Novak Djokovic vs Matteo Berrettini | Men's Final Highlights | Wimbledon 2021

Highlights from a huge day on Centre Court, as Novak Djokovic and Matteo Berrettini go head-to-head for the right to be crowned Gentlemen's Singles champion at The championships 2021...

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3:57 Point of the Tournament. Novak on the brink of facing 2 break points, but instead pulls that out. Unbelievable
I saw interesting statistics about Djokovic: if he wins a first set, he never loses the match. but if he loses the first set, he always wins the match. very interesting.
The mentally strongest professional athlete i have ever seen in my life.
Gian Jose
Gian Jose:
Djokovic is just a machine🔥🔥🔥
S T:
What makes Djokovic great is he finds a way to win even when he doesn't play his best. He adapts and changes the tempo during matches and somehow swing the momentum back to him during the most important points. Only the great ones can do that at will.
Dave Sufci
Dave Sufci:
Hero.... General... legend... Novak Djokovič. Slavic's pride and the best tennis player of all times.
Novak is the one of the best returners in tennis. However, he was struggling against Berrettini’s serve in the 1st set. But, once he figured out how to return Berrettini’s serve by the end of 1st set, then the rest is history. This is ADAPTABILITY.
Gracie C.
Gracie C.:
Novak's composure is really amazing to watch. Matteo's tenacity is also commendable, he really gave it all. Such a good finals.
20 Slams Not too bad!
The Goat
The Goat:
I'am Roger fan but what's Novak doing is impossible.The way he plays and the way he's moving is incredible.He is the GOAT
So many times we see him lose the first set, recalibrate, adjust his game completely and win the match. Well done
Batoni Daboni
Batoni Daboni:
People dont have to love him but they have to respect his results. NOVAK is GOAT.
Some random dude
Some random dude:
Berrettini will be a great tenis player, respect from 🇷🇸 to 🇮🇹.
Enrique Hernandez
Enrique Hernandez:
Djokovic simply the GOAT, he always has to compete against his rival and the crowd and still manages to success
Yousef Manna
Yousef Manna:
Tennis is a simple game. Two players hit a ball over the net for a couple of hours, and in the end, Novak Djokovic always wins.
Nemanja Đukić
Nemanja Đukić:
History in the making. What a champion.
Stefan Djordjevic
Stefan Djordjevic:
Novak Serbian Super Star 😍🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
Dushyant Singh Panwar
Dushyant Singh Panwar:
Novak the King of Tennisland. Just had his 20th coronation. 👑 🤴😎 Love from India 🇮🇳♥.
There is no better example for human endurance than Djokovic’s tennis journey for the last 15 years or so. Mankind will remember him as the greatest tennis player ever. We are indeed grateful to witness this. Thanks and love to 🇷🇸 for giving Djokovic.
Again what I said all the time. To beat Djokovic in 3 sets the last 3 years is almost impossible. Congratulations to Djokovic for reaching 20 GS in a record tempo the last 3 years.
denny carrizo
denny carrizo:
I Just can't stop crying. Novak has made my life worth living. Love u king. Go get everything lefttt to get
AO 2019: 15 GS not too bad....
Nole is a machine. 20 and counting.
Milorad Arsovic
Milorad Arsovic:
Djokovic is “THE GREATEST OFF ALL TIME” end of discussion. Respect to everybody for their achievement 100% Nadal, Federer and everybody else who left the mark in the history of the sport including Berrettini and Shapovalov for their performance that made their fans proud I am sure but to discuss who is the GOAT??? Respectfully PLEASE!!!
Anuran Maity
Anuran Maity:
Son: what is a grand slam?
Dad: a tournament where 127 players fight amongst each other to reach the final and lose to Novak Djokovic
Rafał Dróbka
Rafał Dróbka:
I'm soo proud of Nole. So much. He did this so classy. He is the true champion.
Prakash Rajamohan
Prakash Rajamohan:
Novak, thanks for bringing so much joy to my life by winning so many Grand Slams. Also thanks to Roger and Rafa for their part in making tennis a world famous individual sport.
