nirvana baby spencer elden interview

For the 25th anniversary of the release of Nirvana's Nevermind album, I met up with the baby pictured on the iconic cover. Spencer Elden is now 25-years-old and talks about the whole world seeing his baby penis.

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Andrian Studio
Andrian Studio:
damn.. that cover came true. the baby is really chasing the money now
Polluting Penguin
Polluting Penguin:
He’s now suing the band for child pornography - this is absolutely insanity. He’s a failure and now trying to get money out of the band. What a joke.
Sarah Archibald
Sarah Archibald:
Howard the Mallard
Howard the Mallard:
He was stoned this entire time
Mojado News
Mojado News:
This guys personality matched the person Kurt was looking for in his album cover
Dick of Neissaresh
Dick of Neissaresh:
This dude officially broke Bono's record for the biggest piece of sheat.
Surfs Up
Surfs Up:
I bet when he meets people he says, "Uhh, I'm the baby on Nirvana's Nevermind cover".
"I'm not really a baby anymore umm"
Bobby M
Bobby M:
And now he's suing them. What a world we live in.
Elsa Bernard
Elsa Bernard:
Take a shot every time he says baby
He won't say if he's angry what his parents allowed, but he needs Nirvana cash now for fulfillment . . .
Lhiz Jordn
Lhiz Jordn:
He needs to show it or we won't believe it
Doesn't seem very traumatised about it. Just wished he had a quarter for every person who had seen his baby pee pee. Well, now he has his chance and is going for it..
Unfortunately these interviews he did ARE NOT going to help with his lawsuit. He admittedly has stated several times that it has had positive effects in his life. The "quarter for everytime" quote pretty much seals the deal for the Defense. Good luck chump.
Konrad Kamiński
Konrad Kamiński:
he looks little bit like Kurt but Dave as well
Chris Bruggers
Chris Bruggers:
You can tell this kid has been trying to cultivate the Kurt Cobain look for a long time... but he's nowhere near as charismatic as Kurt Cobain. He was the floating baby on the cover, not a member of the band. Hearing about his lawsuit it sounds like he's just butt hurt that the band doesn't consider him a part of their success as much as he's convinced himself of it. And he doesnt want to get a real job, so let's just sue for all those quarters he's talking about. It's ironic that the cover photo shows him swimming after a dollar bill on a fish hook. That seems about right for this guy.
White Kid
White Kid:
he has kurts hair
Gaming Elementalist
Gaming Elementalist:
I find it hard to believe that he's actually upset enough to sue all of a sudden after all this time when he seemed so chill about it in interviews for so long.
Mr JW:
He didn't seem to mind too much there, no he wants his payday!
Tyler Boroshok
Tyler Boroshok:
I hope they actually take this to court instead of settling so this dude doesn't get even a single cent out of this crap
JD Robinson
JD Robinson:
He looks like a younger version of Dave Grohl fused with Kurt Cobain.
rick frenay
rick frenay:
He posed on several birthdays exactly the same.
Now he wants money?
Mads Attacks
Mads Attacks:
He literally high and has “nevermind” tattooed on his chest and has re-enacted that photo shot all through growing up, bragged about it though out it his life, made tons of money off of it. Pathetic really. Money hungry
Jimmy The Clown
Jimmy The Clown:
The secret child of Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl lol
OVI-Wan Kenobi
OVI-Wan Kenobi:
In a 2016 interview, Nirvana baby Spencer Elden said his stance on the photograph changed after he reached out to Nirvana to see if the band would participate in an art show he was putting on. “I was asking if they wanted to put a piece of art in the fucking thing,” he said. “I was getting referred to their managers and their lawyers. Why am I still on their cover if I’m not that big of a deal?” In that same interview, Elden discussed the negative aspects of the notoriety, too. When asked if the cover affected his relationships, he said, “Totally. Everyone thinks you’re making money from it.”
“You’ll hook up with a hot chick, and then they figure out you’re not making any money from it and they’ll dump you,” he went on.
He needs sleep
Is he high
Jesus Rosario
Jesus Rosario:
And now he’s trying to get all those quarters from the band.
Kinda weird how he kinda talks like Dave and has Kurt’s hair
Gabby Nelson
Gabby Nelson:
he was definitely stoned while he did this
Tomas Fabian Serrut
Tomas Fabian Serrut:
This guy acts like people will recognize him as the baby on the cover, like seriously nobody knew you until you came out and said "hey that's me", now you want money because you're saying this is Child pornography.
lebron jame
lebron jame:
"Well I'm not really a baby anymore"

Well no shit
David ii
David ii:
Spencer, you're not a clown, you're not even the circus...

