Nintendo Switch in 2021 - worth buying? (Review)

The Nintendo Switch is already about 4 years old- and with the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, it's definitely worth taking a look at. Should you buy the Nintendo Switch in 2021?
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0:00 - Introduction
0:31 - The Nintendo Switch
3:45 - Design & Hardware
9:10 - Games, Flaws, Controllers
14:51 - Worth It


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After the recording of this video new rumors came out pointing to a Switch Pro in 2021 being a possibility. However- I do believe the Switch is absolutely worth it as is, and personally I wouldn't wait if you were thinking about getting it :)
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I love my Nintendo Switch- what's your favorite game for it?
King Neptune
King Neptune:
Still feels like it just came out, I guess that means it aged well... 🤷‍♂️
Wow its been 4 yrs and I haven't touched one.
Истории Персеваля
Истории Персеваля:
But why i can’t buy it in Nintendo shop? All stock? It’s ok for UK? 🤷‍♂️ you know?
Andrew Wolf
Andrew Wolf:
It’s a no brainer
Being able to play Fortnite or Super Smash
while you super smash the toilet is the most american thing i can think of
The txbased Wrraszlinfan1442
The txbased Wrraszlinfan1442:
Yes just yes absolutely the best handheld ever
14:07 i can confirm this, i told nintendo my joycons were drifting and i got them repaired for free, that was almost a year ago and i haven’t had joycon drift since
Ma Ria
Ma Ria:
I really think this will never get old 😂 Especially me, I am still playing on my New Nintendo 3DS and enjoy it so much so the Switch will be even more enjoyable
that person
that person:
I got one for Christmas and love it already
Just bought one, can’t wait! Spent endless hours playing smash ultimate the past few years with friends, made for some great memories :)
Matthew McCreary
Matthew McCreary:
"it's almost 4 years old"

Stop making me feel old
M. Arbah Binamin
M. Arbah Binamin:
I just bought it earlier this week!

Even with all the rumors of Switch Pro coming out this year, yeahhh
This switch helped me make some amazing friends and changed my life (I’m 15 so I don’t really have a life lol) I love the switch and I just got it last year
Ethan Gaydosh
Ethan Gaydosh:
Now that Sinnoh region games are confirmed, I want one for the first time
Ivory Swan
Ivory Swan:
Thank you for this 😭
Shelby Gardiner
Shelby Gardiner:
As a child raised on Gamboys Color, Advance, and SP and PSPs mostly and some GameCube I’m looking forward to coming back to gaming! It’s been so long! Really appreciate this video and info!
David Merida
David Merida:
I got the switch in 7th grade and now I am halfway from graduating from High school 💀😂
Honestly your probably my favorite tech youtuber, after a long day I love to just sit down and watch your videos.
Isaac McConkey
Isaac McConkey:
I still have my Nintendo Switch and had it for almost 2 years and it’s V1 I’ll probably will upgrade to V2 or the newer one that’s gonna be coming out this year. And my favourite game of all time is Smash Bros, Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario Party, Mario Kart 8 deluxe, and Mario 3D all stars, that’s all I gotta say
Horen LastTeacher
Horen LastTeacher:
The Switch is revolutionary as a gaming console.
I’ve had this thing since September of 2017 and it’s worth it, it’s not like every other console company. They don’t charge 60 bucks for a year of online they only charge 20 dollars a year which is a steal because it includes a bunch of snes and nes games and Mario 35 for example it’s fantastic
Officially Stupid
Officially Stupid:
”Make sure you buy the red box model and not the white one.”

