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Introducing the all-new Porsche 911! Rolling in with a six-cylinder, twin-turbo 3.0-litre that can hit 450hp, this new 911 992 is set to be THE sports car to beat in 2019! The question is, does the new 911 maintain the heritage and reputation built by its predecessors? Stick with Mat to see what you think, and then let us know in the comments below!

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100+ komentarze:

If mat skips the verdict then you know that machine is the one
Bem Partington
Bem Partington:
A petrol car that accelerates to 0-100kmph in 3 seconds flat and gets 24.8 mpg: technology these days.
Rock Barrista
Rock Barrista:
"911 its the best" - Nuclear Nadal
Florian Haffner
Florian Haffner:
The 4S is doing the 0-60 in 3s unbelievable. Imagine how quick the Turbo S will be...
FWD = front wheel drive
4WD = four wheel drive
Right?? Seems more intuitive
I can't believe the regular Carrera 4S goes 0-60 in 3 seconds flat. That is uttlerly amazing.
Neil Asher
Neil Asher:
This is a brilliant every day review I really enjoyed it
Mike Kleinsteuber
Mike Kleinsteuber:
First video of yours I've watched and I'm impressed. A good, solid, no nonsense review and very well presented. Great stuff
Drone Dad
Drone Dad:
Mat been working out! Those arms are looking buff
Nothing better than waking up and watching a Carwow video review during breakfast
Yusri Abbas
Yusri Abbas:
The acceleration is mind blowing!
This car is a proper driving machine.
This is the tool they use to make lap records.
It's so precise, accurate, and reliable, you know what you're expecting.
When Mat hit the throttle and made it to 60 MPH in 3 sec dead, and then repeated the same operation once again to get the exact same reading, I felt he's operating a computer and not accelerating a car.
Pardeep Boora
Pardeep Boora:
16:41 my God that shot was insane. Love it.
Sachin Desai
Sachin Desai:
Your dorkiness is brilliant mate
That launch! So clean, and there will be faster models! Wow
15:21 "I've made a right pig's ear out of this" wut??😂
Love hearing Mat's crazy British phrases.🤣🤣
Wade Solomon
Wade Solomon:
Mat finally updated his phone! I have never seen a car launch so effortlessly! No tyre squeal, no fuss, just goes!
Hi There
Hi There:
“This is lovely. That is lovely. It’s all lovely.”

Wow, what a great review.
Send Yianni and Matthew on a tour/ special, will be probably awesome to watch.
Rubina Trindade
Rubina Trindade:
I just see Matt reviews they are real and fun.😍
James Beavan III
James Beavan III:
More power is great, but they also raised the price yet again. For a street car the Carrera S now has all the power you could possibly need...the coming base model is honestly all 90% of people would ever need.
This guy is hands down the best car reviewer. Everything seems like a breeze for him! So easy and natural, just nails every single review! Smooth flow and excellent transitions from feature to feature!
Elevated Entropy
Elevated Entropy:
So the option for active anti-roll bars cost more than I just spent on a fun little warm hatchback!
Robert Lyons
Robert Lyons:
3.0s with 450hp!?! The turbo and turbo s are going to be terrifyingly fast
Dark Angel
Dark Angel:
3 seconds 0-60 for a car at this price is really impressive
christian andersen
christian andersen:
Love the hear your review`s, you have a very nice calm tone, its really a pleasure to listen to, and of course very well explained :)
arman tomato
arman tomato:
Mat that was great review. Always enjoy watching you. I’m your fan from carbuyer )))
OMG! I can't believe it! I can't believe Matt wears red panties! 💋
Keith Coutinho
Keith Coutinho:
One day Matt will be so rich that *Carbuyer* and *Doug* will come to review his cars
Rowan Smallb
Rowan Smallb:
Mat you're a treat to watch mate. Thank you
Israel HC
Israel HC:
Mat has been hitting the gym! Looking good, thanks for another good review
Robin Singh
Robin Singh:
A great and fun review! Thank you Matt, guess what, I ended up buying the Carrera S 2021 model, and this video is one of the videos I watched to motivate my buying decision.
TFbrix 2006
TFbrix 2006:
That old 996 sounds beautiful. There's a reason why it's my favorite 911 generation. This new one looks great though.
Rafay Qureshi
Rafay Qureshi:
If this reaches 60mph in 3 seconds flat, just imagine what the Turbo models would do.
Probably my favourite car interior of any car made today, the rest of the car aint too bad either! If I could afford one, yes I'd have one.
S. M. Syiemlieh
S. M. Syiemlieh:
after getting a boatload of reviews from reviewers who talk about cars as if its a sin to touch them the wrong way, Matt gets down to business and treats them the way we all should ... a road going contraption useful for carrying people and other things around. cheers mate ... irreverently yours !
Ryan Meza
Ryan Meza:
How am I just discovering this man's channel? His reviews are awesome.
Considered me subscribed.
Dirk T
Dirk T:
Thanks for the review. I just bought a 992 4s. I thought it would just be like every other car, but in a stylish suit. I was wrong. It is... a monster. I'm in love. The dashboard annoys me though, how the steering wheel cuts of the screens. What were they thinking! Other than that, it's perfection.
Me, the type of guy to watch all of these kind of rewiews but never really buy one
Matt: "It doesn't plow fields as well as a 2002 John Deere 9630. Click here to check out our video on that."
I'd love more videos on your 996 Matt!
God that old 911 sounds so perfect
carwow with Matt is the first time ive really enjoyed car reviews since old top gear
Akhil Ghosh
Akhil Ghosh:
10:20 come on Matt, you modified that exhaust on your 996 😆
I predict 992 Turbo s will be in low 2s 0-60mph
Sergio Serra Music
Sergio Serra Music:
Great car. I would choose HIS 911 though, the engine noise is on another level
Mat, I know whats really sturdy. Your Biceps! Your getting pumped man!
Beast Mode MTB
Beast Mode MTB:
Gorgeous, classic
Avishkar Singh
Avishkar Singh:
Its simple. Its legendary.
You Matt as always, a very good car reviewer.Thank You
George Booth
George Booth:
matt makes great car reviews we all enjoy
No one:

