Newly Married Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi Share New Pictures From Wedding Day

Newly married Princess Beatrice and her husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi have shared two new photographs of their wedding day.

The couple were photographed leaving the church following the service and also published a picture with The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh

In keeping with Royal tradition sprigs of myrtle were included in her bouquet, Princess Beatrice carried a bouquet of trailing jasmine, pale pink and cream sweet peas, royal porcelain ivory spray roses, pink o’hara garden roses, pink wax flower and baby pink astible.

The bouquet has been placed on the tomb of the Unknown Warrior in Westminster Abbey.

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Zachary Clark
Zachary Clark:
Congrats Beatrice. May your marriage be happy and prosperous.
A Christina
A Christina:
The stone arch door, the flowers, the dress..... Everything was absolutely breathtaking. I love it! Perfect.
Marie Sophie
Marie Sophie:
The Duke of Edinburgh looked great as did the Queen. Very nice.
Catherine White
Catherine White:
What a wonderful display of love and hope for the future. Congratulations to the newly weds.
Hilda Hopwood
Hilda Hopwood:
Now that dress is even more gorgeous knowing that she borrowed it from the Queen. Now that's just beyond adorable.
Lori H
Lori H:
Beautiful gown for a beautiful bride. God bless their marriage
Will Underwood
Will Underwood:
They both look absolutely amazing, congrats 🥰💖
Mattie R.
Mattie R.:
Great to see Prince Philip our for his granddaughter’s wedding with the Queen.
They are both truly loving and supportive grandparents.
Aurora Rose
Aurora Rose:
Congratulations to Princess Bea and Edo!
Pye Young
Pye Young:
Beautiful! 💐💖🌼
What a powerful message in a picture!!!
2 couples - One pair standing with 72 year STRONG marriage and the other starting FRESH & NEW. 💞

More so bcoz the BELOVED ROYAL grandparents are there robust and healthy. And truly, such an ICONIC and Legendary story of TRUE LOVE & Unity.
Jane Winkles
Jane Winkles:
She looks lovely and very happy may they have a happy life together
Larissa Costa
Larissa Costa:
I love the pictures so much! Everything looked beautiful and everyone looked very happy! It was great to see Prince Philip with the Queen again 😍😍😍 I wish Princess Beatrice and Edo all the best on this new chapter of their lives ❤❤❤❤
Ali Othman
Ali Othman:
Congratulations 🇬🇧🇬🇧🤴👸❤️❤️
C P:
Absolutely beautiful couple!
Congratulations Bea & Edo 💐👰🤵👑
after all Princess Beatrice pass throug last 2 year
she's decerve finaly to be Happy and shine again Beautifull couple all my wish for you
Eva Winemiller
Eva Winemiller:
May god bless them. Beautiful couple.
I love that her dress is borrowed from the Queen!
W. Bovgvereav
W. Bovgvereav:
FYI : Princess Beatrice Selected The Same Tiara As What The Queen Wore On Her Own Wedding Day.
Stephenie Duru
Stephenie Duru:
I am so proud of them!!! I wish everything was back to normal but COVID-19 take us in a really hard time. May they bless them!!💙🙏🏾
Everything is so very beautiful!!!!! I wish them god's blessings! The Queen looks absolutely delighted at this wedding and sooo very proud of her lovely loyal granddaughter.🎉🎊🍾👏❤️❤️
lori lori
lori lori:
She looks lovely and so happy!
Mary Bruun
Mary Bruun:
I know many people are concerned about the cost of a Royal wedding, but I would love to have seen the wedding. Beautiful dress and flowers. I hope they will be happy for a long, long time. Congratulations
Laura Lutz
Laura Lutz:
So nice to see Prince Phillip with the Queen. Beatrice looks lovely in her Grandmothers, gown & crown.
Royal Insider News
Royal Insider News:
Sweet dress, lovely tiara. Bride looks beautiful.. I love that she chose a dress from the queen. Congrats to the happy couple 💖💖
So beautiful! So perfect!
Beautiful vintage wedding dress in the country. I love the fact that it was a vintage dress belonging to the Queen. I sure hope the Queen let's her keep it. It went perfectly with the Queen's wedding tiara.

I love that has taken this approach to her wedding as a tribute to the Queen. She must have a great relationship with the her.

I've always loved JFK, Jr. and Carolyn Bessette's wedding at the small country chapel for it's simplicity. Beatrice's wedding is now my second favorite.