Dethos Gaming
Dethos Gaming:
Cestitke Đoko!
Toliko mi je drago, 20ti slam.
Svaka cast!
Ajmo sad dalje po 21.!!! 💪
Ali Camkıran
Ali Camkıran:
Unbelievable effort by Djokovic💪
eric naikaku
eric naikaku:
Jokovic’s main strength, besides his great return, tenacity, mental fortitude and flexibility is his ability to nullify his opponents strengths. He outsmarts Roger, out muscles Rafa and basically outplays everybody else.
Qing Qing
Qing Qing:
revisiting here after RG 2022...... unless a miracle will happen for wimbledon to have points up for grabs he wont be no 1 even if he wins the title. however with 21st GS still on the line, will still pray hard for him for the best outcome 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
In just ten years, Djokovic completely dominated the golden era of Tennis and won everything against the top players. He shattered all records and he won more than Roger and Rafa COMBINED.

All of that, all of it against hostile crowds and… again…
Let that sink in for a bit….
There is no debate anymore. GOAT. Simply.
I am a Rafa fan, but I have to admit that Novak is indeed the GOAT
The most amazing thing about novak this year is how fast he change his game plan in just 2 weeks window between Rolland Garros and Wimbeldon
Josluis B
Josluis B:
The history of tennis has a new GOAT 👏🏻
Dejan Sekulić
Dejan Sekulić:
Novak was very nervous about the significance of this match. That was obvious in the first set, and even in the second. He simply had a blockade (it's hard to believe, but it was like that). Now all those lost matches from his youth are coming back to him, where he was better but lost due to lack of experience. Now he has it all. Idemo dalje. ;)
Very few players can return a 224km serve AND win the point but Djokovic can, he’s amazing. So glad Djokovic won especially to shut up the disrespectful Wimbledon crowd who refuse to give him the respect he deserves as a champion!
S T:
What makes Djokovic great is he finds a way to win even when he doesn't play his best. He adapts and changes the tempo during matches and somehow swing the momentum back to him during the most important points. Only the great ones can do that at will.
What I always love seeing after the game highlight is when the two players shake hands or a hug! Just a mutual respect! Please bring it back!
Best match 👏👏
Good Game ✍️
Congratulation Djokovic 🎉🎉
Srećko Lisinac
Srećko Lisinac:
He is truly the best and definitely the GOAT period
Mountain Guy
Mountain Guy:
Boris said on commentary that he asked Djokovic to come up to the net more often when he used to be his coach but Djoko said he can’t do it but today even Boris was surprised by Djokovic net game.
Terry Rajee
Terry Rajee:
Going in to the US open with Novak, Roger and Nadal have their 20 slam and all three of them will give it all to win that 21 slam , but I must say that Novak is going to win that 21 slam he is just unstoppable and he is the GOAT 🐐 of tennis
Plus Aura
Plus Aura:
he has claimed and gained his own seat in the pantheon of tennis by outperforming everyone with his great talent and mental strength. Bravo Nole. Greetings from Halkidiki in Greece.
D10S Relish
D10S Relish:
King of kings.... simply the best ever and by far .
Ezike Ebuka
Ezike Ebuka:
The greatest return and greatest point of the match in 4:05
Naved Sohail
Naved Sohail:
15 years ago I said Novak COULD be the GOAT. People laughed at me
10 years ago I said Novak WOULD be the GOAT People mocked me
5 years ago I said Novak IS the GOAT. People ignored me
2021 French Open & Wimbledon Novak is OFFICIALLY the GOAT.
Aadil Ansari
Aadil Ansari:
Djokovic from Serbia, faces lots of discrimination from Western Europeans so they the crowd is hostile. In spite of that he won 20 GS's.
CA rohit saxena
CA rohit saxena:
He is so good that when he lost 1st set, i had no doubt that whether he'll lose it...
Such an aura he has...
Come on Nole!
Time for 21 at US OPEN.....
Bojan Bojanic
Bojan Bojanic:
NoVax played semifinal and final with 30-35% of his game and still took the trophy..

He is simply the GOAT
Robert Star
Robert Star:
There is nothing that super human Novak can't do - many variations to his game and with an improved serve, he now even added 'serve and volleying' to take his 20th GS title and seal the GOAT status!
Tim Batale
Tim Batale:
I don't think Nole even played a whole match at this tournament to his full capacity. And he only lost two sets in total. Incredible
He has the potential of winning the most grand slams 👍👍👍
Edy Thorven Puerta
Edy Thorven Puerta:
Excelente táctica. Todo un guerrero de leyenda. Felicidades campeón.
With this consistent form and play, Djokovic can win 5 more slams.
Game Lover
Game Lover:
The respect i have for this guy my god ! Such a human being 💪🏻🛡🖤
The day is finally there. 10 years ago I said to my old tennis coach that Djokovic would catch Roger and Nadal. He didn’t believe me, gave me just a smug smile and said it's impossible. I would love to see his face rn 😂
B.U.d Music
B.U.d Music:
20 GS!!!! Wow... THE greatest player currently playing, male or female!!!!!! 🐐
Filip Češek
Filip Češek:
I am not the biggest fan of nole but he definetly deserved this win, bcs He play realy great tennis, better than the opponent, congratulation Novak
Congratulations to Novak on getting the #20. He has sealed the GOAT debate with this for the time being, and there is more to come. #GOATness
Ak Go
Ak Go:
4:10 just incredible. Only djoko can do that
Yes, l am Rajdeep
Yes, l am Rajdeep:
Federer-20, Nadal - 20, Djokovic-20... That means for almost 17 years these three have been sharing the Grand Slams. Never ever will happen that 3 God level players reign together in the same era. We are a lucky generation to have seen these three together and today l can say without any doubt that the tennis world is blessed because Djokovic is born in this world. He is the Greatest. No comparison any more. He is himself his comparison .
Maria Harabagiu
Maria Harabagiu:
Felicitări din suflet pentru victoria de la Wimbledon, superbă!
Pistol Shrimp Studio
Pistol Shrimp Studio:
Novak is superhuman. Superb.
He gets unfairly disqualified in the 2020 US OPEN, then he decides to revenge by winning the first 3 slams of the year...
That is a fu**ing GOAT to me
Jessy Johaug
Jessy Johaug:
I still want Djokovic to win 1 more French Open. He would have each slam 3 times and would definitely be the greatest. Laver and Emerson won each slam twice, even if it was before the open era. He needs to win USO and make the CYGS and 1 more French Open and he will end the debate once and for all.
isaac yawchan
isaac yawchan:
GOAT Debate Finished.
Novak Djokovic is simply the best of all.
Liverpool 1892
Liverpool 1892:
Covjek hladno osvojio wimbledon u leru. Svaka cast
More slams in the last decade than Fedal combined. He has a superior H2H against both of them, is more consistent than each of them across the 3 surfaces, and looks like he will stay at the top longer than them. He may not be as beautiful to watch as Federer or as dynamic and intense as Nadal, but he's a relentless, efficient winning machine with incredible mental strength and an ability to withstand difficulties like no other.

He is the GOAT now, no denying it any more.
Sergio Cerezo
Sergio Cerezo:
With Djokovic's excellence in tennis he will surely surpass all the records of well-known players like Federer ,Nadal because he is still young and can still play longer years
Rishabh Gulati
Rishabh Gulati:
What striked me the most was his composure and class after RG QF, no screaming, less grunting, no anger only composure and recalibration. GOAT.
Suresh Kumar
Suresh Kumar:
Djokovic is the greatest player for all time in Tennis history 👍👍👍
Andy Jacobs
Andy Jacobs:
I have been a fan of Novak's for a number of years now but I swear the more time passes, the more I friggin' LOVE this dude! I root for him every single match and tournament he plays. I'm so impressed by his mental fortitude and am beyond thrilled that he has won 3 grand slams this year to quickly close the gap between him and the other big 2. Closing that gap from 17 to 20, literally could have taken several years but my man, Djoker, says, "nah, I think I'll do it in half a year". Wow! Just wow! May he get that 4th grand slam this year and shine in his greatness!
