Novak Djokovic Deported From Australia | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

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84 komentarze:

Pasan Fernando
Pasan Fernando:
Blooming Onion isn't an Australian dish. I've only ever seen it in the US and have never come across it in Australia. Outback Steakhouse just has US dishes with Australian sounding names.
Willis 6
Willis 6:
“They eat terrible food” lol coming from someone living in the states - the unhealthiest country in the world. Sit down
Elke S
Elke S:
I am a lifelong Australian, and I’ve never once eaten a blooming onion. And also Australia’s culture of food actually is pretty nutritious. Our meals generally have a lot of healthy vegetables. I spent a few years in America and the lack of vegetables and the quality of the food was disgusting
Rebekah A.
Rebekah A.:
Australian's do not eat terrible food! If call less fast food and super size terrible then sure but dude we are the 7th healthiest country in the world. We eat a lot better than USA!
roof pizza
roof pizza:
All his detractors should hold up loaves of bread when he gets back on the courts.
dragan pavlovic
dragan pavlovic:
I remember the photo of you Travor, Rafa, Rodger and Bill Gates all together!
stuart Munnery
stuart Munnery:
The Govt never changed their mind, the State of Victoria gave him an exemption not the federal Govt.
Munetoshi Yamasaki
Munetoshi Yamasaki:
Now, we have to follow what immigration offices say to the letter unless we won't be able to enter any countries.
Mark Horan
Mark Horan:
Phew, close one. The guy almost got away with playing some tennis. Now Australia is safe from the COVID.
In other news, some undocumented people…
Miki Maus
Miki Maus:
Novak has personality, courage and character
He rather die for his beliefs
You don't know anything about that
Steve Irwin jokes... 15 years and it's still too soon
New Message
New Message:
Glad to see the show back! My day is made.
This format works SO well with the “surprise” snarky terrible take, living
Guru K
Guru K:
Bad news guys !!!
After jeremy chardy, gael monfils most likely another top 100 atp player who is having adverse reaction to vaccine. 😳

Hope he recovers soon and gets back to the court to entice us again.
Apparently the anti-5G necklaces you can get to protect yourself are found to be radioactive. So if you fell for the 5G conspiracies, and bought things to protect you, that means you could have bought a necklaces that is radioactive or the fake cream made out of expired sunblock and vaseline. That fake cream was hilarious, that person made 500,000 before getting caught selling the fake goo.
This guy has lost his soul and lost his humour
David Hogg
David Hogg:
You’re getting awfully wishywashy Trev. State your position man
So they asked 100% of the population and 71% responded that they want him out? Interesting..
Cinnamon Rose Caramel
Cinnamon Rose Caramel:
An American commenting about Australian diets? Ok sweetie… Also, Bloomin Onions are not a thing in Australia.
bloomin onions aren't australian ... just an outback steakhouse thing
Adi Mané
Adi Mané:
I really dislike this format of Trevor talking to someone on the side. His monologues are excellent on his own - cut the side talk.
Ang L
Ang L:
He didn't get an exemption from the federal govt. He got an exemption to play tennis at the aus open.

Love you Trevor but please do some more research.

