New Stadium - Match Point | Roland-Garros 2021

New Stadium - Match Point | Roland-Garros 202. Greener, more spacious and more modern, while having preserved its unique atmosphere and character, Roland-Garros stadium has never looked so good! After several phases of building work, which began back in autumn 2015, the modernisation project initiated by the French Tennis Federation in 2011 is finally complete.
The iconic #RolandGarros stadium, the temple of clay-court tennis that plays host to the world-famous tournament of the same name every year, will become a must-visit Parisian venue all year round, combining events, fine dining, entertainment and culture.

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Roland-Garros 2021: from 24 May to 13 June.

68 komentarze:

Venkatesh Sridharan
Venkatesh Sridharan:
Great. Now please provide us with highlights longer than 4 mins 😐
The fans are well behaved hahahahaha
Édith K. Frost
Édith K. Frost:
So they didn’t have lights until now??? That’s unbelievable 😂
Jeff Lee
Jeff Lee:
Having been to France and living in a semi French Culture, it is my opinion that the French will hold on to traditions for as long as possible. Even physical structures like RG stadium that is part of the culture, will take a long time to change. I am glad they finally decided to change and make tennis match continue through weather and lighting.
"Thanks to our amazing roof [...] matches can now be finished" so please, this time use the roof sooner instead of waiting till the rain makes the mud out of clay. What happened last year was just unexplainable lol
Ahmed Bebars
Ahmed Bebars:
Finally, no more delayed matches.
John Terry
John Terry:
great now add hawkeye so no more dodgy calls
I think French Open under the lights is my new favorite view, the vibe is crazy
Tellement frustrant toutes ces interruptions, de l'histoire ancienne tout ça, enfin!
karim Maroc
karim Maroc:
Well done RG !
Buddy Poerba
Buddy Poerba:
Still Rafa for Clay...
Ferdinand Fernando
Ferdinand Fernando:
I have been to Rod Laver Arena this year. I wish I could attend the French open next year.
Michele Z
Michele Z:
Bravo, French Federation!
David Grijalva
David Grijalva:
Congratulations 🥰😁
Maciej Gudel
Maciej Gudel:
Finally, I couldn't wait to love @rolandgarros 👑👋
Louison Michel
Louison Michel:
Vive la France !
sonia hachemi
sonia hachemi:
Congrats 🎾👌🎉
Yvonne English
Yvonne English:
Go Nadal . You can do it.
Donny Lane
Donny Lane:
That's was fantastic rooftop!!!👌❤❤❤
armon jordan
armon jordan:
love4 Tech
love4 Tech:
Great job and thank you to the organizers of RG for this new feat, it shows how much they listen and the great commitment they have put into this tournament. Great job 👍, in addition, please instead of the umpires going down to check the ball markings on the court, they should use the line technology which is more accurate than the naked eye to avoid unnecessary stoppage and time wasting and argument for a point. Thank you organizers, I love RG
Sankalp Satyan
Sankalp Satyan:
6:37 "donc c'étaizune promesse" RIP la liaison !
Not a word about Hawkeye (or equivalent). Let's wait another decade?
Shame they razed Court no. 1 and didn't build stadium in similar fashion (bullring). It was really original and special, great atmosphere all around.
I was hoping in 2021 for 4K footage......
Flukey Zones
Flukey Zones:
Yes,but what about hawk-eye ?
Aaron L
Aaron L:
Didn't Rafa & Nole play last year's RG final under closed roof & artificial lighting?
Sophie Mouton
Sophie Mouton:
What a pitty that this Tournament has also become a kind of indoor tournament and the big sky is no longer visible... Imagine Monte Carlo with a Roof is that coming next?
Елена Бодайку
Елена Бодайку:
Финал 2021-Циципас:Надаль...?
I miss moment 3:01 when Wawrinka was a beast ...
Alexini 007
Alexini 007:
please tell me 5th set is still 2 games difference ???
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
Fabulous architecture and technology!🏆 It is on my bucket list to, one day, watch the ATP final at RG! 🎾💫
Roberto Moreano
Roberto Moreano:
La prononciation française du mot "Grand slam" est très drôle. "Grand Schlam" 😂.
Choo Choo MotherTrucker
Choo Choo MotherTrucker:
My body is ready!
Jawhar Kosta
Jawhar Kosta:
very fantastic & marvellus stadium. proud of France. not possible for me to go there and see.I love the people of France.
Emiliano Sosa
Emiliano Sosa:
Roland Garros, the real capital of tennis.
Pritam Gharate
Pritam Gharate:
Congratulations on the roof!
Just don't use it unless absolutely necessary. It was sad to see Djokovic vs Nadal SF at W18 continue under the roof on 2nd day despite it being a sunny day because of some stupid rule. It's interesting to see natural elements at play in outdoor tournaments.
Next: hawk eye
Took you 20 years nothing to brag about
Installing lights could have been done years ago
kiril Veljanoski
kiril Veljanoski:
It's all now robotic, roof, night matches, it's all about business. I loved RG before because in order to win it you had to play in the rain wind dust and true champions could win in all conditions. Now it's all robotic.
The "bad lighting" was always so annoying lol like install some decent lights your a grand slam, even Madrid has night matches
Oliver Martinez
Oliver Martinez:
2 more courts with roofs needed to finish the singles schedule everyday.
Mary Alexis
Mary Alexis:
I have to learned French please can we see maches from your lovely ROLAND Garos love everything even you r lovely white καπέλο..
Hunter Schulman
Hunter Schulman:
Wait so theres a new stadium called match point//
Classic Rob
Classic Rob:
Sri K
Sri K:
Where has all the glass gone from 2019
Video summary: introducing... roof.
Milan Stankovic
Milan Stankovic:
About time........right?
E Chika
E Chika:
