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Tä mmä
Tä mmä:
40:25 Dragon Quest - Edrick's Theme
41:42 Final Fantasy - Victory Fanfare
43:17 Tales of Series - Sorey's Theme
49:02 Monster Hunter - Proof of a Hero
50:16 Kingdom Hearts - Olympus Coliseum
53:49 Chrono Trigger - Frog's Theme
56:26 Ace Combat - First Flight
58:47 Tales of Series - Royal Capital Majestic Grandeur
1:01:44 Monster Hunter - Wind of Departure
1:04:30 Chrono Trigger - Robo's Theme
1:06:13 Sonic the Hedgehog - Star Light
1:07:50 Winning Eleven - eFootball Walk On Theme
1:10:12 Final Fantasy - Main Theme
1:11:40 Phantasy Star Universe - Guardians
1:13:58 Kingdom Hearts - Hero's Fanfare
1:17:09 Gradius (Nemesis) 01 ACT 1-1
1:19:18 NieR: Song of the Ancients
1:22:09 Saga Series - Saga Series Medley 2016
1:24:11 Soul Calibur - The Brave New Stage of History
...after that, repeat.

You're welcome, gamers ;)

Edit: Eurosport did sneakily remove ~7 minutes from the beginning, so the timestamps shifted. Thanks for noticing, everyone! :)
Energy Engineer
Energy Engineer:
Skrrt Skrrt
Skrrt Skrrt:
Good luck everyone 🇹🇷
Yao Wang
Yao Wang:
Ireland team -is the only team that shows their gratitude to the Japanese hosts... Deeply moved, many thanks and I wish you all the best even though I am not from Ireland .. :-)
1 - 40:45 - Greece
2 - 42:00 - Iceland
3 - 42:28 - Ireland
4 - 43:11 - Azerbaijan
5 - 44:04 - Afganistan
6 - 44:47 - United Arab Emirates
7 - 45:17 - Algeria
8 - 45:55 - Algertina
9 - 46:48 - Aruba
10 - 47:27 - Albania
11 - 47:54 - Armenia
12 - 48:24 - Angola
13 - 49:14 - Antigua and Barbuda
14 - 49:54 - Andorra
15 - 50:16 - Yemen
16 - 51:02 - Israel
17 - 52:00 - Italy
18 - 52:56 - Iraq
19 - 53:23 - Islamic Reoublic of Iran
20 - 54:20 - India
21 - 55:00 - Indonesia
22 - 55:31 - Uganda
23 - 56:03 - Ukraine
24 - 56:57 - Uzbekistan
25 - 58:16 - Uruguay
26 - 58:59 - Great Britian
27 - 60:00 - Ecuador
Ilkay Doğan
Ilkay Doğan:
işte geliyor canına kurbanlar 1:53:25
Every other country: this is our flag!
Portugal: let us spin around. 🌀
ermioni kr
ermioni kr:
What a feeling seeing all this people together again 😃
3:26:33 the pictograms! One of the best, if not the best coreographies ever!
Marc Schan
Marc Schan:
This brings us together, all over the world. So happy to see olympics starting. So good for all humans in a time societies are affected by political division. Thank you so much
Ersan Sezmez
Ersan Sezmez:
Loves & greetings from 🇹🇷 Turkey! Good luck to all participants. 🏺🇬🇷 Greece's position of honor in the Parade of Nations is a tribute to its history as the birthplace of the ancient Olympics, as well as the host of the first modern Olympics in 1896. At every Olympics, the Greek delegation leads the way, followed then by all the other nations in alphabetical order according to the host nation's language, with the host nation entering last. A tradition has also developed of honoring upcoming Olympic host nations by having them move to the end of the order, just in front of the host nation. For instance, this year in Tokyo, the US delegation entered third-to-last, as hosts of the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles; followed by France, which will host the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris; and finally, the Japanese delegation.
This is probably the smallest crowd at an Olympic opening ceremony since St.Louis 1904. Very sad for Tokyo, which really did a good job under the circumstances.
If you had expected a big party like the opening ceremonies in the past, you might have been a little bit disappointed. But I think Japan pulled off a very graceful, emotional ceremony with respect to the current situation.
With or without spectators, the athletes looked very proud and happy, and I just hope that they can all give their best and the event will bring some happiness to people in the world, and those who strived for making this event possible. Thank you Japan, for holding this event, in this difficult time.
Rona F
Rona F:
Wonderful to see such a respectful gesture from Team Ireland towards the Japanese. Go Team Ireland!!!
Wish to all the countries good luck from the mother of Olympics😁🇬🇷
Simply David
Simply David:
Honestly it is so beautiul to me that all countries on earth come together like this. No wars, no hatered only sportmanship and unity. Truly a wonderful event. And i hope this will bring the whole world together forever!
Julian Sanchez Harris
Julian Sanchez Harris:
Whoever included all this lovely videogame music during the nation introductions needs a quadruple raise. Class move. Lovely to witness
Good luck and a lot of fun for everybody! Let us feel close even in pandemic
3:27:23 the Pictograms Show was so amazing to watch! 😍👍
Faruk Aslan
Faruk Aslan:
Good luck to everyone🇹🇷
N B:
The pictograms were the best thing I've seen in the last 1 1/2 years. Amazing.
Final Region
Final Region:
The fact that they put soul calibur and many games music in the countries makes it incredible 🤣
João Loureiro
João Loureiro:
2:16:08 Portugal is on another level 🇵🇹🇵🇹💪💪😂😂

Good luck everyone
George Kokonas
George Kokonas:
It all started in Greece and that's why is always the first to open the ceremony. So the young will know the story of the Olympics
Silviu Teodorescu
Silviu Teodorescu:
The only part I liked of the opening was 32:40 where all kinds of normal people assembled the Olympics logo on the stadium which I liked SOO MUUUUCH
N. H.
N. H.:
Thank you Japan for the hospitality and great olympic event
Eee Yani
Eee Yani:
1:53:24 Anlık Türkler :
Ceddin Deden Neslin Baban ...
Chickpea c:
Chickpea c::
Thank You ! That's so great that you uploaded this fantastic ceremony for the generations to see for free online <3
Zack Fair
Zack Fair:
40:40 Dragon Quest XI Music
41:43 Final Fantasy Victory Fanfare 😍
1:10:10 Final Fantasy Main Themen 🥺😍
1:28:55 Kingdom Hearts Olympus Coliseum
2:00:12 Final Fantasy Victory Fanfare
2:20:05 Kingdom Hearts Heros Fanfare
2:04:10 Nier Replicant Song of the Ancients

43:58 Commentator tells everyone that the music used is from videogames
Enes berkay Başoğlu
Enes berkay Başoğlu:
good luck to all countries 🙂🇹🇷
Burak Yatağan
Burak Yatağan:
47:15 when you stick the dragonator to Fatalis and start the last phase of fight. Hello to all Monster Hunter fans! Greetings from Turkey 🍻
Diego Martin
Diego Martin:
Heres the pictograms bit 3:25:28 , it was really fun to watch. Truly well made and original!
rodica baltazar
rodica baltazar:
❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank you for this gift for all of us: this entire live marvelous opening ceremony! 💐
ZARZEN ist tot und kommt nie wieder.
ZARZEN ist tot und kommt nie wieder.:
I just love how the entirr time video game music was playing in the background, you just have to love the Japanese
Japan, thank you for hosting Olympics under such difficult circumstances! Love from Greece
Thank you Japan for the wonderful videogame soundtracks.
Reinhold Hoffmann
Reinhold Hoffmann:
They should play Final Fantasy Victory Fanfares during all the wining ceremonies
Nikolay Totev
Nikolay Totev:
Mad respect for Ireland. Cheers lads!
Jennifer Rose
Jennifer Rose:
My favorite part was the pictograms! Really well done!
Lars Hansen
Lars Hansen:
Really well done in the circumstances we live in right now.
42:27 never felt as proud to be Irish
Amazing Opening Ceremony! Tears came into my eyes! It reminds us ALL in this planet what it means to be human.. and yes, fight for faster, higher, stronger.. and together! To be good, very good, body and mind.... Not forgetting our planet, climate, biodiversity, minorities, refugees and so on...
The Olympics represent the best of our species... I hope it remains a symbol of hope for millions of years to come!
Wish the best for ALL participating Athletes! You make us ALL so proud! :)
Man, I cannot help but notice the underwhelming presence of a "crowd" cheering the different nations on. It lacks a certain type of "punch" that other opening ceremonies have had. Of course this isn't Japan's fault.
puffy mellow
puffy mellow:
respect to Ireland , they bowed when it was their turn
M Serhat Özer
M Serhat Özer:
Thanks Japan for amazing ceremony. Good luck for team Turkey 🇹🇷
Esther Thian
Esther Thian:
Wonderful, beautiful and in many ways poignant and aptly so Olympic Games opening ceremony.... well worth the wait. All the best to all the athletes and competitors involved......🇬🇷💕🇯🇵.
1:53:25 best suits goes for Türkey 🇹🇷
Wish the best to everyone ❤️❤️🙏🙏.
Maria Rosário
Maria Rosário:
Beautiful, thank you for Portugal.
Kakhaber Mtivlishvili
Kakhaber Mtivlishvili:
Good luck to all countries... greetings from GEORGIA 🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪
Donatella Felluga
Donatella Felluga:
Due to the circumstances, I appreciated it a lot. I wish all athletes to enjoy the next coming days, to stay together, to win if it comes, but to live healthily and in a peaceful way. Super TOKYO 2020 ad majora!
Royally Qubed
Royally Qubed:
it was so cute that ireland bowed🥺🥺
R F:
Very nice. Best of luck with all the teams. Looking forward to the real show!
Kim Dinh
Kim Dinh:
The reenactment of all pictograms was great! luv it!
The Sonic music during the athlete parade made my heart sing 😊❤
Nedzhmi Yusuf
Nedzhmi Yusuf:
22:16 This was a strong and powerful message, which has been needed for a long time after the Munich massacre in 1972! Rest In Peace, to the Israeli athletes lost their lives.
Kai Yang
Kai Yang:
Connection...amazing key word of the ceremony
Great work, thank you Japan!
Ireland's bow was so nice 🥺
Antigoni V.
Antigoni V.:
Tnanks to Japan from Greece for keeping the ancient custom of Olympics alive despite the titanic difficulties.🇬🇷
I love the energy of the voice from the country english announcer! She should be a game announcer!
Panos Ptrs
Panos Ptrs:
Olympics are eternal! No wars no pandemics can stop them! Good luck to every athlete of the world from Greece🇬🇷🇬🇷! You deserve our respect!!
Пиктограммы прекрасны.

