Novak Djokovic v Milos Raonic | Australian Open 2021 - Highlights | Tennis | Eurosport

Watch the highlights of Novak Djokovic v Milos Raonic at Australian Open 2021

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Mirnes Nuhanovic
Mirnes Nuhanovic:
Novak is genius. People will realize after he stops playing that Novak is tennis player out of this world. He is supernatural.
Milos Tomic
Milos Tomic:
4:55 Vintage.
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle:
I hope novak and anybody else is healthy for the next matches.
Stefan P
Stefan P:
Novak's return in this match was staggeringly good.
Milos Tomic
Milos Tomic:
I can still see he's having some problems with movement.
Valery M
Valery M:
They played 12 matches and Djokovic won all of them!
Milos Tomic
Milos Tomic:
6:02 Federer having flashbacks.
Milos Tomic
Milos Tomic:
7:10 One of the most ridiculous points I've seen lately.
Overall this was great match!
Frank G.
Frank G.:
well done, Djoko. I hope his injury goes away , I want to see the best players competing!
Novak congrats on #300 GS wins, GOAT!
General Shockwave Kingpin
General Shockwave Kingpin:
Perhaps Djokovic has severely pulled or strained the muscle. In any case, it is an uncomfortable experience. Bravo to him for dealing with it and taking on a dangerous player like Raonic.
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman:
That is really impresive given that he have brutaly tore a muscle. It is also really impresive that he is able to ignore the critics of Adria tour, being disqulified at US Open, anti-vaccine and his quarantine-whining last weeks. Good job Djokovic that you are able to ignore these irrational haters and are able to focus on your tennis.
Johann Jaffar 黄俐恳
Johann Jaffar 黄俐恳:
from watching this video, Djokovic looks supreme. Able to get the win when he isn't playing his best.
Consistency pays dividends in tennis. Looking forward to more good matches!

