NVIDIA RTX 3080Ti - Did you ask for this??

The RTX 3080Ti is here... but did you actually ask for this?

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100+ komentarze:

EVGA sent us a change regarding pricing prior to this video going live but after we already filmed. The $1339 price on their site is an introductory price and includes a free mouse. After that the regular price is $1399.
Josh Goode
Josh Goode:
The rare metal these cards are made from is called "unobtainium".
Glad to see scalpers and miners having more choice when it comes to graphics cards.
That's like 80% of Nvidia's stock on Jays table right there.
Michael Johns ICYu2
Michael Johns ICYu2:
I remember when the only issue with getting a high end GPU was our own personal finances. Those were the good ole days.
Nividia-“wow an order for 200,000 GPUs all going to this provenance in Russia. Must be a LOT of gamers there, fill that order!”
ben poore
ben poore:
meh, I've given up on getting a new card. I'll just use my 1080ti forever.
Peter Schattmann
Peter Schattmann:
MSRP needs to become MFRP , manufacturers fantasy retail price.
Blake Forrest
Blake Forrest:
Hey Jay,
I’d love to see some budget builds, with second hand parts and then showing us just how far you can push some of these older parts, liquid metal instead of thermal paste, better pads, custom bios, maybe home made coolers, something that might be considered “janky” but improved performance, maybe show people that they don’t have to be trying to jump on the latest over priced and out of stock gear.

"If you can't beat the scalpers, just sell it at scalpers price"

- some random wise guy -
Paul Fearns
Paul Fearns:
When the 3000 series was announced I was sad that I didn’t wait an extra year before building my new pc, now I’m so glad I grabbed a 2080 super for the price I did, be a few more years before I upgrade it I think…
1607 Md Minhajur Rahman
1607 Md Minhajur Rahman:
Haven't seen anyone giving more honest review than Gamers Nexus.
I appreciate your videos, Jay and Phil. Even though these cards are impossible to buy, you're informing us about them, so we are both entertained and informed should they become available next year.
Reg Watson
Reg Watson:
We've got more chance of finding out if those UFO's are actually manned by aliens than we have of finding one of these cards.
Flynn McFarland
Flynn McFarland:
Man I love how you can just hear and feel the disdain from him reviewing these. You're my favorite PCMR youtuber Jay!
Facetious Movie
Facetious Movie:
I’ve been saying “but I digress” in my daily life. 😂 I might watch this channel too much 😂😂
Basic Shapes
Basic Shapes:
"If you can't beat the scalpers, just sell it at scalpers price"

-Nvidia, probably
Manish Kapoor
Manish Kapoor:
Thanks Jay. Your videos are always amazing. I learnt most of the computer hardware stuff on my own, and the gap in my knowledge was filled up by your videos. Much thanks.
"Mid-Range is the bulk of your sales."

Nvidia: "Not anymore! Give us a kidney, Fucko!"
I never thought I'd hear myself say this... but I hope Intel throws a wrench in AMD and Nvidia's GPU works.
For what it's worth on two separate occasions since the release of the 3000 series I checked Amazon and had an opportunity to buy both a RTX 3060 and 3090 at MSRP by preorder. I was definitely not the first person to come across those sales either.
Jeff Martinez
Jeff Martinez:
You guys keep up the great work, one of my favorite channels, I appreciate the cool content and hard work that goes into these videos. As always, look forward to the next vid
Any Nonimous
Any Nonimous:
I've been thinking about upgrading my rig (built circa 2015) for a while now. But I'm finding it extremely difficult to justify the expense of continuing with this hobby. It's not that I can't afford it. It's just that I'm looking around and seeing hobbies that, for the same cost, I'm finding myself more attracted to. Kayaking, maybe even hunting, for instance. AAA games don't excite me like they once did, especially with all the slimy crap they've attached themselves to in the last 10 years. And Indie games often don't require that much muscle.