Me: Rushes to website to check which one it is 😳

It was the red box one 😌
Can't believe it's been 4 years???? Seriously.. I feel like it just like so recent.. I hope i can get it soon
Looking forward to watching the “worth it in 2021” vids for iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 5C, 6, 6s, 7, 8, x, xs, and 11!! And that’s genuine!! I really enjoy watching content on the older iPhones!! 😁😁
Its Jamison
Its Jamison:
The last Nintendo product I had was a n64 lol might finally get a switch this year
I just managed to find one and I am so excited to get it only got to wait until to tomorrow scalpers have made this so hard ti find
C Fraz
C Fraz:
Just bought one today. I’d do it again if I could.
Pierre Plays
Pierre Plays:
I bought this 8hrs ago as my 2 fav games are coming to Switch and JUST decided to watch your video so I'm glad you said yes 🤣🤣
Joe Miller
Joe Miller:
One of the best in depth reviews I’ve ever watched💯 keep it up
I just got mine on two days ago, and I am already head over heels for this system.
The Turbo Express was a portable/home console over 30 years ago. There was also the Sega Nomad and more recently, the Neo Geo X.
Mr. CoDFish
Mr. CoDFish:
I’m considering buying one man. Thanks for the review
Lui Son
Lui Son:
Waiting for mines to come in the mail
Wiktor Wojciechowski
Wiktor Wojciechowski:
Just posted while I was ordering my unit :3
This was a very well made video, new subscriber bro :)
Matthew Hyatt
Matthew Hyatt:
I sure hope so--mine arrives today lol
This was a really in depth video. Thank you!
After handheld fails this will not get old it’s the perfect way to play a game on the go
Jeanette Again
Jeanette Again:
Your intro was everything yes it’s worth it 😂 likes new subscriber and now to complete your video 🙌🤣
I just bought one! I'm so excited!!!
Kashauwn Jenkins
Kashauwn Jenkins:
I'm getting one still!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jake rowe
Jake rowe:
I just got one today and I’m not going to open it till I get a few games for it but I CANT WAIT TO PLAY IT
Not sure why but all of a sudden it’s sold out everywhere
This thing still feels so new despite it being almost 4 years old
Michael Pollard
Michael Pollard:
Just bought this system! And I’m so excited
razorus city
razorus city:
I’m planning on getting a switch in the next few months and my fav game has to be nfs hot pursuit remastered or breath of the wild
I ordered one December 2020. And I'm still waiting for the shops to open here T.T I'm getting one 🔜
C W:
I’ve bin waiting for this video.
Google Account
Google Account:
I finally got one in December. So, yes?
i got the switch lite because i don't have a tv to hook up the regular to- and i love it! the games are a little expensive though. i will definitely upgrade to the regular switch some day!
Jessica Kyle
Jessica Kyle:
I'm hoping to get the new mario edition dry soon like in weeks 😊 hopefully they are still in stock then
I have been trying to get one but I’m still waiting for mine ;-;
Theo Kag
Theo Kag:
Just picked it up and I am loving it. Ps4 is collecting dust
Thinking about getting one today, time to add up the budget 😆
Jeydon Destiny
Jeydon Destiny:
Lol I’ve wanted it since it came out...I hate rent:p but I just ordered it yesterday boys!
Just got mine last week, pretty sturdy haha! -I spilled coffee on it the third day I got it but still working perfectly fine =)))))-
This video helped me alot! i wasnt sure if i was going to buy this, so i went to look voor reviews, and found this one. i bought the switch now and it is just as amazing as you said it was.
Stoinks Jay
Stoinks Jay:
This review is excellent. You’ve earned a sub from me. :)
I got mine about 2 months ago and no regrets. Having a portable system that plays great game is a steal !
Shea Carlson
Shea Carlson:
If you like building up games & like cute animal characters. (Or cranky, whatever you’d like) I recommend animal crossing! New horizons is what I recommend but you could get new leaf or something like that.
Got a new sub just because you answered the question immediately
Ken G
Ken G:
Great review, Josh. I’m sold!
James C
James C:
just got mine and I love the thing!
Simon Dunk
Simon Dunk:
Pre ordered mine for the Feb 12th release.......can't wait. Will have Super Mario's Bros Deluxe and Mario Kart to play.
Josh Pecenica
Josh Pecenica:
Thanks for the thorough review! I haven’t played video games in like 15 years, but want to start up again. This pushed us in the direction of something fun and cheap to get. Thanks!
Ayman Antri
Ayman Antri:
Yes, absolutely. It is worth it any time you are able to buy it.
hey its shae!
hey its shae!:
I hope I can get a switch soon but for now I'm stuck with a leapster gs-
Wajiha Haroon
Wajiha Haroon:
I just got mine it's awesome I recommend it
I've waited this long. I mind as well wait for the switch pro. 4k HDR Zelda... 👏
Nicholas Puderbaugh
Nicholas Puderbaugh:
I got one for Christmas and I've loved it ever since I got it. It is so powerful and it is so fun to play and I will keep it as long as I can and if I need to get a new one later I will do so.
Drew Lewis
Drew Lewis:
I'm planning to get one on my birthday (I hope)😁
ruby -Violetine
ruby -Violetine:
I been having the lite since covid but I finally decided to buy the console because I really wanna play on the TV. And my fav game rn is animal crossing
Techno - TAK
Techno - TAK:
Wii gang
bmha fan
bmha fan:
Even if it wasn't worth it it's still being shipped to my house on march 6 or sooner or delayed
James Lol
James Lol:
Im About to get one you really helped me make my decicion