- Fed fan
mtgne 53
mtgne 53:
The final match: Djojovič - Medveděv will be a impressive fight!
el diablo
el diablo:
The level of Djokovic in this match was HUUUUUGE !!
Michael Juitsch
Michael Juitsch:
Seems that Novak is pissed of at everybody! That makes him so dangerous
Balls of Steel
Balls of Steel:
Djokovic serve game is getting ridiculously good. I cannot believe how he managed to improve anymore.
Mrs T.Sh.Z.
Mrs T.Sh.Z.:
Taylor Fritz: “Check his blood pressure”
Milos Ninkovic
Milos Ninkovic:
Oh damn, goat does goat things again.
Berke Yıldırım
Berke Yıldırım:
Novak 🔥
Marko KJS
Marko KJS:
Bravo Novak Djoković Golden Slam incoming 🇷🇸☦️
Erhan Öz
Erhan Öz:
Rafael Mertin
Rafael Mertin:
Raonic was pathetic, which these highlights will never have you know.
Contra effect lijevo
Contra effect lijevo:
Thumbnail ruins my highlight ,already know who s won the match 😕
Romain Mj
Romain Mj:
Thanks you eurosport for thoses wonderful highlights !
Erhan Öz
Erhan Öz:
I d be a shame to see him go out injured. Its his title to win or lose when he s fit.
I dont see him going 5 with medvedev or nadal right now. He either makes a great recovery, or he ll run out of steam
beard i
beard i:
If novak is really annoyed by his injury if he reach the final, I hope for him he won't face medvedev, otherwise he will be crushed if Med plays well
Ljiljana Opacic
Ljiljana Opacic:
Bravo Novace. Ti si kralj! ❤
Mirche M
Mirche M:
Sve Noletove povrede I uvrede ,nepostovanja izlecicemo mi nasom bezgranicnom ljubavlju I podrskom.Ziv zdrav I veseo bio nas NOLE PONOSU nas
Milunka Tadic
Milunka Tadic:
Bravo, bravo, bravo....tako to radi NAS NOLE, nek te zdravlje posluzi pa svi zlobnici da odu u misiju rupu.
Slavica Panzalovic
Slavica Panzalovic:
Bravo Nole
IDEMO dalje do🏆🎾❤❤❤
maxx friedrich
maxx friedrich:
Bartholomew Lyons
Bartholomew Lyons:
7:41 “go, mon!” in a Jamaican accent by Djoko
Berke Yıldırım
Berke Yıldırım:
joshua tree
joshua tree:
The best novak
Roger Zuehlke
Roger Zuehlke:
The Canadien was obviously not as fit as an injured Djokovic ! Maybe some pounds of overweight?
Erhan Öz
Erhan Öz:
I'm a Nole fan but he didn't look like he's in good shape last night at all :(
Lanka Rocks
Lanka Rocks:
What sort of a highlight is this? Where are the breakpoints and mini breaks?
Rastko Manasic
Rastko Manasic:
0:17 Bravo Milose
Bilinmeyen Kullanıcı
Bilinmeyen Kullanıcı:
Jason Broady
Jason Broady:
In a weird way I think Novak reached such a high level that he demands better battles from his opponents and does not put 100% to test his limits. Him saying he has injury gives opponents more confidence to play better which I think is what he wants. In the raonic match he nullified raonic serves in a few games like it was nothing like he could do it anytime he wanted. But he did it at the perfect times to give raonic hope just so he could crush it right in front of him. Same applied to the Fritz match.
Ali Çardaklı
Ali Çardaklı:
Great match
Mika Hu
Mika Hu:
Tennis community is soo toxic🤨
Yeşil Elma
Yeşil Elma:
Djokovic is still suffering but he is in the right way ..
He has many barriers .. Zverev , Dimitrov and maybe Nadal in the final
christopher smith
christopher smith:
some say good old novak-others tell the truth
Lefty animator & Bonnie The Boni
Lefty animator & Bonnie The Boni:
Goat nole
Daniel D.
Daniel D.:
The video thumbnails always showing the victor spoil the excitement.
Hames Johanes
Hames Johanes:
That's the GOAT right there!
Başakşehir Ölümüne
Başakşehir Ölümüne:
Novak great match
Miguel Pessanha
Miguel Pessanha:
1:25 With a horrible volley, that's how ...
Yusuf Yıldırım
Yusuf Yıldırım:
Patrick Lyons
Patrick Lyons:
Raonic really needs to work on fitness, speed, foot work, mobility and wherewithal.
Lefty animator & Bonnie The Boni
Lefty animator & Bonnie The Boni:
Kral novak
Good 👍
Mirjana B
Mirjana B:
NOLE 👍❤🍀🌻👌🏆👑
Aleksandar Dzambas
Aleksandar Dzambas:
Ohh Milos 👦
Berke Yıldırım
Berke Yıldırım:
Mirche M
Mirche M:
Nas voljeni Nole je mentalna I sportska gromada.I pored povrede I raznih uvreda I nepostovanja njegovih sportskih dostignuca, koji su na svetskom nivou, on I dalje pobedjuje, ne dozvoljava da ga slome. Novak je toplo I humano ljudsko bice posle meceva dalje srce gledaocima I sa njim a deli svoju radost zbog pobede.I to smeta raznim nevaspitanim "Kirijosima" a I mnogima koji ne cene njegovo sportske uspehe. Da li je to sportskih duh? Sve to je jadno.Nas Nole je CAR I neka to vec jednom prihvate
Emre Arslan
Emre Arslan:
Başakşehir Ölümüne
Başakşehir Ölümüne:
Novak on fire
Lefty animator & Bonnie The Boni
Lefty animator & Bonnie The Boni:
Novak 🐐
Djokovic playing possum like Del Potro...nice
Emre Arslan
Emre Arslan:
Erhan Öz
Erhan Öz:
Deschutes Maple
Deschutes Maple:
Djokovic plays best when his back is to the wall.
David petit Eto'o page officielle
David petit Eto'o page officielle:
No way this man has a muscle abdominal chance in hell!! I call BS and don’t even @ me, if u know what a muscle tear is u know..let alone an abdominal one
Erhan Öz
Erhan Öz:
Berke Yıldırım
Berke Yıldırım:
Berke Yıldırım
Berke Yıldırım:
Raonic is such a joke, he will need Djokovic to be on one leg to beat him, and even then it's 50/50 lol. Players who solely rely on their serve are so annoying and hopeless, it's like they don't even try to improve any other aspects of their game
Erhan Öz
Erhan Öz:
Yusuf Yıldırım
Yusuf Yıldırım:
You got to feel bad for Miloš. Everything was in his favor this match. From the fast court, to the age difference, to Novaks injury and he still wasn't able to make at least a 5 setter out of it. I think he understands now that he will never beat Novak, except maybe when Novak is in his 40s if he'll keep playing that long. 12:0!
Berke Yıldırım
Berke Yıldırım:
Eray Berberoğlu
Eray Berberoğlu:
dont put spoiler on video thumbnail
djokovic's fool
Dusanka Bojic
Dusanka Bojic:
Nase naj draze🧡🏆🇷🇸💪👍😘👌👋👋🙋‍♀️🌹🍀❤👑🎾...
Lefty animator & Bonnie The Boni
Lefty animator & Bonnie The Boni:
Berke Yıldırım
Berke Yıldırım:
Marina Kostic
Marina Kostic:
Başakşehir Ölümüne
Başakşehir Ölümüne:
So good novsk
not enough games for Milos
Bilinmeyen Kullanıcı
Bilinmeyen Kullanıcı:
Emre Arslan
Emre Arslan:
Lefty animator & Bonnie The Boni
Lefty animator & Bonnie The Boni:
Erhan Öz
Erhan Öz:
Looks like Raonic had a bet on 4 sets
Lefty animator & Bonnie The Boni
Lefty animator & Bonnie The Boni:
lucas krämer
lucas krämer:
Bilinmeyen Kullanıcı
Bilinmeyen Kullanıcı:
Bilinmeyen Kullanıcı
Bilinmeyen Kullanıcı:
İs the
Yusuf Yıldırım
Yusuf Yıldırım:
Nole 🐐
Ali Çardaklı
Ali Çardaklı:
So ao good
Critique Pub-lic
Critique Pub-lic: