New World MMORPG ► 2021 Open Beta Livestream Chapter 1 (Q&A, New Changes, First Impressions)

09/09/2021 - Goooooood morning sailors and welcome to the very first day of Open Beta
for New World. It's time for us to jump right back in for 3 days to find out what exactly has
been changed, how far we can get, and the opportunity to test out anything and everything
we still can. Highly recommend trying out new things and taking it slow, we're almost (hopefully)
to the promise land!

Open Beta Patch Notes -

Endgame Gearing Guide & What To Do At 60 -

Beginner Tips -

Lifeskill Guide -

Weapons Guide -

Paladin Build -

Server: NA-W | El Dorado

We're going to be reacting to and exploring the content together live, plus if you have any questions about the game itself that I can answer then join us here!

Total Hours Played: 3,344
Alpha 1 (2018) - 300-350 hours
Alpha 2 + Preview (2020) - 1350 hours
Alpha 3 (2021) - 1476 hours
Closed Beta (2021) - 218 hours

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New World Discord (Community) -

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New World: This is Aeternum Trailer -

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Join forces with scores of other players to form powerful companies of craftspeople, mercenaries, prospectors and architects. Claim territories and leverage your dominion to consolidate power and compel loyalty. Fight for survival against enemy raiders, brutal wilderness, and gathering evil.

Craft hundreds of items, from magical elixirs and deadly weapons to sprawling fortifications.

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36 komentarze:

Ser Medieval
Ser Medieval:
Stream starts around 7:32
Luckily we had a smooth first day for El Dorado! First Amrine Excavation run at 10:06:02
If this game was on VR our legs would be massive
Jack Culley
Jack Culley:
Can you please do an updated paladin build guide? <3
The 10% xp buff from pvp flagged also apply to the crafting xp?
Does paladin still work for pvp? Firestaff can kite you while backpedalling.
Need a full drop version
LickMa Stix
LickMa Stix:
good runs mate!!
Sky Tan
Sky Tan:
didnt catch you during your live.
am veri interested with your build, will i be able to do solo content with your build?
Calyssia FTW
Calyssia FTW:
Is that the Paladin Build the Tank Build or Healer Build?
Pete Church
Pete Church:
Need to get in the habit of hotting 't' instead of 'e' when reading pages. Much faster and less annoying at least imo.
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith:
During wars they should have people who are signed up but not in be able to contribute materials for building siege and defense weapons. Like the board missions but only during wars with the turn in inside the settlement and at a staging area outside the settlement
Say briar bush three times fast, I dare ya ;)
Funny Animation
Funny Animation:
Mừng quá one piece trở lại rồi
Ionut Albu
Ionut Albu:
Are you playing 1440 or 1080 because your framerate seems very very high for 1440 with 2070 super. I run on 5900x + evga 3090 ftw3 ultra and I get your exact same fps with high settings throughout on 1440. I also get fps spikes from time to time.
Golden Plectrum
Golden Plectrum:
RIP paladins
Devil-Dog Plays
Devil-Dog Plays:
Only issue I had today playing was the audio is some areas would be very low and at times would be gone completely. I also never heard any music like before.
You lost the chest in the waterfall
Bro your pc so strong
they will added horses intothe game?
Jonathan ricot
Jonathan ricot:
I had a great time during closed beta but ended up refunding after they pushed it back again, I dont think it will keep me around
Emrecan Bostan
Emrecan Bostan:
I am gonna play as tank probably we are 3 friends as group. Wanna play with this paladin build, I wonder Can I tank expeditions as tank and what about PvP is there a role for tank, does paladin build is good for PvP(small scale/open world) ?
Thanks for the Stream HuGGieS
Mike Low
Mike Low:
I thought the game was closed until end of September?
S-D N R:
7:32 = Player is never seen entering single player instance
7:32 = Player enters open world sandbox at "First Light beach" adjacent to "First Light Hamet"
Devil Echo Echo
Devil Echo Echo:
For me the game is not open. it says, Release data 28 Septeber, nothing about install ;-;
Demonik One
Demonik One:
I can tell that you are very knowledgeable about New World and very helpful answering questions from people watching you during your live streams. I do however think you pay far too much attention to your viewers. You are constantly blind to what’s happening in game which would drive me crazy if I had to group with you in game.
I like jogging simulator 2021
Βαγγέλης Τζαφέρος
Βαγγέλης Τζαφέρος:
The stability is better now ? Cause even with a way better gpu from the minumun one they say it will support the game, i was still unable to join big fight or even medium fight also...... That's the only reason stoping me from jumping in cause i cant change gpu with the prices right now and apparently the minumum gpu they suggest isnt even close to the real thing....
Zinc MeskaLin
Zinc MeskaLin:
rush rush rush
I really wish that YouTubers and streamers would stop saying selling bags are one of the "good" ways to make money in the game. Bags are a terrible way to make money. Just like any other multilayer game, the best item(s) to craft and sell are items that meet two simple criteria. Firstly, the resources needed to craft the item must NOT suffer from a significant bottleneck. Secondly, the item(s) must be consumable meaning that the people buying the item will need to continually rebuy MORE of those items.