Perfect. Beautiful flowers.
Felicia Bethea
Felicia Bethea:
How wonderful. Congratulations to the couple, and I hope they have a blessed life
Redonna Leckie
Redonna Leckie:
Congratulations to the newlyweds. To me, this was the most beautiful and most romantic combination of venue, florals, gown and tiara. Having had to delay slightly did not cause a less wonderful wedding for Princess Beatrice. Just shows that the bigger the venue/event, the less lush and romantic. Everyone did an awesome job with this one. Congratulations again.
What a beautiful Bride! God's greatest blessings to Princess Beatrice & Edo on your future together. May He always shine His love down on you.....Diana in Milwaukee, WI, USA........
Sam Cross
Sam Cross:
Shes beautiful ...she looks like queen victoria her beautiful face ....
Marcia Ann
Marcia Ann:
Congratulations Beatrice I am so happy for you and your husband. I'm glad you went ahead with the wedding and did it as private as you needed to or felt that you needed to for the present time we're in. 👍🌹♥️👍
Andreas W. Linden
Andreas W. Linden:
Congratulations to the young couple! Gods rich blessings and respect for this extraordinary wedding! Good luck for them! ✨✨✨🍀💐💕
Magna Marianne Czagany
Magna Marianne Czagany:
They look so happy !!! Would have wished to see a little more of the wedding, the dress, the glorious day !!! Very happy for them to have pulled it off without the paparazzi, it truly was a private wedding. Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth must be so proud of their granddaughter !!!
Jz DisneyB
Jz DisneyB:
Beautiful!! Wishing them all the very best!! Congratulations!!💍👰🤵👑
Cindy Christie
Cindy Christie:
Such happy times, nice to see positive vibes, after which has been a hard year for everyone and the Royals as well, God Bless! 💑
J Nicholas-Windsor
J Nicholas-Windsor:
Absolutely beautiful. May God bless their union with a long & happy marriage 🙏🏻The Queen loaned Beatrice the tiara she wore on her own wedding day. The dress is the same dress the Queen wore to a state dinner in Rome in 1967 made by the Norman Hartnell and re-designed by Angela Kelly and Stewart Parvin.
Jacqui Davies
Jacqui Davies:
Many congratulations to the happy couple. I was so pleased that her majesty and prince Phillip were there too. The wedding was so beautifully personal but I am sure ( hopefully) that there will be a public celebration at some point. Maybe a blessing to mark one year?. A wonderful day indeed in these extremely trying times.
menaga maniyan
menaga maniyan:
Great to see the Queen and Prince Philip together after a long time.
kerry knauf
kerry knauf:
Oh wow lovely congrats
guitta tim
guitta tim:
I love the brides dress!!!! I don't understand why nobody did that before, take a vintage dress from the Queen and modernize it, just like princess Beatrice did
LOWE sonia
LOWE sonia:
Very happy that Beatrice is happily Married to her charming Count.Be safe Live in Peace.
Kimberly Jeffery
Kimberly Jeffery:
I'm so happy for her! She has found love and has had her wedding day! So very beautiful!!
Absolutely perfect.
My favorite tiara.
Love love the dress made so special by being worn by the Queen herself in the day.
The dress from the pictures looked amazingly beautiful!! I would love to see a full picture of the dress once one pictures are released. Congratulations to the newlyweds 💜
Rose West
Rose West:
Let the love affair wonderful for the couple! Congratulations to Beatrice and Edoardo, may God bless them both.
Lisa Anderson
Lisa Anderson:
She was beautiful in her gown.🇬🇧❤️
Beautiful!! 💕💕💕💕
*She looks beautiful in her grandmothers dress & tiarra. It's good to see Queen Elizabeth smiling again. So thankful that the Yacht Beast was no where near.*
martine amouriaux
martine amouriaux:
Félicitations aux jeunes mariés 👏👏🙏🙏
Liz Vargas
Liz Vargas:
Beautiful bride congratulations
Dawne Abdul Al-Bari
Dawne Abdul Al-Bari:
Beautiful! To The Newlyweds ~ All The Happiness in The World! So Thrilled ~ May All Your Dreams Come True! Thanks so much for this upload. May God Bless and Keep Us Every One ;->
laskin riubn
laskin riubn:
The stone arch door, the flowers, the dress..... Everything was absolutely breathtaking. I love it! Perfect.
Ameen Baig
Ameen Baig:
Where is the child molester father of the bride and son of the great queen
Cynthia Angelina Pratama
Cynthia Angelina Pratama:
Small, private and picture perfect. Everything about this wedding is stunning! Especially love Beatrice's gown!
Heidi Meigs
Heidi Meigs:
Wishing them a life of love and health, from America. God Bless them both.❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧
Mamas Screamlicious
Mamas Screamlicious:
The most beautiful of all the Royal Brides in the last 5 years - simply stunning & so very sentimental. Lovely & Congratulations to Princess Beatrice.
french beauties
french beauties:
Congratulations to the happy couple! May many blessing be yours. The Queen and Prince Philip looked wonderful!
Warner Realty Group
Warner Realty Group:
Jean Gough
Jean Gough:
That dress is beautiful lovely couple
lynda alterio
lynda alterio:
Princess Beatrice looks beautiful and so very, very happy! GOD BLESS YOU BOTH and may you have a lifetime of joy, love, and much happiness!!!