Djokovic really just is the king of tennis, and the most superb player these past 5 years
tarun bihan
tarun bihan:
No competition final. I see Novak winning many more like this!
Nefan Liu
Nefan Liu:
the reason why he eat grass after he win the match is to declared that he is the G.O.A.T 🐐🐐
Kama Karib
Kama Karib:
Rog - Greatest natural player of all time
Rafa -Greatest clay court player of all time
Djoko -GOAT full stop
I'm Always Right
I'm Always Right:
The best, most complete tennis player in history. He will hold the record for the most grand slam wins and get a calendar Slam this year. He’ll probably do a Rod Laver and achieve it twice
Hannetjie Botha
Hannetjie Botha:
When Novac start play tennis I sheer for him years later stil watch even it's late I wait I'm very proud of like he said he will fight .Congratulations there will def more
Novak, half man half machine, full time GOAT..
Светлана Мельникова
Светлана Мельникова:
Комментарий один:- удивление и восхищение Новаку💯👏👏👏👏
K H:
Lots of love for Novak Djokovic from 🇵🇰 Pakistan. Great player with a great sense of humour!
Milos Lazic
Milos Lazic:
Novak Djoković the best player ever!
Ksenija поповић
Ksenija поповић:
In the beggining of the last set, in one Berretini's game, Djokovic hit best return I ever seen !.
No doubt now, Djokovic is the GOAT.
Jide Ajibola
Jide Ajibola:
Man Nole has come a long way. He’s so complete. I remember years ago when he couldn’t volley well, his overhead smash was a mess, he’s serve was flaky and he was basically a baseline genius. But now, I can’t see any holes in his game. Then the ever present mental toughness and game management. Too good.
Yogeshwar Singh
Yogeshwar Singh:
This guy can overcome any challenge/ court with his mental strength.
Might gonna win all the grandslams this year.
The GOAT 👏👏
Fantastic win by the legend that is Djokovic, but just as satisfying to see the majority of the biased crowd metaphorically get their noses rubbed in their own muck and go home as losers. Just as Ashley Barty did to them yesterday in the women's final.
James Walker
James Walker:
This guy is legend bless him
Ladies and gentlemen, the GOAT.
Таша Срб
Таша Срб:
*This is what we get when Novak sets up his mind and his heart into something magnificant!!!* 🇷🇸 ❤️🇷🇸 ❤️ 🇷🇸 ❤️
Arkady Belsky
Arkady Belsky:
Well done Djokovic. Deserves a lot of respect.
I think Djokovic gets even more fired up when the crowd is against him
Monogamija Kocha
Monogamija Kocha:
viraj nayak
viraj nayak:
He has settled the GOAT debate today. And he eats grass(like literally!!😃)
Dejan Sekulić
Dejan Sekulić:
What a beautiful day!!!
Forza Nole, Forza Italia. Priceless.
Sean Dolan
Sean Dolan:
At this point, I got to say that Novak is the greatest of all time. He has faced the toughest competition alongside Nadal throughout his career.
Steve Haraslin
Steve Haraslin:
I have to congratulate to Mr. Djokovic for a great victory. I am huge Sampras fan but Novak is from another planet or something like that. I wish to Djoko to finish the job on US Open and take his 4th slam in one year and also his 21st slam to become best in the history.
Beautiful result <3 It was nervy at times, but ultimately, Novak's ability to neutralize his opponent's strengths pulled him through. I just love watching Novak dismantle his opponents in this way. So purposeful and elegant.
bambino bambini
bambino bambini:
if your life depended on a tennis match, you'd bet it on Djoko and im a huge Fed fan.
marwa A
marwa A:
11 years I've been wanting for this moment! The wolf did it and o couldn't be happier