Mat: "Even the fly loves the paint scheme!"
Kamil Sokołowski
Kamil Sokołowski:
Its all LOVLEY :D Matt is spot on :D
Garo Arabian
Garo Arabian:
While I can't fault the PDK transmission, I'd still prefer the manual. I'd throw my money at a manual transmission one.
chui ken
chui ken:
Picking up my Gentian Blue 992 Carrerra 4s this November, and I also went for the chronograph sports pack when the dealer had highlighted the over take feature I was instantly sold. - great review btw Porsche is back!
Subzero Arctics
Subzero Arctics:
Okay, I was sold at the launch control start. No sway, no stutter, just absolute perfect clockwork.
I cant even afford the Samsung Galaxy S10+ lol

Edit: I'm now a proud owner of iPhone 11 Pro Max
John K
John K:
Love watching Matt parallel park....
Andrew Loucks
Andrew Loucks:
That 996 sounds amazing...fried egg headlights for the win! I'm hungry...
10:00 yes, the steering wheel is blocking those screens, BUT they designed it that way due to the old design this is based on
Grigor Penev
Grigor Penev:
I really liked the not obvious finger pointing to Mercedes about the wheel being dead straight to your chest
Frank Ly
Frank Ly:
“It’s like being born again!”
Classic Matt.
Superb presentation of a proper sports car. Best 911 ever and boy is it FAST 😲😈
Auchen888 Dolly
Auchen888 Dolly:
Brilliant Review Matt on a brilliant car
Scott Winterberg
Scott Winterberg:
Never ever been remotely interested in 911s, but I saw one of these in a car park yesterday and was blown away with how beautiful it is... Porsche have really upped their game!
Najim Latif
Najim Latif:
What I love about Porsche is that the acceleration times are often under the official time.
Jonathan L
Jonathan L:
That shot of Matt kneeling between the 996 and the 992 really illustrates what has happened to the 911. Huge! Lovely, but huge.
450hp 0-100km/h 3seconds.... no other car can do this
e chang
e chang:
Loved carwow!!!
I’m debating between a used 2017 991.2 turbo S and the upcoming 2021 992 GTS. I’ve done the homework and both would be the same price!! Really baffled on which one to get.....??
05:20 two-tail pipes is just like volume dot going from 1 to 2 like on tv screen and such. It's an actually a clever and neat representation.
Awais Ali
Awais Ali:
Hmmmm. The 850i is still the perfect blend between the 911 and s class for me
Richard Stringer
Richard Stringer:
I have to say this is the best car review i've ever seen and all car reviews should be like this, meaning intensive because after all people are going buy cars and will want to know everything about them includinbg rear passenger space, boot capacity and everything the guy mentioned. Right, overall i'd prefer to have an Audi TT RS to be honest.
Rahul Suryavanshi
Rahul Suryavanshi:
When Matt says 'Absolutely', my mind knows 'Blumming' is the next word coming my way
Mobeen Stackin
Mobeen Stackin:
Mat always taking care of us by being unbias and pointing out every cars fault
Aaron Randolph Chen
Aaron Randolph Chen:
I love this new 911 even if it has a couple of minor flaws like the instrument panel being blocked by the steering and a couple of others. But did you say your test car had rear wheel steering? If it did, why was it so difficult to park? The parking scenes were pretty amusing, I must say. Great review as always, Mat!
