Official Inside The Xbox Series S Walkthrough | Xbox All Access Explained | New Gamepass Details

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Today Learn about the tech behind the Xbox Series S, the smallest, sleekest Xbox ever. I have a detailed video of Microsft talking about the specs and features of the Xbox Series S. We also have new news on Xbox Gamepass and Xbox all access gets explained.

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1440p 60-120 Ray Tracing and next-gen features have you sold on Xbox series S?
Microsft has confirmed all access in the following regions
Australia at Telstra
Canada at EB Games
Denmark at Elgiganten
Finland at Gigantti
France at FNAC
New Zealand at Spark
Norway at Elkjøp
Poland at Media Expert
South Korea at SK Telecom
Sweden at Elgiganten
UK at GAME and Smyths Toys
United States at Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Microsoft Store, and Walmart
Evan Saylor
Evan Saylor:
Due to hospital bills from when I had testicular cancer back in November (yes I have 1 testicle now and yes I can still have kids) this will be my more affordable option and I love it.
Van Dammage
Van Dammage:
Really like the Series S and X reveal videos and all access. Xbox isn't playing around anymore
120 FPS....for $299
Now THIS is a "Mike Drop" moment 🎤
Jay C
Jay C:
1st thing 1st everyone who said today was going to be PS day is confused because Xbox just stolen it.
More importantly this is great news I still will be getting the Series X out of these consoles, but my cousins might finally pick up an Series S.

Hopefully PS will release their prices, preorders, release date, and full deep dive either this week or next because I'm trying to buy that console too.
Wow this is impressive for a $299 console
kholiwe Nelane
kholiwe Nelane:
its a well done presentation.
Nick the Pick
Nick the Pick:
MS just nuked Sony 3 times, first 299 tag, then the ray tracing 60fps fully RDNA 2 gpu and then EA play in Game pass...................
James Taylor
James Taylor:
Can now all the BS can stop about how the S going to hold back the X. The X will be a like a dev kit for the S!
GAME PASS + EA PLAY + xCloud! = 💚 🤟👊🤙👌👍🍺🤘 💚
Joseph Cook
Joseph Cook:
Brad sams just dropped the news 22 Sept pre order date for Xsx and xss ya
Jason Lucero
Jason Lucero:
Man game pass ultimate is insane. The amount of value they are giving you is crazy. I don't typically buy EAs games as I don't like their buisness model but they have so many great franchises. Just more excited to play all of these games on the series x.
robert rice
robert rice:
Man, looking forward to playing Deadspace in 4K 60FPS with Ray Tracing! 😨
Kiran Raj
Kiran Raj:
Congrats guys, xbox just won the generation. Let's enjoy gamepass in 120fps.
They finally showed gameplay, that is great!
Dustin Lambert
Dustin Lambert:
Factoring in inflation, this is the cheapest home console ever released.
Michael Ellis
Michael Ellis:
Also valhalla and legion 4k60 on X at launch.
Dee dropping dem 💣
dee All access is coming to Canada very shortly at EB games it’s confirmed in an article called mobile syrup I can send you the link if you need it let me know your Canadian friend
imagine me saying this as Tim Dog..."ENOUGH WITH THE DAMN TETRIS!".
After watching gears running at a flawless 120fps? Me & my TV have decided to upgrade
Avis Plush Productions
Avis Plush Productions:
Stupid good how this system is only $300, I'm all in on the X, but I might sneek the S to my younger boy!
everyone assassin creed valhalla has been confirmed 4k 60 on series x and s check Twitter 🤭🤭🤭
C C:
It will come in canada , I heard you will be able to get the All Access at EB Games
I honestly dont ever wanna hear about game pass for the rest of my life
Will we be able to preorder the series x on all access on September 22 2020 tho
Dhee Keol
Dhee Keol:
This guy should play Gandalf without the hat or the hair.
Gab Inidal
Gab Inidal:
Great price for the series s! That load time is great as well... but the actual game is still running in 30fps :(
Taylor Blazze
Taylor Blazze:
Both consoles are amazing. I just want my GAMEPASS on the go.
You Green
You Green:
Xbox: You get a game pass and you get a game pass and you get more games here’s better graphics can’t afford the series x ? No prob join next gen with the series s still hurt your wallet? There’s Xbox all access ...

