“In this town, it can all change…like that.” Watch the new #OnceUponATimeInHollywood trailer - in theaters July 26.


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Quentin Tarantino’s ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD visits 1969 Los Angeles, where everything is changing, as TV star Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his longtime stunt double Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) make their way around an industry they hardly recognize anymore. The ninth film from the writer-director features a large ensemble cast and multiple storylines in a tribute to the final moments of Hollywood’s golden age.

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100+ komentarze:

Hammad Ali
Hammad Ali:
Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the few who have the star power to make Brad Pitt his stunt double.
Balázs Varga
Balázs Varga:
This movie:
10% hippies
10% dogfood
10% Leo being angry
5% old movie scene
5% murder
60% Brad Pitt driving
Happy 1 year to this masterpiece of a trailer.
J-P Monette
J-P Monette:
Best line ever "don't cry in front of Mexicans"
after watching this movie I want to buy a dog... and a flamethrower
Every Quentin Tarantino movie feels like it could be a Rockstar game
I think we all need a friend like cliff
Paul Treacy - An Autism Journey
Paul Treacy - An Autism Journey:
"Is that your son??" Brad Pitt is over 15 years OLDER than DiCaprio! Had to laugh. 😂😂
Best scene in the movie is Leo cursing himself out in his trailer, that shit had me ROLLING
'no it was something dumber than that like...... Rex'

Thanks for so many likes everyone
Woogie Harrelson
Woogie Harrelson:
Brad Pitt in his 50s more ripped than I’ll ever be.
Faiyaz Shahriar
Faiyaz Shahriar:
I don't know why this movie is highly rated!? may be because of Tarantino, and DiCaprio
One year since this movie came out. "I remember it well.." Saw it on a Thursday evening and it was awesome and had so much fun. I would see it 8 more times because need I say more? <3 <3 <3 <3
Who is here after Brand Pitt won Oscar award for Best Supporting Actor ❤️❤️❤️
Aarush Mishra
Aarush Mishra:
Best scene was when Rick came with his fir gun to burn one of the hippy in the pool.
DiCaprio: dUduUdU DUDUDUDU !!!!

Me: Get that man a second Oscar right now.
Neil Rivera
Neil Rivera:
It's like Leo isn't even trying anymore. He's already an Academy Award Winner! 😂
Fash Doll
Fash Doll:
Brad Pitt was amazing but Leo should have gotten more acclaim for the role. I absolutely loved his scenes.
This is one of the best trailers ever made. It has the music, it has a mini plot, it's enticing. It's great.
Kaan Kara
Kaan Kara:
Muhammed Demir
Muhammed Demir:
*I can't believe the budget.*
*They revived Bruce Lee*
I literally teared up after Leo’s performance in “Lancer” as Caleb. Such an outstanding actor. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Jorge Salas
Jorge Salas:
They put the most talented Hollywood actors together
ketan ghogale
ketan ghogale:
Brad Pitt is unstoppable man.. He gave us delicious performance every time...
This was the coolest tarantino movie ever and im an old fan of him. You just want to smoke weed in a hot day and enjoy the movie
Zach Randall
Zach Randall:
The music choice is absolutely perfect for this trailer and the vibe of the movie
D Wask
D Wask:
The ending was tremendously gratifying!!
Joaco Arauco
Joaco Arauco:
"Charlie's gonna dig you" Chills, literal chills
00:30 That laugh, saw it ten times😂😂
Noir Angel
Noir Angel:
*Gentlemen you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.*
Tyler Goad
Tyler Goad:
Solid movie. I gotta admit “ Spoiler” I was waiting hardcore for the Manson murders buy them getting murdered by Pitt and Leo was 1000X better.
praga pragadeesh
praga pragadeesh:
My choice would be Christian bale for Di Caprio's character..
Tim Cantrell
Tim Cantrell:
Back when LA was livable.
All Cool Names Taken
All Cool Names Taken:
Congratulations Brad Pitt for the Oscar. You deserved it!
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache:
The budget for the movie is so high, that they managed to create a machine that resurrected Bruce friggin Lee from the grave.
Alex Jones
Alex Jones:
Wish I could watch this film again for the first time, my girlfriend bought me the dvd for my birthday last year and we watched it on Christmas Eve
Nick Walker
Nick Walker:
Greatest trailer ever? The style of it is so iconic!
“It’s official ol buddy... Um a has-bin “
Mrinal Singh
Mrinal Singh:
1:06 i just came back for this
Angelos M.
Angelos M.:
Studio: So how many big shot actors you want?

