Novak Djokovic vs Pablo Cuevas - Round 2 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2021

Novak Djokovic vs Pablo Cuevas - Round 2 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2021
Watch the best moments of the victory of Novak Djokovic over Pablo Cuevas in straight sets 6-3 6-2 6-4 in the 2nd round.
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Roland-Garros 2021: from 24 May to 13 June.

100+ komentarze:

Yuyang Zheng
Yuyang Zheng:
Early rounds = drop shot practice session.
nubby potato
nubby potato:
noles drop shots insane
Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz
Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz:
Interesting how both Novak and Pablo are in their 30's and this is their first meeting on court.
Bogdan Petrovic
Bogdan Petrovic:
Considering how good pablo played, a very important win for novak
Víctor García Vargas
Víctor García Vargas:
A tennis class, Djokovic's courtesy.
Kevin Chang
Kevin Chang:
Novak’s drop shots are absolutely brutal. I always feel bad for his opponent lol
Zeyad Aly
Zeyad Aly:
The score is really unfair considering Pablo Cuevas's stunning performance!
But Again, Novak is just a Beast!🔥💪🏻
Natalia Bells
Natalia Bells:
This is absolutely No.1
Lebo Pelesane
Lebo Pelesane:
Djokovic is now looking good on clay 👌🏼🔥
Djokovic is just too constant
Well done Pablo but Novak is just too good!
ML Lifestyle
ML Lifestyle:
Yo respect to Cuevas man he played great
Gawrike Hettiarachchi
Gawrike Hettiarachchi:
Djokovic is just sooooo consistent!!!!
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
Novak has that winning look about him. Looks good on him. Hope he keeps winning! 💫🥇🏆Fantastic serves and amazing dropshots. 😜
Luka Radjenovic
Luka Radjenovic:
This match was very exciting to watch and deserves more highlights.
Djokovic moonballing then dropshotting. Really intelligent strategy and never really seen people do it before.
Hamza Arfeen
Hamza Arfeen:
What a training seasons for Nadal and djokovic. feeling sad for their opponents
Victor CM
Victor CM:
Cuevas and Nole have the same sponsors: Head, Lacoste and Asics...
Pierluigi Caffaro
Pierluigi Caffaro:
Someone have to make him a test to establish if he's human. Really.
Shady Ramzy
Shady Ramzy:
was hoping cuevas will go far here until i saw the draw lol
Juan Pablo Gonzalez Jimenez
Juan Pablo Gonzalez Jimenez:
No handshake RG?!?!?
Amazing performance against a clay court specialist!
Master Plumbob
Master Plumbob:
Pablo's squeaky shoes had me rolling every time he took off for one of Noles crazy drop shots. Lol
Juan Pedro Arevalo
Juan Pedro Arevalo:
It liked me so much how pressure kept Cuevas in Novak' s game, there were many interesting rallies between both. Only remains me congratulating to the winners of this match, Nole and his dropshots.
Sharvaan Sharex
Sharvaan Sharex:
No point breaking Djokovic is there, he just breaks that.
Simple strategy: Create short return, drop shot winner. Next round please.
James Hu
James Hu:
drop shot master, Djoker
Shyness Breakthrough Community
Shyness Breakthrough Community:
Wow Djokovic just demolished Cuevas, a clay court specialist!
Wow, the score made Cuevas look like an amateur...
Vamos Nole!
Somchit Vichayanotai
Somchit Vichayanotai:
Novak played amazing tough match 👏👏👏👏
alex sokolov
alex sokolov:
Молодец Новак! Боец! Стойкий оловянный солдатик!
those drop shots are so sneaky!
Martin Colina
Martin Colina:
A great Pablo Cuevas, you fought her to the end, a great athlete !! I touch you a phenomenon too, proud that you are Uruguayan, Congratulations !!! Greetings Martin Colina from Florida, Uruguay
Tasanee Wantanakul
Tasanee Wantanakul:
What a performance from novak another
Greater potential like able ! Let's win the title champ🎾🏆
Nalla Oremor
Nalla Oremor:
Good to see Nolay playing on a great shape. Him, Roger, and Rafa are tough as hell to play with. They are giving us great tennis to watch. Just amazing!
pablo perez
pablo perez:
Vamos Pablo siga así 💪 (no es caída solo un tropiezo) no es fácil competir con unos de los mejores pero la batalla la diste...
Rosa Flavia Milla Avalos
Rosa Flavia Milla Avalos:
Estupendo Djokovic !!
both Djoko and Nadal are in an absolute suberb form, going to be interesting
Giyosov Abdusalom
Giyosov Abdusalom:
Джокович лучший
Jrunin Pass
Jrunin Pass:
the Serbian machine strikes again
ashley guriah
ashley guriah:
Was not an easy match...Pablo played amazing....Novak looking super for RG...not going to be easy to beat him this year !
why don’t they show Cuevas’ hot shots
Boris Lemeshev
Boris Lemeshev:
1:14 - 1:32 - You know when Djokovic plays like that with barely any grunting and still hits winners from every angle, he means business.
Sport House
Sport House:
Come on !!Novak is just a Beast!🔥💪🏻
J J 黄俐恳
J J 黄俐恳:
thanks for the video, doesnt seem fair to have a match highlight that only shows shots of 1 player tho
Yes Nole on clay court 🔥
Dona Markovic
Dona Markovic:
Hamza A.
Hamza A.:
Cuevas approach tried to beat nole from the baseline is just wrong