So this is where they kept all the Series X/S gameplay. 🙌🏼
Zinga Lala
Zinga Lala:
The games look great,the console looks greater.Love how microsoft simplifies the design.Chony is in trouble!
Microsoft just got my money for sure and my friends are going to pick up and xbox too.
Sony Drone
Sony Drone:
So Series S is cheaper, has FULL RDNA2 features, and has a better CPU than PS5?

That means that aside from resolution, Series S will even play games better than PS5 and at $299. Poor Sony.
Jonathan Anaya
Jonathan Anaya:
Appreciate all the factual information that you've been feeding us for years! You're the best, Dee, and keep gloating Man. YOU'VE EARNED IT :)
Futurekill Xbox
Futurekill Xbox:
Nothing but great news 👍🏻
Thank you, Dee, what a console the S is at $299, it's great for the kids. It will be interesting to see what Sony come back with.
I love the quick resume demo...going through the catalog showing great og Xbox,360 and Xbox one games...that's a huge draw for me
Raekwon Unique
Raekwon Unique:
Now that how you do a presentation for now on that how you do a presentation.
I would love for you to do a video showing the the difference in performance and power in the series s and the 1X
Man am I hyped to the max , incredible video, thanks for sharing Dee. Awesome and thanks for spirating the Canadian movement for all of us up here
Dee with that HEAT rock!
Theo S
Theo S:
Great work on the video
Gr8 price this will be a good Xmas gift for my son. Series x day 1 for me though
Microsoft is hitting it out of the park @ every bat!
Ray Hus
Ray Hus:
Are we getting day 1 EA releases on gamepass? that would be CRAZY
Joel Monserrate
Joel Monserrate:
I have to admit I kind of excited when I saw Black on Xbox series s!
Aaron _
Aaron _:
If only they had some great exclusives to go along with it. Oh well. Series S will be my back up console after I get a ps5
Sean T
Sean T:
Take the L on the Xbox One X back compat Dee. I’ve tried telling you.
William McLelland
William McLelland:
Microsoft are just doing everything right frame rates matter and with gamepass ultimate with EA play and xcloud its just pure awesomeness
Daniel Hayes
Daniel Hayes:
🔥 Can’t wait
Thanks Dee. Another amazing video!
Good vid!! Pre-orders opening Sep 22. Let's go!!
Dyeffson Dorsaint
Dyeffson Dorsaint:
Breaking news xss faster than ps5 with velocity architecture 😆
Best value in gaming keeps getting better!
Ice Cold
Ice Cold:
This is great✌Xbox going all in
Dee, do you think Series S will have the same frame rate target in most games but at lower res and graphics quality?
I swear I told people that M$ was going to show gameplay on the series S before the series X! That's some strange behavior.
AC VALLHALA 4k60FPS on series D
When you show us Tetrus i mean com on just take my $$$$$$$$$
Niko Love
Niko Love:
Omg 🔥
Joseph Merle
Joseph Merle:
I wonder if sony will counter with something similar? payment plan or what not!?
If i was a casual gamer or if i had to stick to a budget.......this is definitely going to be a viable option for a lot of folks!
GAMEPASS has been really good for me..... albeit I havent had the time to play everything I would like! just not enough time!
Eugenia Bergeron
Eugenia Bergeron:
I've been saying for years that EA access which is now rebranded to EA play which is a much better name should been part of the Xbox game pass and it would only be really beneficial if they did the games at launch dates so I'm super glad that they're finally doing what I've been saying that they should have done for many years.