So, would anyone like to take a crack at pitching me a reason why I (or anyone) should dump the amount of money needed to rebuild at today's market prices? I admit, I'm looking for reasons to keep a foot in the door, as it were, but I'm having trouble seeing any on my own.
Bruce Cox
Bruce Cox:
glad to hear this, the bots and scalpers were running out of items to buy
High quality videos
High quality videos:
Great video! When you are able to speak in the name of thousands gamers and still sounds like one voice clearly tells a lot about time we are living in.
I have completely lost all interest in the whole pc world after all this bullshit.
Chris Rowley
Chris Rowley:
I wish they would bring back preorders with a deposit...
Joseph Ball
Joseph Ball:
Thanks for the videos. You guys are the most entertaining and informative on YouTube to me. The pricing stinks but that's the new world we are currently living in.
It's Devin J.
It's Devin J.:
I complain about not getting these cards at MSRP but I can’t even afford them at MSRP
Comrade B
Comrade B:
That beat/song worked out so perfectly during the benchmarks. Your benchmark edits are always so on point. Thanks for the hard work. Even if it is pertaining to such a silly card :/
Already committed to waiting for the 40-series before doing my next system rebuild. This hasn't changed anything really.
So happy I got a 2080Ti last gen ;) pretty sure that thing has appreciated in value 😂
David Zhou
David Zhou:
Somehow I always relate any graphic cards' FE to Jay.
Shinino Kage
Shinino Kage:
71% cost increase for ~10% performance increase. Insane.
I Like Cute Girls
I Like Cute Girls:
if you dont release midrange card, bulk of sales is high end! logic.
Dirty Air
Dirty Air:
Long shot here…. But I’d love to see a video of you guys trying to optimize the best set up for iRacing. A notoriously hard game to get good optimization.
Thanks for the reviews! My 3080 holds well against the Ti and 3090.
That EVGA card seems like a beast, totally would go for that one.
Hey Jay, I totally agree with you. With that, I also have no recommendations for what you should put on your channel. Not that there isn't things I would like to see, but that I know you can only show what you yourself can get your hands on. Just keep doing what your doing, you turned nothing into this great channel you have, and wish you all the best.
"[Nvidia] has never been like 'you should do this', 'you should say this'"

