OnePlus Nord Impressions: Back to Budget!

OnePlus Nord is officially official. Here's everything you need to know.
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OnePlus 8 Review:

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Phone provided by OnePlus for video.

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Aaryan Joharapurkar
Aaryan Joharapurkar:
Eyy, Marques actually did have the phone while talking to Carl Pei
Bee Beak
Bee Beak:
Me: Should I marry my girlfriend?
MKBHD: As you already know I've been dating your girlfriend for more than a month now.
Economics in Action
Economics in Action:
*Marques goes to buy a house*
Marques: "So I've been using this house for 2 months now"
Salesperson: "You what now?"

MKBHD: so I’ve been using this vaccine for over a year now
clash of clan clash royale
clash of clan clash royale:
R.I.P one plus Nord after watching Jerry rigs Everything.
Elon: We did it we landed on Mars!
MKBHD: So I've been on Mars for a few weeks now
Mr. Positive
Mr. Positive:

Comment box of Marques : So I've been using this joke for a while now
Alfred Everything
Alfred Everything:
Mkbhd: People who spends $400 on a phone will not know the difference between 90hz and 120hz
Damn.. I felt that 😢😢😢😭
Sahil Gupta
Sahil Gupta:
Marques (while reviewing): "This is not a review"
A K:
6:46 I wish he could do in depth camera comparison between 300 to 400$ midrange phones, maybe oneplus Nord, iPhone SE, Samsung A71, and one xiaomi phone.
Vamsi Krishna Karanam
Vamsi Krishna Karanam:
MKBHD : SE at this exact price

Me : *Laughs in Indian currency*
Muhammad Waseem
Muhammad Waseem:
Lie of the year 4:49 Thanks JerryRigEverything for Correction It has Plastic Frame
nikola vitorovic
nikola vitorovic:
"metal and glass" , that phone has no antenna bands (most likely has hard plastic frame) .
MKBHD:"Finger print scanner is pretty lower on the phone,so its actually easy to reach"
Me:"Dude it's coz of your fingers"
Nitesh Singh
Nitesh Singh:
4:49 zack disagrees it's not metal on glass, it's plastic (and he is correct)
Since you have using for a while I would guess you know it's plastic, and i think oneplus should mentioned that in the reviewer guide, this is big its not just small hickup
“Not available to many people”. Just China, India and Europe, that’s just 3.4 billion people.
Naveen Gopalakrishnan
Naveen Gopalakrishnan:
*Nord is an excuse for price hike in upcoming oneplus phones* U heard it first here bois
BurningBurger x99
BurningBurger x99:
I always thought he used a smaller camera..
Michael Tapel
Michael Tapel:
Me: hey what’s up?
Marques: this isn’t a review
Newguyontheblock 1
Newguyontheblock 1:
So i have been infected by coronavirus for a year now
Rishav Koirala
Rishav Koirala:
Marques: *is born*

"So I've been using the womb for 9 months now."
Joshua M.
Joshua M.:
US Marines: We found a UFO
MKBHD: So, I've been using this UFO for a few weeks now
Maciej Rytelewski
Maciej Rytelewski:
Marques is like "I've been using this *product that got released literally today* for like 2 years now"
pushkar garg
pushkar garg:
When the corona virus vaccine comes out,I bet that he would have used it for a month and in the review he would tell us that he wanted a matt black packaging
Boris Iomdin
Boris Iomdin:
off-topic: really enjoying his reviews, so quiet, reasonable and decent manner! Thanks!
Ouzy 360
Ouzy 360:
“Quite a few weeks now actually.” Was waiting for that line 😂😂
Kumud Mecwan
Kumud Mecwan:
Guys don't get too hyped up about Oneplus using oneplus 8's camera in Nord.
Reality is oneplus 8' camera is mediocre quality compared to oneplus 7,7t,8 pro etc
sachin somra
sachin somra:
04:48 Metal & glass... Are you sure?
It's made of plastic marques...😏😏
Sakib Sarar Ananda
Sakib Sarar Ananda:
4:48 metal and glass?
Bro, you've been using it for more than 15 days, you couldn't tell that it's plastic and glass??
Edit: MKBHD shows again in his review that he is as neutral as it gets.
Yong Chen
Yong Chen:
Mkbhd: “the sides are metal”
Me after watching Jerry’s vid: *visible confusion*
We've reached the point where the headphone jack isn't mentioned :(