Ea play is right on time because I almost bought battlefield v and battlefront 2. I have them on my ps4 but I just dont have room for them because I have a ton of ps4 games. I was hoping that Sony would make an announcement that would counter the game pass hype but the gamepass hype has turned up even more lol. I'm glad that the people running xbox are smarter than the fanboys that get angry when you want more from these billion dollar companies.
Bluez n 2z
Bluez n 2z:
So glad that EA Play is coming to Game Pass, as I was just about to subscribe to EA Play on PC, but I don't have to anymore, so thanks Microsoft!. The Series S is amazing value and so is the Series X. Your turn Sony!
Stop Madness
Stop Madness:
Awesome video well presented thanks for the info Dee
XBOX dropping bombs like Hiroshima. 🔥💣🔥 Bro they added EA to Game Pass Ultimate and at no additional cost. Yeah that sealed the deal for me. I’m legit buying two XBOX Series X’s for my living room and bedroom and Two XBOX Series S’s for my son’s.
Brother Batch back again! Thanks gor the Video
Daniel Vargas
Daniel Vargas:
I saw that Ac Valhalla will play at 4k 60 on series X what about series S??
Gamer Madden07
Gamer Madden07:
Microsoft just hit Sony with a Huge Bomb a next gen console at 299 thats insane.Now Sony is Real Quiet.
lorenzo kellogg
lorenzo kellogg:
Well Dam.. enough said
Should have been the same box as x with overclocked gpu due to the heat solution
what does mean the red line on the frame rate graph?
that's dope
If the series S can do 120 FPS on most exclusives and call of duty I’m buying the series s
That mike rayner does not look healthy.
Van Dammage
Van Dammage:
Xbox keeps firing nukes on PS
Akash Sathish
Akash Sathish:
XBOX=PS5 get over it fanboys
Thomas Klooster
Thomas Klooster:
i got a playstation add........
Diogo S. Grecco
Diogo S. Grecco:
So the series S is a non brainer. Most of people can see the difference between 4k and 1440p. Me included.
Diogo S. Grecco
Diogo S. Grecco:
So the series S is a non brainer. Most of people can see the difference between 4k and 1440p. Me included.
1440p @120fps? So the XSS is targeted on people with PC monitors then? LOL.
How much faster is the series X than the Series S????
stephen steadman
stephen steadman:
4 Tflops.
Jason Ronald, is a True Genius!
Michael chirichello
Michael chirichello:
I wish they would have compared the series s to the one x
224 GBPs seems a bit low, PS4 Pro level which means G Buffer effects will be limited as they're bandwidth intensive. It's fine for 1440P resolutions but not even having half the bandwidth as XSX games will be designed around this limitation. From what was said XSS is 4 times the performance of XB1S which is slightly less than the 4 to 5 times performance XB1X has over XB1S. 10 gigs of ram is a bit low so I'm assuming all texture assets will be 2K or less which is less than XB1X. Odd console in my opinion but I get why MS went this route. If you want the power get the XSX, if you want the value get the XSS which has more features, faster storage while having slightly less power and ram when compared to the XB1X.
Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
KING Merlin
KING Merlin:
That just show's that Xbox #nipower #ispower
The GmC GaMeR
The GmC GaMeR:
Do you think the S will be capable of direct X-ray tracing and all the other next Gen Perks on a 1080p TV or only on 1440p..
Lil Sauce
Lil Sauce:
Is Series S worth upgrading to if I have a 1x?
Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods:
*_Good god that’s ugly!_*
Dr Frank
Dr Frank:
Xbox is killing it hype is real
Daniel Allen
Daniel Allen:
I wonder if Microsoft is going to make a black series s with a white grill? It'd make about as much damn sense as a white one with a black grill.
PhantomPain74 MZR
PhantomPain74 MZR:
299 WAYS TO REGRET .....
TravieSo Godly
TravieSo Godly:
Its over for sony
Taylor Blazze
Taylor Blazze:
Does the ps5 have 120fps?
Not bad.. Twice as fast as xbox one x