New FREE to Play Pokemon Game! POKEMON UNITE Gameplay & First Impressions

Pokemon Unite is out today and it's free to play! Here's some gameplay and some first impressions from this new Pokemon game.

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100+ komentarze:

Phoenix Wright
Phoenix Wright:
Based on my DOTA experience, not being able to communicate is a plus.
don't be silly, no one uses chat in a moba to "communicate" with teammates.
you're supposed to use it to blame things on everyone but yourself.
Played it for my first few hours. Such an enjoyable game. Definetly more casual than your usual moba and that makes it easier for new players to pick up and play.
Can't wait for my boi Magikarp.
this game was honestly so much better than i was expecting, it's so fun
i'm also really looking to get cinderace and garchomp lol
Number XIV
Number XIV:
Immediately got Alolan Ninetales. One of my favorite Pokemon and was so happy to see she made it in!
Matt Zero
Matt Zero:
There are also items you can equip (up to 3) that also make a difference in proformence you can find them in the battle prep pressing ZL during character selection.
Silk Wind
Silk Wind:
The point system takes away the pure PVP element from the overrated MOBA genre. I like it, you can sneak in slowly destroying enemy areas via point farming without dealing with a Tower. guard.
Ahh, so basically it’s League of Legends: Pokemon Edition
Pharo Tae
Pharo Tae:
“Whoever the fake Arekkz is, I hope you lose all your matches” 😂😂😂
Robert The Collector
Robert The Collector:
Yey this i need to play soon!!! 🤩🥳🔥🤘🔥
Luis Tijerina
Luis Tijerina:
Well darn, you had me at free and pokemon 😂
Drugresearcher Kappalapa
Drugresearcher Kappalapa:
8:33 dude u got some real nice awareness loved the switching of targets when the guy that was very low came back into range, all around very nice 15 sec of action there
Sir DeadPixeI
Sir DeadPixeI:
I been playing non stop today. Charizard and cinderace are my go to mons
Lets be honest its an amazing game! 💯👌
Savage God Hand 777
Savage God Hand 777:
Bring Back Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness for HD Remastered for the Nintendo Switch, but most wanted on next Nintendo Direct 2021
"Fake Arekkz I hope you lose all you matches" lmao 😂😂😂😭💀
Benjamin Valen Grytten
Benjamin Valen Grytten:
Is lvl the only power scaling(does lvl 10 always beat lvl9 and 8?) or is there items that can compansate?
Trae War
Trae War:
Loving this game so much! Played the beta too!
Zac Z
Zac Z:
I cant believe they let my boi squirtle out 😔
Santa Claus
Santa Claus:
A very good game! If this game is released on mobile, I will download it instant!
Finally a reason to pick up my switch for once i dont have many games on it😂
If we could talk in game all we would do was to flame because it's a moba.
Release date for mobile devices is 2 whole months after switch soooo expect to get trained if you are on mobile because you are two months behind, unless you plan to use the cash shop...
it would be nice if they added itemization to the game... which could easily be done since Pokemon already has tons of held items in the game. Could have potions too. Something to give higher freedom and variation within gameplay. Looks fun though. I will try it. Arekkz you should avoid League of Legends... Might get yourself addicted lol
Dv Nq
Dv Nq:
They should have included munchlax in the game to evolve in-game
Milka Tuc
Milka Tuc:
You canceled 3 autos Bulbasaur ! Lmao
ive been playing mobas for years, and the no communication is not a problem. if youre playing with friends use discord like i usually do
My biggest complaint is that there's no variable AI difficulty settings. If you're stomping the base AI, there's no other difficulties to jump in and face. :(
samurott man
samurott man:
I was pleasantly surprised with this game
If we could talk in game all we would do was to flame because it's a moba.
Drugresearcher Kappalapa
Drugresearcher Kappalapa:
5:43 that froggee reminds me of Adrenaline from Heroes Of Newerth Moba
I main wiggly tuff no matter what sing and dazzling gleam
Unseenninja 83
Unseenninja 83:
Lol, Arekkz over here being vengful, wishing nothing but misfortune for the sake of taking his name lol love it
brawlernado 3
brawlernado 3:
I love that this game is free
Lenze Bolt
Lenze Bolt:
Moba veterans can't wait to destroy when it comes out on Mobile
reminds me of that infinite crisis moba
Love this game , it's a moba without toxic hate and it's easy to play
Houssem Mezzine
Houssem Mezzine:
P2w is a problem actually. Held items and upgrading them will takes months and months to fully upgrade. If you want everything to be fully upgraded it will definitely take you more than a year and you need to play a lot everyday if you are f2p.
For p2w players, if you want everything to be upgraded day 1, it should be around 700 euros/dollars from a first estimation.
I would estimate that a person fully geared and a person basically geared (0 upgrades) will have a difference of 20% power overall (basically considering atk/spatk, def, atk spd, mvt spd, reflected dmg, health and healing)