Quentin: Yes.
arjyajyoti goswami
arjyajyoti goswami:
This movie is equal to at least 4 separate movies.. al merged together and edited beautifully... What a masterpeice... what performances.. Tarantino you beauty
Awal Ilkin
Awal Ilkin:
Brad Pitt one day should play as Robert Redford. Their faces look alike.
Melanie Sun
Melanie Sun:
I love it ... And the music IS so great.....
At end When leo ran away and came back with a flame thrower i couldn't stop laughing 😂😂🤣
Seeing as Quentin likes to rewrite history, maybe Bruce Lee will save the day and one inch punch Charles Manson into oblivion
eddie willers
eddie willers:
I finally got around to watching this last night (Amazon Prime had the UHD version for $14.99). It is a Masterpiece. An almost perfect film. Now I can see how some would dismiss it, but I was born in 1952 making me 17 during Tate/LaBianca and so I remember everything vividly. Each poster, the labels of the cans in cabinets, the furniture are all perfect. The in jokes for those times added to the cinematography, the composition, the music, the interweaving of stories vs. real time is all jaw dropping. But if you are unfamiliar with the place and time, so much is lost to you. You are getting a black and white version instead of full blossom Technicolor!
I don't care how large you live, Cliff's bachelor pad made everyone want to live that simply.
georgespahouse Official
georgespahouse Official:
Can we just focus a second on the epic soundtrack in this movie?
Nasari Santosh Kumar
Nasari Santosh Kumar:
The man who always surprise's with his acting LEONARDO DICAPRIO...,🔥🥰
Luke Peers
Luke Peers:
This probably might be the least violent Tarantino mo...

“I’m Sharon Tate”

Never mind
Water Hazard
Water Hazard:
Congratulations on winning Best Original Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor (Brad Pitt), and Best Picture (Comedy or Musical) at the Golden Globes!
Rin Lee
Rin Lee:
Apart from the great movie.
I still can't digest Bruce Lee's scene why they had to put it there no offense but I hate that part
Michael Phan
Michael Phan:
1:17 - It's official old buddy, i'm a has-been
Sujeet David
Sujeet David:
If God makes a time-travel miracle I would love to see Quentin make the same movie with Sharon Tate as Herself, Marlon Brando as Cliff Booth and James Dean as Rick Dalton!
Rosegold Beats
Rosegold Beats:
This movie is so weird, its like 100 movies inside a movie and it stays interesting
Federico Camp
Federico Camp:
First time I watched this movie I thought it was good but a tad too long. Then I saw it again after researching some more of the Manson murders and Hollywood in the late 60’s. Totally different movie. I have now watched it over 20 times. I never get tired of it. Tarantino is a genius. I never thought I would say this but it might have topped Pulp Fiction
Denis Pak
Denis Pak:
Just what needs to be done to get a friend like Cliff?
LEE Wightman
LEE Wightman:
I think Quentins 10th movie should be the 14 fists of mckluskie ...
Just watched it and loved it.
Felipe M
Felipe M:
....I've watched the trailer 5times......still can't figure out what the plot is
I Am the Resurrection
I Am the Resurrection:
Just watched this film, not really sure what I was expecting but wasn't expecting that. Love Tarantino, Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs are 2 of my favourite films. But this film didn't seem to really go anywhere. It had its moments like at the Ranch, but until the last 15 minutes, I didn't get anything from this film, compared to some of the work, this isn't as good as some of his other stuff. Just because a film has a great cast doesn't make it a great movie, Brad Pitt was brilliant, the story itself was flat. I'd love to hear what other people thought, and remember this is only MY opinion.
Alison Wunderbar
Alison Wunderbar:
I happened to have just seen IT - Chapter 2 before this movie (for the 2nd time) on demand, in both movies there is a stuttering character - Leo in this one and James McAvoy in IT chapter 2. McAvoy's stutter was decent, but noticeably acted, whereas Leo's stutter was completely natural and ingrained in his character. Small details like this shows why Leo is a world class actor, and on a whole other level.
Anna Ovcharenko
Anna Ovcharenko:
I like this movie because of the clips from old movies from the 60's (particularly The Wrecking Crew (1969) starring Dean Martin, Elke Sommer and Sharon Tate), some gimmicks, the authentic 60's Hollywood, old television series, some western movies and series, posters of The Fearless Vampire Killers (this was from Italy), Don't Make Waves etc.
Will Hazelwood
Will Hazelwood:
“In this town, it can all change... like that.”

Prophetic once you’ve seen it🤜🏼
Ujjwal Shahi
Ujjwal Shahi:
You know you acting skills are out of this world when Brad Pitt himself is your stunt double.
Rewatching this trailer. Remember the day it came out, I was psyched. Still am
J B:
It subvert my expectation better than the Last Jedi.
Tropical fox
Tropical fox:
Idk just came here to say i love this movie
Nirmal Anand
Nirmal Anand:
Idk why I'm seeing the trailer again but now I realize that there are a lot of deleted scenes
It's weird, you can tell it's Tarantino but at the same time it feels like the setup for a Scorsese-style biopic.
No Expert
No Expert:
This is the first Tarantino movie that I am confused about.
Saurabh Shukla
Saurabh Shukla:
Tarantino is a legend. I love his movies...
Unordinary Studios
Unordinary Studios:
Is it just me or is the once upon a time in hollywood trailer like one of the best trailers ever?
Cabra Marcado
Cabra Marcado:
This trailer came out a year ago, I want to go back to that time when I had a great movie and normal summer to look forward to ..
Kristopher George Panayi
Kristopher George Panayi:
Film studio: "which top quality actors would you like for the movie Quentin"?

