OLE OUT? West Brom 1-1 Manchester United EPL Goals

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100+ komentarze:

Jam mane
Jam mane:
Congratulations to United for winning the league by Jan
Louis LasVegas
Louis LasVegas:
United haven’t been the same since winning the league in January #WinterChampions
Chelsea Love
Chelsea Love:
*Alfie when Utd wins:* Yo baby, 21 incoming, you rivals are typing from your mama's basement.
*Alfie after Utd loose:* you rivals are muppets, we almost won the league, we are on an upward trajectory (Europa League music 🎶 intensifies)
Jakir Ahmed
Jakir Ahmed:
What you got to say for yourself now Alfie? Absolute joke man 🤣🤣🤣
1 billion spend since fergie and you have utd fans on saying not one manager has been backed, complaining about city spending when you both outspend everyone yet still complain about your owners. Comical
Nicholas Hopkins
Nicholas Hopkins:
8 years & counting... most fans of the football terrace weren’t even alive the last time United won the league
Darius Palmer
Darius Palmer:
How can you ignore the tactical side of the game. Get someone on who can breakdown the faults of Ole's tactical plan against West Brom.
GR Darg
GR Darg:
Atleast Man U won the prem after 18 games 😂
Philippe Hunt
Philippe Hunt:
Alfie is the biggest flip flop. Keep crying
Ole=no system
Its just vibes and relying on individual brilliance
Even without Aguero and KDB City are still bossing it.
They laughed at Chelsea for coming back 3-3 against the mighty Brom
Imran Khan
Imran Khan:
Ole got done by Sam 😂😂
Ross O'Connor
Ross O'Connor:
Man United have spent the highest In Europe in the last 5 years.
Env Y
Env Y:
Hahaha your season was over before it ever started no one thought you melts had a chance anyways other than yourselves
Stef Bellavia
Stef Bellavia:
Alfie "number 21 is coming home"

Des T
Des T:
Did united fans really believe they would win the league with Ole ffs 21 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Doom Man
Doom Man:
United in their last 5 games: 6 points
Liverpool in their last 5 games: 6 points

Don't see much talk of United 🤔
Love the endless backtrack deflection tactics of saying that the "Ole inners" are "Ole Outers" in disguise. Got all your angles covered to worm your way out of being a massive hypocrit.
Taso K
Taso K:
This where Man Utd’s good run of form comes to an end, I won’t be surprise if they drop points week after week and drop out of top 4
Tony Kelly
Tony Kelly:
Alfie: 21 is coming Man City: Hold my beer 16 games unbeaten now (I’m not 100% sure)
All the Man U fans were giving the biggen when they was top, we all knew what was going to happen I think we need to ask what you fans was SMOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bex Clue
Bex Clue:
To people constantly saying "This United team isn't ready yet!".....when will they ever be ready? I've been hearing it like forever now.
City was laughed at in their 16/17 season. How they can't defend, how Pep can't play in England like in Spain, how "Fraudiola doesn't coach tackling" - one season later they're Centurions.
So how much time exactly does this United team need (mentally) to get ready?
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
I fear we may fall behind the likes of Chelsea, West Ham, Everton. And end up being in 8th close to Arsenal.
francis jinadu
francis jinadu:
Terry I saw your captain crying that he won an offside penalty on Sky, same as united fans on Twitter. Apparently only Arsenal fans and players blame the referee
Kelvin Mike Chetambe
Kelvin Mike Chetambe:
Man U were too lucky during that Fairy tale run. Coming from behind 11 times, I knew a time will come when this will stop
Kevin Boateng
Kevin Boateng:
28:55 Eye Test is a legend! 🤣🤣🤣
Ahmed The terrorist
Ahmed The terrorist:
I was told 21 is coming, trust the process 😂
Tennyson clothing
Tennyson clothing:
Unbearable 2020
Unbearable 2020:
Man Utd have spent a billion since Ferguson......no manager has been backed 🤣🤣🤣
1 don
1 don:
Bruno was awful today he created nothing and nobody talks about it.
Amol Mehrotra
Amol Mehrotra:
21 is coming you guys have patience, it's a Sunday 😂
Kobe OM
Kobe OM:
I would love to see Rants n Bants and Saeed debate with Alfie
Atomic Puppet
Atomic Puppet:
Terry is waffling about there being tactics there are no tactics we are moments fc
Ryan Njerere
Ryan Njerere:
Eye test will forever be the guy I actually agree with, because Liverpool always create through the wings City create through Tiki taka, what do we do??? Because behind Bruno Luke Shaw has 5 assists and noone else is a consistent contributer
Joshua 14
Joshua 14:
VAR couldn’t save them this time...
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
Big sam schooled Ole.
Free World
Free World:
Alfie is suddenly smokeless 🤣
GR Darg
GR Darg:
Man U are actually dead joint on points with leicester who have a load of injuries only 6 points ahead of liverpool who have the most amount of injuries to senior players ive seen. While Man U have 1 injury lol embarrassing
Azariah Carty
Azariah Carty:
Title Winning Squad: […]Age is in two years time…*4 transfer window gap…Any later more and more players will age and require replacing…
11-LW: Rashford-[25] -> Martial-[27]
9-ST: … -> (Cavani-[36]) -> Greenwood-[21]
7-RW: … -> Greenwood-[21] –> Diallo-[20]
10-CAM: Bruno-[28] -> Van de Beek-[25] -> (Mata-[34])
8-CM: Pogba-[29] -> Mc Tominay-[26] -> Fred-[29]
6-CDM: … -> (Matic-[34])
3-LB: Shaw-[27] -> Telles-[30]
4-CB: Maguire-[29] -> Lindelof-[28]
5-CB: … -> Bailly-[28] -> Tuanzebe-[25]
2-RB: … -> Wan-Bissaka-[25]
1-GK: De Gea-[32], Henderson-[25]

Starter -> Main Rotator -> Backup of the Backup
TOP Transfers– 1)CB, 2)CDM, 3)RW, 4)ST, 5)RB needed…+ [Cavani + Mata + Matic], 3 players that will be over 34years old must be sold and replaced…*Pogba rumour??…best if stayed…IF leaves must get another CM of TOP quality…
- 5(*6) First team players + 3 squad players = Total 8(*9)…Sooo 2 transfers per transfer windows…3 per summer 1 per winter…Very doable…
IN REALITY…#FraudWoodward will take 5 years to do this and by then…
11-LW: Rashford-[28] -> Martial-[30]
9-ST: … -> Greenwood-[24]
7-RW: … -> Greenwood-[24] –> Diallo-[23]
10-CAM: Bruno-[31] -> Van de Beek-[28]
8-CM: Pogba-[32] -> Mc Tominay-[29] -> Fred-[32]
6-CDM: … -> …
3-LB: Shaw-[30] -> Telles-[33]
4-CB: Maguire-[32] -> Lindelof-[31]
5-CB: … -> Bailly-[31] -> Tuanzebe-[28]
2-RB: … -> Wan-Bissaka-[28]
1-GK: De Gea-[35], Henderson-[28]
…Ageing players with ambition will start leaving in the next 3 years let alone 5 if club fails to create winning squad…: Pogba -> Bruno -> Van de Beek -> Martial -> Rashford…and another 6+ year rebuild will start
Bayern LEO
Bayern LEO:
Eye test speaks a lot of sense
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
Ole needs our players to play in a system.
BB Sackmi
BB Sackmi:
Cant believe some fans basically saying we need Pogba to beat WBA. Ole is lucky to still have a job
ALFIE: " I FEEL IT'S 21 FOR 21" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Feel this 🖕🖕🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Joshua 14
Joshua 14:
Nicky slam crying again..
Liverpool are finishing higher than United just watch.
Salzburg SF 49ers fan
Salzburg SF 49ers fan:
Schadenfreude 😂😂😂
Ovie grant Digbori
Ovie grant Digbori:
Dave the secret Man United supporter..Always with Them boys..Lol
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
What improvement under ile?
Imran Khan
Imran Khan:
You guys are delusional winning the league even if he was back in the summer he would never win the league he’s too incompetent to do that
Oliver Heaney
Oliver Heaney:
Still a banter club ... nothing’s changed ...big talk full of shit .. you can’t have excuses with a fully fit squad !
Marcus Trashford
Marcus Trashford:
Trashford MBE you know what's up !!!!! Ole in Ole out shake it all about......Ole at the Wheel driving VArcester united down the Mancester Hill ........sing it over and over again Ole at Wheel x 3
Jeremy G
Jeremy G:
One more thing...why was Bailly on the bench, and why didn't OGS sub in VDB for McTominay, have Fred be the DM and stay to protect the CBs, and give everyone else the freedom to cut loose and go all out on that defense?! Poor tactics from the management this time, poor performance!
Ger Murtagh
Ger Murtagh:
Please stay ole🤣🤣🤣🤣
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
I wanted to give till may, but now we may lose more points to Teams like West Ham Everton,Chelsea, and fall behind these times.
Andrew Hylton
Andrew Hylton:
But but but " Brumo Penandez" is the best player in the premier league u said Terry? Remember when Man U were top for 2 weeks and there fans though they had won the league? Ha ha ha
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
We are buble wrapping our CBs.
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
He has taken us as far as he can.
Adrian Boyce
Adrian Boyce:
Terry said Maguire has improve manu defense on this same show
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
So would Neglesman.
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
I don't trust ole to change his team even if we had a proper CDM, he would still pick McFred .
Kevin Boateng
Kevin Boateng:
45:50 Alfie in the mud!
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
Terry we lack a system under Ole.
Simon Cowie
Simon Cowie:
Terry Eyetests wrestion answered

