One of Kurt Cobain's Final Interviews - Incl. Extremely Rare Footage

Kurt Cobain Interview - Incl. Rare Footage // Subscribe: // USE THE TIMESTAMPS IN THE DESCRIPTION BELOW TO JUMP TO SPECIFIC QUESTIONS. One of Kurt Cobain's final interviews before his tragic death, this WatchMojo Presents video From the MUCH Vaults is an incredible look into the man and artist that we present on the day that would have been his 50th birthday. This raw video from 1993 features 6 minutes of very rarely seen footage from the original interview that was not aired on television. Nirvana's legacy still burns bright and their music continues to influence and inspire people to this day. We hope that you enjoy this thoughtful and engaged interview with a man who meant so much to so many people.

00:07 1) What are your favourite books and have they influenced your songwriting?

1:50 2) Is it hard write new material in a short timeframe after having had your entire life to the write the material for your first two albums?

02:39 3) There are a lot of baby references in your songs: wombs, babies’ breath; is this a huge part of your life…?

04:19 4) Do you think the old saying that you can’t buy happiness is true?

05:08 5) Now that you’ve had so much success, so quickly and so surprisingly, as well as a baby, your marriage, etc., what excites you now?

05:49 6) How do you personally cope with having private relationships being scrutinized publicly?

09:04 7) Is it weird to suddenly have lawyers and people who do that stuff for you?

10:40 8) Do you think being in the music industry for a long time makes you nutty?

11:48 9) Have you ever had second thoughts about bringing a child into the world, despite being able to see the world for what it is?

13:38 10) “Grunge”: where did the term come from?

17:19 11) One of the interesting things about Nirvana that you don’t talk about much is that you seem very concerned about sexism. How do you make people aware of that problem?

21:21 12) We’re doing a special on The Replacements, did they have any influence n you on as a songwriter or any of the music you did?

23:58 13) Did you get to meet anyone that you would consider your musical hero?

24:40 14) Tell me about the record you’re doing with William Burroughs.

25:50 15) One of the members of Nirvana said he was perturbed by your mainstream audience and wanted to just make music for your real fans...?

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100+ komentarze:
This last five minutes of this interview has never been broadcast on television before!
The camera man is skilled af
H1dd3n *
H1dd3n *:
The nicest people in the world get disrespected the most.
Pop Tart
Pop Tart:
What an articulate, intelligent, kind, humble, sensitive, talented man he was. I wish we could go back in time and save him.
He elevates the art of talking with a cigarette in mouth lol.
Emilia Reynaerts
Emilia Reynaerts:
Happy 54th Birthday Kurt. We miss you. You’re a star forever and always. Rest in peace❤️
SNES drunk
SNES drunk:
"I bought all these fetuses [...] It was like a dream come true"
“He’a disgusted by humans, and he can’t get away from humans”. That was the most Kurt Cobain thing I have ever heard in my life and I’ve been listening to his music and interviews for 15 years
he was probably the most interesting person to walk this earth, in the last decades. i wish i could have spent one night with him just talking about life. i so much get this guy. he was so authentic!
Gori Robert
Gori Robert:
It looks like he was looking at the whole world with a lot of empathy, sadness and compassion
Jooj McStevenson
Jooj McStevenson:
Love how he truly thinks before speaking. He was wise beyond his years, and made such a mark on our society and world. Would’ve loved seeing him grow old, hope he’s resting well.
tri becca
tri becca:
he would've hated social media ..
Richie R
Richie R:
Fuck I miss the 90’s. Masked up now, nothing on the radio, reminiscing watching a legend on you tube.
Gary Harmatski
Gary Harmatski:
I'm reading alot of commenters here asking "Who is the interviewer?" Her name is Erica Ehm. She is a Canadian journalist who was sent to Seattle for this interview. She was awesome when she was a part of Much Music. Her genuinely sincere questions are what put Kurt at ease in this interview. She was cool that way 🙂
haloisruined 343
haloisruined 343:
Kurt: reveals he hired a hitman
Interviewer: "excuse me?"
Kurt: "delete that"
Lol this guy was amazing, yes i know it was a joke
Natalie Leibfreid
Natalie Leibfreid:
How sad is it that the people who have the most empathy and the best understanding of life are the ones who tend to suffer the most. I’m fascinated with him and convinced there will never be another mind like his.
call me jason
call me jason:
The interviewer was really good at her job here. She lets him talk all he wants and doesn’t interrupt him
Its a Ace
Its a Ace:
his voice makes me so calm and i could sleep to his voice
W J:
I think that shot of his shoe at 2:46 is an utterly crucial detail, completely alters the tone.
Robert Moore
Robert Moore:
I’m not saying he committed Suicide but as someone who suffers from depression my whole life I can feel a sadness in his voice.
Mayuki Komatsu
Mayuki Komatsu:
His laugh, his little giggles are really cute. It's just sucks how fast and quick he went away. Maybe he wasn't surrounded by the right people. or I don't know, but he deserved better. Such bright and creative artist and musician. It's just sad man.... No one should die that young. I can only wonder what more he could've accomplish.
WatchMojo, you've done something right for once.
Kudzai Chisango
Kudzai Chisango:
He seemed like such a decent person. He's definitely missed.
Jenny Lee
Jenny Lee:
He just looks so normal. He's talking and sounds great. Its sucks how many people silently walk around with issues, and we don't know.
His eyes is so beautiful but sad. He's too sad like he's crying from the inside. He couldn't stop crying but live with it like he had no choice.
To Remali
To Remali:
he was lost.. in his mind.. he was feeling everything... not for this world...
He looks so polite and friendly, but the sadness in his eyes breaks my heart
Omg He was extremely sensitive and kind, never seen any artist so beautiful inside
bee studies
bee studies:
it’s so rare to find people who don’t care about being themselves, kurt was one of those people, as he said himself “I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.”
Jeremy Theoneofdestiny
Jeremy Theoneofdestiny:
"Extremely Rare Footage"

* *viewed 10M times* *
Jack McMullin
Jack McMullin:
We all miss Kurt. Even if we didn’t know him
Mohammad Rahman
Mohammad Rahman:
There is something so peaceful about watching this interview.
That just feels like the 90's. Those were some good times. Back when cellular phones had retractable antennas and music kicked ass without using computers. Cant forget... we walked to school up hill both ways while listening to Nirvana on our discman with the cheesey headphones and you had to walk soft so the CD wouldn't skip.
I'd go back to that time in a second if I could. Lol
Illum Mulli
Illum Mulli:
its weird I actually get sadder about his passing over time. like I'm getting further away from a point of time that was awesome because there is no point in time in the future that will be as great as a world with Kurt
Emilia Reynaerts
Emilia Reynaerts:
This video is my therapy when i feel sad
Snoopynice Food
Snoopynice Food:
when he said “yeah that’s my future” you could see he didn’t want any of that
Jose Rodrigo
Jose Rodrigo:
Dude looks like he's carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders
Kurt is a fucking legend, his death was one of the worst things to happen on this earth. Rip
Doesn't Matter
Doesn't Matter:
What amazing eyes. It is almost like he had too much knowledge of what he did and didn't want from his music and maybe didn't feel it was getting out unlike he wanted. He seemed like a really deep, sweet man.
Cam Brown
Cam Brown:
5:07 I died his reaction to her stutter is funny
L C:
Glad I saw Nirvana before they got famous in a small club.
Kurt was just a normal ass person living a celebrity’s life
Trouble Is
Trouble Is:
“Baby throw up? I think she’s lying.”
Matt Contrino
Matt Contrino:
“This album is the closing of a chapter-“

Janese Killebrew
Janese Killebrew:
He's so intelligent and articulate. 🥰🎶 Missing him here in Aberdeen, WA
ray fowler
ray fowler:
She had to have been devastated when he passed away. What a lucky woman. The interviewer that is... This man is the reason why I picked up a guitar. Wish you were here Kurt...
Nathan Fair
Nathan Fair:
he keeps reffering to the future, makes me think he wasnt suicidal...

Hey guys i honestly wasnt expecting this much attention from a random comment lol, whether we agree on one thing or another, we all are here because we loved Kurt and his music, recently ive been dealing with depression and things and i realize the only thing you can do is to HELP YOURSELF, workout everyday, treat your body right, love yourself! have a great day guys!
Vandon Fewkes
Vandon Fewkes:
R.I.P. The greatest Grunge player in the world...
Sandra Slate
Sandra Slate:
Such a shame he’s no longer here. There will never be another like him. He was very handsome as well.
House Offax
House Offax:
Kurt a brutally honest dude, he pulled no punches like other big rock stars...
This interview is very comforting to me. Whenever I watch this, I feel relaxed and completely forget about my problems, albeit for a short time. Rest in peace Kurt.
His eyes are like oceans holding all the secrets and treasures of the universe and all the sadness too
sizzle litt
sizzle litt:
Still miss him in 2021 and always wonder what 40 and 50 year old kurt would have written for us ...thank you for the soundtrack to my youth ...R.I.P KURT...R.I.P PIMP C TOO
Kwixcy Gaming YT
Kwixcy Gaming YT:
This is actually a very interesting interview, he is so interesting and nice.
Tom Jones
Tom Jones:
A sweet young man. When she told him he was bright you see his eyes go down to the left. His eyes started to water up. He needed a friend and someone to talk to.
Jonalyn Sombrio
Jonalyn Sombrio:
Its 2020 now..but still missing kurt Cobain..whos still here?
Pat McCallum
Pat McCallum:
Kurt : “Is it all right to smoke on Canadian Television “?
Erica Ehm : “It’s too late now”

Kurt : “I’ve only had 3”. 🤣

2021 and I still come back to watch this interview ....🙏
Kevin Nesbitt
Kevin Nesbitt:
Iggy pop
I tried not to bother him the way I felt might bother him.
This young man was extremely wise beyond his years.
He could read people selflessly. 24:25
Ce Ce
Ce Ce:
Beautiful soul cloaked in sad darkness who now walks in the brightest warmth of eternal sunshine and peacefulness! RIP beautiful soul Kurt!
Sabrina Moura Rodrigues
Sabrina Moura Rodrigues:
I was a teenager at the time of his death. And I remember never believing in "suicide". For me actually it was someone with an interest in benefiting after his death. There was a lack of a serious investigation into the person who most profited from the Star's death. Such a shame! He was amazing!
Emo Nymph
Emo Nymph:
She is a really good interviewer, she brings out a lot in him and keeps it very real and casual. I'm almost anticipating her questions as much as I'm anticipating the responses.
Brooklyn Twiggy Marie
Brooklyn Twiggy Marie:
Interviews are nothing like this now honestly. This is the most down to earth interview I've seen in a minute ,it's not just for clout and it's not mediocre,it's like it's just them and the camera man having a regular conversation 🥺🥺 and when he smiled 😭😭😭😭😭
Watching this interview, you'd never imagine what was to come next, his answers all hint at a future, and he just seems like a sincere and serious artist, willing to explore the range of his band's sound. It's almost unsettling you are so engrossed the in the conversation when in the middle or towards the last of the clip, you're reminded why you're watching this interview in the first place. Because these footages are all that's left of his true voice, everything else is just other people selling his story. Wish there was something or someone who could have helped him.
24:25 I relate to this, of not wanting to bother a celebrity's private moment. His decency is really evident here.
Bjørn Erik Moen
Bjørn Erik Moen:
He was too good, too intellectual for his own good - Even as an atheist I would say God wanted him.

Hopefully you're resting peacefully, Kurt.
J Rod
J Rod:
He makes all the mainstream artists these days look like a joke.
Sharon Lawson
Sharon Lawson:
"Cremation factory" haha!! Aw bless his heart, this was strangely humbling to watch. A really insightful interview and God, what a tragic loss. Imagine him on Twitter! He'd despise it. RIP KC 🙏🏻
No more pain
No more pain:
Kurt Cobain dealing with the weight of smart. Too smart and beautiful for this disgusting world
e higgin
e higgin:
“Muzak. That’s pretty neat.”
- Kurt Cobain
Great interview. He was down to earth and simple, humble. Just a regular dude dealing with life.
marc cip
marc cip:
A truly humble person who didn’t want fame but attracted millions.
Elyan AE
Elyan AE:
The music industry killed cobain.
He'd of rather die than compromise his music and vision. Which they were pushed HARD to do.
Heather Harper
Heather Harper:
that bit when the camera man just zooms in to his eyes *cLaP *cLAp *clAp. Also a late happy birthday Kurt
Kelly Subocz
Kelly Subocz:
What a sweet soul, we are all richer to have heard him. We miss you!!!
I dont wanna get all personal and sappy on this video of all places, but i watch his interviews because he has a similar way of acting and talking to my dad who passed away a few years ago. I dont have any videos of him, and its hard not hearing his voice other than in my head, but hearing kurt talk somehow helps? Its hard to fully explain, but it really helps.
Éireannach 16
Éireannach 16:
So relieved that during one of his last interviews he was treated with such kindness. She’s a real professional
His reaction to “baby throw up” hahah
Very strange but warming to see him so casual with this interview nothing wrong about it but usually he’s all one word answer or cranky here he’s just so nice and respectful ya know still one of my fav interviews from him
I went through a hard core nirvana- interview-watching phase a few years ago and haven’t watched this since then, and it’s so refreshing to listen to. Feels like home. Love you kurt
The death of Kurt has been one of the hugest loss in rock'n'roll history.
Why why why why
sara cobain
sara cobain:
I love the questions she was asking: money cant buy happiness then asking him about the books he reads, really nice stuff. today interviews are all shallow
johnny sebastian Corona
johnny sebastian Corona:
I like how he mentioned that he garbled lyrics...........people read into things way too much.
He has the most beautiful eyes. woah
Summer Poetry Waters
Summer Poetry Waters:
16:28 “No, I’ve always been a nice guy.”
Salvatore Nastasi
Salvatore Nastasi:
You would never think that a guy so bright, calm, articulate and thoughtful would decide just some months later to kill himself. Never!
Leanne Rey
Leanne Rey:
The interviewer is so fantastic. She’s so sweet, and soft spoken and respectful of Kurt. Because of that, Kurt probably opened up more and gave longer answers. I’ve never seen him more relaxed in any other interview he’s done. I think that has a lot to do with the interviewer. I love the questions she is asking as well. God, that man was amazing. I wish he didn’t die. I wonder what more joy and magic he would have brought to the world if he didn’t.
8:15 Kurt knew what lo-fi was even then. So ahead of his time.
De Templex
De Templex:
Glad you don't have to see the poor excuses of so called musicians we have today.
Margaret Clark
Margaret Clark:
Perfume, one of my favourite books, I first read it in ‘85’ and it resonated in my soul. I’ve read it many times since. To know that Kurt felt the same way about it is amazing. He sure wasn’t the epitome of a Rock Star, he was real and I think he was a good man.
Forever missed Kurt, forever missed
Matt Derosa
Matt Derosa:
Gahd damn Kurt.... you were the man.... energy doesn’t die.... still feel you with us g .... rest easy my guy .... fuck never gonna be okay wit dis
Barbora O
Barbora O:
If he knew how f*cked the world is now...
It sounds like he was looking forward to the future of where the music was going it doesn't seem at all like he was going to quit.
whoisharo ?
whoisharo ?:
Love love love how he talks about Perfume and Scentless Apprentice.
What a great interview, you always kinda forget how smart Kurt was, and how simple of a person he was too!
Anthony war
Anthony war:
The Kingdome, no ferris wheel, and a clean Seattle. Man I miss the 90s
At least he got a decent journalist for his last interview
Rick C
Rick C:
I always find myself coming back to this interview.
Adam Pearce
Adam Pearce:
Funny how he looks younger the older you get.
Otis Tugwell
Otis Tugwell:
This was a very good interview because the interviewer was asking thoughtful deep open ended questions and you can tell just by his answers that he appreciates it.
Jesus Luna
Jesus Luna:
I feel like this interviewer asked some real questions, but perhaps in the process Kurt probably felt a little invaded. At some points I felt like he was looking for answers within himself. maybe not finding any, yet still giving an answer. But I’m sorry I’m high.
Clinton Jones
Clinton Jones:
It seems like the interviewer is genuinely interested in Kurt and wants to talk to him. I wish more interviews were like that these days.