*You're the whole entertainment industry*
Dylan Westrand
Dylan Westrand:
I think the most important moment from this video is when he said it’d be nice if he had a quarter for everyone who had seen him on that cover. That is definitely what he is trying to aim for with recent events.
colin kilpatrick
colin kilpatrick:
he weirdly reminds me of Kurt....strange little similarities.
Max Palmer
Max Palmer:
Nirvana’s never mind is an amazing album actually never mind JK it is an amazing album 🎸🤘 rock on [R.I.P. Kurt Cobain]
bibi’s b!tch
bibi’s b!tch:
he even recreated the picture it’s so funny to me that he rode the hype train and when it died down he decided to sue
Foo Pac
Foo Pac:
It’s weird because he outlived Kurt Cobain and looks like him
Salteh The Salty Squid
Salteh The Salty Squid:
If you got the clip where he talked about how everyone at a baseball game have seen his p enis and you sent that to someone out of context it would be hilarious, especially because of how emotionless he sounds when he talks about it
kristian vitanyi
kristian vitanyi:
Thanks for doing your part man. That album is cool.
Brett Gordon
Brett Gordon:
Interview: "Do you remember swimming in the pool on the Nevermind album picture set?"

Spencer: "No. Of course not. I was just an infant. How would I supposed to remember that at that early of an age? Do you even remember getting your diapers changed at that age?"
John Ayala
John Ayala:
Who would have thought that the baby would become so intellectually stimulating 30 years later by just listening to his deep & provocative thoughts credited to his high 210 IQ😏.
Pongo Pigpen
Pongo Pigpen:
Dude I hope you win a lifetime's supply of nada.
Kaitlyn Boisvert
Kaitlyn Boisvert:
When you fill out your essay with extra unnecessary details to meet the word count. 🤣
Ilko Birov
Ilko Birov:
Yeah, no wonder he's suing.. but remember what Kurt said about covering that part of the photo.
It's become such an iconic image and just like with renaissance art, nobody fixates on the genitalia.
amazing. he literally became the meaning of the cover...
Johnny Calderon
Johnny Calderon:
Soon he'll be like: You know what, Nevermind!!
Ambulance chasers persuading him to milk the nirvana cash cow over the image in which nobody including himself had a problem with
Chairman Meow ✓
Chairman Meow ✓:
“It’d be nice to have a quarter for every person that has seen my baby (you know)."
star wars luvr
star wars luvr:
he literally recreated the album cover
Jack Achkinsheinz
Jack Achkinsheinz:
This is one of the dumbest lawsuits I've seen in a while. He's clearly just desperate for money.
Christian Munso
Christian Munso:
Kurt's spirit is trapped in the child and has just been growing since 1994
Dude's going to get laughed out of court trying to sue Nirvana for this... lmao
Matthew Cordova
Matthew Cordova:
He do be packing tho
aaaaand now he’s sueing them 😭
Jason Gay
Jason Gay:
Your a part of rock history be proud of that
Tall Order
Tall Order:
And now he's suing Nirvana. What a huge 180 from him celebrating it here... lol
If this mfer wanted to move away from this "legacy" of his, he easily could've, you know, stopped talking about it and do something else with his life. That's it. No one would care.

Perhaps a few friends you have from childhood and adolescence would know, but so what? At work, as an adult, and building new relationships, no one would have to know.