When it comes to bags in New World, these suffer from failing BOTH of those criteria. The bottleneck is the Runes needed to craft them. Even if you do a lot of faction missions to get tokens, there a relatively small number of runes worth of tokens you can get per day. Even if you don't use any of your earned tokens to buy faction gear or weapons as you level, the faction missions still take time to do multiple of them just to buy a single Rune and there are only so many hours of playtime. In terms of the second criteria, bags are not really a very consumable item. Sure, some players may buy 1-2 bags as they become available on the market, but they are not continuously buying new bags day after day. Additionally, any bag you create to sell that ends up being a "grey" common-quality item (as apposed to the green "uncommon" versions or blue "rare" versions) will be able to be resold since only items that are uncommon or higher become soulbound upon equipping them. This means that all those common quality bags that people buy in the very, very early game will go right back on the market as soon as those buyers end up upgrading their bags in the future making the market get quickly oversaturated and cause the price to plummet. When you craft a consumable item, once that item is used... it is gone forever. There is no way to get that item back and resell it on the market. When you shoot a weapon, the ammo is used and gone forever. When you drink a potion, it's gone forever. When you eat some food item, it is gone forever. And later that day or tomorrow, if you are too busy leveling or PVPing to craft your own consumables, you will need to go back to the market and buy more of them.
As a rule of thumb to all those with lesser computers that have the compulsion to feel elite, instead of complaining, lower shadow and terrain settings. You people got this game pushed back a month and I hope it kills your gpus if you get it pushed back another.
jc grundl
jc grundl:
My experience so far suggests the game will be "active" for about 6 months. Feels like a Guild Wars 2 port gone wrong. It will be tough to compete with the current mmo's out there for it's fair market share. Feels like it was developed by people who never played MMO's. Anyway, enjoy the game, hope you have your running shoes on for 75% of your game time will be running, lots of long jogs along rivers and mounds, valleys and dales blah blah etc etc.
hvd iv
hvd iv:
for a pvp focused game the pvp sucks i cant wait for new world to fail.
Alex Tsugunov
Alex Tsugunov:
this doesn't look fun at all to me. moving around the world is just too slow and takes ages to get anywhere. Getting ganked by 4 ppl while questing? No thanks. Lots of other nitpicks like lvling being a monotonous slog and so on.
Patrice Matte
Patrice Matte:
this game are very waisting time its like return to vanilla in mount spend alot time to walk and if you die walk again and die again reset quest ect ect if you tink wow its too much farming ect dont go in this game its bad copy of best mmo . no sub=after 1 month no content . Stupid game walk on road and aggro mobs far away from road and chase you for min 5 min and aggro all m obs lool its garbage game and if you flag in pvp all high level waiting low lvl too kill us this game are for small ego ...