Official Story Trailer - Far Cry 6

Watch the Far Cry 6 Official Story Trailer. Discover the story of Yaran Dictator Antón Castillo (Giancarlo Esposito) and the modern guerrillas rising up against him.

A revolution is not won by the fearless - it is won by the feared. Welcome to Libertad.

Far Cry 6 will be available 7th October 2021 on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Ubisoft Connect, Ubisoft+, Epic Games and Stadia. Pre-order now at:

Pre-order now and get access to the Libertad Pack which includes the “Libertad Outfit” for your loyal Chorizo and the state-of-the-art “Discos Locos”, a weaponised disc launcher that will make your enemies dance on their own graves.

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Giancarlo is literally the perfect role for the president
Devil Recon
Devil Recon:
SPOILER. After the game's final the dictactor will open Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant.....
Far Cry 6! it's another level 🔥🔥🔋
Henry Galliher
Henry Galliher:
He made his son literally shoot down a white dove of peace. There is no better metaphore for what kind of man he is than that.
Things I hope/looking forward to in this game:
1) the graphics in the trailers look a bit dated. Far Cry 5 seemed to have better graphics; hopefully the game itself looks better
2) The main character you play as isn't a mute and is actually shown in cutscenes and has motivations and goals
3) the main villain better have more than 5 minutes of screen time in the game
I think this will be one of those games where you DON'T wanna kill the final boss like Gustavo
UBISOFT'S animation technology doesn't do Giancarlo Esposito's acting justice. So much is missing.
The Liamster
The Liamster:
Giancarlo Esposito is so good at playing villains. Moff Gideon from the Mandalorian is my favorite but Castillo seems really cool.
Arthur Kurbedzis
Arthur Kurbedzis:
Finally, the villain who makes you feel like being under the press.
We need a trailer featuring Male Dani. All we have is an image, not the voice.
Ionel Scutaru
Ionel Scutaru:
I hope Far Cry 6 will have a massive story line and will not end fast. Great game.
Raina Lane
Raina Lane:
“What kind of company still uses graphics from 2005 ?”
“No company, no company at all.”
Hira Valley
Hira Valley:
The graphics and face animations looks worse than Far Cry 5
That my character sings with the radio in game, like i do, is awesome. So cool.
"Did i ever tell you the definition of insanity?"
Rustam Hajiyev
Rustam Hajiyev:
Honestly, after new dawn's underwhelming villains, this is a breath of fresh air
Mike Gorg
Mike Gorg:
Who knew you can gain so much power by owning fast food restaurant. Go Gus !!!
Abdul Aziz Shakib
Abdul Aziz Shakib:
"I hide in plain sight, just like you"
- Gustavo Fring (rip)
glad he is in this game, i will cry when killing him
Kiki the pupper
Kiki the pupper:
I can't wait to see the alternative Easter egg ending for this.
Blender Geek
Blender Geek:
Is it just me all the characters look like slightly realistic version of telltale games?
Pavel Livshits
Pavel Livshits:
Ubisoft and facial animations = non existent
I feel like this would of been a good story seen from the son’s point of view and not from the survivor of that boat incident.
Nafis Arafat
Nafis Arafat:
I'd love another Far Cry story with astonishing and cool villain.
Dragonrider - MotoVlogs & Motorcycle Videos
Dragonrider - MotoVlogs & Motorcycle Videos:
This looks really damn good. I thought like I had enough of the FC formula but this might be worth giving another shot...
Just know that the villain doesn't die at the end of the game, he goes on to create a chicken restaurant and have a secret meth business on the side.
I HIGHLY recommend listening to SEPULTURA while playing this game.
Daaamn when’s the last time you were excited by a story trailer?! Whatever else this game is the voice acting and animation are both top notch.
The Gaming Elephant
The Gaming Elephant:
He’s deadass in the trailers as much as other Farcry villains are in their games
Hacker Jonathan
Hacker Jonathan:
I can just see Dani ending up being one Castillo's soldiers I'm literally calling it.
“I am not fearless but I promise u I will be feared.”