Tarantino: "Yes"...
Victor Purificação
Victor Purificação:
"In this town, it can all change *click* Like that" Proceeds to show the start of the fnal act.

It's pretty cool how this trailer changes meaning after you watched the movie
Lefteris Beck
Lefteris Beck:
This is such a spectacular film that my father and I saw countless of times at the theater. Mr. Tarantino directed and wrote a classic and such an amazing story! As soon as the film starts, I embarked on a journey back in time. Rick Dalton tries his best to make it through a changing Hollywood along with its challenges and hardships. However, his best friend and stuntman is always there for him! Sometimes the years change before our eyes, but when passion and dedication is still active, hope never dies and we overcome the hard times. Rick Dalton never gave up through a changing Hollywood and even took risks he never thought possible by going across the pond.
As the film progresses, the ending was such a great scene to see! Brandy stole the show by saving the night and placing justice; such a great ending to a very classical and amazing film that will forever remain in the history books. Thank you Mr. Tarantino and the whole crew for taking us to a time that I didn’t have the chance to live! I highly recommend this incredible movie.
I watched this movie at home during this pandemic,and when it was over, it made me sad because I wished I had made the effort to watch it in a crowded theater with people who like me, are Quentin Tarantino fans. He has you thinking this is how it will end,but he goes in a totally different direction that leaves you relieved but satisfied.
1. Tarantino's foot fetish is even more obvious than usual.
2. Cliff Booth is the best friend you could ever have.
3. Madalena was an incredible character.
4. Dalton getting back on his feet was endearing.

5. When you don't know the history behind it, it's like a pulp fiction. When you do, it's ten times more intense all the way through.
6. The movie keep its violence to a few punches, but since it's a Tarantino, you know it's coming, and it's coming hard !
7. And it came so hard. And it was so enjoyable !
Volvox Gab
Volvox Gab:
Leonardo DiCaprio: *moves*

Edit: wow I've never gotten so many likes, thank you
Aditya Narayan
Aditya Narayan:
Who is here after watch the Dirtsheet parody of this trailer with The MIZ and John Morrison in it?
Galinga Makongoro
Galinga Makongoro:
Who’s here after the oscars????
the beauty of this movie isn't it's plot but how the actors play their roles, just amazing, also the various shifts in ones lives is also well presented, the action isn't good, the story jumps from this to that but only for the things metioned above it's beatifull
If only the ending of this movie really happened....
milind venkat
milind venkat:
I've always wanted to see Leonardo and brad sharing the screen together..finally the day came...
Sweet leah Renee
Sweet leah Renee:
So happy for Brad Pitt!!! Well deserved!
Catrina D
Catrina D:
I love how Tarantino movies are pretty much revenge porn
Pedro Rita-Pereira
Pedro Rita-Pereira:
Tarantino has a fantastic musical taste, and brings forgotten songs from the past back to the general public, I didn't know many of them and I thank him for introducing me to these sounds
Quentin please make more movies where a tragedy is reversed and the victims live happily ever after. Excellent ending 👏
Kathul Emerald
Kathul Emerald:
Dicaprio and Pitt in a movie together? I've been wanting this since i was like 10 years old.
Guess your dreams and wishes do come true.
Robert B
Robert B:
This is one of my favorite movies ever made and my favorite movie by Quentin Tarantino. I just wish my dad could've seen it because I know he would've enjoyed it. He died a couple of months before it's release, around the same time as Luke Perry.
Yohanes Paskal
Yohanes Paskal:
This is my first QT movie I watched at cinema..
paida nyirenda
paida nyirenda:
I am officially has been buddy 😂🔥
I-Love Me
I-Love Me:
Congrats to brad Pitt got the Oscar!
Mr. Hendo
Mr. Hendo:
Disney: We Have Marvel, Star Wars, And Avatar?

Columbia Pictures: Well we have a *Tarantino!*
Happy Rhino
Happy Rhino:
Brad is the best when it comes to smash deranged hippies face!
Wout Vemer
Wout Vemer:
1:52 this gives me the chills every time
Yolanda Tellez Gutierrez
Yolanda Tellez Gutierrez:
Released by Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc 2019
ketan ghogale
ketan ghogale:
Yesterday. I watched fight club movie.. After 20 years.. I love Brad Pitt performance.
Emi Jimenez
Emi Jimenez:
A movie with DiCaprio, Pitt, Russell and Pacino?

...Shut up and take my money.