Novak Djokovic v Alexander Zverev | Australian Open 2021 - Highlights | Tennis | Eurosport

Watch the highlights of Serena Novak Djokovic vs Alexander Zverev at Australian Open 2021.
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Djokovic showed once again why his mental game is one of the best in sports history.
Pau Vilarnau Grabuleda
Pau Vilarnau Grabuleda:
Can we appreciate these highlights? They are great!
Milos Tomic
Milos Tomic:
As soon as Novak smashed his racquet I knew he'll win this match.
He "ripped his shirt and went green".
Atta Rehman
Atta Rehman:
How many times are we going to see this, a next gen player losing to the big 3 in yet another slam. Djokovic showed why he is a mental giant, coming from a break down in both the third and fourth set is what separates him from the rest. Pure class. Idemoooooo!
Djokovic mental game is on another level, that's why he is winning.
Tennis, also called Roger Federer, is played on 3 surfaces: hard, grass and Rafael Nadal. With racquets, two men smash a ball over a net for some hours and at the end, Djokovic always wins.
Puma Kralj
Puma Kralj:
Da je Novak biti lako,Novak bi bio svako!!!
The most gentle person ever in real life but a cold blooded killer on the court whos not afraid to show his emotions! A true winner and a immortal champion!!!! #IDEMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Play_ Boy
Play_ Boy:
Adidas:How many ugly clothes you want us to prepare for you
General Shockwave Kingpin
General Shockwave Kingpin:
Mental rock - like toughness is to be expected from Djokovic, since 2011.
Tara Tara
Tara Tara:
Novak is unbeatable when he gets in that zone- amazing player.
Difference between Novak Djokovic and Nick Kyrgios - Novak is the GOAT. Nick is a goat!
Avineil Jain
Avineil Jain:
6:56 has to be one of the best points played in the AO2021 yet!
Goran improved his serve that's noticeable.
Milo Schouten
Milo Schouten:
Sometimes its good to let out anger..
J. Erickson
J. Erickson:
Djokovic is simply too good.
Sebastian Haglund
Sebastian Haglund:
Djokovic broke Federer's record for most wins against top 10 players on hardcourt in this match. Djokovic win/loss (162-59), Federer (161-78) win/loss.
Stefan Mišić
Stefan Mišić:
Nole AO champ 2021 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
They told me I couldn't, that's why I did - The Djoker!
novak has the most underrated serve on the tour period. insanely good
Mirjana Kodžić
Mirjana Kodžić:
Bravo Nole majstore imas veliki ppzzz. Iz HR
Tomas Zaborsky
Tomas Zaborsky:
Remember when Raonic,Dimitrov were supposed to be next gen, somehow no young generation can get through the wall of Djokovic, Federer,Nadal
Zverev choked so hard in the 3rd set. 4-1 up and lost 5 games in a row after Djokovic smashed his racquet.
Tasanee Wantanakul
Tasanee Wantanakul:
Every match of djokovic ! All outstanding ! So excited !
Amazing play ! Congratulations 😍😍👏👏👍
Aleksandar Nesic
Aleksandar Nesic:
Bravissimo Nole 🔥💪🙌✌️
Роберт Бьеркович
Роберт Бьеркович:
Никола Тесла
Никола Тесла:
Alex Richardson
Alex Richardson:
I love how 33 and 34 year old Rafa and Novak are still beating the 'next gen' at BOF
Hesam Rahmani
Hesam Rahmani:
Now Novak Djokovic is the Big serve in ATP. and it's because Goran Ivanisevic.
Матеја Мирчевски
Матеја Мирчевски:
The greatest player of all time.
what a way to finish... KING !!!!
Great match! Fantastic mental strength by Djokovic.
Piotr Wolski
Piotr Wolski:
It's very interesting right now because every time Novak got into the semifinals of the australian open he always won the final. With all respect to Karatsev I think Novak will make the final and win his 9th australian open .🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆, Go for it Novak!!!
Benji 13
Benji 13:
Nole 🤙🔥
Bojana Vesić
Bojana Vesić:
Finished it with an ace, like a boss
J. J. Thompson
J. J. Thompson:
To win a match is never a certainty, but some players almost make it feel like it is...Novak is one of them
Chriss Banks
Chriss Banks:
Das war das taktisch beste Spiel der beiden gegeneinander. Sascha hat leider im 3. Satz bei 4:1 und im 4. Satz bei 3.0 etwas Nervenflattern gehabt. Das war der Unterschied zwischen Novak und Sascha. Absolutes Toptennis. Ich hatte es beiden gegönnt. Novak ist nicht umsonst die Nummer eins. Respekt. Bravo Nole.
Samet S
Samet S:
Well done Champ!
Maarten Nauw
Maarten Nauw:
Why does Zverev almost always seem to play so passive? When he doès play aggressive, he's so much more effective!
Joshua Singyard
Joshua Singyard:
Well done, but not an easy match for Djokovic to win.
Helena Trela
Helena Trela:
Novak always shows us the best tennis. Love it🎾❤❤
Fabien H
Fabien H:
That's a lot applause for an empty stage!
How zverev lose the 3 set ??🤦‍♂️
Dizlowski Wututu
Dizlowski Wututu:
When Djokovic smash racket he allways win match :D
Бауыржан Саматов
Бауыржан Саматов:
Уважуха Новаку Джоковичу! Огромное спасибо за безупречную игру в теннис и то что не сливаешь игру конторе.
- S̷Y̷N̷H̷E̷T̷ -
- S̷Y̷N̷H̷E̷T̷ -:
Alexander "Choke" Zverev.
Salaman Libya
Salaman Libya:
Commentators.... SHAME ON YOU!

