Novak Djokovic vs Hubert Hurkacz Wimbledon 2019 Third Round Highlights

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100+ komentarze:

The future is Unity
The future is Unity:
Gotta admit, for someone 1.96m tall, those are some really nice movement and athleticism.
Robert Star
Robert Star:
Whenever a younger player manages to take a set off one of the Big 3 of Djoko, Fed, Nadal, they usually don't recover after that - goes to show even when the Big 3 are not playing at their best, they are still the best!
piter piter
piter piter:
This polish guy's jumps are amazing.

Alex Poustovit
Alex Poustovit:
Nobody appriciating the fact they just added handshakes in the end
Basileos Basileus
Basileos Basileus:
Second set is the best I have seen in this tournament. It was ethereal and fabulous. Sadly Hurkacz couldn't maintain that level and the match petered out into an one sided affair.
Alexander Pruger
Alexander Pruger:
Hurkacz should be proud of his performance, really pushed Djokovic in the first two sets.
Pomimo porażki, brawa za ten dobry mecz dla Hurkacza.
Respect. 🇵🇱
Victor Leung
Victor Leung:
Hurkacz is legit, very solid skills. Been following him for a while and he still has great potential being so young. 👍👍
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson:
This match is very similar to the Medvedev - Djokovic match in AO 2019. Both youngsters won the second set in a tiebreaker, but then couldn’t maintain their level and lost 3rd and 4th sets quickly.
Hurkacz must the unluckiest young player out there. Zverev, Tstsipas and Shalovalov go out in the first round against unseeded players and he gets the world no. 1. A really nice match, too.
Hong Lor Chhong
Hong Lor Chhong:
Novak, I watch him playing tennis 🎾 almost 15 years, he still looks the same. Well done man. 🙄😀😎
Toni Georg
Toni Georg:
It will be emotional Wimbledon , the big 3 look so focused. It's always tough when some of them lose
Victor Lupas
Victor Lupas:
i really like that those very tall young players can move around the court and don’t serve like Isner or Raonic!!
Elisha Battiri
Elisha Battiri:
Hurkacz has the essence of Andy Murray.. would enjoy watching him in coming matches
Kuba Chyla
Kuba Chyla:
Really proud of Hurkacz; in those first two sets (especially in the second) he went toe-to-toe with Djokovic and won some incredible, intense rallies against him (maybe even the rally of the tournament). He's only 22 and if he continues like this while improving his return of serve and consistency we've got a future top, top player on our hands 🇵🇱
8D Piano
8D Piano:
Hubert Hurkacz is awesome on grass and his jumps are the best so far this tournament and also vs Fritz!
Nor Koc
Nor Koc:
No... chociaż jednego seta wygraliśmy🎾💪🏼
1:00 and 1:15 WOW
unbelievable. Hurkacz has talent!
We stan gay idols
We stan gay idols:
So proud of Hurkacz! He won one set against world no.1! He is getting better and better :D
hurkacz has great mobility but looks like his groundstrokes lacks the depth. They didnt trouble djokovic much
Rafał Bogdański
Rafał Bogdański:
Brawo Hubert dobry mecz 👍👍😉
The polish guy played great but got tired in the end.
Amazing match!
Tushar Mehra
Tushar Mehra:
Hurkacz would be GREAT on clay
Hurkacz went towards greatness & another lvl at times
I did not mention Hurkacz in my comedic video about tennis players, but he really is a good young player. Djokovic is still too strong for him, but that is not something to be ashamed of.
Khalidul Haq
Khalidul Haq:
That flying backhand! Damn!
Aleksandar Karjuk
Aleksandar Karjuk:
Bravo Nole, samo napred :)
bleem boom
bleem boom:
W następnym pomiędzy nimi wygrywa Hubi.

