Olivia Wilde Seen Holding Hands With Harry Styles After Jason Sudeikis Split

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The first new couple of 2021? Olivia Wilde was spotted holding hands with Harry Styles following her split from fiancé Jason Sudeikis.

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31 komentarze:

Valeria L.V
Valeria L.V:
“I have a lot of friends, some of them are girls, apparently I’m dating all of them”
- Harry Styles
rotem levi
rotem levi:
Omg relax people
they’re just holding hands..
Flashback Jack
Flashback Jack:
Ah, so it's all become clear now. No wonder she reacted so viciously when Candace Owens posted about Styles.
Louis and I are crying now in our wedding gowns
Honestly, just holding hands is not a big deal. You can’t believe everything the media says. They could just be close friends. But, if they are together, I totally support it!
Today is my birthday but the news I encountered 💔(I love Harry he does what he is happy I'm just a little sad)
Amani Jackson
Amani Jackson:
Where are the rumors about Harry and lizzo dating then cuz I’m pretty sure they held hands... love the media picking Harry’s “type” for him
Just be happy for both of them you guys. I want my Harry to be happy all the time. I hope this time it would last.
It’s my bday today and I was really trying not to cry today but it’s impossible now. I’m happy for you Harry but I’m not convinced, Harry holds hands with loads of people, let’s not forget Lizzo. And we haven’t got a confirmation.
Just what I like... !
Just what I like... !:
I support “Wilde Styles”💋 ... I hope they’re very happy together!
Javita Hobbs
Javita Hobbs:
Yes I'm so here for it. Love them both!
Alday Morales Fernanda
Alday Morales Fernanda:
If they are dating we have to support him, I only want to Harry be happy
Anita Poddar
Anita Poddar:
Jeez they held hands,OMFG SUCH A BIG DEAL
Avery Bunchek
Avery Bunchek:
I honestly hate our fandom sometimes. I swear yall think Harry's dating any white lady he comes in contact with. like why don't yall say him and Lizzo are dating? overall it's none of our business and even if they are dating why tf would you hate on Olivia. yall preach TPWK but can't even do it. I'm just happy that he's happy
Kiira— !!
Kiira— !!:
Larry holding hands : *they r just friends*
Owethu Ngubane
Owethu Ngubane:
why is he always used as click-bait tho like they're just holding hands..calm down...isn't this like the tenth time he's allegedly been dating someone just because they're together in public,relax
Brocéliande Production
Brocéliande Production:
Harry styles, that happiness! If you want to continue to travel on its tracks, here is a clip to listen to on headphones (music in 8d).
Y’all need to stop be annoying and be happy if they are dating and support him
Clara Moggia
Clara Moggia:
Ayyy no por favor, con esa vieja no, tipo si él está feliz yo tmb, pero justo esa 🥺
Donna Roper
Donna Roper:
If these is true please leave them along and let them have some privacy!!! No fan has the right to worship someone so much that you can’t allow them to have a private live!!!
So the DIRECTOR of the film and the STAR of the film are in a relationship? That is VERY unprofessional. Now everybody on the set of this film understands why he was being treated so much better than the rest of them...I can hear the wispers now..."I told you they had something going on...but you didn't believe me."
Nayops 20
Nayops 20:
Dafuq, she’s too old to be doing this 💩 to her kids smh🤦🏻
Anna Khuat
Anna Khuat:
She basically hired him to be in her own movie starring herself in it?? Kinda sus right. I Think she meant to get Harry in the first place
Uh oh he’s going to be selfish to her and she’s going to take it the wrong way
Valeria Katsadze
Valeria Katsadze:
Can y'all chill. They are holding hands. And what?
Kelly Craddock
Kelly Craddock:
Hey I'm a big fan
All there is is a picture of them holding hands... The media is just SPECULATING and unfortunately there are people gullible enough to believe them. They are making up all these horrible things about Harry and the GP believes it, absolutely disgusting!! Guys if you see anyone talking shit about Harry, please set the record straight and stand up for him❤️ They are trying to ruin Harry’s reputation/ career all because of a picture that could mean a 100 different things
Fernanda MA
Fernanda MA:
Ellos solo son buenos amigos
Damian Wayne 💚💙
Damian Wayne 💚💙:
No 💙
Giulia Caccamo
Giulia Caccamo:
I hope no
Cynthia Jones
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