Olivia Wilde's Nontoxic Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper's BAZAAR

Olivia Wilde is committed to clean, nontoxic beauty. The actress and activist recently joined forces with True Botanicals, a certified nontoxic beauty company, to serve as chief brand activist. In this episode of #GoToBedWithMe, the Booksmart director shares her favorite sustainable bathroom products.

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True Botanicals - Clear Nourishing Cleanser

True Botanicals - Antioxidant Booster
True Botanicals - Clear Repair Serum
True Botanicals - Clear Pure Radiance Oil
True Botanicals - Moisture Lock Overnight Mask
True Botanicals - Renew Nutrient Mist
Dr. Bronner’s - Peppermint All-One Toothpaste
The Humble Co. - Humble Brush

Filmed at
The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park

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cola malfoy
cola malfoy:
well well well looks like we, the harry stans, are gathered once more
She's really beautiful even without make up 🤗❤️
Elon Musk
Elon Musk:
I love how she said “dermatologists said this, but SURELY that’s not a good idea” as if dermatologists (emphasis on the implication that she saw multiple and they all suggested these things) wouldn’t know what is and isn’t safe to put on the skin
Caro Soleno C
Caro Soleno C:
Remember: Just because is natural doesn't mean is good (like poison ivy)
No one:
Literally no one:
YouTube: *Let's recommend this to Harry stans now!!!*
olivia: "i don't put harsh chemicals and only use all natural products"
also olivia: "this smells soooooo good"
Alondra Torres
Alondra Torres:
I also love that many of these comments are pointing out that many celebrities don't know anything at all. Harper's Bazaar, you are showing content to a very well-informed audience, we have better expectations. Olivia also said that she was never good at chemistry, so don't you think she should educate herself before preaching to the choir because all of her "information" just sounds ridiculous.
I love how she implies that dermatologists don’t know what they’re doing, but she does lmao
Bella Green
Bella Green:
I hate when these are just ads for one brand and not a real routine.
As an esthetician, reading the comments puts a mental smile on my face ;). I'm glad the viewers are informed of the bull**** hype when it comes to the terms "chemicals" and "natural". This line maybe good, but don't degrade other products because you're advocating ONE brand in your routine. Olivia Wilde is a millionaire, I'm sure she sees an esthetician regularly to manage her skin and doesn't just rely on this one little brand...
Magda Lena
Magda Lena:
It's sad, how these "go to bed with me" routines slowly but steadily turned into elaborate ads...
Alondra Torres
Alondra Torres:
You go to a dermatologist (4 yrs BA, 4 yrs Med, 3 yrs Residency, 1-2 yrs specialization) they prescribe medication, and yet you actually BELIEVE you know what's better for your skin. That's adorable. That's why there are some many anti-vaxxers and "clean beauty" gurus with no education out there.
Diana Rusnov
Diana Rusnov:
"You don't want something that smells like burning tires."

But yes, yes I do.
(AHAs, BHAs, Retinol, Actives >>> Fragrance, Essential Oils, Fear-Mongering "clean" skincare)
I'm a long time Olivia Wilde fan and her skin is totally flawless but this was so patronizing, girl! Also I love vitamin c and retinol, there are tons of studies on these and retinol has been around for years.
Gabrielle Ajobena
Gabrielle Ajobena:
when she says 'chemicals that dermatologist recommend, id she referring to ahas and bhas?? because last time I checked, those are also natural from sugarcane, willowbark, fruit enzymes, etc. correct me if i'm wrong
Marcelina Swadzb
Marcelina Swadzb:
Oil has no moisture (it doesn't even mix with water). How can it possibly hydrate? If you put it on top of moisturizer then it seals moisture in but everything you apply after oil it will not reach your skin. What's the point?
shaye barton
shaye barton:
Pregnant women also can’t eat sushi or deli meat but those aren’t toxic to you. There are things that aren’t harmful to you but can be harmful to a developing fetus.
Shannon Johnson
Shannon Johnson:
The reason why the tell you not to use certain products is because it can be absorbed into the bloodstream and into the fetus. And also they can’t do testing on pregnant people because they don’t know the long term affects of it on the fetus.
The people who are scared of chemicals have zero problem with bleaching their hair 😂.
Sustainable routine *leaves the water running*
Barb Chang
Barb Chang:
This video should be titled "A True Botanicals Infomercial featuring Olivia Wilde".
Grace Nagel
Grace Nagel:
"I was never good at chemistry." Yeah, I can tell by all the chemical bashing.
Honestly, these brands are so gimmicky. CeraVe or death!
Resveratrol (not pronounced resperatrol) is found in grape skin and not apple skin 🙄 Quercetin and malus domestica is found in apple peels which is also in this antioxidant booster.
Smelling good does not equal good for you... I looked up the brand she used and although they dont have added fragrances, they do have lavender oil, fruit oils (watermelon, red raspberry, grapefruit) which are doing absolutely nothing besides making it smell good. For some people, they could cause more irritation, inflammation and acne. I'd rather use a simple lactic acid serum or rose hip oil that smells meh but I know has ingredients that have purpose
A capite ad calcem
A capite ad calcem:
OW: "I went to these dermatologists who gave me the best advice their twelve years of education, research, and evidence told them to give me, and I was like, you guys are idiots and I know more than you!"
Also OW: "I was never good at chemistry."
Rageshree Chatterjee
Rageshree Chatterjee:
speaking as an amateur skin care junkie, sometimes products that smell too good can be as harsh as those harsh smelling ones
Potato Flips
Potato Flips:
This whole series is getting kind of awkward. So many of these people just don't know anything about skincare, science or chemistry.
"you don't wanna put chemicals on your face" ummm all of the things you put on your face are technically "chemicals"
Even Water is a "chemical"
I mean she did say she was bad at chemistry 😅😭😂
F. Aguilera
F. Aguilera:
I'm here waiting for the opinions of the dermatologists graduated on youtube.
Sarah *55
Sarah *55:
You've fallen into the annoying new trap of misunderstanding the meaning of the word "sustainable", but ok...probably not your fault.
Gabby Scott
Gabby Scott:
I hope that Harry styles knows her skincare routine is bogus
Lemme guess, she's a brand ambassador for this brand or invested money in it 🙄
Veronica Ivanova
Veronica Ivanova:
I don't know that much about skincare and I love Olivia sooo much! She has a great personality and a lot of the things were true but she also seemed misinformed on some issues, e.g. products' fragrance and the meaning of the word "chemicals".
Elon Musk
Elon Musk:
The fragrance in these products + the fact that she didn’t properly remove her makeup are way worse than any “crazy chemicals” in dermatologist-recommended products
"chemicals" aren't always bad. A lot of times the all natural crap for skincare doesn't work.
Crystal Marie
Crystal Marie:
“I was never good with chemistry” No shit
Kasey Seidman
Kasey Seidman:
As a skincare professional, I can’t handle this series 🤦🏼‍♀️ I almost screamed when she brought up the face oils. Facial oils do not penetrate the skin. Oils sit on top of your skin.
Sugar B
Sugar B:
Does Harper’s Bazaar even vet these people or their “skincare routines” 🙄 Also, I’m tired of seeing people that use the entire line from one brand like whatever brand she’s using or freakin Barbara Sturm, or some other outrageously priced brand that many of us will never be able to afford. Perhaps US Weekly should do their own version, kinda like “Celebs are just like us - Skincare Edition” lol 😆
I loooove her so much, but this routine makes me pretty sad.
Lindsey Stein
Lindsey Stein:
She doesn’t like moisturizer, but likes the overnight mask (which is just a heavy moisturizer)?
Kiarah Jade
Kiarah Jade:
"It smells so good" - that's not a good thing.....
sci fi vampire
sci fi vampire:
I've never heard someone refer to their own pregnancy as hosting a parasite. :(
Lelik Atkinsonova
Lelik Atkinsonova:
I do not want to sound mean, but I have tried almost everything from this line and I felt it was too overpriced and I haven’t really see any results. The mask Olivia mentioned did not feel moisturizing and just sat on top of the skin without doing anything. Face wash nothing special, and on my opinion it did not smell as great as Olivia described, it also would stain your eyes if it go near your eye area, so I was surprised she was be able to use it the way she did. I also tried serums from both their lines and for 140$ I did not feel it performed as some other brands do. Sorry for such negative review but this brand did not worth the money on my opinion.
Daniel Mendez
Daniel Mendez:
Has Angelina Jolie been on this channel yet? Because like umm helloo I need to see that skincare routine! 😳😩
Iryna Serhiychuk
Iryna Serhiychuk:
Why didn’t she mention that she’s on True Botanicals’ payroll and is an official spokesperson for them??
Just a infomercial.
Olivia Wilde is the True Botanicals Chief Brand Activist
Why doesn’t she or Harper’s Bazar inform that she works for the brand, this is just a infomercial, I don’t like her and now I don’t trust these products, and I’ve used the product, not as good as she says.
Olivia: hates toxins in skincare.
Also Olivia: this smells amazing. (aka fragrance, which are toxic irritants!)
daniela Merino
daniela Merino:
The cleanser is $48 dollars, I'll pass...
Ania Krupa
Ania Krupa:
Thanks for this video Harper's BAZAAR! I've been a huge fan of Olivia since I've seen her for the first time as Thirteen on House MD!
Saarah Nish
Saarah Nish:
Someone please get HYRAM HERE
Athina P
Athina P:
I agree with your ideals. It’s inspiring. I’ve worked for super high end companies and really cringed at their use of known hormone disrupters, petrochemicals and plastics. You buy a $400 cream that comes in a plastic jar? What is that? Bravo for showing us alternates to choose from.
Uranija Zeus
Uranija Zeus:
Honey, oils don't penetrate your water barrier.
C C:
Mama this ain't how science works...
Helen Sinclair
Helen Sinclair:
Honestly blown away by how many people here thought Olivia Wilde was being serious when she called babies "parasites." I knew sarcastic humour went over most Americans' heads, but wow........
Rebecca K
Rebecca K:
Chemicals? Water is a chemical. And “toxic” and “natural” are marketing buzzwords.
Jordan Myles
Jordan Myles:
Oils sit on top of the skin, they DO NOT get absorbed; use them last to seal everything in if you need that boost of moisture
Zakwan Shah
Zakwan Shah:
hosting a parasite. that pretty much sums up pregnancy. just hope her baby has a good sense of humor when he/she eventually sees this in the distant future. "im a parasite huh mom, thanks :')"
I loved every moment of this video so much!! I'd have to agree on every point she had made about pregnancy concerns for the safety of products and the environment!!
Ellie Lynn Collins
Ellie Lynn Collins:
Rad rad rad! I love that they have a none plastic routine, now for all these products working for our skin types is different but I love that she mention that!
HaiDera Hollins
HaiDera Hollins:
I'm late to the party on this video but I brush my teeth first! Don't want to wipe away all my luscious skincare products 🥰
Julie W
Julie W:
"Hosting a parasite..." Whaaaa? But, seriously, this woman is so gorgeous. I remember her on House, she wasn't all glam but SO flawlessly beautiful.
Eileen Stapleton
Eileen Stapleton:
Wait, do oils actually penetrate your skin? They are occlusive and emollients but do not hydrate the skin. Anything you put on after an oil does not penetrate the skin. :/
Samuel Robinson
Samuel Robinson:
Olivia said, "Hi, this is how I clean my face, also, welcome to my TedTalk!"
This is the first video I have ever seen with her and I have to say she just seems very smart and even tho it´s only a 10 min video she says importent things and gets her point across.
Gabrielle Ajobena
Gabrielle Ajobena:
face oils are occlusives, they stay on top your face... they are meant to
Mirina XO
Mirina XO:
You mean resveratrol? And if something smells that strong... that’s not always a good thing 🤷🏼‍♀️
Shannon Scott
Shannon Scott:
Love her enthusiasm about sustainability and clean products, but I also struggle with fragrances too, whether from botanicals or not. Sounds like a great company but not for everyone..
Torie Megan
Torie Megan:
Y’all. I just did the math. Her whole routine cost 515 dollars...😳😳
fouzia Chaudhary
fouzia Chaudhary:
Litearly every person in this series they are promoting some brand like there is not a single person who is telling real routine or mixture of different products.
Cecilia Soares
Cecilia Soares:
Celebrities always know what's best for us.
Fave routine by far, thank you Olivia!
I think she is the only celebrity in these segments who actually washed off her eye make up with water! 👍 and she is absolutely lovely to watch.
Amanda Grady
Amanda Grady:
Really not a fan of this kind of content - we've seen it before (emily r with kersatase) but this was SO salesy. I'm in sales and i thought this was sales-y.
Wonder how much she got paid by true botanicals for this?
I feel like people have a hard time realizing that people especially celebrities, can actually represent brands that they actually like.
Kenya Johnson
Kenya Johnson:
How many times do we have to scream for Zendaya 😭😭😭
Olivia stop fear mongering by using terms like "toxic" and "chemicals", everything is a chemical! You advocate for fragrance which has been shown to lead to skin irritation and allergies and you're worried about chemicals? This "routine" is just an advertisement for True Botanicals, another brand that capitalizes on the trend of being clean and all natural.
Amélie Römer
Amélie Römer:
She has such a great message!!
"I was never good at chemistry" - well, it shows ...
Ale R
Ale R:
I like her this much that I want to forget she's basically advertising this brand. :D
I love this!!! Need more natural brands showcased!!
Zoe Tinsley
Zoe Tinsley:
She literally keeps saying that her mist smells so good which is driving me crazy because, if she should know anything about skincare it should be that fragrance is irritating. Hyram would cringe.
Lily Saker
Lily Saker:
Used to love this series but now it seems it's become just ads...
Liana Grigoriadi
Liana Grigoriadi:
2:50 when a product smells good it means it has perfume in it, natural or not, which is not a good thing to put on your face bcz it may cause sensitivities. So if you use a product that smells very good, it just means that they used perfume to cover up the nasty smells of the other ingredients, it does NOT mean that these ingredients are natural. Because there is not one ingredient that naturally smells good in these formulations, it doesn't matter if it's natural or not. And that's why many companies that don't use perfumes have products that either don't smell so good, or don't smell like anything at all.
there's a lot of misinformation in this video
Gabriela Daneshka
Gabriela Daneshka:
If I had no idea about skincare she could have actually been able to convince me she knows what she is talking about..
Megan Mckinzie
Megan Mckinzie:
Oh man....Caroline’s head would explode with this. 🤯 So much fear mongering.
Jay Tee
Jay Tee:
"I was never good at chemistry" - well clearly 🙄 And clearly, you should then use that lack of knowledge, go on a giant social media platform, and spread your ignorance to peddle some products
Did Olivia Wilde just refer to her unborn child as a parasite? Why aren't we talking about this?
Alyssa DiDonato
Alyssa DiDonato:
Keep the videos coming 🙏🙏 I love these skin care routines
desteny Larsson
desteny Larsson:
Who’s here of the rumors of OLIVIA DATING HARRY STYLES
B .lima
B .lima:
what an inspiring vogue video 💙
Amanda G.
Amanda G.:
Essential oils aren't great for your skin. If your skincare smells really good, it's unnecessary and can be damaging to your skin in the long run. Actives (chemicals) are good for your skin if you have a basic understanding of skincare chemistry.
Elizabeth Elliott
Elizabeth Elliott:
She really lectures, "talks at you," doesn't she? And I believe she means resveratrol; there's no such thing as "respiratol". What a dope. 🙄
Queen Freddie
Queen Freddie:
Please do, Helena Christina, Sarah Michelle gellar and Jessica Alba
Nikolai Mirkoff
Nikolai Mirkoff:
One more person that has no idea what they are doing. Someone call Susan.
Vv Gigi
Vv Gigi:
Being a packaging expert I can tell you any dark bottle is not at all recyclable
She is so gorgeous it's ridiculous 😭🙏
Joanna De Tricci
Joanna De Tricci:
Did she just call her child "A parasite" ? xD
Damn, I feel sorry for him/her.