On the next between those two guys will win Hubert.
If only he wasnt exhausted, the game would be a more interesting one.
The Hunter
The Hunter:
Djokovic will play better with the next rounds. He is getting better from the match to the match. Novak is the favorite to win at Wimbledon. Ajde Nole! 5th title!
Some really nice points from the fella !
Long Moon
Long Moon:
Hubert Hurkacz is a wonderful player. I saw Djo giving him a thumb up. Hubert lost the match but won the respect from his opponent.
Kristy Cohan
Kristy Cohan:
The man is rolling
Hubert jesteś kocurem ❤️
These two will be playing in this year's final at Wimbledon. Wanna bet?
I have to admit that Tenis audience is my favourite one. They cheer both players and appreciate good game. This is definition of sport.
Mark Bielak
Mark Bielak:
Finally the highlights made to YT. Despite a defeat this is arguably one of the best matches HH played till that point, not forgetting of win over Thiem and Nishikori (twice). Obviously since then we have just witness wins over Tsitsipas, Fritz, Shapo and Paire and first ATP title in Winston Salem. Congrats HH!
Igor Krstovic
Igor Krstovic:
Congrate to Novak finalu and good luck with him... Greetings for all funs of Maestro of white sport Novak Djokovic... Hajde Nole pokori taj London!!!
Banovo Brdo čeka tvoj novi GS!!!
Srećno ti bilo Novače dobri čoveče!!!
X Otis
X Otis:
love both!!
Hurkacz gave a good fight
Hrvati vole,postuju i navijaju za Djokovica❤
Novak, Great tennis!
nole is pacing himself. it was obvious he was playing at half his level the entire match
Mỹ Đen Cu Bự Tử Chiến Bắc kì Lồn
Mỹ Đen Cu Bự Tử Chiến Bắc kì Lồn:
Djokovic is still very confident
Salah-Eddine Aydaoui
Salah-Eddine Aydaoui:
Who's here after he bageled Federer? 😂
Ppl, get real -Novak played with 2/3 of what he can, at best. Way too strong for the guy for whome Novak said to be one of the nicest on tour and that they often practice together.
kevin tudor
kevin tudor:
Am I dreaming or the highlights removed the 2 last sets?
Edwin Paul
Edwin Paul:
After hurkacz's Miami triumph 😅
Djokovic was at 60 percent at best in this match.
常に観客の声援と戦う男 ジョコビッチ
wow, crowd cheered for Hurkacz as if he were Brit :)
Z. N.
Z. N.:
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler:
Crowd hating on djokovic, classic
Jakie to piękne było 1:00 i 1:15
hurkacz wymiata ❤️❤️🇵🇱
Akshay Suvidha
Akshay Suvidha:
All the very best for next week!
Pio Kor
Pio Kor:
Well done Hubert Hurkacz
K P:
The one who made this highlight obviously doeant like djokovic... i wonder how painful it was for him to see djokovic winning... lol
Seol Ah Min
Seol Ah Min:
Hubert will be future no.1.
Jayaprakash JP
Jayaprakash JP:
How's this fair, Nadal gets the toughest draw of em all. Such a biased draw in such a prestigious tournament.
Iam Matrix
Iam Matrix:
1:17 He almost did a Van damme split lol
Ndauline Ndaulina
Ndauline Ndaulina:
This Hurka fella certainly gave him a rum for his money!
S Chandrakant Reddy
S Chandrakant Reddy:
This man reminds me of Andy Murray!. Isn'it?..😁
Sreeram Reddy
Sreeram Reddy:
Hurcakz is Murray kind of player.
Hurkacz slides like Djokovic!!
Oliver Davern
Oliver Davern:
what a dive by hurkacz
Mariusz Pietrzak
Mariusz Pietrzak:
Hurkacz - jeszcze wszystko przed nim !
Hurkacz - everything is ahead of him !
aquib alam
aquib alam:
Djokovic going to win this time again man. I sooo want Federer to win though.
novak with his "volleys"
Хуркач хорош
PE Expert
PE Expert:
Dang this crowd really hates Djokovic.
Fernando Robles Gonzalez
Fernando Robles Gonzalez:
Me parece que Djokovic va a ganar Wimbledon ese juego profundo aoga a cualquiera ni Nadal ni Federer lo van a parar
billabong boomerang
billabong boomerang:
NOLE uzima Wimbledon#5🏆
OMG! The crazy point 1:00
Ahmed Ghazala
Ahmed Ghazala:
المحظوظ طريق سالك للنهائي كالعاده اخر 4 سنوات ويقولك اسطورة
Ricky Lu
Ricky Lu:
I dont get it. Why dont people like djokovic?
Who is the boss?! 🇷🇸😎
Adonis Top of Men
Adonis Top of Men:
great …….
Irving Alfaro
Irving Alfaro:
This will be the final in 2021
Preet Pal Chopra
Preet Pal Chopra:
Worst highlights ever in the history of highlights videos.
I don't recall his match. Three minutes and change doesn't do it justice. I would like to their re-match the upcoming Wimby.
Reyn Portillano
Reyn Portillano:
Signatured color shirt wasn't worn ... unlucky to win !!!
Pink is nice
most probable wimbo 2021 final
i maybe wrong but today djokovic did not played that well
keen learner
keen learner:
Can't anyone see he is easily winning the wimby this year.... Federer will probably be child's play if if he play like that...ops..did I wake some fans....😆
Zero Cool
Zero Cool:
Boris Becker dive lives on..... 0:59
Predrag Djokic
Predrag Djokic:
1:01 the move is from movie Wimbledon 2004 ah memories :D hahahahahaha
i see an andy murray in hubert.....cheers.....
Kasia Lotnik
Kasia Lotnik:
difference of class
1.03 legendary
Iam Matrix
Iam Matrix:
6:1 in 3rd set ...we back to the land
Geetam Manocha
Geetam Manocha:
Instead of complaining yous all can just hit the dislike button and actually affect Wimbledon?
marcel marcuch
marcel marcuch:
Hurkacz like commando
Frank G.
Frank G.:
1:00 that volley..
Hurckaz= New Berdych
Lena Lena
Lena Lena:
Djokovic = tennis🏆❤️👑🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
John Stromboly
John Stromboly:
Novak's roud to the final now is wide open , Felix AA is out , Anderson is out ..I predict final Novak vs Coco Gauf
Lê Khắc Bình
Lê Khắc Bình:
Both guys made many errors and double faults 😅