Object 274A Marathon for Free Premium Tank! | World of Tanks The Polar Challenge Marathon

World of Tanks Object 274A The Polar Challenge - Get Free Tier 8 Premium Medium Tank. World of Tanks Winter Marathon 2020 - Object 274A, Tier 8 Soviet Russian Premium Medium Tank. World of Tanks Christmas Holiday Ops 2021 Tanks - Progetto C45 mod 71 and GSOR 1008 in Loot Boxes. World of Tanks Update 1.11+ Patch News.
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It seems like our leaks, which I was able to share over 1 month ago about the upcoming Winter marathon in 2020 were 100% waterproof, correct. Because today WG released a patch, where we are able to see all the information about the upcoming marathon called The Polar Challenge for a chance to grind out a tier 8 premium tank for free - The Object 274A.

Let's take a look how hard it is going to be.

What do you think?

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
- Russian Object 274A, Tier 8 Premium Medium Tank
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100+ komentarze:

So, are you ready for the grind? This tank seems to be very good... Knowing WG, I am a bit surprised people are able to grind it out for free!? :O The question is... is this GOOD or BAD? Quite a serious question actually.
Stay tuned for some gameplay action! <3
Wanna hear a joke?

Free grindable premium.
Noel Salem
Noel Salem:
I feel like a clown everytime i say this is doable as the conditions get harder
free premium that you cannot get get for free, nice
Santa's Beard
Santa's Beard:
Won't even bother again. I just can't spend that much time grinding.
Kwk Fortythree
Kwk Fortythree:
Wg is like Midas king, everything it touches becames a grind
nice to forecast the event. you are the man.
Here's a tip for all the casual players:
Don't think you can complete this challenge. Complete some missions to get rewards but other than that, it is not worth it spending too much of your time in this game.
Nikolai Dotsenko
Nikolai Dotsenko:
Looks like I'm early, let's make a joke!

Wargaming: "the newly introduced premium will not break the *current game balance*"
I'll try hard to grind it, if i can't at least you can make my day by playing it for me while i'm enjoying the content🍿☕
Sergey Trusevich
Sergey Trusevich:
The tank looks OP to me. It's a universal soldier. It's ok in everything and great in some things. This is not considering Soviet Bias of course. :)
Roland McLovin
Roland McLovin:
I thought I can't be more disappointed with WG's decision making, but I was wrong
WG introduced a new OP Russian tank possibly for free...
Load the Skill rounds
Load the Skill rounds:
I’m gonna pass on this, saving up for Christmas loot boxes. I am hopeful they are as good value as they have been in the past
Michelangelo Draw CARS
Michelangelo Draw CARS:
No style for the tank? In the last with the leak says it comes with a style like the other marathon tanks
So the leak is not 100% accurate hmm...
Still Hammered
Still Hammered:
Keep thinking I might reinstall the game just to see what they throw out for the holidays. After that I might shut it down till next year.
I had an opportunity to kill this tank yesterday, it looks like a monster and has some troll armor as far as I can tell
Francisco Mathias
Francisco Mathias:
You look like an ebr posting latest news, fast :) ahhahah tks
Already giving up when I see the mission
Unbekannter Nr. 1
Unbekannter Nr. 1:
Farmable headless chicken running marathon in randoms...; it's hunting season again!
Claude B
Claude B:
Always quick on the news! Keep it up Dez 😀
Yaaaayyy a new russian premium tank! we only need russian premiums yesss
Bende Várkonyi
Bende Várkonyi:
I’ve already fought against one in random, and absolutly dominated it lol
Havasi Bence
Havasi Bence:
Notificacion squad numero 2
Love u dez!
Ryan Baker
Ryan Baker:
Love the vids Dez!
Lothar Schrei
Lothar Schrei:
God bless WoT. I actually at home next week so I can grind that tank yes.
I aiming for at least a 70% discount
Got the the Bourrasque with 80% :)
I have to turn the bass down on my speakers when I watch your vids. Can you inhale some helium or something before doing them lmao - oh look ... a tier 8 premium soviet tank! We needed this :)
Snake火 1027
Snake火 1027:
Chaosengine is first :(
Distraught Cruiser Owner
Distraught Cruiser Owner:
wow Dez is so late. two hours late. filthy casual. smh how dare him
I love LIS, and this is his more OP brother, i dont know if i want it 🤔
Matt Mac
Matt Mac:
the key thing for these marathon's especially for doing them on 2 accounts like I have done is the first day of the marathon you need to get your primary account to stage 5 on first day, 2nd day you get the alt account to stage 5 2nd day...and then you go from there easy peezy free tier 8 for 2 accounts.
Az AlkoHoLisTa -
Az AlkoHoLisTa -:
I feel the LIS isnt worth playing anymore with this tank in the game :(
Nicholas Williams
Nicholas Williams:
Even if I wanted to I couldn’t, I don’t have any tier 9s yet
At 1st sight it is great to see a marathon. But when i remember the last 1... Oh boy how trollish this game as become during the marathon.
Wade H
Wade H:
Another crazy grind that I know I won't have enough time to complete vs waiting until Xmas event to log in and use the premium time I'll get from well deserved reward. Not really a tough decision
martyn raison
martyn raison:
Well I'm in lockdown so winning! Going to try for 70% as usual
John Randell
John Randell:
As someone who works for a living, I know I won't be able to finish these missions .
samwise g
samwise g:
This tank is already out on the NA server, I have seen it in-game bouncing Skorpion premium rounds...
I got a guy in my team who were using this tank 2 days ago but he didn't do well
Lillian Rainwing
Lillian Rainwing:
Finally, a Marathon where I actually have free time to dedicate to it.
Agricultural Bank Of China
Agricultural Bank Of China:
Gonna buy the kpz50t from the ranked store when the Well Deserved Rewards come out, so I’ll have a fresh tank to grind in
WG: *Releases a Marathon Event*
Work: I'm about to end this man's whole career.

