Novak Djokovic vs Alex Molcan | Belgrade Open 2021 Final Highlights

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100+ komentarze:

Some pretty great and solid rallies in this one. Molčan put up a great fight, just fell short on a couple of key points and didn't take advantage of the breaks, but I'm sure he'll work on it. Great final!
The Dark Lord of NTR
The Dark Lord of NTR:
The level of world-class players such as Novak is amazing. Gets broken? No problem. I’ll just break back whenever.
Krishnasai Chalasani
Krishnasai Chalasani:
Coming from a huge Djokovic fan, Djokovic has to hold his service games more often and finish points more quickly otherwise he's gonna get massacred by Rafa at French Open
Soumen Chatterjee
Soumen Chatterjee:
Great achievement for molcan to reach the final and play against djokovic
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
The upside of playing Belgrade2 includes getting great match practice, confidence boost and mood boost of being at home. 👑💫🏆 Happy Novak left with trophy! Now lets focus on RG 2021! The battle begins tomorrow! 🥳
Sel Os
Sel Os:
7:35 the best part seeing this moment between Nole and his daughter Tara 😍
Why everyone think they know more about tennis than Novak and his team?
Juan Pedro Arevalo
Juan Pedro Arevalo:
This hug at the end of the match reflected the quality of this final in Belgrade. Respect for both players and congratulions for Novak by the title, it will be a push for him when playing Roland Garros.
cenk ayaz
cenk ayaz:
Molcan is 24 years old. Enuff time to get himself into top 100--or even more higher. Very nice & talented lefty
Vardan Vardanyan
Vardan Vardanyan:
Another star is raising ! Good job , Molcan, your achievements will talk louder no matter of your non loud surname !
Sharvaan Sharex
Sharvaan Sharex:
Djokovic broken 3 times in one set and IN Serbia. Wow. Incredible from Molcan, he can be a top player in the future.
Haider N
Haider N:
What's wrong with ppl wondering if Novak will have enough gas in tank for FO 1st round !!??🤔😂😂He's still at his physical peak though he's 34 years old &has a unique body that can recovers very fast just remember how he played more than 5hrs in one day before facing rafa in Rome final ,he played great final and went toe to toe with him and wasn't even tired .
Ondřej Vencovský
Ondřej Vencovský:
Someone has been studying Nadal's game very deeply...
Eghosa's Word on Tennis
Eghosa's Word on Tennis:
Congrats to Molcan. He will definitely do well in the future
This guy is good. Molcan can do big things if he continues with weeks like these.
This was my first encountering Molcan. Oh man, was thoroughly impressed by Molcan. Congrats to Djokovic.
Cheers to both men for putting up a good fight.
Stephen Sun
Stephen Sun:
always glad to see my man Nole win titles, it wasnt easy at all. Hope he can beat Rafa at RG. Why Rafa? well, 1 stone two birds
Good highlights!!
Novak is a tiger - when played against qualifiers!
Alex Tabet
Alex Tabet:
This was a great tournament for Djokovic. He got some valuable competitive matches to prepare himself for the French Open. Novak's game is optimal when he has sufficient playing time leading up to a major. The matches at Belgrade 2 were short but intense, so he got the necessary warm up without straining himself physically.

Now on to the French Open. Djokovic has a challenging draw, but he should be able to reach the semi final. However, the odds of beating Nadal when he is healthy and playing well, which seems to be the case, are not good. Still, I prefer Djokovic's odds against Nadal in the semis than in the finals. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
Molcan sure plays like Rafa Nadal!
Sead Kurbasic
Sead Kurbasic:
Last word "I want title on RG".Let's go.
I looked at the stats for the first set 6-4 I was like okay good fight from the newbie. Then I looked deeper and saw he broke Djokovic 3 times...and got broken 4 times in a single set. I was like wtf
Tim Drozd
Tim Drozd:
Got to admit Alex Molcan played very well
vivek kolambkar
vivek kolambkar:
Molcan played really well. Had his chances.
Molcan: I'mma break your serve. Again.
Novak: Hold my beer...
seetha kowsalya
seetha kowsalya:
Not satisfied. Novak has to improve esp on his serves. Goran, pls take care and mold him quickly for 19th GS at Roland Garros
Yan Okimura
Yan Okimura:
Karatsev: "Its ok,let him win this one"
Armando Vazques
Armando Vazques:
Molcan did a great Match!
t 3
t 3:
Molcan played without nerves or fear. Impressive stuff!
Maryàm /NoleDjokfan
Maryàm /NoleDjokfan:
Congratulations nole for the tournament
Sunil Tambe
Sunil Tambe:
Novak seems still little off that best level physically as well as mentally, where he can beat Nadal.....Need to raise few notches to get his hands on that elusive RG trophy for the 2nd time.
J J:
Well done Molchan .... "Djokovic as usual 👍🏼
Swapnil Kashyap
Swapnil Kashyap:
Hoping to see more of molcan in finals over the next 10 years.
Richard Philip
Richard Philip:
Congrats to Novak & team for the trophy and all the best for RG21. The practice sessions of tennis players is usually sparring with other players, adaptation to the surface, evaluation, improvement and rest. This is apart from their daily fitness routines. In this context, playing a tournament against a variety of opponents could be positive and negative in certain ways. Positives are that a mental boost for winning the first ATP tournament after AO21 and a variety of sparring sessions(matches). Negatives are the tournament would certainly expose his current form, strengths and weaknesses on the court. The fact is that most of the players are physically fit to endure continuous tournaments, but that could lead to mental burnout at times. But for a player with Novak's experience and mental fortitude, experts would say that it would not make much of a difference. So we can hope for a great tournament with the Big 3 back together after a long time!
Novak could benefit from short slices that draw opponents to the net. End points faster, more variety, less reliance on the drop shot
Pavol Petrasko
Pavol Petrasko:
Alex played a fantastic tennis this week . Cant wait to see him on next tournament.Huge Thanks from SLOVAKIAN FUNS.Wish him more that succesfull weeks on main tour
GeorgeB B
GeorgeB B:
We will see if Djokovic will have enough energy for Paris I don’t think it was the smartest move playing this tournament.
Mazi Thoughts
Mazi Thoughts:
Love Novak’s clean fade ✂️
Fario Mentos
Fario Mentos:
Quelle intensité de la part des 2 joueurs !!!
Devin Otero
Devin Otero:
People are acting like a few days isnt enough for one of the best players of all time to get adequate rest
chris de silva
chris de silva:
Talk about wonky serve holding from both players but Novak held when it counted the most and that's what experience buys you in a tight set.
Stanley KL Lee
Stanley KL Lee:
Wonderful performance from Molcan
Commentator sucks. DOESNT seem to know much about tennis at all and is so monotonous. Takes the hype and fun out of the match honestly.
Pretty concerning that Djokovic had his serve broken so many times during this event.
Eghosa's Word on Tennis
Eghosa's Word on Tennis:
Molcan's game is very clay court based, so it will be interesting to see how he does on other surfaces
Jules Floquet-Chenut
Jules Floquet-Chenut:
the back camera angle is amazing !
When you watch the games of people like Serena or Novak, many of the points end up winning because the rivals send the ball practically to the place where they are and they do not waste that advantage
Saqib Rauf
Saqib Rauf:
Novak has to improve his serve if he wish to reach final of RG
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle:
Gratulation djokovic for you title in belgrade !!!!
betungura william
betungura william:
Props to the Sebian spectators for showing respect to both athletes. Something Brits(Wimbledon) and Australians(Melbourne) have to learn.
Bo Gu
Bo Gu:
16 clay court title from Djokovic.
Project Joules Channel
Project Joules Channel:
Congrats Novak🥰
Carlos Alcocer Rodrigo
Carlos Alcocer Rodrigo:
Djokovic did it again
Benjamin Guo
Benjamin Guo:
1:32 the best camera angle
Janowicz 2013
Janowicz 2013:
Amazing performance from Molcan. This guy can have big future
Prakash Baskar
Prakash Baskar:
Looks he played just 50 %
Zale Trifunovic
Zale Trifunovic:
Bravo Nole legend. May God bless you always protect you and walk with you to greater successes, God loves you Nole because you are a good person and because you are spiritual. Bon chance in French open R.G. 🙏💖🎾
ammar hassan
ammar hassan:
I love it when Top Players are playing in there Country
Mike Atkins
Mike Atkins:
I'll be honest that was nowhere near the best version of djoker and he got a little lucky in this final with some critical mistakes from his opponent. Molcan had the game to beat him and he floundered a bit. A lot more competitive than I was expecting.
Who sponsors the camera angle? Neill Armstrong Airlines?
Andrew Mark
Andrew Mark:
Novak needs to serve much better if he wants to win the French Open. 50-65% first serves in just won't cut it for him.
hmeera hmeera
hmeera hmeera:
Let's see what happens in Roland Garros!