He chose this path.
star ella
star ella:
*well this has definitely aged well..*
macondo 9
macondo 9:
Prophetic Nirvana! Thirty years later, that little boy is still trying to grab that bill.
Pre sure this dudes just tired of the questions lmfao
Jose Castellanos
Jose Castellanos:
0:45 there it is. That’s why he’s filing the lawsuit. Instead of making something of his life he’s wasted it trying to make easy money.
leh mooz
leh mooz:
The irony of him chasing that dollar bill now hahaha
"I'm not really a baby anymore, so..."
Are you sure?
He's more David Spade than Kurt Cobain.
Mikael Erlandsson
Mikael Erlandsson:
The things people do today are just amazing for their 15 seconds of fame and a big paycheck for a lawsuit. Soon you can't walk over a street before you get billed by one of these superheroes. This was an amazing album, all creeds for nirvana, and rest in peace curt. It was a beautiful picture with no sexual intent.
Modern Conversations
Modern Conversations:
This single day interaction with Kurt Cobain is his entire personality.
He was a Nirvana fan before he even knew it. The Nevermind child turned out pretty cool
Bingham Guevara
Bingham Guevara:
Does anyone know if he got any royalties from being the baby on this album cover? (I always assumed he did.) If he didn't, then he has a right to sue.
He bleached his hair to look like Kurt. Ugh. Probably so people will say "your hair looks like Kurt Cobain" so he can tell them all about how he's on the cover which is literally all he has in life. Sad.
He makes jokes about it, re created it for attention. Now, he's suing 🤦🏼‍♂️
He sounds like he's been smoking something. As for being under the influence, other than hard cash, I wonder if anything or anyone else was an influence towards now wanting to sue the band or record label for what he now sees as abus and ronography. Yet it can only be seen as the latter if that's your mindset when you look at any baby
fully mechanical
fully mechanical:
Now trying to sue the band for what his parents agreed to back in 1991- absolute insanity.
Robert Boyle
Robert Boyle:
He's suing and saying everyone knows him as the naked baby on the album cover... I mean he's not exactly done a good job of staying away from the spotlight himself...
Leonardo Pozzati
Leonardo Pozzati:
Fun fact: he's still trying to grab some dollars.
Sir Larselot
Sir Larselot:
Yeah, and now he's really swimming after the money. The cover comes true 30 years later.
Brandon jung
Brandon jung:
The highlight of his life.
SOMEWHAT POSITIVE Original Songs - Leon House
SOMEWHAT POSITIVE Original Songs - Leon House:
Someone should meme this if they haven't already.
Sad Flute
Sad Flute:
He's still a grown baby reaching for money. This dude needs help
Zachary Wagner
Zachary Wagner:
He’s always referring to it as “baby penis”. The dude’s definitely heard every joke in the book. I feel terrible.
Tom Servo
Tom Servo:
and this interview will tank his lawsuit
Hayley Makarewich
Hayley Makarewich:
And now he's suing them 🙄🙄🙄
because of that photo the entire world knows he has no brim on his yankee
Leoji Oresi
Leoji Oresi:
As if the random Nirvana fan will pass him at rehab and go “Hey! That guy’s the baby on the cover of Nevermind!!”
This is the cringiest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life.
Chefspatz erzählt Geschichten
Chefspatz erzählt Geschichten:
2016 The spark glowed in the dark
2021 the vulcano explods
Vagabond ☯️
Vagabond ☯️:
Everybodys making fun of him despite the fact that he's just looking for an easy payday. It even fits with the symbolism of the album cover since the baby grew up to chase after money.
a quarter for every person😂 yo this was bound to happen
Mr. Blonde
Mr. Blonde:
Oh lord they held him under the water too long.
Leah Del
Leah Del:
Why is he suing tho, he seems pretty well resolved with the issue
Now he's suing them lmfao
Hes now suing Nirvana for sexual exploitation isnt he
The photo becomes even more relevant... people will expose themselves just to grab a quick buck
I am watching you
I am watching you:
Somebody is broke and couldnt find yet another way to milk his fame anymore. Such a disappointment. He's still trying to catch that dollar i guess.
Dude must be really hurting for money if he’s suing !!! Guys looks like a total burn out !!
Mister Sleeper
Mister Sleeper:
He recreated the picture several times and has "Nevermind" tattooed. Man, if I saw you in the street I wouldn't even recognize you, wtf
Proud Mary
Proud Mary:
Watching this makes that saying: *"You can't make this shyt up!"* come to mind...
Allen Cramer
Allen Cramer:
So now, he wants to sue? “lifelong damages” as a result, the lawsuit alleges.
Kevin Cline
Kevin Cline:
This one's getting used in court.
Chinaco Kamikaze
Chinaco Kamikaze:
Si Kurt y Dave hubieran tenido un hijo: