ONE LAST TIME - Ariana Grande (Thomas Lacroix Cover)

Original by Ariana Grande
Instrumental by Sing2piano
Video shot by Victor Kaiser

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77 komentarze:

David Cabral De Oliveira
David Cabral De Oliveira:
touch It Ariana grande 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Mary - Frozencrystal
Mary - Frozencrystal:
What a beautiful video, I wonder who shot it ;D
Loving the song, keep up the great work little Thomas <3
love the fact that you changed 'her in your heart' for 'him in your heart' <3 so many singers are affraid to sing 'girl's songs' and try to make every cover as a 'straight' story always, modofying lyrics but not the way you did here. I liked this version, and I must say your falsetto is the best!
Jonathan S Fisher
Jonathan S Fisher:
I wasn't ready!!
But.....i cried! I have so many memories connected with this song and hearing the emotion in your voice made me remember.

So beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
Víctor Octavio Perez Montero
Víctor Octavio Perez Montero:
perfect 😍😍😍😍😍 ONE LAST TIME my favorite part...
Magnifique voix. J adore. En espérant que vous percerez dans ce métier... vous le méritez...
dogie fortun
dogie fortun:
I feel like I can relate cause I fell in love with a guy who’s in an open relationship and we were together for a little bit but when his boyfriend came back I couldn’t have him anymore. So the whole “one last time I need to be the one who takes you home. I promise after that I’ll let you go.”😭
dogie fortun
dogie fortun:
This piano cover and your voice just makes this version of the song sound so much more vulnerable and meaningful
Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie:
Every Time I hear this I‘m crying because its so beautiful 😭❤️
Nicolas Guimbaud
Nicolas Guimbaud:
Je vous découvre.Impressionnant... vraiment.
Alan Ayres
Alan Ayres:
THIS IS SO AWESOMEEE <3 Your voice is angelic <3 I think I'm in love... please never stop singing <3
Lim Yung Fong
Lim Yung Fong:
You are so very good at singing , I love this cover so much . Can you do "be my baby " by Ariana Grande ??
Victoria Justice Sings
Victoria Justice Sings:
I Have A Crush On You
Lauren Jeffery
Lauren Jeffery:
why am i never not surprised when i watch these videos you make? i love love love these! keep on making great music and i can't wait to hear more music from you.
Loved this cover more than any other
Everything was so perfect
Amazing 👍👍👍
Alexis Martínez
Alexis Martínez:
Lo mejor 😢❤
David Cabral De Oliveira
David Cabral De Oliveira:
😍😍😍😍😍😍 hello Brasil 😍😍😍😍😍
Sasha Smith
Sasha Smith:
Wow. My favorite male version <3
le pantin farceur
le pantin farceur:
The voice tout de suite !!!!! Marre des conteurs qui gagnent chaque annee lol
good boy
good boy:
amazing af😐😍
Sarah Bisbard
Sarah Bisbard:
et je te conseillerais de chanter dangerous woman de Ariana grande tu as la capacité
Anna Boleyn
Anna Boleyn:
You are very handsome 💖
Suhaib Hasan
Suhaib Hasan:
I love this 🥺
Ur voice is So sweet💞
Je suis fan ! Très très belle reprise ♥
Horrifying Apocalypse
Horrifying Apocalypse:
Sam Tsui made a beautiful cover/mashup of this song with his husband. But, Thomas, you win. You're ZE best! ;)
Utsav Rai
Utsav Rai:
This song omygod you sang it so wonderfully. Gave me chills. Truly amazing. 😍👌
Justin McGarry
Justin McGarry:
omg I could listen to this on repeat
Sifa Ramadhan
Sifa Ramadhan:
I like ur voice, sound great!
I love your voice!! It gives me chills.