Ridwan Ali
Ridwan Ali:
Great match
The Tech Guy
The Tech Guy:
Djokovic is just a GIANT😎🏆🤠
Carlos Rosa
Carlos Rosa:
Parabéns !!!
Atay Taygaraev
Atay Taygaraev:
That was good matchup with left handed before facing Nadal
Data Bokuchava
Data Bokuchava:
The legend!!!
Connor DuV
Connor DuV:
The only match where I would bet on a break of serve happeninh
John Domantay
John Domantay:
The commentator’s voice is annoying. His enthusiasm feels so forced.
Amit Ahuja
Amit Ahuja:
This event looked more like a challenger rather than ATP 250
Lazar Boskovic
Lazar Boskovic:
That's it, Nole But if you make it to the semi-finals against Nadal you'll pass like you did in the Rome final when you had a lot of chances and gambled away
chiu chppan
chiu chppan:
Novak could lose before reaching the semi in French open when u see him playing not easy against a qualifier here. Losing 3 serving game in first set and have to rally for many return to win a point.
Nadal, Stefan, zevea are the favor
Jerko Mandic
Jerko Mandic:
molcan put up a great fight - greetings from serbia
Bravo Nole💪
Vismay Gupta
Vismay Gupta:
I know it's his home tournament but is it not risky to play this close to his 1st match in Roland Garros. Any injury and he's out from RG. No time to recover.
Tasanee Wantanakul
Tasanee Wantanakul:
Congratulations in belgrade djokovic
And have a goodluck in french open 🎾👏👏
Andrew Wu
Andrew Wu:
How a Q just roll up and break Djokovic several times
varun reddy Mothe
varun reddy Mothe:
Alex molcan plays tennis like a lefty in stick tennis game
David Lungu
David Lungu:
He is fast contending to be the best tennis player of all times
José Antonio
José Antonio:
Woah Molcan seems to be pretty good and solid!
Voja B
Voja B:
7:57 e pa ispunio si i ispoštovao dogovor Nole
Inače sva čast MAJSTORE na 19 GREND SLEM Tituli
idemo na Wimbledonu 20.
It is really amazing that players ten years younger simply cannot match Djokovic's stamina. It is like playing against a wall until you make a mistake.
Andrés Adrián Racca
Andrés Adrián Racca:
Me parece perfecto que los chicos alcanza pelotas no toquen la toalla sudada de los jugadores. Espero que ésto se mantenga de ahora en adelante.. me parece más lindo este deporte así
Mohammed Fahad Ahmed Munna
Mohammed Fahad Ahmed Munna:
Is he 2nd best in clay after Rafa and best in grass and hard?
Diogo Espírito Santo
Diogo Espírito Santo:
Was that a total of 7 breaks in the first set? crazy
Master Plumbob
Master Plumbob:
I don't want to take anything away from Djokovic, but like 7 of his shots look way out, & they weren't called or even questioned. Lol, nonetheless I really hope that Molcan can continue to improve & go deep in The French, for he's a super fun player to watch. ✌🙃
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson:
Alex played well score doesnt reflect how good he was! well done
Om Enterprises
Om Enterprises:
When cameraman gets his 1st tennis match of the career
Richard's World
Richard's World:
Nice entry by Molcan.
Geschmack J
Geschmack J:
Congrats to Monacoian, Novak Djokovic for winning in his country of birth.
Josh Ninja
Josh Ninja:
Congratulations 🎉 Djokovic of Winning the 2021 Belgrade Singles Champion for the 3rd Time....Not Good enough, Especially against RAFA on Red Clay 3 out of 5 Set at Roland Garros. That’s Rafael Nadal House in Paris 🇫🇷 and The Record: 14th Time in 2021 French Open Singles Champion....RAFA all the way as usual and VAMOS 🇪🇸❤️💪🏆🙌🎾👉👍👍
Ordinary Guy
Ordinary Guy:
Good for Novak to win in his home country.
With this level of tennis djoko has no chance against rafa at rg
Stas Pavlov
Stas Pavlov:
Alex Molcan👏👏👏
Remember this guy!👍
Brandon Y
Brandon Y:
Novak was nervous. You can tell when they do that whistle exhale like at 4:29 on each shot.
Prakash Baskar
Prakash Baskar:
Common Novak go for RG
Sayres Rudy
Sayres Rudy:
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Wonderful battle.
Novak will be the last to retire out of the Big 3. You heard it here first!! 😉