Nvidia's Director of Global PR for GeForce, 6 months ago: _"We are open to revisiting [blacklisting HUB] in the future _*_should your editorial direction change."_*
carlton woods
carlton woods:
I would love to win a 3090 and finally complete the build I’ve been working on for a year now. Unfortunately, I can’t find a 3090 in a pyramid😅 so good luck to anyone who receives this awesome graphics card
Beno C
Beno C:
Guess I just have to hope I win Jays competition at this stage!
John Lyday
John Lyday:
Nvidia - " lets make a graphics card that we can only produce enough for reviewers to review."
I have been waiting for my 3080 for 9 months now, i would like to see more of those instead of new cards
Joe Wallaert
Joe Wallaert:
I'm happy I purchased a 580 last year as a backup. Might have to sell it now😁
Frank Sz
Frank Sz:
I remember when these used to be choices, plus add AMD cards and I browsed amazon or newegg and my decisions was based on performance vs price and money in my bank acct.
Now it's like "these cards were made" they are more precious than diamonds and you may never see one in person.
As someone who bought a 3080 Ti, thank you for taking the time to review it so I can be informed. I know it's hard to buy graphics cards right now, but in the past 3 months I've bought a 6900 XT (sold it to a friend) and a 3080 (in my system now, waiting to be upgraded) and a 3080 Ti. So it is possible.
Big Dirty
Big Dirty:
the "This has to STOP" definitely had me hoping for a harsher review.
Yami Magister
Yami Magister:
With these prices and availability I feel like my 2070 Super is a straight-up luxury item :|
Ben Varela
Ben Varela:
Ya know, the thing with me is I am in love with the Founders Edition feature set, the cooling system, the whole style of the card or brick, as I love to say. I do realize that EVGA puts out a kick-ass product that is hard to dismiss. The however of it all is in my dreams I see that 'Brick', the Founders Edition, in my system. The Founders Edition just tops off my rig as I see it in my mind's eye, I want it. It could be a 3070 or a 'ti' but no more than $800.00 total. I don't have a lot of money, I can't see myself spending more than that on a video card. In the end, I have to live with myself and I would feel foolish if I spent more than that, it's just not me.
If I'm not mistaken, doesn't manufacturing one 3080ti just mean that there's one less non ti 3080? That would mean that there's no actual increase in production numbers, but rather a shift in what's actually being manufactured. In this case they swapped out a lower value card for one that sells for more. I could be wrong though.
Sheriff Imthias
Sheriff Imthias:
They cant shave down already printed wafers. They can disable SMs but that's not a good idea because of the yield overhead that comes along with printing larger chips. Intel is starting a foundry business, hopefully we will see better supply in the near future.
Daniel G
Daniel G:
Another 100$ per 1 FPS increment card. Good job Nvidia, So proud that you can do math.
i remember when i liked hardware news
Tom B
Tom B:
Thank you for doing this video Jay.
Adam Hoefling
Adam Hoefling:
Damn man. That's brutal. Thanks for showing this off!!
Grant Sites
Grant Sites:
I used to watch these videos for information, but now I just do it to convince myself the cards exist.
“saved the video to watch it later list", maybe when 4000 series come out, this video will be more relevant. thanks your effort nvidia.
I love you're channel Jay! Keep it going!
Who Cares
Who Cares:
I waited on the EVGA wait list for 7 months to finally get my 3080 FTW 3 Ultra and im more than happy with it.
Mikey Sawa HighFiveKid! Gaming
Mikey Sawa HighFiveKid! Gaming:
Jay, you are awesome. High 5!
Jeremy King Tech
Jeremy King Tech:
I've been needing to upgrade my production work PC for over a year now. I waited for the new product releases last year which ultimately bit me. What a crazy situation we're in between the silicon shortage, the pandemic, crytpo mining and of course those bastard scalpers..
*Title:* "The RTX 3080Ti - A Card No One Asked For"
*Scalper:* :D
Dan W
Dan W:
Jay has the snaziest benchmark music. This was simply delightful to watch while defacating.
Twinkie storrrr
Twinkie storrrr:
I've been collecting parts for my first ever pc build since August 2020. I'm worried by the time I actually get my hands on a graphics card all of my other parts will be old and out of date. 😓
My whole country has fewer cards in stock than there are cards on Jayz's table.
That last part hit me hard and I love it 😍 I think we everyvideoviewers would love to see all stupid stuff what comes on all of your minds 😂
Jay Zhang
Jay Zhang:
The MSRP does a good job in filtering gamers out.
Michael Peligro
Michael Peligro:
Hi there Jay. Try doing a video on replacing the stock thermal compound of a gpu with a better compound and benchmark if it works
Zachary Lewis
Zachary Lewis:
You know this whole shortage works in my favor. Just forces me to continue using my GPU until I truly need a new one because lets be honest the 1080ti doesn't need an upgrade. By the time the shortage problem goes away the 3000 series will be outdate 😂
cactus jack
cactus jack:
I upgraded from a dying EVGA 1070 superclocked to the RTX 3080ti. This is actually my first ever founder's edition GPU and it will be replacing the best graphics I ever owned 😭
I was upset when they released the 30 series after getting my 2070 Super 6 months before. Now, I dont think I have ever been happier with the price gouging BS thats going on with these cards.
I remember I was soo excited to hear about the launch of the 3080 ti but hopelessness immediately kicked in once I was reminded of the bots and miners.
I'm so happy i bought a 2080ti early 2019, its still a monster card. When 30 series came out i was doubting to get a 3080 but soon decided to wait for when the next gen comes out, 40 series if they will be called that, hopefully they'll be able to build up enough stock before releasing that so we can go back to normal prices.
Gintoki Sakata
Gintoki Sakata:
Man even getting one of those gpu boxes would be cool haha
Thomas Lautenberger
Thomas Lautenberger:
Thanks for shouting out EVGA Elite. I was actually able to secure a 3080 ti after watching this video. I remembered that I bought an EVGA power supply in 2018 and used it to sign up for EVGA Elite. I was able to enter the queue and with a 20% off coupon my total was $1240 for an EVGA FTW3 3080ti that is arriving on Tuesday.
I'm sorry 1080 friendo, It looks like your well deserved retirement has been postponed yet again 😥
Florian Sappelt
Florian Sappelt:
Hey @jayztwocents, it would be great to see content that would help in the current Situation. Like setting a fixed budget and see what the best option is today. Or more components from the used market. Maybe something like „best interim build“ until things get better. Keep up the good work!
David Poole - VK5PL
David Poole - VK5PL:
Saw a price for one of these at more than $3000, that is more than my whole computer - ridiculous!
Pat Google
Pat Google:
Video editing and CAD are two other major applications that you don't include in your evaluation. They require higher VRAM than gaming, hence the 3090.
Eric R
Eric R:
Oh joy! I can get 5 extra FPS than the 3080 for $500 more than the 3080. Great deal! $100 per 1 FPS.
Darth Nihilus
Darth Nihilus:
AMD: I gonna boost your good ol' 1060 so you can play with it even longer.
Nice video.