I already have no problem killing u if it comes to it, I predict.
Berr Ruh
Berr Ruh:
I really hope the enemy faction can give you quests like in AC Odyssey
For the first time I'm not quite that excited for 6 but I don't really know why. I was more excited for 5 🙁
José Lucas
José Lucas:
"I have a vision to rebuild Paradise".
Wow, Claudia from Silent Hill 3 would LOVE to meet this guy.
Garand Chad
Garand Chad:
Can't wait to hear male mc's voice.
Dame Mixslayer
Dame Mixslayer:
I just hope they change their mind about removing the map editor and bring it back in a dlc or as a standalone with everything asset included from almost every game and a custom access feature and no having to have ps plus to play other people’s maps. Its very unlikely they would make this but I’m sure they would win back a good chunk of people(including me) that buy these primarily for the ability to play and make custom levels.
Giancarlo's model looks EXACTLY like him even in in-game cutscenes
cabbage leon
cabbage leon:
the cutscenes are pretty inconsistent. it's jarring, it's as if multiple games at different time periods were compiled together.
Red Blue
Red Blue:
Literally the only thing missing from this game so far is AI density
Marsel Naidenov
Marsel Naidenov:
I like this series so much.
I started with Far Cry 3 and I'm looking forward to playing Far cry 6
Hoggar Krababbel
Hoggar Krababbel:
With the Tropico Soundtrack this game will be perfect!
Man I'm just looking forward to that dlc with all the old antagonists
"Rule or be ruled" that sounds so badass 🔥
Cornflakes And Milk
Cornflakes And Milk:
For the most Part the one thing I think Ubisoft always gets right is the "Villains" of the FarCry games.
noh azwan
noh azwan:
Imagine if ubisoft just put the borderland filter to prank us
Jesus Coyt-Munoz
Jesus Coyt-Munoz:
This game looks badass and I think it’s gonna make a lot of Mandalorian fans happy since moff gideon is the bad guy!! When I play it I’m gonna imagine I’m fighting him to feel double fan vibes!!!
Ali3n Boi
Ali3n Boi:
Yara going be the paradise to see our iconic villains again!! 😍
Rice Cooker
Rice Cooker:
I like how this time the villain has an extreme amount of dynamic too.
0:23 why is he speaking that fast lol
I feel like they should have 2 endings one where you kill him and the “bad” ending you let him live
James Trout
James Trout:
Bothered by no Arcade mode, but this amazing trailer has dulled the pain
Ender Spartan 5
Ender Spartan 5:
Not two seconds in and I already know that Anton will be the good guy of the game.
If any FarCry game ever tops 2 or 3 I will be shocked. One of best parts of 3 was the opening to set the tone. Jason with his brother and friends partying and then leading to the phone part with Vas was brilliant. Hopefully we get something similar to that with this game.
_ NotSoBunnyBoy _
_ NotSoBunnyBoy _:
I’m so excited for this and the dlc I cannot wait and I can only pray that it won’t be a clusterfuck like cyberpunk
The bad Dog
The bad Dog:
This actually looks pretty awesome
Ubi no, Ubi... why? Every time the company shows off a new game, they somehow get worse and worse. The lighting makes all of the character models and objects seem to be rendered in a completely different reality than the environments they inhabit.
Looks like they used most of the character design budget on the villain, his face has like 10x times the detail compared the every other character.
Michael Lemmons
Michael Lemmons:
looks great! I wonder what secret ending they'll put in place for not doing a damn thing at the beginning...
... "When you have a console, you always have games. They will always be your priority, your responsibility, and a gamer - a gamer 'games'. And he does it even when he's not appreciated or respected or even loved. He simply bears up, and he does it because he's a gamer"
renie miller
renie miller:
I hope there is still time for them to repolish this. Coz I think there's something off of the graphics.
akhil a
akhil a:
We want games similar to farcry 3, 4... this looks like remastered version of farcry 2
Boring Pictures
Boring Pictures:
They really got me debating the preorder over a weiner dog… Well played, Ubisoft.
the explosions are looking 8bit and that broke the immersion of the trailer for me
hope they make them look better
White Dragon
White Dragon:
You got to Admit for the main antagonist of Far Cry 6 Anton is a Pretty good Teacher and Father.
Ben Kenobi
Ben Kenobi:
We all know that everyone will love Juan
I never knew Morgan Freeman wanted to be a gang Boss.
This is one of those storylines where you want the villian to win
Anthony Weise
Anthony Weise:
By far my favorite game series of all time. Can't wait for this. 🤘🏼
I really hope there is a Breaking Bad Easter egg to be found within this game.
So excited, can't wait for this game and the season pass!!
Goddamn is the visuals rough but hopefully the story will be good. This Villain could be VERY good!
Abubakkar Siddique
Abubakkar Siddique:
Everyone is boss until this guy plays his favourite song 😂 The maze runner reference 😃
User - ing
User - ing:
A flesh of pure story driven from ubisoft after the RPGs
Aaron Brevard
Aaron Brevard:
now THAT is the Far Cry we now and love!!!! not some bullshit annual game, but a well thought out bad guy that we love to hate
kieran wilson
kieran wilson:
It's just goin to be the same map on the sly with a couple of different objectives
is this coming out on mobile ? cause if trailer's graphics look this bad and outdated .... I wonder how will the final game look like ?
Cazz Edits
Cazz Edits:
I pro ordered this game 61 days ago, still got 39 days till I can actually play 😔
When you change your profession after realising Walter's brother-in-law is a cop
Sean O'Brien
Sean O'Brien:
Now this is the kind of game that I want.

