Oktoberfest Munich - Complete Guide

Ayo Munich - Oktoberfest Special

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In this video:
0:17 Introduction
0:47 History
1:15 When does the Oktoberfest take place?
1:25 When is the best time to go?
2:23 Location and how to get there
2:56 The Oktoberfest's lay out and attractions
3:30 Oktoberfest tents and beer, getting a table, ...
5:59 Tracht - The Bavarian traditional clothing
6:30 Good to know
8:03 Summary

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21 komentarze:

Kris Iglehart
Kris Iglehart:
going this year, flights and lodging already booked. Can't Wait!!
The Unicorn of Power
The Unicorn of Power:
I've learned that my then girlfriend, now fiancée, was planning to take me there before the pandemic. Even though it didn't work out, I'm touched that she thought of it. I believe we will go there someday, preferably along with some friends!
Larry L
Larry L:
Just got home after 4 days of partying in Munich. Everyone is awesome and there to have fun!! And the women are stunning. From UK
Thanks for this beautiful video. Just like to add: 2:43 that's a lie! There are no different rates for taxis! Not during the Oktoberfest nor some other time of the year. They're officially fixed and can't be changed by the drivers. Also 7:20 is just wrong. How much you tip makes no difference. These girls receive a commission for everything they sell. The more they sell the more they'll earn. So nobody there will let you wait for a beer or something to eat no matter how much you tip them. You can be sure you don't have to wait for a beer even without tip.
I have always wanted to go. Being native amarican, this always looked fun.

Cheers from Seattle
Stephen Ord
Stephen Ord:
Kris, enjoy, you'll love it. Should be going myself but health issues have put a stop to. At least I've done it a few times. Fantastic city, people, culture
Three Fruits
Three Fruits:
Thank you for this gem
Melon Bar
Melon Bar:
Planning on going this year! Are there many tourists, if anyone has gone before?
theo van staden
theo van staden:
i have oktoberfest every weekend having a few German beers, lol my wife German and dont like beer!🤣😂🍺🍻 Prost!
although Ive never been to one,germans tend to take oktoberfest really serious, even in other regions they do a oktoberfest, decorating everything in bavarian style and sh*t its like a national holiday for beer drinking and bad food
Mlaku Ambience
Mlaku Ambience:
Das Oktoberfest ist beliebt in Deutschland!
m ice
m ice:
But beer makes me have to pee, if I drink those huge things I might as well just stay in the toilet.
Fatima Ayesha
Fatima Ayesha:
i am in radolfzel , i will go next oct fest inshaAllah
Magnificent Germany with Darion
Magnificent Germany with Darion:
See you in Munich Folks :)!!!!!!!!!
Bwoy OhneName
Bwoy OhneName:
Take a look to us germans:
Right wing peoples from the AFD Party cry every day that we all will die because petrol and gas have become a few cents more expensive, but we buy a beer at the Oktoberfest for 14 euros. Thats REAL luxury.......yea :)
Dylan Mckibbin
Dylan Mckibbin:
Going this year do you need tickets ?
5:39 That's a pretty german gesture I must say....
Pınar Özhelvacı Haykır
Pınar Özhelvacı Haykır:
Really wonder full? How is this.. Can you tell a little bit ı will ne there in munıch for business
HoneY st666
HoneY st666:
Agustus nek ora yowes rak usah teko ning uripku meneh.
คฑาวุธ เรืองบุญรบ
คฑาวุธ เรืองบุญรบ:
Fantasic the best talk about did' plan B ' all about game hot all feeling about with you ...we all can see I feel ?