Only Hard Bouldering!

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Only hard bouldering!

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100+ komentarze:

I love when Magnus just climbs, nothing more nothing less.
Eric Connor
Eric Connor:
I prefer it when you talk at least a bit. Just like in this video. Describe the problem a bit or your thoughts before/after.
Thomas Turner
Thomas Turner:
I actually prefer when we're watching something that you have to work on rather than just flashing everything. It allows us to see the process because when you flash things you make them look so easy it might aswell be magic. Seeing you peice together how to do that yellow one though it's really cool, I look forward to seeing you send it and it helps me come up with new ways of thinking/working for projects that I'm currently stuck on.
pixel parker
pixel parker:
So here's the thing, I started watching Magnus randomly, knowing nothing about climbing or bouldering. I consume youtube like crazy, and I never watch videos longer than 10 minutes, and Magnus has the ability to make me watch 40 minute long videos, no double speed, consuming the whole thing. It's like watching a crazy good tv show, with a chill and talented protagonist, and everyone else in the cast is just as chill and good vibes as Magnus. You're the hidden gem of youtube.
You got me so pumped about this sport, that last week I started going to a climbing gym and I'm loving the whole experience. If you ever in Lisbon lets go for a climbing session!
Magnus: "These are the most enjoyable video's to make"
Comment section: "These are the most enjoyable video's to watch"
Ethan Joel
Ethan Joel:
2020 is a strange year, I mean... MAGNUS ? Encouraging us to do warm ups ?!? 😬
These are by far the best videos you make!
You can tell by Magnus smiling most of the time that he enjoys it as well, let's have more like this! :)
2:00 "I don't like handjams" Welp there goes my hope of Magnus becoming the third Wideboy
Daniel Sanchez
Daniel Sanchez:
Easy to forget how much editing goes behind this kind and every kind of videos Magnus makes, they are incredible, keep up the great work!! I'm sure sooner or later you'll get to 1M subs because you deserve it
You know it's gonna be some serious bouldering when Magnus doesn't even start the video with his shirt on.
As someone who's just started bouldering, i cannot help but wonder how damn strong you are. Someone who hasn't tried bouldering won't appreciate it as much as he should.
Valued Customer
Valued Customer:
Damn this a classic Magnus video. Reminds me of the early years.
Just got Dragos. I had no idea people made climbing shoes that soft. Sized one quarter EU size up, which was a mistake, because they stretched more than anticipated and feel more like slippers now. Still so amazing and can't wait to size down for the absolute perfect shoe.
court climbs
court climbs:
Get the chalk out bois, Magnus is sending todayyyyy
Jake Roocroft
Jake Roocroft:
Magnus: "Guess i just need to campus it..."
*starts levitating
John G
John G:
Magnus has inspired me to start climbing, He’s an amazing athlete and great to watch!Keep making videos they inspire and motivate all of us!
Stefan Huemer
Stefan Huemer:
Us mere mortals are trying our best to stay on the wall and Magnus only fear is to get stuck on the wall. :D
2:03 - "I don't like hand jams"

*Sad wide boyz noises*
Chris Guminski
Chris Guminski:
i like the other videos you do, but if you only uploaded videos of you doing hard boulders I'd be happy!
The fact why Magnus doesn't warm up every time because he's only using 10% of his muscles.
H T:
Did you just said that you’ve warmed up... Lies!!
French Flair
French Flair:
6:15 That's something I feel too when I'm trying hard boulders. It's really interesting that strong climbers like you tackle the mental part of climbing because usually we only see the physical performance.

Thanks for all Magnus 🙏🏻
Love these hard bouldering videos Magnus. I also love hearing you talk, especially when it's about the route and intricate beta/details that might be missed in video.
Mikel Azure
Mikel Azure:
Transition at 11:20 was sweet. I always appreciate how much thought and attention you put into your editing but the thing about great editing - it usually goes unnoticed. I think by this point Magnus it would be fair to say you are not only a top climber, you are also a top video editor. Climbing with some explanation, some commentary, some insight into your own internal conversation, always good. I particularly appreciate that you can verbally track your own emotional shifts thru a session, a very useful skill for any person wanting to do better in pretty much any pursuit - great to see you modeling it.
Der Echte
Der Echte:
It would be very cool if you show some Boulders from the front so people can pause the video to try and solve the boulder before they see you doing it "the right way". This helps a lot for problem solving and is actually very fun.
Love seeing you tryhard and enjoy yourself, it makes for great content! Hope to see more of these, they're so enjoyable to watch. Also, you are so ripped you can see which muscles are used during a move, this is a physiologists dream *-*
Gareth Montgomery
Gareth Montgomery:
Hey Magnus, I don't see many volumes being used in the gym. Any reason for this?
"Magnus goes bouldering" is my favourite Magnus content :D (next to Anton and Juji & Tom collabs).