It's sad that our only chance to get a card, is by shuffles
Andy's Tech
Andy's Tech:
Awesome give away :) and great video. personal opinion I would go 3080Ti FTW3 tho sadly there getting so big they will not fit in my ITX systems.
Neil W
Neil W:
I might not be able to buy it. But I still enjoy the reviews and benchmarks. Let's me see it in action at least.
What a fantastic time we are living in.
Family Fun R.C.
Family Fun R.C.:
Love evga. They make the best cards. I have the 2080 Super FTW3. I want that so bad. If I was gonna get a 3080 series. It would be that.
I'm totally with Steve (GN) about this TAI card
Here to pay respects to the work Jay does! I was one of the lucky Mofo's that was able to buy a 3090 for MSRP ish 1840 euros and now I see the price of the 3080 ti it's €2699 so I think I made the right choice. the pricing fucking sucks, but yeah. We can't do shit about it, Keep up with the good work Jay! I hope you will do more PC Mods I loved your Destiny two build, the Starwars one, and totally the Suitcase that one was amazing, I do think that it was a shame not to see the Red dead were cancelled. I talked too much here already so BYE!
Jiko's Stuff
Jiko's Stuff:
I guess it's a good thing they release those. I guess, yeah, speculation and stuff, they produce chips for their 3090s and 3080s and some of those chips just don't reach a certain level they'd need to be sold as a 3090 or 3080 so those chips are now repurposed slightly below that as a 3080Ti and a 3070Ti. Similar to what happened to the 10850K, which is a 10900K that doesn't really reach the 10900K's speed. It's my guess on that.
The one That questions
The one That questions:
I remember how excited everyone was (including myself) when the 3080 launched, yet this turned out to be one of the most frustrating generations in a long time. This "3080 ti" at 1200$ msrp (good luck with that) is just the icing on the frustration cake.

Screw this.
Eternal Totem
Eternal Totem:
I'm still watching the video, but wanted to toss a question if anyone knows the answer. If you have less kudacores(don't know if this is the right spelling) in the cards does the chip noice ( that sounds it makes when electricity runs through when you switch from fan cooled to watercool) increase versus if they had more kudacores? Or is it the same?
Richard Murray
Richard Murray:
I have actually been considering a 401k loan to upgrade from my 1060.
Danny Rea
Danny Rea:
Good point actually, same price as an RTX 2080 Ti when it launched (which was too expensive anyway) but it is significantly more powerful still.. pretty good in that sense. (If a 3080 didn't exist)
Jason Leon
Jason Leon:
I would LOVE a 3080. I still have my water block from February last year I bought for it.
Jay: Started making these cards months ago.
Me: So, they have made 100 of them?
Man the “official” retailers are selling 3070 for like $3000 dollars in my country
what i'm hearing is they shouldn't have even released the ti versions for this generation, just pump out the 30 series that they already can't produce enough of but people are begging for.
Bob Suruncle
Bob Suruncle:
Sadly, I've been priced out, haven't been able to upgrade for the last 5yrs.
Derek Derek
Derek Derek:
18:45 Jay trying to jump on the side of the gamers but knows exactly why the 3080s and 3090s were manufactured. Lol
I heard an average time in line at BB for a 3080 TI(they were sold in stores) was 15 hours. Sounds like a good time.