Wow, nice falsetto! Great job man, keep up the good work! Kinda wish I had done the full version now..put me to shame!
This is perfection! I love your voice on this song 👌🏾
It is beautiful, you have a voice just sublime
yi chen
yi chen:
love u so much
Lorrie Conn
Lorrie Conn:
Beautiful cover 😍😍 and you have perfect falsettos!!
ChristinaNancy Grimmie
ChristinaNancy Grimmie:
Ohh my goshhhhh !!! So heart-touching voice 😍😍😍 ..... am so pleased with this version ......❤❤❤
Justin McGarry
Justin McGarry:
This vid. deserves way more views its amazing!!! DUDE your voice is incredible
Sakeena Hussain
Sakeena Hussain:
I love you😭😭😭
So one last time talk to me😭😭🙏 I promise after that I let you go😭🌙
Nathan B
Nathan B:
the day i can sing like this 😍😍
Alvyn Shadz
Alvyn Shadz:
heyy it's soo amazing, you actually had the balls to do the high notes <3 ps did you belt the high notes or used falsetto?
Christopher Brown
Christopher Brown:
Absolutely beautiful. I could feel it . 🌹
Bou Veasna
Bou Veasna:
your voice i fall in love perfect incredible keep going i love your falsetto
omg love this cover☺
Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie:
I Love it❤️ keep goin man
I‘m here because of Prince Damien ;)
Ricardo Melo
Ricardo Melo:
Wow just beautiful! That's one of the best covers of this song I've ever heard, really! congrats
Serge Bottaini
Serge Bottaini:
Bravo, Bravo et encore Bravo mon cousin, tu es le meilleur... On t'aime !!!
Too damn sick 🔥🔥🔥
Sarah Bisbard
Sarah Bisbard:
ta voix est juste magnifique !!!
Nick Sterg.
Nick Sterg.:
Wow !! That's an amazing cover ! You got an incredible voice! Keep up the good work... 💕
Henry Ferraz
Henry Ferraz:
I really liked it, congratulations
NailsIt By Lucie
NailsIt By Lucie:
Waw, quelle voix incroyable
Tellement de talents 👏🏽
Bruno Morais
Bruno Morais:
Walid Mahdab
Walid Mahdab:
OMG ... U r incredible .... Love ur voice <3
Caroline Carrara
Caroline Carrara:
Superbe. J'en ai des frissons...quelle voix <3!!
veganess lola
veganess lola:
so pretty
Dave Travis
Dave Travis:
Louva La louve therian
Louva La louve therian:
j'adore comme toujours
Dan Virgoreo
Dan Virgoreo:
What a lovely cover. Not too much, not too little, just enough. I get tired of so many people being so extra in their singing lately. Like so many other things, vocals are appreciated best with a balance. Excessive vibratos, runs, belts etc. is the same as putting too much seasoning on a dish. The melody's already tasty; there's no need to add that much more to it. This cover's got just enough of everything ^^
Louva La louve therian
Louva La louve therian:
je suis fan depuis que je te suis!
Icksan kVp
Icksan kVp:
I love your voice so much😍😍❤❤
x weirdgirl
x weirdgirl:
good Job👍
Amazing 😉
Oscar Avian
Oscar Avian:
Wiktoria Mista
Wiktoria Mista:
The best♥♥♥♥♥
So Phie
So Phie:
<3 <3 <3
Sam Zaff
Sam Zaff:
Waouh... j'adore !!!
Antoine Bilbord
Antoine Bilbord:
Jeremías Peche
Jeremías Peche:
o m g, im in love
The Host.
The Host.:
Can I marry your voice please?
arief syahrizal
arief syahrizal:
idk. this is mitch grassi (PTX) in boy version i think.
Wiktoria Mista
Wiktoria Mista:
Wooooooooow. Very good
Joshua Hardy
Joshua Hardy:
what key is this in?
Renato Maciel
Renato Maciel:
Do a cover of FU by miley cyrus plzzzzzzzz
Oscar Avian
Oscar Avian:
dude, your vocals are great, but you kinda abuse of the reverb xD
Timothy Ralte
Timothy Ralte:
There is no better male cover than this
Serendipity Fierce
Serendipity Fierce:
May I have the instrumental too? 😸