Omar Richards ● Welcome to Bayern Münich ● 2021 🔴⚪ Tackles, Skills & Passes

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72 komentarze:

Dany Ayoub
Dany Ayoub:
Here moments after Bayern announcement 📣
The next season Bayern Munich had a double Richards.
Pratik Sengupta
Pratik Sengupta:
I see immense potential 🔥 this kid has that x factor
mr raodman69
mr raodman69:
I’m a reading fan and I’m so sad to see him go but I know Bayern will treat him well
Justin Preuß
Justin Preuß:
the next Richards! Chris and Omar will be 🔥 next season! 💯🔝
Justin Preuß
Justin Preuß:
Welcome to Bayern München! ❤️🤍
Flick, work your magic and turn him to a RB. He’s too talented to be a back up
Reece LDN
Reece LDN:
This kid is an absolute warrior, standing at 6 ft 1 as well😳
Roberto Lawes
Roberto Lawes:
You see why Bayern is the best.
We ain't playing around.
Servus Omar and welcome to greatness.
Finally it's announced.
Hope he will succeed here like Davies aka Road Runner
la girls all look the same
la girls all look the same:
Well definitely he has a better tackle than Phonzie. It'll be interesting to see him playing for Bayern.
his style is very similar to davies, but davies is faster
Sonit Stha
Sonit Stha:
How much speed you want
Bayern Yes.
Welcome to the best club in the world, Omar! I hope you will be a big success at Bayern. Mia San Mia
Ben kopite
Ben kopite:
Amazing skill for a left back and Bayern get him on a free. German clubs are something else when it comes to identifying and acquiring special talent.
Niklas Caspers
Niklas Caspers:
He Has great potential
Andre Jestdadt
Andre Jestdadt:
Krasser typ
rouen paulo
rouen paulo:
Omar Richards has the flair of Ribery when attacking while, having the defensive and play making capabilities of Alaba.
Atzo repost221
Atzo repost221:
il joue bien👍🏾
I find it strange that no Premier league club has been linked with this player. I've never heard of this player until yesterday.
Gonna be really good to alternate phonzie and Richards, hopefully motivate the two to perform even better ✌️
IRFAN Nudin:
Welcome to bayern👍👍👍
Is he also very fast or is he mostly a kind of agile dribbler ?
W P:
Loads of these clips are of Olise and Yiadom
My squad
My squad:
Alphonso versi smooth
Vitazuzuzu Trenteng
Vitazuzuzu Trenteng:
Why england not seen this talent😂 why epl club never know this talent😂
Divine Rising OFFICIAL
Divine Rising OFFICIAL:
highlight reels dont tell the whole story,
anyone can tell me how good he is defensively?
is he consistent? does he have lots of blunders or is he solid?
since he is from 2nd league ... never seen him play
Marco Hubner
Marco Hubner:
Well good attacking skills for a FB, still a lot to see about good calls on plays, also about crosses, you cant watch that in this video, also you dont know how good this guy is in defense side, in this video he is always in advantage. But whay you can see is that he looks very good with the pressing and that's Bayern game style. In any case he is young and a back up for now. Welcome to the family and i wish you the best luck.
Almedin Candic
Almedin Candic:
The problem is that, like many other talented players at Bayern, he simply gets scared as soon as he wears the red kit. At Bayern, only players with enormous self-confidence manage to assert themselves.
Paco Miklos
Paco Miklos:
Goooooood Player!!!!!
Wtf bro you read the future. 😂😂😂
Gean Ginanjar
Gean Ginanjar:
God damn he is good at tackling
de patron
de patron:
he will be cost 100 at end of next season
weizenobst müsli
weizenobst müsli:
If Messi played left defender.
I have a strong feeling they will move hernandez and pavard to cb and play davies and richards as the right and left wingbacks if sule leaves
Shaa prosperous1
Shaa prosperous1:
I am planning for FC Bayern
Kwaajaymi channel
Kwaajaymi channel:
Hoping he plays for Ghana
Cesc Fabregas
Cesc Fabregas:
And people still hate on brazzo another great player coming for free...
José R. Díaz S.
José R. Díaz S.:
It’s Free😃
He looks smaller than 1,85cm...
Stoidis Dimitrios
Stoidis Dimitrios:
Which is the music in 03:08? Thank you in advance.
Abdulaziz Beler
Abdulaziz Beler:
Come to Galatasaray ♥️💛
Welcome to Bayern kid #MiaSanMia
Rafał Ptaszyński
Rafał Ptaszyński:
This is confirmed?? Omar Richards - bayern??
Maria Sanchez
Maria Sanchez:
Keyboard warrior
Keyboard warrior:
Well done !
Few players need to kick out right away : 1. Sarr zero performance 2. Fat turtle Sule he doesn’t know what is high line football 3. Telisso injured 10 months in one season
Ismail Yildiz
Ismail Yildiz:
What is with Alphonse Davies and Lucas Hernandez? 3 Left backs?
Andreas Ens
Andreas Ens:
pitbull Richards!
FTcomps 1905
FTcomps 1905:
There are rumours that also Galatasaray is interested with him.Which one is true guys?
Ariel 86
Ariel 86:
He is like douglas costa
Thomad Nasr
Thomad Nasr:
who came here because of the sketch
jorge mario
jorge mario:
nugroho paripurno
nugroho paripurno:
Better than ferland mendy
Miriam Longmore
Miriam Longmore:
Manny longelo West ham
Lorenzo Moretti
Lorenzo Moretti:
today is his birthday
K H:
next alaba?「27」
Đức Phú Huỳnh
Đức Phú Huỳnh:
Welcome to Bayernliga
Ian Campbell
Ian Campbell:
Djavan Anderson
Pavan Manchineni
Pavan Manchineni:
Can he play right back too?
sucraM u Sohn zocken
sucraM u Sohn zocken:
Hoffe er ist besser als Saar!!
legend memes
legend memes:
from which country is he
Fathir Ikhsana
Fathir Ikhsana:
Number 1😎😎
Holly ́s Sportkaschemme!
Holly ́s Sportkaschemme!:
Hey Fussballfans ich habe auch einen Kanal wo es um den allgemeinen Fußball geht und auch um meinen Herzensverein den 1 FC Köln ich würde mich freuen auf das ein oder andere Abo 😊 Gut Kick!
Salah El_Turky
Salah El_Turky:
bayren do play fifa
Davies v2
Romelu lukaku
Romelu lukaku:
you kidding you have already davies and lucas why???? pavard is very bad
Fathir Ikhsana
Fathir Ikhsana:
Number 1😎😎😎
sandro _h7
sandro _h7:
Alphonso Davies 2