NEW Nintendo Switch Dock Incoming? + Switch Online Gets A BIG Upgrade!

While Mario might have left us and Super Mario Bros 35 is gone, the Nintendo Switch online service gets a big upgrade with Pac-Man 99 as a new free game. And after the latest Switch firmware update, an interesting discovery was made that shows a new Nintendo Switch dock for the Switch Pro may be incoming!


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Gary Dorman
Gary Dorman:
It blows my mind that Nintendo hasn’t released docks with various designs all the years. They should be pushing everyone to buy a dock for every tv in the home. I’m shocked they didn’t go that route so people could collect them and swap them out at any time since that’s what you see.
0:00 Intro
0:38 Pac-Man 99
4:29 New Nintendo Switch Dock
8:36 Outro
Jordan Diaz
Jordan Diaz:
An upgraded dock sounds so much better than an upgraded switch!
Ben Smith
Ben Smith:
I love your safety "?" on your titles. They amuse me
I honestly wouldn't be able to tell how many times I've seen that Nintendo Switch video trailer being repeated on vlogs.
RGT 85
RGT 85:
You KNOW it's a big day when I take a new stupid selfie for the thumbnail. Enjoy the vid!
Migan Anthony
Migan Anthony:
The 12.0 firmware has finally given the kickstand more stability !!!
Nabhan Abdullatif
Nabhan Abdullatif:
I’m annoyed that more than 4 years later we still don’t have a Netflix app on the switch! That’s the only update I’d really care about.
Imagine if the free service added a VoiP for games.. like a friend lobby..
Bzrk _22
Bzrk _22:
There’s still quite a few copies of 3d All Stars at my local Wal-Mart. There’s currently more copies of that game than 3d World+Bowser’s Fury.
Robin's universe
Robin's universe:
I knew that pacman 99 would be coming because i saw the trailer
Eddy BSR
Eddy BSR:
Since I'm broke, everytime I see switch pro rumors I secretly wish they aren't true
johny tsunami
johny tsunami:
Im gonna start a movement so that you can bring back the old school intro! 😂😂💀
Josh Webb
Josh Webb:
Pulls out the dock yeah it's a big chunk of plastic. Had me laughing so hard.
I thought it was 9pm est but aight

edit: it is. It launches 6pm PST so that’s 9pm EST
Single Player Party
Single Player Party:
Thumbs up for the Stevie Richards fangirling at the end.
That new pacman game looks awesome! Also i hope we get some form of a switch pro announcement at E3
Pink Gamer Princess
Pink Gamer Princess:
Pac-Man 99 looks awesome! I'll definitely download it as soon as I can!
Also: here's hoping for a new Switch Dock!
Dacien Felice
Dacien Felice:
Mario 35 still has an icon sitting in the top row of the most played section of my library, it's like a having a photo of a dead child lol
Jay Day
Jay Day:
this is the mrboss of the nintendo community
I'd rather a new dock than a new switch, the 80+ million people probably don't want to spend 350 dollars.
Adrian Davis
Adrian Davis:
I told myself that I wasn't going to stream today to work on some video stuff. Then this comes out. Crap, I have to stream this when I get a hold of it. Damnit! 🤣🤣🤣
Jio Crespo
Jio Crespo:
What if the “Switch Pro” isn’t a new console, but merely a new dock. What if it’s a “pro” dock that has an external GPU that the switch can take advantage of when docked?
5:45: It appears that the new Switch will have a new dock
Ian Boast
Ian Boast:
It kind of becoming like a "rain will fall" discussion at this point lol!
Slaylox Sesh
Slaylox Sesh:
Nice! Got out of graveyard shift for this 😎
Hips GTLK:
When the video is so new that it doesn't even load on the main channel. Love the news. Stay healthy and stay safe. ☺️
Just chilling in the afternoon watching this great video
And this happens right after I bought a second dock for 80$. Oh well I needed it
Small Correction: Game comes out 6PM PST (9PM EST)
Blade Shadow Wing
Blade Shadow Wing:
Can't wait to try Pac Man 99 later today!
