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In today's video, i will be leaving warsaw, Poland to stay in a new place in Poland. The beautiful mountain town of zakopane. Zakopane is in the far south of Poland, within the tatra mountains. I also take the scenic hike to the famous lake morskie oko in the middle of the tatra mountains. Zakopane was a beautiful place to visit and I highly recommend anyone to go there if you are going to Poland.

Bio: I am a 20 year old who was raised and still lives in Australia. I have been into sport, health and fitness my whole life and I am someone who enjoys exercise and performance and want to help educate others on ultimately how to live a happier, healthier life.
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Zaneta Batko
Zaneta Batko:
those horse carriages abuse the horses...DO NOT recommend this...PLEASE DON'T...horses collapse and die
Igor Jki
Igor Jki:
Jestem prostym człowiekiem.
Widzę zagraniczny film o Polsce, klikam.


Pozdrawiam. To jest mój pierwszy polski komentarz z 1k lików. Dziękuje wam wszystkim.
Joker Joker's
Joker Joker's:
Poland is a beautiful country and people are very nice
Dina Fourier
Dina Fourier:
Poland is a very beautiful country. 🇵🇱❤️
Chyba Tak
Chyba Tak:
He said "Kiełbasa" with a Polish accent, he is Polish, but he doesn't know it
Karla Frytka
Karla Frytka:
When you go around Morskie Oko , more or less halfway you can climb up to Czarny Staw Lake. Do it next time. Mind blowing views!
Pauline Earl
Pauline Earl:
Im an Aussie with a Polish father, I adore Poland, Zakapone is great in Winter too ! Its such a beautiful place to stay ❤️
I'm in Love with Zakopane and Tatry❤
Joanna r
Joanna r:
Great video 👍 Poland is beautiful 💞❤️💞
Greetings from Poland!!
valerio V
valerio V:
Poland is such an underrated country. Love Poland from Italy ❤
I love your Australian accent. I’m glad you like your trip to poland.
You did really good job pronouncing Polish names.
I live in Zakopane and I have been to the Morskie Oko more than once. I would recommend going through the Five Ponds Valley.
Livi Hu
Livi Hu:
Thank you for the video! I have polish roots and I’m soooo excited to go discover some new places in 2021 in Poland! Actually your video made me rethink my decision not to go to zakopane. I was a little scared to go there alone but the view is magical... maybe I’ll end up going there ☺️👍🏼
Joanna Łojas
Joanna Łojas:
My hometown town🥰 am proud that I was born there
Mt Shore
Mt Shore:
My god bless me with the health and wealth to visit this place.
Marcin Sieja
Marcin Sieja:
Well done mate hope u will come back some time autumn n go to see Bieszczady I rly recommend this part of Poland good job with video it works for tourism in Poland all over the globe gl
Jan Antoni
Jan Antoni:
Beautiful country, mountain region has their own culture.From folk songs and dances to local food worth it to experience this part of Poland.
eddie b
eddie b:
Glad you liked Polish mountains. Climbing to Morskie Oko was exhausting for me, though. You managed to run three kilometres up the hill to get there.You must be tough! Enjoy!
I climbed The Three crowns mountain. Beautiful!
Aleczandra Labaupa
Aleczandra Labaupa:
Now, I want to go in Poland because of The Witcher lol
I've been in Zakopane countless times and it makes me rejoice to see that so many foregin people like it there
Jan Pierzchala
Jan Pierzchala:
Morskie Oko beautiful indeed, I was able to circle it alone morning and evening, before and after transient visitors like you were present. I guess a different place for Aussies (not for Kiwis) and that's what matters a lot in world travel. I met like a dozen young Aussies at... Baltic seaside at around year 2000. Parachuting from a ballon turned out to be the major draw for them!:)
Magno García
Magno García:
I live in Warsaw and I I love going to Zakopane every season of the year
Magda Beznazwiska
Magda Beznazwiska:
Really glad to see you in Poland!
Pretty big hike - I've done this as a 9 year old on a school trip :D Greetings from Poland :)
o Mak
o Mak:
Great video and the view from the top was fascinating. Thank you Riley.
What a great pronunciation of polish words! And very cool video. Greetings from Warsaw :)
Sammy Um
Sammy Um:
I can't wait to go and have some experience there someday for travel ❤😊 look amazing
Marta Trela
Marta Trela:
Thank you for wonderful video :) i was living in Poland before and i was many times in Zakopane during the summer and winter for skiing , it's beautiful place to be and relax also the crispy air and clean mountain stream water is amazing , i love this place and also nice people and food of course , plus soft , warm wool sweaters during winter time :D i will definitely go to visit again if i will have a chance to do it :D
Dia Dia
Dia Dia:
Amazing wideo! You should visit Czarny Staw lake, too. Never been here, but I heard it's cool. Also, I know you probably aren't interested in horse racing or sport riding in general, but you should visit Służewiec racetrack in Warsaw. It is just mindblowing when you see it for the first time.
Rob 51
Rob 51:
A mountain is a mountain the views are breathtaking anywhere and yes I love them all
patryk adamiak
patryk adamiak:
Every time I’m in Zakopane I always eat at that restaurant you ate at. I love it. If you get back there make sure you grab a chunk of golonka. Safe travels.
Love your video! I will go to Zakopane soon! Been here in Krakow for 3 years now and never been to Zakopane ;'(
Malgorzata Basiurka
Malgorzata Basiurka:
You are very right about Zakopane there are so many fantastic places !
My father was from Zakopane !
Thank you 🙏 for your nice words of appreciation!!!!
Amazing 😍
Wow, rzeczywiście ładnie. Też muszę tam pojechać 😁😁
Kamil Głuch
Kamil Głuch:
Absolutely beautiful place, if you're ever in Poland definitely go visit! However, I wouldn't drink the water straight from the stream as he did. It seems really clean and fresh but don't forget you are in a nature reserve and you never know if some animal didn't die somewhere upstream and you're drinking whatever was inside. It might be unlikely but it's a possibility. Use Aquatabs or other water purification tab.
I was in Zakopane in 2018 and i almost die during a walk to this beautiful place😂😂
Jason St
Jason St:
One of the most beautiful man that came to Poland ❤ hope you had great time
Zakopane my beautiful hometown❤
Macios _MS
Macios _MS:

Thaddeus Tomaszewski
Thaddeus Tomaszewski:
Poland , a Beautiful Place to see.
5:50 When I am in Zakopane I always have to eat at the restaurant. My friend sometimes plays the violin there.
Greg Herman
Greg Herman:
Nice place mate , not as good as Mt Druit thou :)
I'm impressed with you polish pronunciation, especially szaszlyk and owczarnia.
Thank you for inviting our Poland!
My husband proposed to me in the middle of Morskie Oko in a winter when it was completely frozen and it was just us two there on that moment <3 <3 I adore that place forever! <3
copricorn_ moon
copricorn_ moon:
1.34!! I can't , this is my Alma Mater ! University of Agriculture in Cracow! I gradueted almost twenty years ago but the building doesn't change at all. Nice video. Greets!
Joe K
Joe K:
Hi mate,glad that you like it, all the best to your next trip bud. My country is beautiful indeed.
Pio Ste
Pio Ste:
I'm glad you enjoyed my country! Cheers! Please came again!
GroundBoizz buczek
GroundBoizz buczek:
I love your videos, greerings from Poland!
Pauline Earl
Pauline Earl:
Hi, Im an Aussie, with a Polish father, I did a Winter ski trip in Zakopane, its amazingly beautiful, I adore Poland, its my dream to live there ❤️
Przemek Urbański
Przemek Urbański:
"Fairly cool country". Not durig the summer, for sure :D During Autumn and Spring it is, especially Autumn, but fromJune to August, when the day is sunny people really want some ice cream and shadow 'cause temperature is even up to 30-40 degrees Celsius. I very often see 40+ degrees on my thermometer 'cause the Sun shines on it for almost a whole day.
I once went to Zakopane :]
I can speak a but of Polish even though it’s my first language :I
Filip Kosicki
Filip Kosicki:
Next time you should definitely visit Bieszczady Mountains
Nika Nika
Nika Nika:
All Poland is beautiful 😍
Agnieszka Burczyk
Agnieszka Burczyk:
I love it,Hi I am from Warszawa but Zakopane and Tatry mountains is my place in Poland ,I even spend there my honeymoon with my husbie as there is no better place on Earth!!!Greetings.
Stacey Corbin
Stacey Corbin:
What a view! :)
darek benik
darek benik:
Gretings from Poland, Wroclaw.
Poland is great! so peaceful in Warmian-Mazurian district. The best place to chill and spend some time with pure nature. Zakopane is great too, but you SHOULD come to Olsztyn area some other time aswell! (which is in warmińsko-mazurskie district).
Poland = 🔥❤️💕
Greetings from Poland ! 🇵🇱
Żółwik Tv
Żółwik Tv:
This mountain wich you saw from your Window is called Giewont and from Zakopane it looks like sleeping knight and in Poland there is a legend that under this mountain in cave are sleeping knights who are waiting to wake up. Quite interesting story.
ColleCter Euronymus
ColleCter Euronymus:
Sea Eye!
Greetings from NL!
waldemar kiepski
waldemar kiepski:
the mountain from the window sight is Giewont - thats a sleeping knight a hudge one - tale sais that he will rise in time of need
Lucky Happy
Lucky Happy:
Amazing 😀
Fajnie bo mieszkam obok zakopanego :> jak ja lubie się pochwalać xD
Olcia Knorcia
Olcia Knorcia:
Greetings from Poland. 💓🇵🇱
good job ! buddy 👍
Rollercoasters Worldwide
Rollercoasters Worldwide:
This seems worth a day trip if you're tourist in Krakow
Jula Weg
Jula Weg:
Lowe to see my favorites place on the World. Thanks
This moment when you live in Zakopane 😂
President Duda
President Duda:
4:30 yes! That’s it! Zakopane is polish lil Switzerland 😂😎❤️💸
Natalia N.
Natalia N.:
My hometown ❤
Muffeczka kjdcvbhju65rdcv
Muffeczka kjdcvbhju65rdcv:
I'm Polish and I've never been in these places XD

