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100+ komentarze:

What do you think?? Kinda crazy..
Albert Garcia
Albert Garcia:
This is by far the absolute worst ratings I have ever seen in a fifa game
Fut Master
Fut Master:
The worst ratings ever wtf is wrong with ea do they watch football
The Batman Channel
The Batman Channel:
Fifa 21 with the worst ratings ever, Thiago 85 rated??? Wtf😂😂😂😂
Auba getting a -1 is actually disgraceful
Matthew Stewart
Matthew Stewart:
How does half of Bayern get downgraded 😂😂😂😂😂
Jack Hammond
Jack Hammond:
Imagine giving gnabry and Thiago 85’s....
Hamza Siddiqui
Hamza Siddiqui:
they did bundesliga dirty
Itz Rigz
Itz Rigz:
I wanna know what they where smoking tbh.
kareem khalid
kareem khalid:
Thiago deserves an 87 rating minimum, the disrespect is unreal. How is Fernandes rated higher than him 😂😂
Müller only 86 wtf
Teza Fajar
Teza Fajar:
Ronaldo downgrade? Yes, let`s downgrade someone who has a bette stats than his previous year stats
Fifa Tracks
Fifa Tracks:
Ea certainly doesn't watch football😂
Lucas Evans
Lucas Evans:
Wtf, they just bummed off Liverpool and were harsh on most other players
Whitty - FIFA Videos
Whitty - FIFA Videos:
Some weird pace and general downgrades
hackers night
hackers night:
How is aubamayang only 87 ... He deserves an 89 or 90 ffs
wedi eri Men
wedi eri Men:
Where is Martial?
Nayan Ramakrishnan
Nayan Ramakrishnan:
Someone tell me how martial didn’t get at least an 85 if rashford did
Swe Duos
Swe Duos:
Henderson 86 never in my life
Ttv_fearful_0 _
Ttv_fearful_0 _:
Auba downgrade is filthy deserved an upgrade IMO he had a insane season disgusting from ea
Antonio Bauman
Antonio Bauman:
did lfc bribe ea or something?
James bobby
James bobby:
Fifa really don't want me to buy 21 they've already started doing dumb unrealistic stuff
Gnabry should be 87 muller 88 Thiago 88 at least neuer 90 lewandowski 92
Despicable Me
Despicable Me:
Imagine giving Robertson & Sancho the same amount of pace... and Gnabry 82 Pace ffs💩💩💩
Carp #06
Carp #06:
How is Timo Werner not at least and 86
danny mcgurgan
danny mcgurgan:
I couldn't careless about the ratings just can't wait to play the game
Apso Cards
Apso Cards:
Some interesting cards for this season! I think a PL / Bundesliga hybrid could be the way forward!
Remember when ur looking at the dribbling stats that this ain’t Fifa 20 no more
Adam Playz
Adam Playz:
I wonder if they were smoking weed when making these ratings
Rudy King
Rudy King:
Thiago, Muller, Sane, Gnabry, Goretzka got robbbbed in this fifa EA is a joke
ReX Nite
ReX Nite:
Why has sancho got like a -7 in pace or something
Lander Engelbeens /
Lander Engelbeens /:
85 for Lukaku????? pls like this to get the best real 9 from the world get a much higher rating
Essence EptiK
Essence EptiK:
Completely just wrong. Just wrong. They’re on something over there
Pogba = Henderson ???
Karthick Karthick
Karthick Karthick:
Common , bayern won ucl still got downgrade and liverpool lost still got huge upgrade , fifa sucks .
Hamza Siddiqui
Hamza Siddiqui:
Vardy gets 86 from 82 and Coman stays 84 after scoring in the UCL final? what a joke!
Kwaku Akyeampong
Kwaku Akyeampong:
Messi has 4 goals from open play against top 10 this season but is still the highest rated 😂😂
Kaung Hlyan
Kaung Hlyan:
Why does Mbappe keep getting upgrades? He didn't even have that great of a season.
85 Thiago? Wtf
a_hr99 9
a_hr99 9:
For me:messi-ronaldo-lewa>>>93
Exotic Bongo
Exotic Bongo:
Fully mocked half of these ratings
Anthony Vitale
Anthony Vitale:
When are all the ratings coming out like bronze and sliver and lower rated gold cards
Alex Kim
Alex Kim:
Lol Thiago deserves 89 at least
And why is son pace only 88
Trent alexander Arnold deserves 87
How is Henderson rated higher than Thiago lol
Profilo Giochi
Profilo Giochi:
Gnabry and Sancho have lost one leg.
Just to keep Ronaldo down they downgraded his no. As well wtf he had a good season this year
T.S.L GAMER 123:
Messi the goat
Alexander Maglaras
Alexander Maglaras:
Can you add fifa points during the 10 hour trial
100 subscribers without any videos
100 subscribers without any videos:
Auba 87 ?Now thats crazy shit out there man
wtf have they done o auba he the best stricker in the prem and gets downgraded bs. he deserves a 89
Ancient knight
Ancient knight:
i love allioson but 90 this season a stretch the should give it to ederson
Mr Waffles69
Mr Waffles69:
This guy doesn't even remember the fifa 20 ratings smh also how did aubameyang get downgraded like how
Valentijn Barendse
Valentijn Barendse:
How is everyone so goddam high?!?!?
Big Lez
Big Lez:
So rashford is the same rating as Gnabry.....gnabry has the 3rd highest goals plus assists in Europe this season???
aubameyang on the same level as firmino? i think not. disrespectful
Blue EyEs
Blue EyEs:
Why is Liverpool so overpowered, they're world class but seriously EA have you lost your flippen mind
eugenia amoah
eugenia amoah:
Nah ea are rude they did hazard and more players dirty just for 1 season and it was hazards first in Madrid
Bisi K
Bisi K:
Should be 93 ronaldo 93 messi no separating their season
So much English bias. How half of Liverpool players are rated higher than Bayern players is absurd.
Oskar Haukeberg
Oskar Haukeberg:
How can Werner get downgraded?
Akın Kabul
Akın Kabul:
Caglar soyuncu deserved eighty five,auba deserved 89,thiago deserved 88-89
The Real Man
The Real Man:
Wtf where is Lukaku
Alphonso Davies?
Cedric Malesi
Cedric Malesi:
what the heck do ea watch fottball i=how i was exited its just a disgrace and i predict they will force us to play fall guys
Sam Lewis
Sam Lewis:
EA have outdone themselves.
emma regan
emma regan:
Where's martial man
Inter Prise
Inter Prise:
Premiere League is the most overrated thing in the world🤣🤣🤣🤣.
Emmy Eric
Emmy Eric:
Bayern players are all meant to get an upgrade
Josegon 00
Josegon 00:
I swear Liga NOS players have a cap of 85. No matter what EA will not give players a higher rating than that, I mean how in the world is Alex Telles still at 84 and TAA gets upgraded to 87?
Na hui
Na hui:
gnabry and sancho lost a leg smh
I dont understand why they downgrade ronaldo he have a better season than the pervios season and they keep downgrade him
Anthony Robinson
Anthony Robinson:
werner 85?
Taki Froyo
Taki Froyo:
De gea deserves a 80 rates or romero deserves a 86 bc de gea did worse then romero
Essence EptiK
Essence EptiK:
Gnabry only 85? Muller only 86? Thiago downgrade? So much for being the best team in the world..... also Auba downgrade? They’re on meth
Sunnyabraham Konethe
Sunnyabraham Konethe:
Cr7 gets a downgrade. Wtf. He played amazingly last season and Messi should be same with Cr7.
KSJAI Swift:
Love the vidd
For Zy3
For Zy3:
sancho 83 pace
Hutchinson Gaming
Hutchinson Gaming:
Dexter Hunt
Dexter Hunt:
82 pace gnabry 🤡
Ea is embarassing. Serie A had been destroyed random
aaron lag
aaron lag:
Ronaldo 92....... messi 93.... both got the most unfair ratings every both deserved at least to stay the same or upgrade
Zinedine Zidane
Zinedine Zidane:
Where’s Alphonso Davies????
vladmir gluten
vladmir gluten:
These ratings are disgraceful
Richard Richie
Richard Richie:
85 sane??fifa your joking
Valentijn Barendse
Valentijn Barendse:
Busquets needs to be downgraded, pique as well... Actually all old players that have underperformed need to be downgraded, ea doesn't want to downgrade the for some reason, just give them a -2 there stats are shite.
Yuri Fercundes
Yuri Fercundes:
Messi e CR7 93
Neymar e Lewa 92
De Bruyne 91
Gnabry, Müller Thiago Bayern won the treble
Hong hyeon Ko
Hong hyeon Ko:
Son 87? No way~😅
Are u telling me Messi is faster than gnabry
Der Da
Der Da:
I think they forgot FC Bayern
Taki Froyo
Taki Froyo:
Son deserves a higher rating
MadMax PlayzGames
MadMax PlayzGames:
Love your vids bro
Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction:
Auba 87....
Ronaldo last season 30 goals 94 rated. Ronaldo this season 48 goals 93 rated
Gabriel P.
Gabriel P.:
The worst Ratings ever... ronaldo 92??? Messi 93??? Are u crazy?? Ronaldo was a little bit better than Messi this season...
Anyway... Aubameyang 87? Ea, what did you smoke yesterday?
Nico Müller
Nico Müller:
I think EA is on crack
Thomas Davenport
Thomas Davenport:
Ballajazzhus YT
Ballajazzhus YT:
Early gang
Ancient knight
Ancient knight:
if messi has 85 pace and henderson has 63 pace this game is not fair what so ever the base your speed on postion 😡😡😡😡😡
Elijah M
Elijah M:
Are these official I hope not