Based on this highlights video, Cuevas had one winner. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Cristobal Sanhueza
Cristobal Sanhueza:
Anyone else notice the squeeky sound when Cuevas was running?
Emre Arslan
Emre Arslan:
how come it sounds like cuevas is on hard courts
Break movie
Break movie:
Why there's no commentary on RG highlights? Also the length of video should be increased
Oh my, the Big Three are also clearly the top three all time (so far)...and is it the Joker among them?
Jack Schieferdecker
Jack Schieferdecker:
Nole’s feel has gotten so much better, you can definitely tell how much he worked on his drop shots in the last year. He’s using them to great effect as well, driving his opponents out of position and then delivering a drop shot. Might be an actual strategy he will employ against tougher opponents too
Ethan Li
Ethan Li:
Cuevas has a beautiful backhand.
Choo Choo MotherTrucker
Choo Choo MotherTrucker:
Federer-Djokovic match up would be awesome to watch. Hopefully that will happen and the winner will get to play Nadal in the Semi.
Why RG channel don't show the players shaking hands?
Bastari Bas
Bastari Bas:
Ayo Jokovic, Juara !
John Choi
John Choi:
Djokovic is hitting softer than usual right? Is he trying to conserve his energy?
Boris Kostic
Boris Kostic:
I think it is a crime for organizers to put Federer three matches in a row on Chatrier and put Nadal and Djokovic on Lenglen
Ahmed Serag
Ahmed Serag:
1:30 ... the satisfaction!!!
Vuk Zdravkovic
Vuk Zdravkovic:
Best player ever
Steve Just Saying
Steve Just Saying:
Djoko looks quite determined to win this whole thing.
Bastari Bas
Bastari Bas:
Novac jokovic Wawwww
Afia Oforiwaa
Afia Oforiwaa:
The crowd today was almost like the Wimbledon 2019 crowd, openly and rudely cheering only one side.
But once again, Novak rubbed it in their faces.
Avinash Alexander
Avinash Alexander:
Djokovic dominates the kingdom
Kuroki Lance
Kuroki Lance:
Novak will win RG this time?
Bilinmeyen Kullanıcı
Bilinmeyen Kullanıcı:
Djokovic must love playing Cuevas who doesn't overpower his opponent very often. Djokovic can be patient, use his defensive skills and go for an occasional winner.
luis l
luis l:
Grande nole 🙌
Francisco Olivera
Francisco Olivera:
Jhon Dure
Jhon Dure:
Ese cuevas tiene su techo, y está muy por debajo de los top 20 o más
Nas Térix 2.0
Nas Térix 2.0:
On vois pas les accolade des joueurs à la fin du match...
C'est vraiment dommage, c'est nul de finir sur l'image du joueur qui range sa raquette...
Erhan Öz
Erhan Öz:
надежда ковалева
надежда ковалева:
Ryo Sushuke
Ryo Sushuke:
#DjokerNole The #Goat of Tennis. Go for GS 19 champ. 👍✌️💪
Lucky Luke
Lucky Luke:
Novak is looking good. But I still would pick Nadal to beat him in Semi Finals. This Friday will be sunny and 27 degree. It would take a super human effort from Novak to beat Nadal in a sunny day.
Jack Messent
Jack Messent:
What a performance from Novak! Always a joy to watch! 👍
Mix P
Mix P:
The hitting sound is so clear.
Daily Options
Daily Options:
As good as djokovic may look in early rounds, the biggest challenge or the only one can challenge him is king of clay...he needs to mentally over come used to lose he could stand a good chance of winning the whole thing..come on nole fans...let's pray for a miracle....or we will see him at wimbldon and us open
Emre Arslan
Emre Arslan:
Bilinmeyen Kullanıcı
Bilinmeyen Kullanıcı:
Chorizo Burrito
Chorizo Burrito:
That high arching moon ball at 1:10 is such an effective defensive tactic to buy time to get into position, but I only see Djokovic use it on the men’s pro tour
Cuevas made a lot, but a lot of good points, and you only show one of him.... incredible
Dan- Bak
Dan- Bak:
Very long highlights. Please next time up to 10 sec is long enough.
JuAnCa RaMa
JuAnCa RaMa:
el tenis sin nadal,federer ni djokovick no es nada
Stephen Sun
Stephen Sun:
good to see Nole is playing better and better this clay season, from loss in 1st round at home, loss to a low ranking Russian to loss to Rafa. He's is peaking at the right time. He had a chance to beat Rafa in the final but unlucky at key points. He's hitting the balls the way he wanted now, which is a great thing. Wish my man some luck on the way in RG
Lukas Bergqvist
Lukas Bergqvist:
Good match from Novak, now can we see highlights of Ymer against Monfils please? Or are you gonna act like racists?
Robinson Salcedo
Robinson Salcedo:
Una buena victoria victoria de nole
Raymond Hsin
Raymond Hsin:
Novak didn't even break a sweat
Bilinmeyen Kullanıcı
Bilinmeyen Kullanıcı:
Bilinmeyen Kullanıcı
Bilinmeyen Kullanıcı:
Eric Estrada
Eric Estrada:
I am sure that he has a good reason but for Cuevas, when changing from a Prestige to a Radical racket you loose a lot of plow and stability. I notice lack of depth in his shots today. It could be a factor to consider other than Djokovic is a beast. He was playing in his strike zone the whole time.
Hockey Drkil
Hockey Drkil:
Look at that one handed backhand by cueves super talented can be a legend in the making
trash reaygan
trash reaygan:
Toujours aussi monstrueux
Bilinmeyen Kullanıcı
Bilinmeyen Kullanıcı: