OnlyFans Model KNOWINGLY Slept With Adam Levine, A Married Man. He's Naming His Son After Her...

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Y’all don’t think a 22 year old can be easily influenced? I think that comment about the baby name says ALOT about him and their dynamic. That was SCANDALOUS
Mirza Tanović
Mirza Tanović:
There’s something so deeply twisted about naming your child after your mistress without your wife even knowing… that’s some sociopath level s**t
Grace Bray
Grace Bray:
My dad used to tell us, “two wrongs don’t make a right.” Adam and this woman are culpable and guilty of cheating. But she’s trying to use the MeToo energy to excuse herself, and that’s just embarrassing to us as women. So, you’re old enough to be on Only Fans but not old enough to enter into a sexual relationship? You can’t have both and you can’t cry foul when you realize you made a bad decision. We might have excused men in the past for “boys will be boys,” but now the culture seems to excuse women since they’re “victims” who can be easily manipulated. Both mindsets are wrong. If you want to have autonomy as an individual, you have to take responsibility for your actions. Period.
"I never meant to hurt her." Like a drunk person never meant to hurt people while driving. Sorry you are still responsible and accountable for what you did.
Honestly, I’m just disgusted with the father asking to name the child after her. What a weirdo who clearly gets to do whatever he wants… and she’s out of pocket as well. Those beginning DM screenshots clearly showed she was riding her ego wave straight into being in a fling with him. Accountability is needed.
Morganite ZZZ Pippapip
Morganite ZZZ Pippapip:
I think what inflates her ego is the fact that she's competing with a Supermodel. Not the fact that the clown was a rockstar, but because he's a victorias secret angel's husband.
Kilometers Noblue
Kilometers Noblue:
I can’t express how gross this lack of accountability is from people.
I didn’t realize “being new to LA” was a vulnerable, protected class of citizen 😂
Aniya Marie
Aniya Marie:
It’s hard to have empathy for people that actively put themselves in risky situations and then pull the victim card. Although she claims she stopped talking to him, I think she “exposed” him because he wasn’t hitting her up to continue the affair. She was fine with being a member in destroying his family until she saw there were no more benefits for her.
Stephen M
Stephen M:
"Let them talk and they'll tell on themselves."

They know damn well mentally & emotionally they're "easily manipulable" children. Even the most mature of their kind, is essentially a responsible teenager. Zero accountability.
Imagine being a woman in her twenties living in the West, having a consensual relationship with a married celebrity, and then claiming you were being exploited. 😄
Christian Ortaliz
Christian Ortaliz:
OnlyFans model saying her morality has been compromised is a great punchline
Having an affair with a coach, teacher or boss is a power dynamic. Not someone that's older than you (if you're both adults) and not a celebrity
Daniel Stutz
Daniel Stutz:
Finally, someone saying that the mistress has some culpability in the situation. It’s crazy when a cheater’s partner (man or woman) goes after the mistress only, but when the mistress knows the person is in a relationship at any level, they aren’t innocent either. I think that lack of respect for other peoples relationships and humanity in general is what in part is driving men to not get married.
James Douglas
James Douglas:
This whole situation is so sad. Both him cheating on his wife and naming their son after his mistress and her completely dodging accountability. SMH.
"I was young and manipulated" my god these females really are ALLERGIC to consequences and responsibility
Lifting Weab
Lifting Weab:
"My morals were unknowingly compromised, I was completely manipulated"
In the beginning of the video, she admits she knew he was married. Complete avoidance of accountability. Holy shit.
“My morals were unknowingly compromised” aka “ I made a choice that I now regret” it’s okay to admit that you don’t agree with choices you’ve made in the past. We all have made mistakes. I hope this person is able to recognize how they really feel upon further reflection because this is not it.
Brodie Herman
Brodie Herman:
I’ve cheated and realized my mistake and sworn to myself to never partake in that again. Really hurt people and lost friends for some ass. But naming the baby after the mistress 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣🤣🤣 next level savage
Katari Falls
Katari Falls:
I don't understand anyone who dates someone in a relationship or anyone who cheats, so crazy.
The act of exposing an infidelity in a viral tik tok post 4 days after the wife announced her pregnancy is (in itself) abusive. “I had an affair with a man married to a victoria’s secret model…” the affair was never about him… it was about hurting Behati.
I’m sick of women choosing to infantilize themselves when it’s convenient for them. Are you an innocent, delicate flower or are you a “girlboss”? Pick one
Y T:
For me the first red flag is she started with telling his wife is "Victoria secret model" (totally unnecessary info). Seems like her attempt to imply"I'm soooo hot that Victoria secrets model's husband cheated on her with ME".
Andrew Virtue
Andrew Virtue:
Everything in the first minute: She just doesn't want to take responsibility of potential consequences for her actions. That's all.
So he’s having an affair and then after you stop it, you find out your having a child with the woman you just cheated on, and now you want to give that child the name of the woman you had an affair with. Unbelievable, also your right Preach, this is complete lack of accountability on her part too.
When people get upset with a person that's outside of the relationship it's laughable...she has no reason to apologize or say anything. She's not in a relationship. It's simple.
Chief Nama
Chief Nama:
"My morals were UNKNOWINGLY compromised" is a WILD statement to make for a woman KNOWINGLY sleeping with a married man.

This world Is broken🤦🏾‍♂️😂
She just made herself look all kinds of horrible by avoiding complete responsibility.
She literally said I was manipulated...unknowingly compromised my morals...Girl, your a manipulator.
I am sorry, Adam is demented; not just because he cheated, but he literally wrote his mistress and is nameing his son after her. That's some demented ish
Bumble . Bee
Bumble . Bee:
"My morals were unknowingly compromised"
Girl's morals flew way out of the window across continents the moment she did some monkey business with a married man. Clear of lack of accountability
That "I wanna name my son after you" sounded like he was joking with her, and this whole thing sounds like she fell for the guy and regrets that sue couldn't steal him away from his wife
I dont care what women like this do. But it pisses me off when they dont take responsibility. Because its sets a bad precedent for young women and men.
Delicia Mendoza
Delicia Mendoza:
I find it hard to believe her naivety, when she identifies Adams wife as a Victoria’s Secret model… that’s her ego booster.. which means she drew her confidence from that. If she’s a victim. She’s a victim of her ego.
Alicia Dunk
Alicia Dunk:
When I caught the girl who was flirting with my boyfriend over text and confessing her love for him, she told my boyfriend that ‘I only have respect for your girlfriend.’ Like what?? I’d hate to see what disrespect looks like. If you know someone is in a relationship and you pull the trigger anyways, even if you ‘didn’t mean to hurt their partner’ it’s a direct byproduct of that decision. It’s not rocket science, people just don’t want to own up to doing something wrong.
Even the way she said it just oozes “I wanted and still want attention. She said “I was having an affair with a man married to a Victoria’s Secret model” like as if she should get an award. Like as if her sleeping with a Victoria’s Secret models man puts her on the same level as the Victoria’s Secret model without having to work for the same achievements. Women this is why you should always trust the man that you choose to be with because there’s women out here that want to be in your position and base their worth off if your man likes them and they think that puts them on the same level as you. This woman is a clout chaser was from the beginning and still is now, she didn’t change, she just wants to share her story for clout while simultaneously trying to play the good guy. She isn’t the good guy in this situation she knew what she was doing.
1000 Tales
1000 Tales:
Her morals were unknowingly compromised, when she KNOWINGLY DATED A MARRIED MAN.
She had no idea that her morals were compromised.
Fancy Chancey
Fancy Chancey:
“This story’s getting old, the homewrecker with a heart of gold”
-Snitches and Talkers get Stitches and Walkers
Ryan Hall
Ryan Hall:
Weirdest thing about this story is the fact that Adam Lavine texts like a teenage boy straight outta puberty
Dawn Beaird
Dawn Beaird:
I'd be damned if I'd allow my son to be named after my husband's mistress.
Mighty Man Caleb
Mighty Man Caleb:
I just love how it's everyone else's fault except her's
Madden Streams
Madden Streams:
"My morals were 'UNKNOWINGLY' compromised"... I have a really hard time believing she didn't know, at the bare minimum, that he was married.
Petar Lalic
Petar Lalic:
Come on guys, you know better than this...
He was never actually gonna name the baby that, he just wanted to clap again and didn't know how to slide back into the dms
András Szepesi
András Szepesi:
She didn’t HAVE TO come out with the story publicly, to be honest. She did it for attention, what else? If she felt it’s morally wrong, she could have privately reached out to his wife to share the concerns about the name.
Val Bankz
Val Bankz:
She sounds like she might be pissed that she didn't have his baby or that the relationship didn't go further than it did, AND I FEEL SHE CAME OUT FOR THE CLOUT & ATTENTION SHE WOUL GET FROM BEING CONNECTED TO SUCH A FAMOUS PERSON.
I’m so gladdddd you guys are taking this perspective on this. All the other videos reacting or reporting this seem to have left out this part. And glossed over the fact that she said her “morals were unknowingly compromised” 😂💀
Joshua Forester
Joshua Forester:
She opens up with "affair with a man who married a Victoria's Secret model" at the onset of the video like she opened up her blouse button before the onset of the video.
Ginger Mint
Ginger Mint:
I really don’t get it. I was young too and I was really insecure, still am. I hate to say no because I don’t want to hurt other people’s feelings. But not once someone could make me do things I really didn’t want to do or I disagreed with. Especially when it came to sex. There are six year olds out there that know that it’s not right to cheat. How on earth can someone like her say, she was „manipulated“ into having sex with a star? Own it up. God damned.
Clifton Sett
Clifton Sett:
A woman that knowing gets herself in a relationship with a married man then turns around and makes it public and acts like she is the victim is a dangerous one.
I love when young people call in “stereotypes” for something that’s existed for 20 seconds. I am constantly reminded of how small people’s perception of reality is, especially inexperienced people.
Dude, just from the get go, did you hear what she said? "I was having an affair with a man married to a VICTORIA SECRET MODEL?". Why do we need to know what the wife works? Just saying she's had an affair to a married man is sufficient information at this point. But noooo, she had to POINT out it the wife is a Victoria Secret model to show a man prefers to have sex with her over his already very hot wife.
I swear some bitches literally get off on "stealing" another woman's husband/boyfriend, and if that woman is hot, they feel even better.
Tu Papi
Tu Papi:
I did some contract work for Hillsong many many moons ago and became friends with some of the behind the scenes employees. You wouldn’t believe the stories they’ve told me. They’ve had to pretty much hire on a new staff at the main campuses in Australia because of all the people leaving in disgust.
K. T. W.
K. T. W.:
Her opening statement shows NO accountability. She was “young” “naive” “manipulated”. Naw, she was scandalous and knew better. Not excusing what he did but she needs to learn to take ownership of her contributions.
🙄 she knew exactly what she was doing and now she’s playing the victim. He’s wrong for this, but so is she. Don’t get involved with married men/women
Phlem Phlam
Phlem Phlam:
I had an ex that cheated on me, and when she said..."I didn't mean to hurt you, it just happen. We were drinking, and one thing let to another, and I was in a vulnerable state."
GTFOH with that excuse!
Mr Gill
Mr Gill:
Personally, I see how this girl says many things we can comment on and make fun of (great job Aba & Preach), but at the same time, let's not forget the married man--> He is in the wrong, he cheated, it's his responsibility to be faithful. It's not like she held a gun to his head.
Just Juan
Just Juan:
Some next level lawyer talk"My morals were unknowingly compromised" 😂 seeing this shit is simultaneously hilarious and scary to me. People will say anything to avoid accountability 😂😭
XG Unfiltered
XG Unfiltered:
😂 I am laughing 40 seconds in. She starts this out like a seasoned narcissist… all like “it was in the past and like… omg… likely obviously it was so long ago how could you ever bring this up now… omg… I changed and you are so… sigh… unforgiving.” 😅 Then adds a little spice the innocent little angelic victim card… “poor me so exploited.” 😮😂
Aiyana Land
Aiyana Land:
I would've had so much more respect for her if she had just said "I was stupid. He was older and famous and attractive and interested in me and I liked that attention and I wish I'd never done it I knew better"
So much more respectable than "oh my morals were unknowingly compromised"
The absolute lack of accountability is astounding
"I know the stereotypes" as you go word for word and step by step down the checklist for being that stereotype. Adams a POS for doin but you don't get a pass either. You knew he was married. You knew it was wrong. You did it anyways. At least have enough of a spine to accept you screwed up instead of tryin to shift all the blame off on someone else.
Bryan Correll
Bryan Correll:
Just imagine his wife learning that he wanted to name their child after his side action. That's just asking to get your eyes scratched out.
Yes it’s the spouses fault for stepping out but someone messing with someone who they knew was married is super lowdown . Take accountability you made a choice to still sleep with them knowing they weee in a committed relationship no matter the lies they tell you . This lady was trying to get something out of him though .
Biea Teofan
Biea Teofan:
Guys, you say "it's fine" to too many shit. You know it's not, we know what you think. It's not fine to go after a married man/woman, don't do it, it's not fine.
We get you, guys. Say it how it is. We say the same things.
Condesa Beatriz
Condesa Beatriz:
I was SUPER naive at 22...but, I NEVER thought it was okay to sleep with a married man. Not even for a second.
Mandy Stetson
Mandy Stetson:
I remember that Adam Levine was dating the whole Victoria's Secret catalog before getting married and his wife was the side-chick at a certain point because he dumped his Russian girlfriend for her. So he wasn't the most trustworthy guy.
Badman fromde hendz
Badman fromde hendz:
I love how they always use the "I was young and dumb card" don't women mature faster than men? hmmm funny how all of a sudden they weren't mature enough when it came to being accountable.
Morganite ZZZ Pippapip
Morganite ZZZ Pippapip:
This woman's full of it. As a teen, I'd never even think it was okay to sleep with a married person. She's not a child to act this innocent. Levine, always knew the guys for the dumpster streets
Wolf Moon
Wolf Moon:
When taken ppl hit on me I think it’s gross no matter how attractive they are. Infidelity isn’t attractive!!
Dude already had a history of being unfaithful. I was shocked when they said he got married. This shouldn’t surprise anyone
Remember what we learned about selling pictures to tabloids in the Johnny Depp's case. They would need to gain ownership of the copywrite of her image, and they can only get that from her. So she knows it wasn't going to leak that way. That's also why she said her friend "attempted" to sell the pic to the tabloids. So all that just seems like an excuse as to why she's exposing all this. Not to defend Adam in any way of course. But it seems to me her real motive is clout IMO.
Super NintenJoe
Super NintenJoe:
He's shitty for cheating, she is shitty for knowingly getting with a married Man and then played the victim card to avoid accountability.

That's it. Case closed. Moving on.
V. Velanga
V. Velanga:
My ex's mother and her two aunts have de same second name. At 60, her mother found out the second name was given after my ex's grandfather's mistress. They all went all the way in to remove the name.
Neil Dunford
Neil Dunford:
If you're messing with someone that's already in a relationship?
Own it.
Own the complications, the hurt, the fall out & your actions.

No one forced you to get involved with them.
Sergy Casimir
Sergy Casimir:
The thing I find crazy is that if anyone were to pretty much tell her that you got to take accountability for your actions in this you knowing only knew what was going on and on top of that was trying to benefit from the relationship as well. people would attack the individual without any mercy just because they stated obvious.
A woman having an affair with a married man is equal in injustice to that man's spouse as his infidelity is. They are BOTH wrong! Neither is the victim or more wrong than the other. Just because he's an idiot doesn't make him more the villain in this situation.
Qiui Feetuccine
Qiui Feetuccine:
When you take into consideration that MANY women out here have named their sons after their ex boyfriend (“the one that got away”) and their husbands will NEVER know, Adam ain’t looking all that oddballish…
Bachelor Sensei
Bachelor Sensei:
"I need a girl like u ye ye" kekw
Also, another edition of "It's not my fault, I'm a woman and I'm the victim."
bree sabana
bree sabana:
I hate that these kind of women increasingly make it more difficult for ACTUAL victims of manipulation and SA to seek action. I hope she gets the negative consequences she deserves for this
Kevin Meuszynski
Kevin Meuszynski:
Lack of accountability is basically a competitive sport these days. 😞 Even worse, she's clout-chasing while trying to save face all under the guise of moral superiority! That's wild! And the narcissism! WOW!
The lack of accountability for women these days is still abysmal.

The other thing is Adam is rich, stupid rich. He can do whatever he desires, he can date whoever and so can the girl. Hypergamy goes both ways as to having value. Men and women are and always will be different.

This is just clout chasing.
A K:
She had nothing to lose while he has everything to lose; his marriage, wife and kids if there are any. She can just carry on.
She really said, "No one man should have all that power"
Naming your sons after the women you've cheated with on their mother is BOLD.
Eric J
Eric J:
“Affair with a man married to a Victoria secret model” you don’t think she made that statement for her own ego? 😂
HaileM Bradley
HaileM Bradley:
This is crazy! I can’t imagine how his wife would feel seeing this mess! 😮
Jane V
Jane V:
Both parties are in the wrong. I knew as a teenager that messing around with someone who was taken was wrong. So, knowing he is married, she had no business getting involved. Thank you next. Now, him being supposedly older and "wiser" should have also known better than to cheat on his wife, especially with a clout chasing tiktoker. Like. Youre both trash. On top of that, wanting to name your kid after a mistress is just weird. And reaching out for permission is even weirder. Seek help.
Annie Nunyabiz
Annie Nunyabiz:
"I was young and felt exploited"

Nah, you're distancing yourself from the damage you knowingly, willfully caused solely because you wanted what you wanted, collateral damage to other people be damned. You and Adam Levine knew what you were doing, and were too selfish to care who you hurt in the process. You don't get to play the "too young and exploited" card because you don't wanna take responsibility for the pain you caused.
Michael Gomez
Michael Gomez:
To be honest, I'm more upset at the fact that a nobody was able to get with a living legend. We as men need to do better
Lankan Keys
Lankan Keys:
OnlyFans/Instagram Model: My morals were unknowingly compromised. Let that sink in.
o l i v i a
o l i v i a:
"I was young."

No, you were 22-23 years old. You're not 15, girlie.
Jessie James
Jessie James:
Man these people are messed up!
Side note: Sumner Redstone was the main shareholder of Viacom (i think) and a notoriously pervy man (paying a college friend of his grandson for a blowie for example). I would not name my son that. Much less the name of my mistress
Wowhow Bizarre
Wowhow Bizarre:
Your dad naming you after his side piece is an automatic fight that’s crazy 😂
Everything Animals
Everything Animals:
The fact that she made a video on the internet that will be up forever, says a lot. Plus, I’m not surprised about the name. Their daughters name is “Dusty”
“I didn’t mean to hurt her”
“Yea but you didn’t care if you hurt her”

In this case: What’s the difference?
NGL, if I learned my spouse wanted to name our child after someone they were having an affair with... that's a wrap. We done. That's a whole order of magnitude different level of disrespect.
Candy Peeps
Candy Peeps:
I would say you can be manipulated at all ages. But, being manipulated doesn’t excuse you from the repercussions. It’s just that this isn’t a situation where her being manipulated makes sense. I also think she doesn’t exactly matter when she says she was too young. I think a teenager would even be more sensible. It’s more a matter of whether or not you are grown enough to care and understand the damage you are causing.
She literally didn’t take any responsibility for not one thing she did. Blamed the man, blamed the friend. How would she find out her friend “attempted” to sell the pictures to a tabloid? 🤔
a wise man once said " never underestimate a women's ability to rationalize bad decisions to avoid being accountable for her actions"
She did it for clout n to step up in the industry. It's so obvious she knew wht she was doing.
Ro Ro
Ro Ro:
I highly doubt Adam's wife expects 100% monogamy from him. But I'm quite sure she expects discretion which he is clearly incapable of.
It's no fault of her own, she was just minding her own business and this evil rock star swept her off her feet.
She "knowingly" slept with a married man? Is this a joke? HE'S THE ONE WHO IS MARRIED!!!