Novak Djokovic v Aslan Karatsev | Australian Open 2021 - Highlights | Tennis | Eurosport

Watch the highlights of Novak Djokovic v Aslan Karatsev at Australian Open 2021.
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Yo what
Yo what:
Karatsev didn't play bad at all, this is the Djokovic that is scary
Karatsev played against joker better than some players in top-30. Good player
Anonym Anonym
Anonym Anonym:
Russia Serbia ❤️
General Shockwave Kingpin
General Shockwave Kingpin:
Djokovic is certainly ready for Tsitsipas or Medvedev.
Ri Nato
Ri Nato:
Thank you for these wonderful highlights, Eurosport. Djokovic is the one that has kept up my passion for tennis over the last decade. Without him, as a player and above all as a person, I would have stopped watching tennis. I say this without intention to take anything away from and with the biggest respect for the two 20-slam-champions.
Titan is ready to eat them all, go for it Nole ! Most dominant player in tennis history !
It is unbelievable how fast Djokovic is. Even if his opponents hit really excellent shots, he is almost always in a good position and the ball exchange just continues until he wins the point. It looks like he is as fast as ever at 33. Unbelievable.
Alex K.
Alex K.:
Djokovic is the true Monarch of Australia.
Milos Tomic
Milos Tomic:
Novak's serve is truly a frightening weapon, especially in these fast conditions.
He served 17 aces in just 3 sets.Karatsev served 6.
Guaranteed now to break Federer's most weeks as No1 regardless of any results until March 8th. Djokovic is certainly the GOAT. Its not just about slam number, even though he is going to get more than 20 easily, it is all the achievements that go with all that. Be it no1 weeks, his H2H against top players, holding all 4 slams at the same time, his continuous dominance since his breakout, his Masters records.... the list goes on and on. And remember... he did all that while facing most of the time not just his opponent on the other side of the net but the crowd as well. A mental giant, the goat. You know it. Some of you wont admit it though. And that is ok.
Сергей Петров
Сергей Петров:
Аслан всё равно молодец!!! Ну, а Новак..великолепный!!!
rudy salas
rudy salas:
Going for the 18 grand slam title 👏👏👏👏
Emanuele Brenna
Emanuele Brenna:
His mental strength is shown when he screams after winning the second sets. It's like he's saying "I don't care if you're not a top 10, you're dangerous anyway"
Novak definitely hurt himself against Fritz. But after the panic he found out it’s not as bad as he thought. It was most likely a strain and not a tear. And I’m glad it wasn’t a serious injury tbh. Disgusting that people were hoping it was a bad injury. Hope for a great final!
Russia ❤️Serbia
Alexander Arsov
Alexander Arsov:
Karatsev looks like a cool guy. May we entertain a modest hope of seeing him more in the future?
General Shockwave Kingpin
General Shockwave Kingpin:
Karatsev did not play badly against Djokovic. It is just that Djokovic played supreme, here (he is peaking at the right time.).
Shailesh S
Shailesh S:
@5:49: That celebration from Nole says everything about how BIG this point was! He has never lost a match after being 2-0 up in semifinals or finals of any Grand Slams.
Karasev has had a phenomenal tournament but the tempo went up dramatically in this match, now he's experienced the real level at the upper echelon of the game!
u op
u op:
The greatest, the biggest NOVAK DJOKOVIC !!!
Benji 13
Benji 13:
Nole Champion 😱🔥
Maksim Kempe
Maksim Kempe:
It's a pleasure to see how Djokovic's game matured through the years. Karatsev definitely played his best in this match, my respect to both of them.
Pawel Switalski
Pawel Switalski:
Karatsev’s play is astonishing and it’s unbelievable how Djokovic handled those explosives forehands
Katerina Patiniotis
Katerina Patiniotis:
Τhe commentators so butthurt when Djokovic hits winners. .......! Instead of enjoying and appreciating tennis, they get pissed off because he wins. They're so petty and lame.