I love everything you put out though!
Airyll Rockwell
Airyll Rockwell:
I literally sit here screaming coke on Magnus you got this everytime I see you struggle. Keep up the good work you are very entertaining!
Daan Bergers
Daan Bergers:
Alright, so many videos lately! I wish I had my personal gym during these corona times... :P
Alexander Handmold
Alexander Handmold:
Love watching Magnus climb mixed with some quarky commentary about the boulders is perfect lol
Michael Doyle
Michael Doyle:
I’d love to see you do a spray wall session for a video some time. Just hanging out and making up problems. Might not be something that you do anymore but as someone who’s almost exclusively using a spray wall to train it would be cool to see how you come up with creative moves and problems!
Oscar Baum
Oscar Baum:
Love the climbing first, youtube second style video - also appreciate when you talk about the problem though, as it is very helpful. Awesome stuff
SloppyStock Animation
SloppyStock Animation:
You seem so positive when you are just concentrating on the climbing aspect of the video.
Joaquin Vintimilla
Joaquin Vintimilla:
Love these style of vids!! Also cool to see Magnus struggle on something for once.
The climbing heavy videos are my favorite! It would be super cool to have a project boulder always going that takes multiple videos to get through. It might even drive up viewer engagement, there is a thread that has a later resolution, so it would make me want to ensure I saw each of the videos. Really like the limit boulders.
Honza Mali
Honza Mali:
I love it when Magnus is climbing and talking. We see his personality when he talks, but we also like to see what he talks about.
KruDom 69
KruDom 69:
I really do love to see Magnus climbing like that! Those hard boulders just look so easy when you do them... Even the failing and progressing process are sooo god damn nice to watch! Very inspiring 😍 If you enjoy making them as well, its a pretty nice win-win situation 😅👌🏾 Thanks for the climbing content during these lockdown times here in Germany 🙏
Riley Emery
Riley Emery:
I love watching Magnus try to crack climb it boosts my self confidence knowing he actually struggles on something
I have been wondering if Magnus' approach to warming up is actually helpful. I find so many people that warm up for ages. Almost so long that it must take a lot of the energy out of you
I love watching you climb Magnus, great just to sit back and learn and revel.
Evo Shocker
Evo Shocker:
I like the other content you've been posting BUT this is what I've missed. Just watching Magnus climb and try these problems, these are the best videos.
Send it Sam
Send it Sam:
Love your vids! You’re always such an encouraging and inspiring person. One day I’ll hopefully be able to climb at your level. Keep up the content!
Andrew Cruz
Andrew Cruz:
Loving the old style videos, Magnus. Sometimes it's great to just watch you climb.
Ed Taylor
Ed Taylor:
I love the variety in your videos! These climbing focused episodes are great and the one-on-one episodes with Marta are great and the adventure episodes are great.
Dude, you're such a legend for the magic you practice walking on walls... keep on doing the great work, while sticking to your guns. Don't let the temptation take over the initial motivation of the channel. Keep it up!
Kai Labasan
Kai Labasan:
I love your videos so much, these bouldering only videos especially just make me want to climb. Thanks Magnus for all the quality content!!
I can see Magnus’s passion for climbing every time he talks about a boulder. Would be great to see you do a training series specifically with the objective of sending a hard project either indoors or outdoors. Would be great to be on that journey with you
Really appreciate these type of videos ! As a climber they make me so excited to climb again !
I feel like it would be awesome to see you try a really hard project, a boulder or a route. I hope you have at least the opportunity to do so !
Greg Peterson
Greg Peterson:
Magnus's smile after completing the second part of the yellow 8A+ is so contagious! Keep spreading the joy!!
Thorbjørn Hvitved-Andersen
Thorbjørn Hvitved-Andersen:
Yeah! I really love it when you just climb, but what is also very enjoyable (and what really helps me as a climber), is your thoughts of the problem-solving in terms of technical adjustments, breathing, speed, flow etc. Awesome Magnus, and thank you!
Love the bouldering content! Would be amazing to have like a mini serie of a couple of episodes on technique, to add to the collection you made before. Maybe some more advanced techniques and how to practise them? Keep up the amazing work tho.
Great video Magnus. Definitely my favorite type of videos you make. And it's good to see you struggling so for once you can feel like we, the average climbers, feel :)
James Williams
James Williams:
These last two videos have been the best in a long time. Just good climbing, and seeing you enjoy it while pushing yourself.

I’d love to see you work that crack climb boulder! Keep it up!
Amber van Vliet
Amber van Vliet:
I really love watching your bouldering videos :) I'm really busy with school now, so I didn't really take the time to go climbing and I really miss it. Can't wait to go climb more soon! Your videos are so relaxing and cool to see, you're really inspiring :)
Karsten Gronenberg
Karsten Gronenberg:
I feel like solo gym sessions are realy fun to watch from time to time.
It is alway amazing for me how strong climbers make difficult things look so damn easy - but I hope to learn a bit from watching it though.
Hope to make it to the gym in Norway one day to fall off, I mean try some of the boulders you made look so easy.

Keep crushing it!
Kenfromearth *
Kenfromearth *:
YOOO, you listened to us! Love when youtubers listen to their fans. We love both magnus but your strength is what got me into your videos
mark ricketts
mark ricketts:
Geez! I'm fairly new to climbing and the more I climb myself, the more I realize how much of a freaking BEAST Magnus is!
11:19 that transition edit was so subtle, yet so cool! really enjoying your videos, Magnus! Thank you for being awesome!
Brian Young
Brian Young:
I really hope this inspires people to go out and climb. Ive invited so many fit friends that get pumped on v1s and think v2s are impossible. It truly paints a picture how strong and dedicated magnus is and how difficult these boulders are.
I love these types of videos. Just Magnus, interesting boulders and a camera . They have such a nice charm to them. They've always been my favorites. Don't get me wrong, I love the dynamics when he has Markus or Marte there, they add a lot to the entertainment value too.
Loved the video dude ! You were my inspiration for getting into climbing and loving it so far ! Thanks for everything magnus 💪
Timo Cohen
Timo Cohen:
So inspiring to see you projecting. Also makes us remember you're at least half human. On a different topic: I've always wondered what effect one day of vasting would have on climbing ability. Could you consider trying it out for science?
I really like the "pure" bouldering/climbing videos the most. Maybe with a collab here and there :)
Emma H. Baldwin
Emma H. Baldwin:
Love just the climbing videos and love hearing you break down each boulder and how you think it should be climbed !
Ivana Hetrick
Ivana Hetrick:
They're the most enjoyable videos for me to watch, as well. =)
Yeah, love to see more work on projects as well. Like Thomas Turner said.
Isak Burak
Isak Burak:
great vid, I enjoy seeing you climb in general, that gym has a lot cooler boulders than my local gym, I would also like to see you climb more high ropes/ auto belay.
Lancelot Guerrier
Lancelot Guerrier:
I just love your mood, there’s no explanation both talking and climbing is so relaxing to look at (definetly not to do though 😂)
I have to, I love the variety of content that Magnus can perform in and put out for us to enjoy. But holy shit do I fucking love just watching Magnus crush good old fashion climbing videos. Absolute spider-man.
I really enjoy just watching you climb and seeing your technique. I haven’t climbed in years due to it being way too expensive where I live, but at least I can mentally climb in your vids. Thanks.
Starlight Equestrian
Starlight Equestrian:
I love the climb more aspect, but I still love hearing your thought process while figuring out problems.
Smart move skipping the jam. No one wants to see "127 hours featuring magnus midtbo" lol
Andulas is
Andulas is:
Hey Magnus, just an idea. I like hearing your thought process/explaining what you re doing on a boulder. Like Adam often does in his videos :)
Filip Pecha
Filip Pecha:
This is awesome, we all surely appreciate videos like this so we can actually learn form it as well 💪👌!
Danny Marsh
Danny Marsh:
I do love the climbing videos, but I would definitely say that your commentary adds so much! You have a way of making us feel like we are in the gym with you, wrestling through the problems. So good man!
This is exactly what I needed this morning 💪🏼 ready to watch some tough sends!!
Adam C
Adam C:
Love these types of vids magnus!! you can tell they’re ones you really enjoy doing as well
Magnus, my dude, you are simply amazing. Keep up the great content <3
Jack Duncan
Jack Duncan:
Editing skills are on point Magnus, Loving these vids man!
Amazingly good video, Very simple and well made. Good editing and cinematography. Lovely video Magnus, keep it up.
You become such a good YouTuber, You've become such a smart climber, better at Editing, Shooting, and variety of content.
It's inspiring to see how much you have improved as a human and YouTuber. I look forward to climbing like you.