The modernization of the Roland Garros stadium with a new roof is a good step to improve the quality of the tournaments that take place there. However I have to caution that the introduction of new improvements or technology has to be properly synchronized to maintain the validity of the game and results obtained by the competitors. For example it obvious that the French open grand slam is an outdoor event. Question is when do you, and under what circumstances is the roof to be used. If so, for how long? There was an unfortunate event that happened not too long ago at the Wimbledon 2018 tournament when Nadal and Djokovic played in the semi finals stage. The Wimbledon tournament organizers had scheduled two semi final matches on the same day. The first one between K. Anderson(8) and J. Isner(9) and the second one between R. Nadal(2),(ATP 1) and N. Djokovic(11), (ATP 21) of which there was no specific start time but to start at the end of the first match. The first match lasted 6hrs and 30min and by the time the second match started it was already very dark and gloomy and rain was strongly forecasted. As an emergency the roof was closed to start the match. However the match was interrupted and cut short and postponed to the following day just after one set. Then on resumption of the match the following day the tournament officials refused to open the roof on the misguided assumption that the match was "started" with the roof closed and then had to be completed with the roof closed. The stupid mistakes of those decisions that year was however corrected when they changed and corrected the "rules" as soon as the tournament ended.
The Wimbledon tournament is reputed to be an outdoor event. Anyone in their right frame of mind would have expected the roof to be used only for emergency situations and and the resumed games to be continued in open roof if there was good weather, and not for the closed roof to be used as a matter of routine. Unfortunately in that case the playing an indoor-game with roof took precedent over the basic foundation of the tournament as an outdoor tennis tournament.
There are also some other unfortunate observations at that tournament that are noticed. The No 1 ATP rank player at that time was R. Nadal and yet the tournament officials demoted him to no. 2 seed. The fact is that the French Open and Wimbledon tournaments are scheduled too close to each other and players may not fully be ready for the next grand slam tournament. And if a player is always in the finals of the first French open, it is likely going to have an effect their performances in the next Wimbledon tournaments. The other deplorable observation at the Wimbledon 2018 semifinal was the fact that the highest ranking ATP player R. Nadal(2) and N. Dokovic were forced to wait for probably over 5 hours loitering and walking around aimlessly on the grounds of the Wimbledon complex not knowing what next or what time for anything. The aimless loitering or walking around in my opinion is probably more energy sapping than being fully engaged in a regular match. That is completely disgusting that lower ranked players would be scheduled to play in nice weather conditions having uninterrupted matches while higher ranked players are slated to start their matches in the dead of the night under very bad weather conditions with interruptions and postponement of matches. It defies logic. In any ordinary company in other works of life higher ranked staff get to get the best shifts like morning or afternoon while low rank junior staff get the night shifts. In Wimbledon grounds at that time of the year the starting times of about 1 pm is actually the best times to start playing big matches because there is always high chance of bad weather when the sun is going down. Also the players who play their match first know their start time and manage their preparations and energy efficiently. They also have the advantage of getting more rest for the finals. In my own opinion for a just and appropriate time schedule of matches, the higher ranked players SHOULD have their matches scheduled first when there is high chances of good weather and lighting conditions. Another options would be to have the men's two men's semi-final scheduled on Friday and Saturday mornings maybe starting at about 10 am or 11 am or the other option would be to schedule the matches to be played at the same time in two separate courts. This would ensure equity and justice in general.
The reason for the comment is that noticing the installation of a roof in the main stadium and have also noticed the possibility of Nadal and Djokovic meeting in the semifinals. And remembering some past tournaments that had some serious concerns. It is therefore important to caution the tournament organizers to avoid making mistakes that have been made in the past.
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle:
Djokovic first round match is on tuesday by the french open...i was really hoping for that, because if he reached the semi final against nadal, that means the match will be the second match on that day AND that is a advantage for djokovic. To later a match is to more better is that for djokovic
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne:
Really cant wait for the end of the worst Slam and the clay. I hope a new champion. So fucking boring see the freaking same guy with the title.
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle:
i believe on djokovic...he will win the french open 2021
Citron vert
Ricardo Prado
Ricardo Prado:
Rafa's roof
Ricc Lee
Ricc Lee:
Did he say the French fans/crowds are well behaved/respectful? I wanna laugh so bad ....
Manyu d
Manyu d:
I am not here to study subs
And now hawk eye
JJ Skills
JJ Skills:
First comment
Mark BC
Mark BC:
Roger Federer is the winner for sure!!! GO ROGER!!
Pedro Lopez garcia
Pedro Lopez garcia:
They want to cover the central court to make it indoors now... They will try everything to stop Rafa from winning over again.
James D
James D:
"The fans are well-behaved and very respectful"??? Did French fans just become respectful yesterday and I didn't get the memo, because the day before that they were still considered the worst in the world.
Tennis Sir
Tennis Sir:
The French and their old traditions - just look at their antiquated defense against Germany in WW2.
Cody Jackson
Cody Jackson:
Roofs: **have existed for thousands of years**
France be all like: 💨⚡🌦️🌧️
The French Open for over 100 years: 🤷🏾‍♀️