Great review. Just about the infotainment system; yes some option are operated just with the touch screen, which is more difficult. How about model 3??? As i remember you gave it really good review although it requires you to leer at it's gigantic screen for practically any single thing you wanna do.
David Kunutsor
David Kunutsor:
Goodness that touchscreen looks really HI DEF!!! Love it
Ear Drums
Ear Drums:
People always say the navigation systems in many vehicles are always hard to use while driving. Personally, I use the navigation system before I start driving so I know where to go from where I am parked 😂😂
Roland Full Throttle
Roland Full Throttle:
Soon your arms will be bigger then your legs, Matt 💪💪💪
Waqas Mehmood
Waqas Mehmood:
Congratulations Mat for the phone upgrade.!
Jakub Terchovan
Jakub Terchovan:
I fell in love... again
Hank Landsberg
Hank Landsberg:
Thanks for a great review! One question - you mentioned the excessive tire noise. This is the only gripe that I have about my 911 (2015 base model). Is it worse than previous 911s? Did your review car have Pirelli tires? Have you ever compared their tire noise to Michelin PS4S tires (that's what I put on my 911, to get a quieter ride)? Thanks!
Slick Six Racing
Slick Six Racing:
Hands down the most realistic and pragmatical car review! Good job Matt. Car companies need to hire people that actual use or drive these cars.....sub menu for accessing radio or other items is getting annoying.
Sayyid Taimur
Sayyid Taimur:
16:33 the best part of the whole video.
Watches & Me
Watches & Me:
Matt, awesome review as always. Interesting choice to not cut out the F-word at 16:32 ...! "I'm pootling along at 50mph, I need to overtake, floor it...F***!!".
Great review team. Thanks.
sami viitasalo
sami viitasalo:
Almost 25 mpg from a car that can go 0-60 mph in 3 seconds? I think it is incredible. Also that acceleration time from 450 horsepower car? This car is just unbelievable engineer achievement. Think what GT2RS would be!
3 sec. 0-60 is just mad (for a "standard" 4s).
Vishnu R
Vishnu R:
Doesn’t FWD usually stand for front wheel drive? 4WD or AWD would have been more suitable
Erica Busuttil
Erica Busuttil:
this is lovely
Malinda Senavirathna
Malinda Senavirathna:
13:43 I think it's the dual clutch action.
Ziggy Freud
Ziggy Freud:
Great vid as usual Matt. Mega performance. What will the new GT cars be like !! Glad you mentioned the touch screen. It's not just Porsche. All touch screens in general are difficult (?dangerous) to use whilst driving. I avoid using the touch screen in my 991 !
vaibhav kohli
vaibhav kohli:
Frankly I don't like long videos, but I enjoyed it!!
Keep up the good work ☺️
Everything about it is amazing. The sportcar to get.
even tho i dont like the car but i enjoy matt reviewing it XD
Taimur Khan
Taimur Khan:
fantastic conclusion, love it how u wind up
jack Stansfield
jack Stansfield:
How exactly does the fact that the turbos turn in opposite directions allow them to spool up more quickly?
Juice Box
Juice Box:
All the 911s are so classic and I like it so much!
Like duuuude I NEED this in MY LIFE
Hilda Elson
Hilda Elson:
‘911 2012’ for the Empire State. Reminds me of the Dictator.
"Which I think the flys love aswell"
Points to spider
Steven Farrington
Steven Farrington:
Much prefer the functionality of the previous interior from the 991. I'd buy the Bentley Continental GT, the Maserati Grand Turismo and the Ferrari 458 Spider over this car.
Pedro Silveira
Pedro Silveira:
The low fuel level warning was getting me crazy. Though it would be funny to have it stall without petrol. :-D