Nikola Sekulic
Nikola Sekulic:
Ideee devetaa🎾❤
Никола Тесла
Никола Тесла:
Rutger de Jong
Rutger de Jong:
What’s up with all the hate? These three players actually respect eachother and all you guys are doing in the comments is saying who’s the goat (who cares?), who’s arrogant etc. I have my favourites, but I just enjoy incredible tennis (like this match) or the Nadal match or a Federer match.
Berke Yıldırım
Berke Yıldırım:
Nole real goatt
Maryam Zakieva
Maryam Zakieva:
Молодец Аслан! Достойно сыграл!
🇷🇸NO1E GOAT 🇷🇸
Ali Çardaklı
Ali Çardaklı:
Nole real goat
Paul Davey
Paul Davey:
I saw djoko live summer 2019 and I was shocked by how good he is/was. What impressed me the most was his 2nd serve and defensive skills. It was an exhibition vs garin. He was a double break up in 8 minutes and garin was playing well! They quietly asked him to back off!
Ali Çardaklı
Ali Çardaklı:
Nole is the goat
Disgusting commentators!!
Filip Bozinovski
Filip Bozinovski:
The GOAT 🐐🐐
Marko Pavlovic
Marko Pavlovic:
One of the greatest? Mate, he is THE ONE!!!
dumb white trash
dumb white trash:
1:18 every tennis player knows how goddamn hard it is to pull such a shot off
Congrats Nole...good luck in final 👍
Anonym Anonym
Anonym Anonym:
Brka Bree
Brka Bree:
Love will win, and you share it! No matter what the Media says. In the end, itˋs just a fact. Congratulation Novače.
Theia Diki
Theia Diki:
Idemo nole!!
Petar Petros
Petar Petros:
9 and 18 loading...💪
Congrats to Novak, what a match! He played unbelievably well until 5:1 in the second set, just a single(!!!) unforced error until that point. Aslan showed great potential against one of the best players in the history of the sport. If he can improve the percentage on his 1st serve and get more consistency on his backhand (definitely a weakness today), he will make it into the Top-20 fairly soon.
David Ciolacu
David Ciolacu:
Reporter: Ok Novak, 9 AO, 18 Slams...
Nole: Not too bad 😁
Novak win AO!
Boris Kostic
Boris Kostic:
By far his greatest performance was in the first round against Chardy, this is right after. I hope he wins the final
Nina Grozdanovic
Nina Grozdanovic:
Im soooo happy Nole keeps his tradition for the audience at the end of the match, regardless of what the biggest tennis clown ever, Kyrgios, does!!!! So proud of Nole!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Leo Murray
Leo Murray:
Ye shld show When karatsev is about to walk down the tunnel and the commentator says thanks for the memories aslan karatsev
One of the great lines of the tournament
Great champion !!
Valery M
Valery M:
It's a rare occasion when a winner and a loser are very happy.
good job Nole, good job
Mark 2
Mark 2:
Djokovic ingiocabile.
Luca Martin
Luca Martin:
Djokovic seems too good for everyone. Just incredible passing shot at 3'05". Now the final act against Medvedev or Tsitsipas!
Goran Brailovic
Goran Brailovic:
Good luck in the final champ . We are proud of you
[GG] Dude
[GG] Dude:
What is this chin protection all the visitors are wearing? Some even pull them up over their nose, whats that trend??
Ome Games
Ome Games:
4:57 he really does ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Аслан очень круто сыграл! Первые две партии мог зацепится. Прям очень круто. Ждём в топ 20 по итогам года. Как минимум
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime:
With 60% geat training before finals 🐐🐐🐐
Bumbili Gojko
Bumbili Gojko:
G. O. A. T.
Igo drowsy
Igo drowsy:
Imagine Nole wins 9ao, total 20gs and drops bellow 100 at ATP...
Will AO organizers give him Wild Card like they done with Goran?
He’s the djoker ffs : >
Никола Тесла
Никола Тесла:
Aslan "the lion" karatsev
Mirjana B
Mirjana B:
👏🍀❤💪🏆 👑
zurka je pocela jos prije 18.god. bog te blagoslovijo za svu ovu radost koju nam darivas.
