Nick Cannon Reveals He Is Expecting Baby Number Eight

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100+ komentarze:

Kimmie T
Kimmie T:
Can someone please explain to Nick Cannon that manhood is not defined by the number of kids you have or the number of foolish women who are willing to allow you to knock them up?
Jasmine Sanders
Jasmine Sanders:
Nick having all these kids is nothing to brag about. All he doing is creating a bunch of broken homes and single mothers. What example is he teaching his kids? That it’s okay that men have a bunch of kids by different women & it’s okay for his daughters to accept a man getting her pregnant and move on to the next. But because he has money it make it okay? Wrong kids definitely need more than money. And it ain’t no way possible he can work and spend equal quality time with all them kids. Someone going to get the end of the stick. He don’t live with none of his kids for one.
Funny how the very behavior we hate and cast down is applauded as long as people “like” the person or he is rich…..congrats and much respect to Nick but I don’t have to like the way he moves
Butterfly Lily
Butterfly Lily:
Why are people not calling out Nick's irresponsible behaviour. How will he be able to give quality time as a dad to so many kids. What about their needs. The women having his kids are wrong and enablers. None are wives or girlfriends they are baby mother's smh..Mariah can't be happy what decent woman would be.. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Abu Barrie
Abu Barrie:
He’s made more broken homes than he’s had music hits and box office smashes. At this point any woman who decides to get pregnant by him you knew what you signed up for.
kirk landry
kirk landry:
What a dangerous way to have kids.. l know a lot of people won’t agree with this, but this has to be some form of child abuse.. l just don’t understand why he gets a pass because he’s famous and has money.. this is the country where you can literally get away with murder if you’re famous and rich. Praying for you Nick get some help pleaseeee 🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾
H Ahmed
H Ahmed:
Feel bad for the woman who tragically lost her little boy few months ago she had w nick. Must be hard on her to know he's got another baby on the way while she's probably still grieving his loss. Pretty selfish of nick
Sandra Love
Sandra Love:
There is a broken boy inside, somewhere..I really feel sorry first and foremost for the children, secondly him, and lastly the broken women who is allowing such foolishness.
Miguel R
Miguel R:
This is called reckless behavior..
J P:
Nobody finds this concerning? Why ain't nobody calling nick out? This behaviour is atrocious. Someone say something, cause if this were a woman she'd be called all sorts of expletives. Whats with the double standards? This is all toxic as hell. These are children, living, breathing, human beings, not collectors items.
Mr Mindful
Mr Mindful:
Nick is droppin these kids like a clothing line
Seymour Titties
Seymour Titties:
I feel so bad for all 8 of his children.
Ye: Nick Canon is celibate.
Charla: Sellin a bit of what??
I see so many people say this isn’t an issue if he can afford them but being a father is more than throwing money at a child, there’s no way he can be a father to all those kids
Dats a paddlin
Dats a paddlin:
Every 30 minutes a Cannon is conceived.
shazbot smash
shazbot smash:
I want a video of him naming all eight kids under 10 seconds
Jamichael Moore
Jamichael Moore:
Nick cannon is the definition of “Be Fruitful and Multiply”
Chapter Vi Xo
Chapter Vi Xo:
Nick out here like Oprah, you get a baby! , and you get a baby! Everyone gets a baby
How is he providing equal love and attention to all these children? They all live in different locations with different mothers, and he has many job responsibilities. Yes, he can financially provide, but it's more to being a parent than signing checks. Are all of the mothers of his children ensuring they have a relationship with each other?
Jessica Jaye
Jessica Jaye :
There's definitely something more to Nick having all these babies.
He treating his kids like Pokémon
Jacob A
Jacob A:
Nick having all theses kids like:
"See. I'm not ghey."
This just unhealthy at this point. Soon they’ll just be assigning them numbers cause he’ll eventually run out of ideas for names.
Let's go Brandon
Let's go Brandon:
Way to prove the Stereotype on black men Nick!
Cactus Jane
Cactus Jane:
I’m starting to believe the rumors that he is having all these kids because he hopes one of them will be a match for the bone marrow transplant the people say he need.
_When I wrote this, it was not out of judgement for Mr. Cannon but….. out of respect for the loss of his child and respect for the mother who is still grieving the loss of that child - it would’ve been considerate to just PAUSE for a moment. I totally get that he wants a huge family n I respect his choice but the loss of a child has got to be overwhelming….. and getting a TAT of his name on U, WILL NOT bring him back nor will impregnating someone else smh. But anyway, may God bless them all_ 💯🙏🏾
Future: Finally, a worthy opponent!!