All ways doubting Novak ! Shame on you ! Unfair and bias !
Jimnosnow 4
Jimnosnow 4:
AO killing it with the crowd noise 🔥
Goran has improved his serve & ace count for sure !
Oliver McCall
Oliver McCall:
Zverev is a choke artist and Djokovic is an escape artist
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle:
The racquet smash left so many bits all over the court and the ballgirl couldn’t clean it all up lmao
Babic Sport
Babic Sport:
Do I have something against Nick Kyrgios? Yes, the most aggressive insect spray!
vladimir babic
vladimir babic:
djole ponovo jase :D
Sir Blue
Sir Blue:
The Joker’s Solid
Emre Arslan
Emre Arslan:
ray edmonds
ray edmonds:
Ooooozing quality! Well played to both...... but Nole is just too much!
At the end i think Zverev is angry because of Novak genious play
Aleksandar Dzambas
Aleksandar Dzambas:
Federer win 4-1 and has 40-0 and he lose set against the Djokovic...
Nole22slamsgoat Khan
Nole22slamsgoat Khan:
I would love to see Novák Nadal final and Novák will get his revenge back of french open
astrid kalkschmied
astrid kalkschmied:
incredible tennis!!
Виолета Здравковић
Виолета Здравковић:
Koliki je on sportski dzentlmen i pre svega ljudina, Sasa mu je prijatelj, i nije se na kraju radovao kao sto bi inace, bas zbog tog pijeteta. Pa, kako da ga onda ne volis. Car!
Carlos Raventós Prieto
Carlos Raventós Prieto:
Thank you for such a good highlights!!
Tony Soprano
Tony Soprano:
Greatest of all Time
Yeşil Elma
Yeşil Elma:
In very difficult condition .. how he converted the loss to the win .. suddenly I found him leading in both 2nd and 3rd sets while he was behind with 1 break

True champion ..

Roger Federer fan
Shailesh S
Shailesh S:
@3:36 appears to be the turning point of the match 😜, sailed pretty well after that!
Solidno odigro Aca Zverev danas
quentin hirschfeld
quentin hirschfeld:
Zverev played 11 Top 10 players in best of 5 sets matchs... 11 defeats!
Pride Manuel
Pride Manuel:
3:38 》 Djokovic destroying his racket was the highlight for me
Kralju nas, hvala ti lepo, ulepsao si mi dan.. Tako se bori covek!!
liliana juric
liliana juric:
Bravo Nole , samo napred 🏆🙏💓
Dr Marko Barjaktarovic
Dr Marko Barjaktarovic:
Noooleee ☺️☺️
Mark Lundie
Mark Lundie:
Awesome Djokovic!
A well deserved win for the better player in any aspect. It's disappointing to know that players like Zverev might win a Grand Slam at some point, just because the Big 3 retired. For during their active time, Next Gen never managed to overcome them on the big stage.
Mirko M
Mirko M:
If you don't know what the winning spirit is, just watch Novak.
djomla 82
djomla 82:
Novakkk 💓💓💓💓💓💓
Jaci su k**ac breeeee!!!!
the real final was with zverev.
Free Nature
Free Nature:
Federer is past! Battle begain Rafa vs Novak who can be great for all time. All young player can be collateral damage.
The Banana Shot
The Banana Shot:
People wonder why Djokovic breaks rackets. Well, I guess now you know why. He turned on his "beast mode" just after releasing the tension.
Bhagavan Arunancala
Bhagavan Arunancala:
Nole best ever. GOAT.
Tuccu One
Tuccu One:
Grandissimo Nole!
Milo Pacino
Milo Pacino:
Djokovic je Legenda
Quite disappointed they omitted most of Novak's breaks
Maya Antilo
Maya Antilo:
The semi final will be easy to win in 3 sets
holy smokes...that handshake!
F for the broken racket
goran Lalič
goran Lalič:
NOLE USUALY STARTS HIS PLAY-AFTER HE "smashes his rocket"!!! ☝👏👑🏅🏅🎾🎾IDEŠŠŠ do KRAJAAA🏅x9 AO
Fatal Error
Fatal Error:
Milos Tomic
Milos Tomic:
6:56 Top highlight.
Djoker, is so strong come on.
Absolutely crazy what he is serving us the last 10 years. Coming from 1 GS compared to FEDALS over 10 GS and see him now, breaking the “all time record” in ATP list (absolutely unbelievably)
having all the ATP 1000 tournaments wins (very cool and first in this statistic) having 17 GS and now (if everything works planned) 9 times final in Melbourne to win the ninth time AO (it will be very hard, but let’s see). He is so inspiring what he is showing us.
Nadal also inspiring for me, he looks very focused but to be honest, but under normal circumstances joker will win over nadal on this court like nadal win on clay. Let’s see.
Emre Arslan
Emre Arslan:
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime:
Father of the Game!

Slowly and gently starting with higher RPM'S.. Beast ON working temperature 🐐
Zverrev serve is one of the most underrated serves in tennis
Dona Markovic
Dona Markovic:
Tom Graham
Tom Graham:
Zverev played the best I've seen him play. Djokovic's movement at nearly 34 is incredible.
Aleksandar Potocnjak
Aleksandar Potocnjak:
Opet-💻ćemo u finalu gledati.👀👀Dvojicu-naj-boljih😃😋Tenisera ikada.Boljih od ove dvojice,sa Federrrom.Prosto,ovakve igrače gledamo sad.I više-nikad.-Noleeee ajmo-9tu 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆/Pomoui Bože.9🏆
Nole nema boljeg od tebe svaka ti cast💪
Zverev schade aber dir gehört die Zukunft 👍