But I really want to ;//
Jan Antoni
Jan Antoni:
You should continue to valley of 5 lakes in the mountains.
Wojciech Barbapapa
Wojciech Barbapapa:
Zainspirowałeś mnie kolego. muszę kiedyś pojechać do Morskiego Oka:DD
zosqa xx
zosqa xx:
Im so happy when i see foreigners in poland. 😁😁 thanx for good opinion about our country ❤️

Ps. Pozdrawiam 😊😊
good job ! buddy 👍
titi colon
titi colon:
Lagunas de montebello in México are more beautiful believe me!!!
I visited Kraków poland back in 2014. Middle of winter beautiful place and people like much of Eastern Europe.
Łukasz Dominik
Łukasz Dominik:
This is not where you went there is just a view Czarny Staw. Only there a total brain explosion
Peter Silie
Peter Silie:
The video would be much nicer and informative, if you don't always show yourself, but the scenery and landscape.
Manier Warsaw
Manier Warsaw:
6:66 Weather is absolutely Crackin
Good Video!Greatings from poland!
Beata Koban
Beata Koban:
Greetings from Poland ! :-)
Sandra Sunrise
Sandra Sunrise:
Co nice to hear about your Country thing like that <3. ! Cute !
True, Zakopane is beautiful.
Domi Xld
Domi Xld:
Kto z Polski?🇵🇱
Im from poland XD Zakopane is a beautiful place
Nicholle Christine Edwards
Nicholle Christine Edwards:
Krzysztof Borówka
Krzysztof Borówka:
Miłość w Zakopanem!

sensoryizer PL
sensoryizer PL:
Grettings from Poland 😁
ed adams
ed adams:
Mate, one of the most beautiful places in the world. You need to get out more. The central street is full of tacky shops selling junk.
Fajny filmik!
Natalia Sopolinska
Natalia Sopolinska:
I live in Poland myself, and I have not been to the mountains, i.e. Zakopane and Morskie Oko. I got closer to the sea. Greetings from Poland 🇵🇱
Bordo bordo
Bordo bordo:
I was in Zakopane in May and it was non-stop raining ;/
Johony Brawo
Johony Brawo:
Just for the record, for using drones in Poland you need a licence and wear yellow west ;) So watch out with using them in towns ;)
Frost Catacysm
Frost Catacysm:
Fajny chłopak!!!!! Pozdrowienia z Tarnowa najcieplejszego miejsca w Polsce!!!!