We pass the ball patently by moving the ball around & try break teams down & create chances
jamie dunn
jamie dunn:
We need cdm some one like nididi we need cb like kounde and rw Sancho maybe 2 centre backs back right back and maybe one more player
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
We should have never played Lindelof, Harry and Fred and Mctominay.
Adam D
Adam D:
Wheres nicky slam the bender
Darryl Ed Xavier
Darryl Ed Xavier:
These players have won trophies under the previous managers if ole doesn't win anything these players won't stay
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
Protection them with twovCDMS.
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
We need a new manager , Terry.
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
We dont score playingv with two defensive Midfielders we play too negatively not creating enough chances for our strikers. .
salman zaki
salman zaki:
Keep ole in u guys ain't gonna be a threat
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
I don't think we may end up staying in a Champions league position.
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
When u are playing MCFRED what do you expect without any service from our midfield.
Stretford Post!!!
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
But we still need new investments in our football team.
Glorious emotions in the panel of shambles 😂🤣😂🤣
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
Its a more Tactical issue but also a bit of an ole playing his favorites or the players he trust.
Azariah Carty
Azariah Carty:
Manchester United Squad – Jose 17/18...EFL Cup + Europa League + 81 points 2nd Place...
. Lukaku-25
Rashford-20 Lingard-25
. Pogba-25 Matic-29 Herrera-28
Young-32 Smalling-28 Jones-26 Valencia-32
. De Gea-27
Bench: Martial-23, Sanchez-29, Greenwood-17, Chong-18 | Pereira-22, Mata-30, Gomes-18 | Fellani-30, Mc Tominay-21, Fred-25 | Shaw-22, Williams-18 | Lindelof-23, Bailly-24, Rojo-28, Tuanzebe-20 | Darmian-28, Dalot-19 | Romero-3, Grant-35
Manchester United Squad – Ole 20/21:

. Cavani-34
. Martial-25 Bruno-26 Rashford-23
. Fred-27 Pogba-27
Shaw-25 Maguire-27 Lindelof-26 Wan-Bissaka-23
. De Gea-30
Bench: Greenwood-19, James-23, Diallo-18 | Van de Beek-23, Mata-30, Mc Tominay-24, Matic-32 | Telles-28 | Bailly-26, Tuanzebe-23, Jones-28 | Williams-20 | Henderson-23, Romero-33
FIVE Transfer Windows…~£308+mil spend…~97mil recouped…
17/18 - 20/21
Degea > DeGea
Valencia < Wan-Bissaka
Smallones > Magulof
Young < Shaw
Herrera > Fred
Pogba = Pogba
Mata < Bruno
MessiLingz > Martial
Rashford < Rashford
Lukaku > Cavani
In that great 2018 summer...All Jose wanted was a 1)right winger better than Lingard...2)A Known WorldClass CB to partner Smalling or injury prone Bailly/Lindelof when fit...3)a CAM that is not Pereira or Mata...And if you really wanted to push hard for the title Two Quality Fullbacks that weren't Old Wingers...He got 1)a 25 year old 5ft6in CM who cant pass...cant score...cant even be a physical presence defensively...only go for chasing after the ball midfielder and then barely playing a 5 yard pass + 2)Dalot a young fullback prospect rather than a first team ready player......
Summer 2021...Ole STILL need 1)RW 2) CB to partner the slow 80mil one that Ole bought 3) CDM to replace Herrera+Matic 4) ST to replace Lukaku... 34year old Cavani was temporary 5) RB that can Cross to rotate with Wan-Bissaka against lower teams
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
We need a CDM too.
John Joseph Mccormack
John Joseph Mccormack:
I accept ur apologize on lindelof neeks u blocked me of Twitter, maybe now u get it
Fearless,formidable ferocious fox fan
Fearless,formidable ferocious fox fan:
We didnt hear this ' not creating enough chances' nonsense vs Southampton
BB Sackmi
BB Sackmi:
They are even making up stories just to defend ole that Cavani,Bruno played right wings only because they found themselves there during some games.
Imran Khan
Imran Khan:
You still Ole in mate
Hilboy K
Hilboy K:
United might not finish top 4, there is a big chance Leicester, Chelsea and Liverpool will finish ahead of them.
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
We have not created enough chances for our strikersc under ole.
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
red jay
red jay:
Utd haven't won league in a decade they win nothing any one 13 and under looks at utd in same way as a west ham facts man utd arnt even the best club in there city how can they talk to a liverpool or city these days
Mo Toredo
Mo Toredo:
I dont think Ole will take far from this.
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
We need to stop playing counter attacking football which does not work.
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
It's a combination of having better player and manager.
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
Can we beat Newcastle in this form?
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
Chelsea, Westham. May go ahead of us under ole.
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
Klopp and Pepe would do a better job than ole.
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
We need a CDM.
Mentality and belief comes dwn from the manager he sits down on the touchline no enthusiasm whatsoever! His subs or lack of it and Yh his tactically inept! You’re managing Utd not Molde!! We need Change in the summer!!
Anton M
Anton M:
Ole inners are quite a stupid bunch. The mask always slips eventually.
Greg Wright
Greg Wright:
Martial not good with competition at the striker position, just like when zlatan was around, it’s the same now with cavani
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
We need Nagelsman and better players too.