Meriel Dodd
Meriel Dodd:
Such beautiful photos. Such a special wedding. Simple, elegant and so meaningful.
Many congratulations to you both.
H London
H London:
Wonderful picture. Princess Beatrice looked so beautiful! She and her new husband are an adorable couple. The flowers arched over the entry were gorgeous. Her bouquet is now placed on the tomb of the unknown soldier in Westminster Abbey. Beautiful gesture. Congratulations to them! May their lives be forever filled with joy. 💐
Zameer Channa
Zameer Channa:
Happy marriage
Michelle Munn
Michelle Munn:
Oh her gown is lovely love that she achoose a vintage gown
Daniela Silva
Daniela Silva:
She kinda reminds me of her mother with that wedding dress
Lucy Garces
Lucy Garces:
I Am SOO Happy for the new married couple. I too would have preferred to have seen Beatrice treated to the same beautiful wedding her cousins received from their granny. She however got the best of all a special intimate ceremony with only the people she dearly loved in attendance. Congratulations And Forever Happiness to the Beautiful Bride and Handsome Groom❤️
Ros WB
Ros WB:
Lovely idea to wear a vintage dress and have a small wedding.
Sandra Singh
Sandra Singh:
Blanca Humphrey
Blanca Humphrey:
Now this is truly a beautiful Royal Wedding. Heartfelt Best Wishes to the Bride and Groom.
Love that Bridalbouquet being placed on the Tomb of the unknown Soldier .
Brought tears to my eyes.
Wild Safaris
Wild Safaris:
Gorgeous Bride just like Lady D🥰
Sarah Peach
Sarah Peach:
I was way too excited for their marriage finally !!! They had tied the knot ...
Long live their ☺☺ lovely marriage .
Baron Taylor
Baron Taylor:
She looked nice wearing her grandmother's dress and tiara
They showed more of the bouquet and people we had no idea who they are, than they showed of the bride & groom....and the wedding party.
It was a spectacular romantic wedding. Princess Beatrice looked radiant.
Virginia Fry
Virginia Fry:
Awesome - the dress had belonged to her grandmother and was remodeled for the wedding.
Beatrice also wore the tiara that her grandmother wore on her wedding day!
Darlene Sam-Gomez
Darlene Sam-Gomez:
Congratulations to Princess Beatrice and Edo may you live long and happy for many years to come Blessings.
Julie R
Julie R:
Wonderful. Congratulations, Princess Beatrice & Edoardo. God bless you both & to a long, prosperous & beautiful marriage.
Beautiful, so much love and happiness in this photographs, intimate, perfect, and why not have a PRIVATE, not secrete wedding, Congratulations to you both.
Deborah Brennan
Deborah Brennan:
So classy absolutely stunning that s how it s done a beautiful princess
PaigeAnn Forrest
PaigeAnn Forrest:
So lovely. I think it's wonderful that she wore one of the Queen's dresses and the same tiara. This is now one of my fave wedding looks of the Royal family.
Marie Thorpe
Marie Thorpe:
It is time that Prince Andrew's daughters get some happiness, they have had their lives upside down since a tender age....God bless their marriage may his both daughters find the happiness they so desire.
Berryknob Berry
Berryknob Berry:
I thought this was Fergie when the thumbnail first poooed up. So beautiful and i wish many happy years of marriage
Patricia Curcio
Patricia Curcio:
I think 🤔 it’s sad because princess 👸 britress should have had a beautiful wedding 👰 like her sister and for all London to see her beautiful wedding 👰 and to ride in a cochlear like her sister did I hope she will be very happy 😃 and stay together always
gn lilu
gn lilu:
How beautiful! 🥰 Stunning 💗
Marie Clarey
Marie Clarey:
Stunning bride. Gorgeous dress. Up there with Meghan's dress.
Jennifer Cadlaon
Jennifer Cadlaon:
What a tasteful and sweet bridal ensemble! They surely did well to remember the fallen. I hope their example will encourage other quarantine weddings!
chloé zemer
chloé zemer:
Tanti auguri 👏👏👏🥂🍾👰🤵
Jennifer Lawley
Jennifer Lawley:
Congratulations. So so happy for you. You look beautiful ❤️
Babs 59
Babs 59:
Looks like the perfect country wedding with the flowers around the door and fence plus the simply bouquet. I suspect Bea actually got the wedding she wanted rather than a larger more ostentatious affair.
Cindy Christie
Cindy Christie:
So happy for her she, had to postpone her wedding and for any bride would be devastating!
She looked beautiful and the couple look so happy. God bless them both for a long and happy life together!
Cindy Cindy
Cindy Cindy:
Beatrice showed great homage to the Queen, long live Beatrice!!
Peggy Kent
Peggy Kent:
She looked beautiful as did the Queen and Prince Philip, congradulations
Juli Branca
Juli Branca:
How lovely..and wonderful for the Queen to be able to feel the love from this sweet couple!!!💞💞💞🌟🎉🙏
Jacira Leopoldino Pinto
Jacira Leopoldino Pinto:
It’s amazing my the Lord God bless their marriage ❤️❤️❤️
Shelly Somerville
Shelly Somerville:
Wishing these two young people a long long happy marriage. The dress is so beautiful on her they both are beaming from ear to ear you can tell they are in love❤️❤️
My goodness! How beautiful! If?
I'm so happy that she has finally married her Prince....I know he isn't a Prince but to her he is.....she look beautiful in her dress
Amadriadi Channel
Amadriadi Channel:
Congrats 🎉✨✨✨