My advice, play and have fun, don't spend and drop it if you get frustrated by the p2w mechanics.
Miji 77
Miji 77:
I hoping they add more Pokemon and add more game mod..
Ender Dragon
Ender Dragon:
I saw new pokémon game title and was interested, then I saw it was a pokémon League of Legends, and my interest dropped to below zero%.
Definitely Gonna be maining greninja or zeraora
finally some good fricking free game
5:15 Это не дота и не лол это смесь из режимов HotS в сеттинге Pokemon
Andrewin DY
Andrewin DY:
Pokemon Unite Exist:
Magikarp: *splash*
Jorge Mcnuggets
Jorge Mcnuggets:
put this on pc please and then dont add communication that way no toxic players
Andrewin DY
Andrewin DY:
Does it like Brawl star, with MOBA map concept ?
That map looks like Legacy Agora from Paragon o.o
Blue nova corgi
Blue nova corgi:
The movement in the game is so slow i could go check my mail walk a mile n come back n not have gotten very can have full HP n someone just one shot Probably upgrades they use to become broken OP Ass would be fun if there was just goal scoring n not pvp idk...they just lost me with this...i hate it n like it at the same time....i bought absol n upgraded a few items to help but ehhh just...weird
You know you're famous when people start using your name :P
Ljubomir Juraj
Ljubomir Juraj:
Youtube unsubbed me from the channel, nice.
Is there typing in this game? Like would frokie just dominate feniken?
Hound Doggur: XI
Hound Doggur: XI:
Communication is the key to victory.

Pokemon Unite: Imma pretend i didn't see that.
Tryst Hartzell
Tryst Hartzell:
Yeah, I'll pass on this one.
Nico Melia
Nico Melia:
Free to play. Pay to win. Enjoy boys.
More like pay 2 win xd
Max Zednicek
Max Zednicek:
Could i play with CPU players?
your ex
your ex:
Is it available on android?
Hao Peng
Hao Peng:
Tecent needs to stop making cash-grabs and do some useful stuff.
Even tho it’s free does it require switch online to play?
anbu spirit
anbu spirit:
i have that game on my switch
Nathan Abel
Nathan Abel:
This looks like everyone on jungle
Cody Mattingly
Cody Mattingly:
I got my yt username as my name in pokemon unite I'm very happy about that
Prob would just play League of Legends
I thought it was paid game but I’m playing rn tho
They should just have made one of their actual pokemon games Android/iOS compatible and make it cross platform, instead of these mobile moba copy's that are so simple and have no balance with OP poke's..... Very weird there isnt a pokemon game for mobile since there are so many emulators proving it's possible, and can be done buy a kid in his moms house.
Nicolas Bornel
Nicolas Bornel:
There is not communication in league lmao
let’s goooo
Mihajlo Postic
Mihajlo Postic:
how to download this game help pls
ree balamaka
ree balamaka:
Is it out now? I tought It was on the 21rst I'm so comfused
Ok my phone wasn't updated... nvmind🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
can you 0play it on pc
The Coolbomberman
The Coolbomberman:
Dude, no coms? Sign me up right now
Josh Lusanta
Josh Lusanta:
Will it cost money?
Haziq Shafie
Haziq Shafie:
where are you download this game?
Greg Bugden
Greg Bugden:
Im seeing blastoise all over promo material, but hes not on the website roster?
Douglas Henderson
Douglas Henderson:
Why isn't this in the play store on android
MightyCougar Playz
MightyCougar Playz:
is it out on mobile?
Milk Tea
Milk Tea:
is this just league of legends but pokemon????
Monki Man
Monki Man:
is this in mobile?
Charmeleon to a Charmander yeah I can't listen to your judgement
Dario Rigon
Dario Rigon:
Wait no nexus?
Another league of legends lol
Brandon Krentz
Brandon Krentz:
Is there any sort of type advantages like normal pokemon?
*sad no braixen noises*
Cristiano Gouveia
Cristiano Gouveia:
I just cant find this on the play store :/
Not available in my country... Cool
Is this switch exclusive?
pitwan desu
pitwan desu:
obviously no voice chat because of switch XD..hopefully they are added to the android version
Bro in next video tell how to download beyblade burst 3ds in android and iOS with emulator and settings
Mark Morales
Mark Morales:
Is Chansey in the game?
WalkingBucket 479
WalkingBucket 479:
I want a switch specifically for this game, and the other Pokémon games. should I wait for the new OLED switch to come out in October or should I just get a regular switch?
Anyone know if blaziken made it
Pokemon Dota nice
Lewis Norden
Lewis Norden:
They should bring this to mobile
Dmitri Davis
Dmitri Davis:
Is it on switch??
Hector Lopez
Hector Lopez:
Free to play******** Free to worst monetization in a mobile game in a long time
pvp nty. if there wasn't pvp but difficult AI i would of tried it
Yam N Bam
Yam N Bam:
Let’s go, Smite killer
completely lost me at MOBA, unfortunate that pokemon would go this route