Goodbye old friend
Number One 1⃣
Number One 1⃣:
The frame is plastic
KJ Subodh
KJ Subodh:
iPhone 12 gets released

MKBHD: I've been using this phone since a few weeks.
ocea6770 ocea6770
ocea6770 ocea6770:
I love how Marques always keeps his vids under 10 mins
Kushagra Garg
Kushagra Garg:
3:12; iPhone users: Umm...
**Crying iPhone noises**
Ify Emmanuel-Odiachi
Ify Emmanuel-Odiachi:
Elon musk: colonizes Mars
Marques: So I've been living on Mars for quite some time now
"so ive been using this phone for eternity now"
04:48 you have metal and glass? jerryrigeverything disapproves
Praveen Kumar
Praveen Kumar:
Lots of Love from India brother ❣️ , simply explain everything about this nord device , thanks alot this precious information 😍😍
Candy for Breakfast
Candy for Breakfast:
Still super satisfied with my 7 pro. Told my dad to get this one, it looks great.
Emanuel Huertas
Emanuel Huertas:
CEO of “I have been using this device for quite a while now”
subhakanta debata
subhakanta debata:
4:49 its not metal.. its plastic with metallic paint. Watch jerry rig everything video.
Michin Sin
Michin Sin:
Damn, I need a review lol
I could buy this one now, the price is easily in my budget. And it would be replacing my huawei p20 lite, all I'm looking forr is something that isn't Huawei, and is just slightly better than my p20 lite.
Specially a better camera would be nice.
"Back to Budget" Well ... keep in mind that the OnePlus X retailed for 260 €.
Mr Tee
Mr Tee:
First video ive watched from you . Must say im impressed. Well done straight forward and on the button. Look forward to the full review. Great work
Aravind R
Aravind R:
Corona Vaccine Comes and MKBHD: As you guys suspected, I have been using the vaccine for about a month now.
pankaj pathak
pankaj pathak:
iPhone 12 comes out
Marques: so as u guys suspected I've been using it for 2 months now
Frame of NORD is PLASTIC with glass on front and back...
Praveen Kumar Selvaraj
Praveen Kumar Selvaraj:
Was looking forward for your review on one plus earbuds, would that happen sooner or later ?
reminds me of that oneplus z... that ceramic disaster
ugh... that L camera wouldve been really refreshing
Shivam Trivedi
Shivam Trivedi:
Good to see Companies like OnePlus focus on the Indian Market a lot as opposed to Apple whose prices in India are a joke at this point😂
Arjun Vegeta
Arjun Vegeta:
Woah! Marques u changed the Thumbnail asper my comment! Respect man!
The Fin
The Fin:
Omg yes I liked the other ones he showed as well! Thankyou!
Rafey Saleem
Rafey Saleem:
I loved that desgin too but i guess they just wanted to have a signature look for one plus.
Yash Sharma
Yash Sharma:
Thank you so much for showing the prices in terms of INR mkbhd the best youtuber for a reason
Muhammed Zaman
Muhammed Zaman:
"of course for 900 to 1000 dollars we will get much faster refresh rates "
apple : *sweats scaredly*
K _25_
K _25_:
Watching in ONEPLUS 7T 🔥
Jerry Lee
Jerry Lee:
Damn dude your backdrops always look so sleek and modern. You looking for housemates?! 😂👌
Machiraju Sandilya
Machiraju Sandilya:
Hey marques i guess you must be using the Note 20 Ultra by now✌️, How's the new note🤩🤩
Truth: OnePlus Nord smokes the Iphone SE

Incoming Isheep!
oxford: we've got the cure for COVID
MKBHD: so, I've been inmune for the last 3 moths
Tobias Schirmer
Tobias Schirmer:
Looking forward to your complete review and experience.
jabulani ahmad
jabulani ahmad:

Aron had the same phone with a teardrop front camera..

what's up with this one? dual cameras..