Genghis Khan: Hmph....amateurs.
He is working on his own wild n out family crew edition.
This is honestly embarrassing 💀his kids growing up with no father in the home. They gonna see him every blue moon. Yeah they are taken care of financially but a father in the home at all times is important.
Nick is really not considering the feelings of these kids, especially as they become teenagers and young adults. He's going to have to chose which events/birthdays/holidays/etc to attend...and that resentment is going to pop up
Eric Richie
Eric Richie:
Difference between Kick Nannon VS. Hendrix and NBA Youngboy is that some of the kids are YEARS apart and they actually had “somewhat” a relationship with moms, Nick just meeting them and having babies 🤣😂
David P
David P:
I wanna go back to the day 106 a park was still around & when “Wanksta” came out!
Tracey G
Tracey G:
I say the next versus should be Nick against Future whoever know all their kids names by heart wins 🏆 🤣😅
Stan Liberty
Stan Liberty:
This can’t be good, creating single mom households with kids who not gonna ever live with their siblings 😭smh
Boris Fabre
Boris Fabre:
CG face every time he questions lee be having me dying😂😂
danique anthony
danique anthony:
As long as these kids do better than the albums he dropped, everything should be A okay
Oloveak Love
Oloveak Love:
Nick shooting everybody club up 😂😂
Markos Clark
Markos Clark:
I don’t care how much money you have. You can’t be a great father to 8 children with 6 mothers spread across the country. Especially when you’re also a workaholic. Somethings not right in nick’s head.
Majin Khan
Majin Khan:
Will this one be "Special Beam Cannon"? 😂
Forever The Lewis's
Forever The Lewis's:
I want to take a moment to let you Know Your content Inspires everyone All over the universe don't stop being Wonderful
Congratulations God! Keep making the team stronger
Michiko Smith
Michiko Smith:
Funds AND time? I think that people underestimate the value of the TIME spent with your children. Also, any extreme is suspect. But I can love Nick and not like his idea of parenting.
Tay Boone
Tay Boone:
This is honestly gross. No way he can be there fit each child emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. All but two of his children are in different households. It’s reckless for Nick and the women.
Nick Cannon is such an irresponsible human being and the women having his kids are just at fault. Such a detrimental influence to those looking up to him. And what makes it worse is that he seems super obsessed with erasing all traces of his blackness from his offspring.
Ben Hartwig
Ben Hartwig:
Charlamange, what do you have to say this time. Always sticking up, come on now, I need that same energy
reena kemp
reena kemp:
No way he can afford this.. There's no way. His kids with Mariah will be fine... but the rest of the kids.. SMH
This is exactly why men need birth control. But let the government try to tell a man what to do with his body. There’d be anarchy.
AncientHerbalCarePlantbase Skincare
AncientHerbalCarePlantbase Skincare:
Now I Believe He Looking For Stem Cell Match for his illness 🤒
Tracee Johnson
Tracee Johnson:
There is No way Nick can give 8 children Quality Time, with them being at, 6 different households😏
This should be Donkey of the Day/ Rumor report.
Sooo… it’s ok for him to just create a bunch of baby mamas without any criticism? Smh.
Miscellaneous MeMe
Miscellaneous MeMe:
With all due respect should he keep reproducing? Is his ‘seed’ good for reproduction? God bless his child who died but what if his death was due to a hereditary illness??? 🤔
All power to Nick ✊🏾
Gabriela R
Gabriela R:
T.I.’S got potential to do standup. Rappers and comedians are people that will definitely roast you the best when playing the dozens
Nick treating the baby showers like he a party promoter
Shoney Mcgee
Shoney Mcgee:
To each its own Nick can do whatever he likes but I pray that he teaches all his kids on how to live in this world. I wish it had to be so many women involved and he's not staying in a relationship with them but I get Nick seems he just want to stay single vibe the way he wants to I would think twice by being involved with him I have to think about me wanting to be happy and all the holidays thinking will Nick be with me our the other baby Mothers I'm just saying.
The Flex Zone Podcast
The Flex Zone Podcast:
Nick Cannon is continuing his Pookie And Ray Ray behavior
I'm here for TI doing comedy. I love his voice!! 😜😘❤️💯
Chase's Father
Chase's Father:
I mean we don't know this to be a 100% facts but to almost have 8 kids with no STD'S because obviously he sucks at the pull out game, but then to not wear condom every-single-time. Count your blessings homie🙏🏻. Even If he did catch an STD, it had to be Bacterial.
This man is like Oprah instead of cars nick is giving babies🤣🤣🤣🤣 & u can have a 👶 & here's a baby 4u & a baby for everyone in the Audience 🤦‍♀️😂😂😂
Aphropic TheHipHopSnob
Aphropic TheHipHopSnob:
I've never been pregnant but I think if they're doing a gender reveal that means she's been pregnant for a while now... possibly before he said he was going celibate. Heck, this may be why, he may not have wanted to double up... again lol.
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams:
Its one things being funny amongst your friends its another to get on stage and have comedic timing
joshua garcia
joshua garcia:
I support nick in his obsession with making kids… but he’s going to work for wild’ n out now till he’s 74 to make sure those support checks clear. 😞
Lost one, so he got another one like Khaled. Salute to Nick! RIP to the kid.
reginol thomas
reginol thomas:
Nick’s cannon still works 😂
He impregnated another woman while his infant son was dying??
I think Reggie Noble would test the roof off as a stand up comedian.
Hey U
Hey U:
Nick going for the DMX record
A Notes
A Notes:
When Nate Dogg said I got hoes in different area codes he literally meant it I think Nick Cannon has topped him
RastaGyal JenJen
RastaGyal JenJen:
Any person that decides to sleep with these gold diggers(except for Mariah), should go get tested first. Same goes for the women that decide to sleep with Nick after this. Gaaaaah🤢 Literally makes me physically ill to know that people will go raw like that. BOTH WOMEN AND MEN.🤮
Sookie Blackhouse
Sookie Blackhouse:
Imagine if Nick was a female? Would she get the same love and energy for having multiple baby daddies vs Nick’s Baby mamas?
Jermel Purse
Jermel Purse:
Financially it’s no doubt he can care for these children but emotionally will he be able to be there like a child needs a father to be there for them. Show him how to ride a bike show them how to tie their shoes he’s got a ton of kids how’s it going to be there for all of them.