Also we eat a lot healthier than people in the U.S.....
M A:
Well his name is NO VAC🤷🏻‍♀️ .... that’s no ‘Djok’ovich
So lock them all down and throw away the key .. sheeple
A K:
2:38 as simple as that…
Ivan Petrov
Ivan Petrov:
You have material to process hahah
Jasmine Branch
Jasmine Branch:
We don’t all eat terrible food in Australia. Many of us are vegetarians with a concern for the future of the planet.
A K:
Novax, received documentation to support an exemption from Tennis Australia, an association, and an independent body engaged by the Victorian state government. Novax, used these documents for his federal statutory declaration (document under oath), declaring that he was vaccine exempted for medical reasons. The documentation he provided wasn’t deemed sufficient by the border patrol officer and his entry was denied and this was reversed by the courts because the officers didn’t allow him enough time to argue his case, not because his exemption was valid. Pure legality. Then de federal minister for immigration and his department had ample time to look into the exemption and Novax’ declaration and movements and it turns out he contravened various declarations made. In Australia statutory declarations are the scariest documents to complete, because filling them out incorrectly, might get you in jail or a conviction and major fine. Novax was deported for signing an untrue declaration under oath, nothing more.
Turn By
Turn By:
This Trevor🤦‍♂️ No more Holidays Man😂
This is hard to watch without a laugh track.
Guru K
Guru K:
Pathetic... How this channel has become a propoganda machine 🤦‍♂️
Not funny in South Africa... Not funny in the USA. What a disgrace to comedy.
Australians never used to eat unhealthy before McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut. You’re blaming us for a an unhealthy diet? Typical Americans. America has done so many great things for this planet. Pfft
We eat terrible food? lol what? Americans really cant be passing judgement on how other countries eat food.
uhan gordon
uhan gordon:
The man name is NO-VAC 😅 wa do u expect aah? dude last name is
👉KOVIC ....................... 👈covid
Shooting sports Transparency
Shooting sports Transparency:
COPENHAGEN, Jan 19 (Reuters) - Tennis champion Novak Djokovic has an 80% stake of Danish biotech firm QuantBioRes, which is aiming to develop Covid vacines to counter COVID-19, the company's chief executive told Reuters on Wednesday.
I do like 5G though.
These are the times when "comedy shows" serve only to send politically correct messages.
Anna Maria
Anna Maria:
When people are in chains and they see someone free, they don’t think ‘Hey, I want to be free too’. They think ‘Hey, why isn’t he in chains too’.
This is today’s mentality. Sad that people can’t see that this is way bigger than any event…
he is getting worse by each day. Shame.
Bentley Bila
Bentley Bila:
Lol American talking about how unhealthy the Aus diet is.
Sox News
Sox News:
Afro's look weird on white guys 😳
Gladys Yung
Gladys Yung:
Never come back Novax
Benito Lazio
Benito Lazio:
British comedy is a woke joke.
Ingrid Pempeit
Ingrid Pempeit:
.. gone, he can suffer in his DJOCKS!🤣
Nice to know people still believe Autism is worse than death.
Cloudy_Memories XOX
Cloudy_Memories XOX:
That stingray will never live it down
Vera Vera
Vera Vera:
Hahahahah Djokovic never said that. I really would like to see that video where he said it. Anyway probably you are lost in translation....🤣🤣🤣
Judi Fahey
Judi Fahey:
Blooming onions and outback steak houses don’t exist here ffs
Cody B
Cody B:
I haven't seen the show for a while -- is that guy on the side supposed to be a satirical joke about naive Americans blatantly talking about things they have no idea about while also being culturally insensitive and disrespectful to the dead... or was that a real, genuine attempt at comedy?
First Last
First Last:
Australia allowed Rublev to enter and he had covid upon entry. They simply told him to quarantine.
Judi Fahey
Judi Fahey:
Tim Bassford
Tim Bassford:
whos this other dude!
Collaborative Observation
Collaborative Observation:
avet super
avet super:
this man has a point
So far 4 players in the Australian Open have pulled out due to chest pain......definitely crazy to not get vaccinated....
It really crazy a multi milionairee used to riveras, luxury, confort to end up in a refugee hotel ....Im sure its made him stronger..realizing how fotunate he is compared to these poor souls ....
5g isn't the problem with planes, vaccinated pilots collapsing is more of an issue
Mladen C
Mladen C:
One of the worst comedians ever mocking one of the best sportists ever... let that sink in...
Milan Boskovic
Milan Boskovic:
Only 389 likes out of 35000 views.
It is a BS show.
No Vax Djokovic
David Park
David Park:
He should have been arrested for lying
Leonie Bachmann
Leonie Bachmann:
Novak, we love you. You are a hero. Keep on fighting for human rights and freedom.
What is the difference between a Novak tennis player and a homeless person without a vaccine? you wouldn't get it
Djokovic was deported because of politics, nothing to do with incorrect visa form or public health concern:
Elmo Lewis
Elmo Lewis:
I hope Jokeavich and the rest of the brainiacs deported enjoy their time off. And this may be just the start for them.
Teform Tegoddess
Teform Tegoddess:
Novak Djokovic is really the world hero rather than tennis world star. The hero is not deported, only the court and some bumpkins were deported from Novak Djokovic.
Michael Saeed
Michael Saeed:
Im unvaccinated. Got tested while in emergency for a food allegergic reaction....still covid free.
Double jabbed workmates are dropping like flies from (drum roll)

Covid, 7day isolation, the unvaxcinated have to pick up the slack...

Anna Susanti
Anna Susanti:
Where do you find kangaroos? I thought it was a joke, but their courts are real!
The Explorer
The Explorer:
If the people lose their freedom and choice, then our democracy is no longer useful as well, Novak is a genuine person who respected everyone decision in life. Unfortunately 71% of the Australians think different.
Tony Lawlor
Tony Lawlor:
Sport should be beyond reproach and not allow individuals to de rail a worldwide effort to fight a pandemic no matter who they are, time for Tennis to get with the program.
Fredric Kanoute
Fredric Kanoute:
Novak = No Vaksin
Michael Heliotis
Michael Heliotis:
Novax didn't have a medical exemption. He _thought_ he had one, the doctors _thought_ they were giving him one, and he _said_ on his visa application that he had one, but the Australian Government doesn't actually accept recent covid infections as a valid justification for a medical exemption. The Victorian government does for playing in their venues, but the Australian Government doesn't for visas, so it was revoked once this was discovered on arrival.
Tom's Tube
Tom's Tube:
As an Aussie, I agree that he shouldn’t have been let in the country in the first place, so boo to my government but boo to antivaxers too 👍🏻
Trevor Noah he also lied on his import paper into the country here...bye bye novax
Beth Q
Beth Q:
Love you Novak. No1 ❤ You have principles and faith. Hope you get justice. Shame Trevor your now a shill who sold yourself out. So not watching this vid.
Peter McCluskey
Peter McCluskey:
Remember Trevor playing tennis with Mr Burns and Rafa and Roger. Novak hasn't sold his soul unlike you clowns.
Elena Williams
Elena Williams:
As a Melbournian, we wanted him gone. Nadal said it best "He knew the rules before he came."
Thank you Novak for your outstanding and exemplary attitude to freedom!!
Willis 6
Willis 6:
I mean they are Australia’s rules. It’s pretty black and white. He also lied on his application
Ljilja Svabic
Ljilja Svabic:
J O:
We love Novak!!! 🥰🤩
Get vaccinated 😂