Signs! I luh that movie, too
Mii 2.0
Mii 2.0:
When I turn on captions, they're in Russian! 😂
Jacob Broder
Jacob Broder:
I'm pumped for this Pacman game to drop lol
I thought my switch was gonna just sit and collect dust, but I play it more than my ps4 and box one.
Greg Duncan
Greg Duncan:
The new switch model will get held up with the chip shortage , maybe next year 🙂
Darren 505
Darren 505:
Omg ISR!..thanks RGT
Emmanuel Guerrero
Emmanuel Guerrero:
Good coverage bro. Keep up the awesome content!
Chris Korol
Chris Korol:
This reminds me of them doing something similar w the n64 w that expansion slot or w.e.
Todd Sagala
Todd Sagala:
Mario 3d Allstars is still on the shelf at my local Walmart!
whipper snapper
whipper snapper:
I actually had the update issue for the past 5 months
Glad to hear it's fixed
Ava L
Ava L:
Me watching this at 5:55 eastern time 🥳
gilbert ratcliff
gilbert ratcliff:
Yeah signs was awesome 😂😂
The Game & Watch is still available, and at 1:00 I think that’s why they pulled the game?
Rob V
Rob V:
I am so excited this thanks for letting us know rgt85
G.I. Joe
G.I. Joe:
I just had shoulder surgery two days ago. I wonder if I can play pac-man one handed?
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez:
By the way your Knicks almost had it. Very good sign for them.
What “patch notes”? You’re referring to OatmealDome’s post. (Which you did not show)
Jeremy Scherr
Jeremy Scherr:
Bruh, Pacman 99 isn't a "big upgrade" for the online service..
Daniel Of Duty
Daniel Of Duty:
I'm surprised they added other namco classic games theme including Toypop custom theme since for so long.
Tom Simmons
Tom Simmons:
They're also hiding game modes behind laid DLC in Pac-Man 99.
That new firmware for the Dock is to stop it scratching your switch...
Andorious Tube
Andorious Tube:
I predict external memory support via the dock.
I'm happy with a 4k dock
KsG The Last Shot
KsG The Last Shot:
What happened to ur dock door? XD
steven singleton
steven singleton:
I wish they would redue and release Pac-Man World 2&3
The best Gaming Journalist in the game!!!!
Carter Belyea
Carter Belyea:
listen up guys . secret alert. i data mined this video and found out 1440p is soon coming to this channel.
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez:
The Super Switch is definitely coming!
I’ll catch you in the mazes RGT!
Michaelangelo A Barreto
Michaelangelo A Barreto:
Apparently it also has BT audio support added but its not active.
Gio Frank
Gio Frank:
if we are going to get a dock pro I am going to be soooo happy
Kaden Dougan
Kaden Dougan:
There is going to be an indie direct tomorrow or next Thursday featuring the original Shantae, Hollow Knight Silksong, Cozy Grove, Maiden and Spell, Eldest Souls, and a bunch of unannounced titles!
Maxi Winhold
Maxi Winhold:
ithink this or next week is an german online event were there honor the best games from germany "Der deutsche Computerspiel preis" maybe you want cover a few games i mean cloud punk and dedperados are there.
I loved pac man world 2 on GameCube...wish they would re-release that trilogy
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson:
Updating the dock for accessories?
S Collins
S Collins:
We have a 4 player Pac-Man Battle Royale machine at my local arcade. Arcade Legacy in Cincinnati. It's pretty fun. There are videos of gameplay online.
Eric C
Eric C:
Classic oh my god it’s Stevie richards
Adam Finch
Adam Finch:
sweet shirt, i also do SRF
Barry Wade
Barry Wade:
The largest instability remaining with the Switch is it’s kick stand for table top mode.