You can’t let success go to your head and just pop out babies like crazy you have to be prepared to be responsible for them not just financially but he emotionally. We’ve seen plenty of kids born into wealthy families they get shipped off to boarding school parents were not there for them.
Tamara White
Tamara White:
What he's doing ain't cute at all. What these women doing ain't cute at all. He's literally out here having meaningless relationships and bringing innocent ass children in this world. He literally just had a 5 month old child pass away and already impregnated another woman ??? And folks are saying this is ok because he has enough money to have a bunch of kids by a bunch of different women. How effing selfish is that. 8 kids all in different households who won't get the same amount of time spent with their father? But I guess in the black community we ok just as long as the man is paying😒... ridiculous!
Mickey King
Mickey King:
7 broken homes where there is literally no way that you can spend quality time with each one of your children going to their sport games helping with homework being there when they get bullied or need encouragement your time is already cut in half being in entertainment but purposefully creating emotionally unfulfilled children who will have to fight for their inheritance with 7 other siblings. All with an increased chance of having Lupus because they had a parent with it!!!Ghetto as hell lol If he were a black woman he would be dragged through the coals for this but hey…. He got it!!!!!
Nick brings a new meaning for if you don’t use it. You loose it. Lmfao…. What happened to celibacy 🤷🏽‍♂️
mieke battle
mieke battle:
This is all I got for Nick. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 keep popping those 👼🏽's out.
K Duff
K Duff:
Nick starting to become my Idol 🤣
doogie Five-Four
doogie Five-Four:
*Nick Cannon* about to outdo *Lil Boosie* with these kids
True Journey
True Journey:
He gonna have 2 more by the end of the year lol
Billy Garcia
Billy Garcia:
Nick Cannon doing it right 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
If he in legit relationships with these women.. OK.. but I doubt he is, so the sh!t is getting weird. Is he running ads on some top secret app? Blind dating? I want to know how is he meeting these types of women? Whats the conversation being had? Then that bogus excuse of him being sickly just doesn't justify it in my opinion. He got another motive, he just not saying what it is yet.
Similak Child
Similak Child:
I think he beat Future, now he needs to catch up to NBA Youngboy.
Badguy Frezz
Badguy Frezz:
Nobody Want Another 50 album Just Keep Making The Shows Bro....Those Are Phenomenal
Dev Rayne
Dev Rayne:
Nick was probably the nerdy, “nice guy” getting turned down by girls growing up and now that he has money he’s taking full advantage of it.
Them turbines got Nick thinking he indian "I will have many kids and many wives"🤣🙏
Byron Keith
Byron Keith:
Idk world, how do we feel about a 50 Cent album?

I feel like he just gone make unreleased power scripts rhyme 😅
He needs an intervention. I know babies are fine but disease is still a thing
fonz112 Goss
fonz112 Goss:
Nick has to keep working. Generation wealth is going to be hard in his case. He isn't stupid all his baby moms seem to come from upper middle class so they aren't hurting. Just praying for all the children. Moms knew what they were getting involved with before even going there.
In my Kevin Hart voice “Damn”
This brother Nick creating a league of broken homes 😂
Jass Horton
Jass Horton:
Nick tryna go for the world record
Robin V
Robin V:
I thought Nick only had 3 kids... I hope they know each other.
it's me thetruth
it's me thetruth:
Nick just throwing pennies, and who ever catches 1 he's knocking up. 😳
No idea how his set really went, but sounded like that audience was hyping TI up
Making babies just for the fun of it? 😂 that doesn’t seem fair to the kids… what if I don’t want a dad who impregnates the whole planet? Lmaooo idkkkk
Nick Cannon is always working, when does he have time for his kids and all the baby mommas?
Acer Galua
Acer Galua:
kanye can't get away from drake's leftovers 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Linda Marilla
Linda Marilla:
It’s Nothing wrong with wanting on needing children but NOT with Multiple women ... Something is Nor Right with the Set- UP, hopefully all theses children will know they are Related to each other! 🤦‍♀️
Boo Chi
Boo Chi:
The way these people would go into a black woman if she had half as many baby daddies as Nick. Oof!
I remember when media used to always shine light on Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie and certain other white actors' relationships...then came will and jada....jayz and beyonce....Kim and kanye.