Kärlerk från Sverige, Erik Graham.
Look at 11:00, Magnus perfectly times the song as he moves to the next holds, great editing 👌🏽
jacob hildebrand
jacob hildebrand:
Love the pure climbing videos, especially the outdoor bouldering. Keep up the great work!
Elias Vegh
Elias Vegh:
Funny that 'some of the hardest climbing in the gym' mostly looks like a joke when Magnus does it :) good video man love watching keep going best wishes from austria
jim klm
jim klm:
Yay Magnus, those are the best videos, with hard bouldering, that include projecting!!
Peter Zezas
Peter Zezas:
11:05 that was a nice wipe you did. I see the editing has been upped a bit through little things. Nice work🤙🏻
Sigbjørn Fonseca
Sigbjørn Fonseca:
If this is your favorite way of making video’s you should definitely make them more like this. One of the best climbing videos I have seen about bouldering on YouTube. I would also love specific training in the gym to do yourselves.
Charles Carroll
Charles Carroll:
Thank you Magnus! always enjoyable content even for non climbers!
Prof Wolf
Prof Wolf:
I’m here for the content, whether that’s you talking about things you’re passionate about, or it’s you solving these insane problems! We are here to support you! Keep doing what you love man, that’s the best content
I understand the need for the other videos too, growing your viewerbase is always a good thing. As a climber though, these hard sends videos are really my favorite.
Trase Green
Trase Green:
I really like to watch you climb so I can apply your techniques to my way of climbing you are a huge inspiration of mine to stay in shape becaful keep it up and have fun Magnus
Alice Chen
Alice Chen:
Magnus : I warmed up for like 30 minutes, more like 10 minutes, more like 5 minutes.
Przemysław Orszulak
Przemysław Orszulak:
It's really interesting and entertaining to watch you solving one boulder during few sessions. I can feel myself doing it and see the progress of solving the problem
Perfect kind of video, keep more coming like this! You can include the GF and do some easier ones too, but I def prefer the climbing focus rather than talking focus. Also, you're a beast, no warm up, limited resting, and powered through all that! Wow!
"I don't like handjams"
Just re-watched your Wide Boyz content again yesterday so this made me laugh extra hard 🤣🤣🤣
Christopher Sitko
Christopher Sitko:
Awesome video! It would be really cool if while editing before you start climbing you could do an overlay outline or glow effect on the holds for the problems - even if it is just a static image for a second or two. It would really help us novices clearly see where your path is.
Jaiboi Biscuit
Jaiboi Biscuit:
This is great! Please continue the series so we can see you work on the yellow project :D
Great video, only been climbing for a few weeks so far, glad i found climbing and this channel, thanks for everything Magnus 🙃
Ashley G
Ashley G:
Love these videos! Straight up hard bouldering is always super intriguing to watch. Also Iwakakeru -Sport Climbing Girls- on Crunchyroll is soooo good and is the first rock climbing anime I’ve seen. I totally recommend watching it.
The most interesting videos for me are the ones were he talks specifically about hard boulder problems as he is trying to figure them out.
Jean-Paul Korkmaz
Jean-Paul Korkmaz:
Great to watch! I enjoy hearing your thought process when climbing or what you think about the boulders. Don't need to stress to much more about talking other than that in my opinion.