Joan ward
Joan ward:
Ism new, have the lite, and I did buy a version of Paxman which I love
9:37 Nice throwback
Out of Order BBQ
Out of Order BBQ:
Are you wearing a Snake River Farms shirt?
Bryan Cartagena
Bryan Cartagena:
You gonna make a video on the dataminer that says bluetooth will be enabled on the Switch (possibly). Its possible but then again they added an alarm system which still has no use as of yet.
Donald Gross
Donald Gross:
Hopefully it will come with a dedicated high speed internet port. I have been having problems with my USB conversion cable lately.
isaiah claxton
isaiah claxton:
I really need a usb update for the dock so I can use my corsairs
How often did you use the switch presentation footage? Atleast put another video in it lol
Jay R
Jay R:
It's lit.
i commented in the previous video that a new revised dock was coming because all the old ones were being taken away and i was right!
qotsafan 7
qotsafan 7:
Would be cool if the dock worked on the lite version.
I cannot wait for Pac-Man 99 to come today.
I will also play it as well.
I played the Pac-Man Chapionship game on my 360 a ton when it first came out on 360 and it is similar to that game only online with 98 others.
And like the Tetris 99 I will probably buy the goodies for the game. ;)
JoJo Da Gamer
JoJo Da Gamer:
Could maybe update the video card to 4k in the dock never know
you can still buy the watch and Mario 3d all-stars at your local Walmart.
Sy Killion
Sy Killion:
Hey what did he mean by you might be able to buy the dock when you’re watching this?
War Unicorn
War Unicorn:
I loved "Signs," but I hated it when the dogs got killed, especially poor Isabelle. :(
Cory Steed
Cory Steed:
I will buy the new dock when it comes out
Elite Doller
Elite Doller:
Pac-Man 99 been out on other platforms.
Jae Sambo
Jae Sambo:
Could be switch lite dock use coming in the future with some kind of adapter.
Just one problem with Pac-Man 99, the damn thing hasn't unlocked yet and its 16:15 in the UK, ridiculous :(
Paweł Pęcak
Paweł Pęcak:
I've been playing super mario party, and I realised that the sound dun dun dun dun (im not bad at immitating) started coming out of my joy con, my friend also heard it once coming from the other joy con, does anyone know how the voice is coming out?
Jacob Baranowski
Jacob Baranowski:
First it was Tetris 99 , ten Mario 35 , now PAC-Man 99 Sam game play as Tetris 99 and Mario 35. I’m in, ps we already know about it. Thank you.😆
Martin Dion
Martin Dion:
Great! Now bring Pacman 256 multiplayers please!
Pan Xayavong
Pan Xayavong:
New dock with built in storage would be great
David Tracey
David Tracey:
So, what would it mean if BOTH a new switch revision and a new dock were to release at the same time?
Christopher Hammontree
Christopher Hammontree:
I just bought the game and watch today 😀
Wreck it Ralph
Wreck it Ralph:
Dude pac man 99 would be awesome!!!!
Andrew Vasquez
Andrew Vasquez:
Love the switch news but at this point I'm just upset that Nintendo hasn't given us any confirmation of a zelda compilation or news for any new remasters if any, March was the longest month and the new zelda anniversary can't get here fast enough, I know you'll be the first to talk about it if anything comes up, thanks for your content.
Diogo Zacharias
Diogo Zacharias:
Actualy a was waiting a long time for an update to the dock since it has some problems with wired controllers, which, from time to time, them just don't work anymore and you have to completely turn out the console to make it works again. Hopefuly this update solves this problem.
Lee Chamberlain
Lee Chamberlain:
Could just be me, but I sit right near my dock and since the update, when my Switch is in dock mode, the Switches fan can be heard even on the dashboard. Never did that before. Back to normal when not docked.
Maybe the dock updates are just security related, or a new model for 4k output
Mathew Gunn
Mathew Gunn:
Are you still playing Monster Hunter Rise?