Thanks a lot
Fun fact: Nintendo made a pre-design of the Nintendo Switch back in 2014, and they originally wanted the switch to have a bezelless display, which was crazy for 2014! They then thought that it would a be crazy if they did that and would raise the price, and the made the design like how it is now.
Roger Arqués Vall
Roger Arqués Vall:
I'm going to buy the Switch Monster Hunter edition most probably. It looks amazing! Also looking forward to play Bravely Default 2
Just ordered one yesterday cant wait to play it
Yes, this is by so far the best handheld console i had my hands on. Really fun to play alone or with family or friends and it has many fun games to play this. I highly recommend you
Michael Smith
Michael Smith:
A great review loads of information about it good and bad points the switch looks like a top device
I played over 300 hours of Animal Crossing on the Switch. So I guess that's my favorite game 😅 Also really enjoyed the Pokemon games.
Baraah Mohamed
Baraah Mohamed:
Great vid!
Riot Angel
Riot Angel:
Just bought a new set (AC:NH skin) today :D yea it's all about the games; good games are worth playing any time.
Debbie D
Debbie D:
I just got mine I love it specially on the TV
Around this time last year I was thinking about getting one, then I saw your video for 2020 if it was worth. Ended buying one the same day. Love, love, & I love my switch. It has come in clutch many times over for me
gristel aste
gristel aste:
thank you for this great review! I was between buying or no buying and will definately buy one for gaming! Will remind myself my childhood - Crash CTR, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro etc :D goodbye sleep hours
Marko Ahonen
Marko Ahonen:
had mine for a couple years, no joycon drift, lovely console
Aidan McOscar
Aidan McOscar:
A great and fair review, you have outlined good and bad!!! Which makes it fairer.
I got ps5 but i'am also thinking about buying switch.
Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your thoughts in a comprehensive and meaningful way :) This has helped me lean into the purchase for the switch - can't wait to try some new games out soon! Thanks again
Daniel O'Rourke
Daniel O'Rourke:
Just found out that if you disable the auto connect in your internet settings it does somehow improve the framerate of the games a little bit.
Nathan Reed
Nathan Reed:
Just ordered mine a week ago along with breath of the wild can't wait to get it I haven't owned a Nintendo product since my super Nintendo going to buy a years worth of switch online to to play some of the classic games from my youth so stoked cant wait to get it lol.
Il just wait for the switch pro or V2 or new switch. The new switch coming bassicly.
I have been daving 400€ for about a year and i finnaly have it so im gona wait for it to come
Sophie rblx
Sophie rblx:
Do you know when the new one will come out?
Shmithy S
Shmithy S:
I had the original white box one and sold it back when everyone's main complaint was not enough game support I just bought another brand new one
Sif'fn about Gwyn
Sif'fn about Gwyn:
mine will arrive in 2 days along with MHGU (had an ordeal chosing between MHGU and MHXX, but my friends told me to get GU since XX has unbalanced scaling on alot of stuff)
Jady The alien
Jady The alien:
Can’t wait to get one for my birthday!!
I'm buying one just to play Maneatergame on which comes out May 25th.
Arnaldo Rodriguez
Arnaldo Rodriguez:
I JUST bought one. Was the only one at store and clerk said they just received it after not having any in stock for five months. Favorite game so far is Lego City Undercover, co-op play is BIG with the kids.
Luke Free fall
Luke Free fall:
I bought one last week👍😁 red box.
Absolutely love it!
Q U I Z R:
Monster Hunter Rise is my FAVORITE game on the switch so far!