Welp. Unable to take a leave during last and first week of the month...
Honestly I'm waiting for the gameplay review Dez. If it is any good I might try but it has to be worth it.
Lunatic Fringe
Lunatic Fringe:
I work 10 hrs a day 7 days a week on 3rd shift. It’s kinda difficult to have the time too complete the hole challenge with my schedule. I’ll be happy to bust ars & receive 50% off like I did with the CS-52 LIS challenge. You’re awesome Dez! Love your vids! Everyone have a great holiday & be safe.
I seen one of these in a random battle last week and had no idea what it was.
Preparing my artys for those XP grinding
Dani Ökrös
Dani Ökrös:
I have digital school, so I'm 24-7 in front of my PC, and this could be the first time I grind my way through.
Steve Haydu
Steve Haydu:
So, if you're a really good player with no life, this tank could be yours.
colin arthur
colin arthur:
way to tough a grind for average players to get free, just like the ones before ,if i get to 50\60% discount i might be tempted
Stelian Vioreanu
Stelian Vioreanu:
Just for mentioning those 2 tanks(chieftain and obj 279 e) you are a d..k,this marathon its mostly for 30-40% discount,most players with no chieftain and 279 e can s..k a pp!
that's why I got myself a phase 1 form steel hunter
Millina G
Millina G:
Another Event you can't finish when you have a job and a real life...
FalconWing 1813
FalconWing 1813:
Sounds fun! but not sure how I will finish lol , Will take the free stuff though
hamzah alfaouri
hamzah alfaouri:
am only one month of being 4 years when i will get the tanks
Marc Fisher
Marc Fisher:
I don't have the time or the energy for these grinds. Remember - games are meant to be fun.
Fake Account
Fake Account:
fun fact: obj274a have a number "69" on its back of the turret (you can either see that inside the game or in tanks gg). i think WG really drunk when they making this tank lmao
Michael Mcdermott
Michael Mcdermott:
Disabled gamer at home 24/7 so ill grind as much as i can and then pay the difference..now where did that box go with the catheter in it 😁
Mark Alex
Mark Alex:
based on my avg exp it would take me 73 hours to grind it full percent, considering the way people play will be different , possibly more, last night I had an awfull experience , loss after loss 15-2 15-3, my shots where all over the place even when full aim so....less avg exp than usual.
I must play 24/7 all 10 days to get this tank no chance i no want to play this hunt because its so imposible when you no want to pay but i realy suprised for free stuf next day (26.11)
Fahad Rehman
Fahad Rehman:
i think this tank doesnt deserve that much time.. ill keep playing my 5 to 10 games daily.
hoping that one day MM will be fixed... This is hell for the new players..
unfortunately this is the bitter truth. i want to invite my friends here but they run away after playing the couple of days.
a witcher
a witcher:
The mastery missions are a joke it takes about the same time to grind base xp whats the point
Was waiting for this finally
Last time i could finish the marathon was the t25 pilot tank. These kind of maratons does not worth me even start it. Simply dont have enough time for it
Tbh this one looks a little interesting,bcs we can play again with tier 9,but then again might drop it on the way. Xd
Amirreza Rahimi
Amirreza Rahimi:
my friend finishs this marathon on 5 or 6 accounts:)
Desto C
Desto C:
I play 2-5 hours a week. Unlock stage5 and call it complete. 😅
Sam Manganello jr
Sam Manganello jr:
The problem is with grinding is I get bored playing the game after 45 minutes
Potato Gamer
Potato Gamer:
The last marathon i was interested in was the ebr, but i didnt have time for that
