrigible Aaron
Incorrigible Aaron:
So annoying that Ford went all out on this but totally half-assed the "new" Ranger
seeni gzty
seeni gzty:
Great review by Mark. His design background makes him the perfect person to review the Bronco.
Pasit Vayusoa
Pasit Vayusoa:
That’s an American vehicle I can get with, this makes me feel like when I first saw the Chrysler 3 and the 2010 challenger
Juan Rojas-Carrasco
Juan Rojas-Carrasco:
10:30 I agree with the engineer, 2 reasons, when you have a tailgate mounted spare, it will extend into the lane of incoming traffic, also, opening a left swinging gate is hard to do with your right hand without hitting yourself in the face, or bending your wrist.
Hobie Chhina
Hobie Chhina:
Wow! Ford just killed 2 birds (Wrangler and The Defender) with one Bronco ;)
Kole Hobbs
Kole Hobbs:
A 7 speed transmission with a crawl gear sounds amazing
Brad Wolf
Brad Wolf:
8:30 histreelesin.
D Diver
D Diver:
RIP Jeep 2020
Jeep fan bois be like QQ :'(
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips:
coming to GTA 5 Online (PS5) in 2021

the new Vapid Riata
My Auction Addiction Estate Sales
My Auction Addiction Estate Sales:
Unbelievable, what an amazing design. I cant wait to trade in the four runner
George Loren
George Loren:
Great job, finally a good looking modern car. Love the shape! How cars should be made
Jampack Gaming
Jampack Gaming:
The GMC Syclone is going to be a beast too! 🔥
Macheene Macheene
Macheene Macheene:
Great work from Ford, that relationship with Land Rover has paid off big time in the truck department. Wrangler is in serious trouble.
Matt Lavender
Matt Lavender:
Team Bronco just pulled a Chuck Norris and blew the front doors open at Jeep headquarters followed by a roundhouse to the face of Team Rubicon!
Sylvio Fleurant
Sylvio Fleurant:
Branco looks amazing 😉
Coby Hartzler
Coby Hartzler:
Now we got a raptor, ranger, tremor, and a bronco so much off-road I love it
mr nippy nelson
mr nippy nelson:
I'm waiting for the oj edition. Before I put on my driving glove.
BRONCO all the way !💪🏽🔥🔥🔥
Michael rocks15
Michael rocks15:
It’s sexy. Will definitely compete against the Jeep Wrangler.
Misael Moreno
Misael Moreno:
I am saving my money to buy this. Just amazing 😍!
JDog Night
JDog Night:
Great overview to the smaller touches and finer detail, thank you!
I will be the first one in line for this. I've never been so hyped for a vehicle.
You guys need to learn to expose your video properly. That's some seriously dark outdoor footage.
Meanwhile over at Jeep HQ they are running around yelling "Crap Crap Crap, we're in trouble" 😂
Ford kicked ass on this one.
katie krogman
katie krogman:
Ohhhh how I’ve missed you! I’m so glad your back! We’ve been waiting patiently, now we can share you with our kids!
CDaniel J80
CDaniel J80:
Excellent, excellent presentation! This is top quality editing that large auto publications have been lacking on especially on YouTube.
Perfect Midlife Crisis car. I'll take a 4 door convertible thank you.
Gurneet Chatha
Gurneet Chatha:
Excellent design by ford engineers . Love the design and classic feel
I love it, you can tell they put years of hard work into this and it paid off, looks like they thought of everything. Exterior styling, interior styling, features are all fantastic. Jeep is going to really have to up their game, and get more cool and modern to compete with this
Yoganand Ramen
Yoganand Ramen:
Wow this was such an informative and in depth video review. Thank you 🙏🏽
Jay 34
Jay 34:
Great thorough overview
Wake Up
Wake Up:
Oh my god, i am salivating already... wow, you have to get one.
Peter Vasz
Peter Vasz:
8:21 East egg for ww3
Robert Waddell
Robert Waddell:
One of the best looking off road utility vehicles in a long time.
william comley
william comley:
Mark, thank you for your amazing review!! Man you covered about everything and presented it with knowledge and explanation. Good job and Ford Motor Company too!
Jhon Swell
Jhon Swell:
He pops up on the screen like an Android adware 😆😆🤦🏾‍♂️
This is fire🔥🔥
Love my Mazda CX-5 for it's handling and gas mileage, but this has me missing the feeling I got with my old Ranger. The feeling that you could tackle some off road obstacles if needed.
ty pe
ty pe:
Out of the gate, it is likely better than a Wrangler.
Coddy Copeland
Coddy Copeland:
Chevy/Gm coulda been made something like this with the blazer and used the square body or late 60s early 70s design with an ls woulda kept up good with the bronco but gm is too scared.
Cloud Li
Cloud Li:
The SPORT model may save ESCAPE since the all-new ESCAPE looks so dumb.
Brian Hurford
Brian Hurford:
Best review of a vehicle I think I've ever seen. Great job with all the little details.
Blake Da Red Snake
Blake Da Red Snake:
I've got a jeep, but the two door looks pretty sick
I like the 2-door but need room for the homies, definitely need that 4-door come spring. I’m ready Ford
D A:
I own Jeeps. Yup, I’ll be selling them for a Bronco. Had one in SoCal. Glad it’s back. 👍🏻
Mister X
Mister X:
The Ford Bronco has a 7 speed manual. It's a winner for me. Just wish it was offered in a V6 as well.
Danny Thomas
Danny Thomas:
Waiting for the limited edition O.J. Simpson model!
Blue Duck
Blue Duck:
Bronco wont kill anything with that pitiful 2 liter, 4 cylinder engine! Ford really dropped the ball there. Great concept, weak lawn mower engine! BAH!
Subash Dhungana
Subash Dhungana:
Jeep : We made our Wranglers better than ever
Ford : Hold my Bronco!!!!
cloud chaser
cloud chaser:
I can't wait until people start engine swapping. 5.0 and this truck will rip thru the mud and run like a sand rail. Dune wheelies all day.
Midnight Hoon
Midnight Hoon:
5:33 - was there mild accident or bump? because I can see that the metal part under the grill , on the right side of the car is not as well mounted as on the left side.
Izeyah Wolf
Izeyah Wolf:
The bronco sport is going to replace the current police explorer mark my words.
Sweet! Looks amazing!
Jeffry Pierce
Jeffry Pierce:
Who would have killed for a “base” Bronco with 270 HP back in the day!!
Gino Delizo
Gino Delizo:
Wow.. probably best review I've seen from Edmunds. Bravo..
The best-looking vehicle to come out in 20+ years. Absolutely stunning!