Along with Dying Light 2, and Kerbal Space Program 2, and Forza Horizon 5, and Battlefield 2042...

Okay I want a lot of games xD
Asim Giri
Asim Giri:
There were rumors that Vaas was somehow connected with this 😂
I can already tell I'm going to like the villain more than the protagonist.
Slesher 215
Slesher 215:
when will we get a far cry where we play has the bad guys crushing the soo called good guys? that would really be the definition of insanity
Man, Gustavo Fring really came a long way in this universe.
Lord Zuko
Lord Zuko:
Damn, I might finally start buying Farcry Games again.
L V:
Nice, hope the villain will raise to Vas levels :D
Herman Wade
Herman Wade:
What’s the name of the beat(song) played in the background of this trailer? It’s dope!
IRaidz TTV
IRaidz TTV:
This game looks sick!! Can’t wait!
The cutscenes are a bit outdated but still is very interesting
Exploding old man in a wheelchair would be a great weapon to kill the boss
Generic Name
Generic Name:
I hope Longinus makes a appearance. In Far Cry 4 during your last meeting with him he says he may go to Cuba or South America.
cant wait im so hyped
Game Buddy
Game Buddy:
@ Far Cry 3: "Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity"?
@ Far Cry 6: "You will go insane if you try to figure out the definition"!
Question: Will a Ryzen 5600G or 5700G be able to play it @ 1080p or better? Thanks.
Also: So disappointed I couldn't get to keep my upgraded weapons and perks when restarting New Dawn. :(
Jakatong Hermansaya
Jakatong Hermansaya:
Honestly we need more of male Dani
I've been playing Far Cry ever since Far Cry primal and I ask myself why didn't I start playing Far Cry a long time ago?🤔 shyt is 🔥🔥🔥 I luv dis franchise can't wait to play pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition ❤❤❤
B-Rad Kerr
B-Rad Kerr:
Great cast, truly I can’t wait !
David O'Dell
David O'Dell:
Amazing voice acting and the story sounds great. I normally buy every far cry game. But far cry 5 gameplay was really badly balanced for different play styles and performance was bad on xbox one x with broken stuttering sound. I had to restart the game again and again to fix the sound and performance. Think it was the sound of the random encounter planes that attack you that would sometimes totally break the sound and frame rate. Tried to replay the game a couple of months ago and the sound/performance bugs were STILL NOT FIXED! So I don't think I will be buying Far Cry 6.
Edgar Hernandez
Edgar Hernandez:
Can't wait til this is on sale... Looks pretty fun
I can already tell they’re going to do a mission wherein we get high off that viviro plant.
Alyce S
Alyce S:
This is one of the most Badass lines I have ever heard 2:15
I just want to know if there will be others "boss" like Far cry 3, 4, and 5 did before.