Tim D
Tim D:
Finally you can do Missions for Mastery with Tier 9
I'll start mission's but I will wait until i hear Your opinion in gameplay. Then i tell You how hard I go 😜
arbusto arbol
arbusto arbol:
After the marathon, all we be able to purchase this tank?
Rick Deckard
Rick Deckard:
Its either you have a job to pay for it so you can partially complete it or you dont have a job and can grind it.
John Smith
John Smith:
0:22 as a Canadian who rides a polar bear to work, I can confirm it's pronounced po-ler.
Gertjan Kluvers
Gertjan Kluvers:
Holiday Ops almost here!
I wish I had that tank but I just don’t have that much time to grind. I have a life outside of WoT
Mad Fish
Mad Fish:
Bruh I’m not gonna sell my soul for this so
wtf getting the reward on 2 different accounts?!?!?!
How much gold do they shoot?!?! :OOOOO
My goal is not planning to get it at all :)
Ferry R. Tandinata
Ferry R. Tandinata:
wg should make it for exchange with free exp just like wows. free exp for prem tanks
Now you can complete mastery missions with tier 9 even. Wasn't it only tier 10 before?
aiming for 70% discount :)
Dennis Bell
Dennis Bell:
254k XP in 10 days or 25,400 XP per day or just buy it, which is what WG wants. There are not gonna be a lot of players grinding this to a FREE tank.
B Dany
B Dany:
Time consuming and the requirements get harder every time
Never Gonna Give you up Never gonna let you down
Never Gonna Give you up Never gonna let you down:
Yeah, no i just started.
Ice Troll
Ice Troll:
Only an Elite tank, so no extra credit earning with this tank. A bit over the marathons and advent these days. Good to get a few extra rewards for chilling and playing, but beyond that, why bother.
Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET
Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET:
it's a 252.5k base exp to get it free on the grind mission...
Garry Whitcomb
Garry Whitcomb:
Pretty useless for those of us who only play casually I feel, I only get a few hours a week to play WOT, so the higher the level, the less I'm able to complete. This is event is going to be for those who are of higher skill levels, and unreachable for the average casual player.
Povilas Kirna
Povilas Kirna:
This is it I'm getting this one
I will get the defender and winter boxes so im not going to buy this even with a high discount
Robbie T
Robbie T:
RIP winrate next week...gonna be even more steamrolls than normal
Polski Czołgista
Polski Czołgista:
The best setup i think is turbo/vent/optics, stabilizer and rammer.
Cloud 9
Cloud 9:
WG giving the players choices...
El Muchacho Enamorado
El Muchacho Enamorado:
I usually grind to 80-90 % and just pay the rest 💀
Denja T
Denja T:
slowly but surely wg distracts me from playing
I won't bother even trying that grind. Nor I will open my wallet.
Liberty or Death 1776
Liberty or Death 1776:
Of all the weekends for my PC to give an unsolvable blue screen of death! Dangit, I wanted a Tier 8 Russian med premium too and I had time off of work to do the missions. Oh well. Here's to hoping my friend can fix it (because I don't know anything about the inner workings of game machines).
Got pushed out of my new job by someone who had a day seniority over me. Well I guess at least I'll have the time to get a tank for free this year. The question is, is it worth the mental toll?
NicoXE1ement h
NicoXE1ement h:
For player who doesnt have tier 9 like me its hard lol. Like cmon 30K base experience? If it was 30K total it would be easier
Emil K.
Emil K.:
I have school, don't think i could even reach stage 3 lol, high calibers are hard to get...
this tank's armour looks OP asf, better hull armour than T62A 2 tiers lower and turret like T54