im must be seeing double... lol
Yovani Gramajo
Yovani Gramajo:
I continue to ask myself why OnePlus invested so much in pop up camera tech and only used it on the 7pro.
Sandile Khumalo
Sandile Khumalo:
The studio is looking amazing👌🏾 (background)
Loyal Slime
Loyal Slime:
Indians : *boycott Chinese products!*
China : *"Oneplus nord"*
Indians : *"Oneplus nord"*
Dude, with the great wallpapers that Oneplus designed and you use the Big Sur wallpaper lmao.
Cesar Chua Galleta Jr.
Cesar Chua Galleta Jr.:
Hello im a Realme 5 Pro User and it reminds me to take a look at the back of my phone while watching this one+ nord review.🤣it looks almost the same.
nobody atall
nobody atall:
4:48 No , it's not metal and glass , the body made from plastic like Zack said
Kushagra Garg
Kushagra Garg:
Phones with headphones jack: I can expl-
Other phone users: I am only getting chargers!
Future iPhone users: You guys are getting accessories?
Rishab Mano
Rishab Mano:
"Of course a $900 or $1000 phone will have a higher refresh rate..."

Yeah huh, tell that to Apple.
Abdullah Deshmukh
Abdullah Deshmukh:
Where's the review, buddy? We're waiting.
Where would you put these phones on the scale of 1-10 in performance/cpu power?:
samsung galaxy s7,
oneplus nord,
oneplus 8 pro.
Do a Oppo find X2 pro review. You did a sponsored vid but would love to see full review on the best phone this year
Arthur Fleck
Arthur Fleck:
Questions for the full review: Does the phone
A) support Dolby Atmos for BT headphones?
B) have dual speakers?
Frankie Tech
Frankie Tech:
BOOM! OnePlus nailed it! Woo hoo!
That 90hz AMOLED, could see it being my daily driver for sure
akhil saji
akhil saji:
Thanks for including indian rupees
Do try to add them next time since most indians watch your video and are huge fans too
Wow! Both of my countries have availability!! Lol!

Where is OnePlus from??
Irfan Jamaluddin
Irfan Jamaluddin:
4:47 *Plastic and glass actually
Zipho Khoza
Zipho Khoza:
2019: "wow it comes with a headphone jack!"
2020: "wow it comes with a charger!"
2021: "Wow it comes in a box!"
2022: "Wow it comes assemled!"
Athan R
Athan R:
Would you recommend this over the Oneplus 7T?
Krn.C Vlogs ⭐️
Krn.C Vlogs ⭐️:
when the thumbnail is in euro im confused 😐
shivananda swamy
shivananda swamy:
that's an awesome review for an awesome phone
Marques what about the preorder benefits, any update on that?
Welcome to rare video. "Things which we can afford "
Bryce Bender
Bryce Bender:
Marques: "This actually comes with a charger in the box!"

Welcome to 2020. We have to get excited about the little things.
Yunis Ehlers
Yunis Ehlers:
I was happy about my nee OP8, now I'm sad :(
Brandon Rutledge
Brandon Rutledge:
Did anyone else notice him stomp his feet when saying "one plus" @ 6:30
Raju Alam
Raju Alam:
Covid vaccine comes out
Marques:so,i have been using this vaccine for a month now
d Sohail
d Sohail:
Trying to remember, last time when Marques mentioned about subscribing his channel... 🙄
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien:
Who is asking for macro lenses and 32MP selfie cameras?? It seems like all mid-range phones this year have these
Parth Kumar
Parth Kumar:
Finally some good budget phone in 2020
I really hope Oneplus do something with the concept Carl Pei showed on the stream...
Vedant Joshi
Vedant Joshi:
5:18 that order is not correct Marques, its 8, 48, 5 and 2 MP camera setup :)
_Entertainment For All
_Entertainment For All:
Hey, could you please provide the link for the wallpaper you shown in this video. Thanks in advance!!!
Shreyas Pavan
Shreyas Pavan:
"Quite a few weeks now actually"
I bet he is rocking the iPhone 12 for 9 months now.
Jovan Spasović
Jovan Spasović:
So I've been using this phone for the last decade
share brains
share brains:
First time you are on trending page in kerala india server youtube 💪💕
Rishabh kumar Gupta
Rishabh kumar Gupta:
0:15.... lemme go through comment section first 😂
Lukas Kašėta
Lukas Kašėta:
Where to get that wallpaper on oneplus nord? I loved it