If this form carries over to the final then it should be comfortable win for Djokovic.
Peter John
Peter John:
That backhand drive-volley from Karatsev was out of this world.
Rosi R.
Rosi R.:
😀😄😂 Hallo svima.Bas Sam se od srca nasmijala.Ali moram oriznati i can Koji Ste sumnjali U njega.Pa to je Ono ko se zadnji smeje najskadze se smeje a slag na sve to je Bozija kazna onima Koji su GA pljuvali.🥳🥳😀😄E Pa sada neka lizu.....A ja Bas uzivam da ponosom na osvojene bodove.Sta reci...BRAVO.🙋🙋🙋🙋Tebi i tvojoj familiji da sa ponosom odahnete od pritisak da svih strana Ali ne pomaze im to.Cuva Bog Noleta svog.Idemo dalje......
Axel Hörstedt
Axel Hörstedt:
Karatsev, what a player!
Nole sempre infortunato mah... diciamo che è molto abile nel togliersi le pressioni nei momentacci, oltre ad essere un campione nel campo
You know it's not going to be more than three sets when you look at the timeline of the highlights video and realize there is only one minute left and Djoko leads by 2 sets to 0.
Tim Sandås
Tim Sandås:
I bow you Mr Karatsev for a most fascinating journey in the Aussi open this year! As well I bow the Djokovic machinery
Stas Net
Stas Net:
Karatsev 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Aggelos Aggelos
Aggelos Aggelos:
Djokovic deserved this win but man I just gotta say how impressive and surprising it has been to see Karatsev, ranked 114 (highest rank 111 in ATP), get into semi in a grand slam and win against 3 top 20 players in the process. Looking forward to seeing how he does the rest of this season (if there will even be one lol)
Great Djokovic. Looking forward a final with madmed, hopefully. At least to have a final ;)
Idemo Noleeeee!
Emre Arslan
Emre Arslan:
The Med-Nole final is going to be brutal
Fig Watkins
Fig Watkins:
Djokovic is king of Melbourne.
Ioannis Athanasiou
Ioannis Athanasiou:
Blinding lights intro for each and every game?! Cm on..
Stefan Zivkovic
Stefan Zivkovic:
Karatsev mora jos pasulja da jede :) Ajmoooo Noleeeeee
Controversial Music
Controversial Music:
It’s a waste of time Djokovic will win it all
M Boromisa
M Boromisa:
Too good!
ray edmonds
ray edmonds:
Novak has the potential to be the ' best ever ' due to his resilience & absolute determination to win!
Anastasia Babakhina
Anastasia Babakhina:
Awesome outfit, Djokovic 👍🏽
Jovan Lazovic
Jovan Lazovic:
Pa kako igra covek!!! Bravo majstore!
x4 time Laureus Award Winner - Congratulations!
Fatal Error
Fatal Error:
That long lasting rally was gold
T-Buff Series
T-Buff Series:
Veljko Cosic
Veljko Cosic:
Nole GOAT!!! 💪
Marko Micic
Marko Micic:
This Karatsev would win against Medvedev I guess
Выйти в полуфинал ТБШ ! И биться с самим Джоком!☝️Это уже очень большой успех...! Аслану побольше удачи,и поменьше неудач....!
Майор Окорочков
Майор Окорочков:
Аслан молодец! Давно наблюдаю за ним! Так и знал, что дойдет так далеко!
Till Stolze
Till Stolze:
@5:49 Novak is literally Voldemort
Vladimir Zdravkovic
Vladimir Zdravkovic:
Best tennis player ever....Novak Djokovic!!!
Marko KJS
Marko KJS:
Djoković is the Tennis 🎾 GOAT.

hector fernandez
hector fernandez:
Easy way to the final by NOLE

I didnt see the video yet
Who were the commentators?? The older one sounds just like my Grandad who passed recently was very lovely to hear