That city just stretches out into infinity like a cyberpunk heaven (Tokyo is certainly not a dystopia, so i had to break that trope).
Toyin Adebiyi
Toyin Adebiyi:
Proud of my home country Nigeria...and second home.. Germany ❤️❤️👍👍 those outfits are so lovely.. Best of luck and good health to all participants
Dalius Virbickas
Dalius Virbickas:
Best I think 3:34:46 - really original idea and well done. Really liked it.
leony yan
leony yan:
beijing 2008 opening ceremony is really the best
47:42 epic start of the orchestra with the Dragon Quest opening theme 😍
Marian IX
Marian IX:
The pictograms were brilliant!
dauda conteh
dauda conteh:
The Athletes are still happy and joyful despite the Corona Situation, seeing them in that Mood brings Joy to my heart. Inspite of all the struggles and Challenges they have been through, God has made it possible for them to achieved their dreams. Go guys Show your Talents to the World💪💪, Love you all. May God Punish Corona and all its conspirators. It shall not be well them.. The Evil they have done will not live after them but the Evil they have done will live with them.
That was stunning! Absolutely loved the performances, their symbolism and esthetics!!!
Gulhan Ates
Gulhan Ates:
Good luck Turkey 🇹🇷 ♥️ ♥️
- Everyone: trying to find their national Olympic team entrance timestamp in all this mess...
- Greeks : Hold our souvlaki and beer...
Germany had both Germany flags and Japanese flags!!! Ahhh I am so proud!
Maxi Göthling
Maxi Göthling:
I cried when the Nier Soundtrack played 😭
Βενετια Κόγκου
Βενετια Κόγκου:
We greeks love the Olympics. Greetings to all athletes. Enjoy this unique experience 🤘
Jens Ingvordsen
Jens Ingvordsen:
Thanks for upload! Nice clothes and flags from the countrys!
Isn’t it wonderful how we have this event to come together as one world and embrace and celebrate each other ❤️
Ivo Pawłowski
Ivo Pawłowski:
38:00 I love this part
John G.
John G.:
From Isreal - we appreciate the recognition of our fallen athletes. Very touching. An amazing show. Simply amazing.
Andreas Viklund
Andreas Viklund:
Dear Eurosport and the rest of YouTube, is the opening ceremony available without broadcast hosts that keeps on talking for four hours? As much as I love to listen to people talking about interesting topics, I would really want to see and hear the ceremony itself - just the way that lots of TV broadcasts and streaming channels during the games are shown without hosts. I really like those silent events, and really want to watch them without having to mute the sound.
Good luck everyone!🇵🇹🇵🇹
NoName Studios
NoName Studios:
1:46:13 I knew Star Light Zone played in the olympics, and I finally found it!
VCW Loves
VCW Loves:
All things considered, this was a great opening ceremony. However, Japan should get the opportunity to host again soon, this was not their best, but it was the best given the COVID-19 situation. 👏
Em ule
Em ule:
lovely ceremony & lovely commentators!!
54:40 Monster Hunter theme - proof of a hero
I was hoping to see some free ! And Haikyuu since they are sports animes
Da Zhang
Da Zhang:
47:15 Monster Hunter Theme!!! I got goosebumps!
Hands down. Japan is the best country there is, for featuring and honoring the work of their talented video game music composers
The video game music had me feeling like the simulation broke
Good Luck Everyone🇦🇿❤
If it wasn't Greece, we wouldn't have Olympic games ! ❤️ 🇬🇷 ❤️
This is the most beautiful show in the World.
Dabooom 12
Dabooom 12:
Please can somebody make some memes out of her faces 3:43:55 🙏😂
Kostas Chatzopoulos
Kostas Chatzopoulos:
People proud of Greece +1 Here !
How many of you who think that this is an excellent opening ceremony still remember the Tokyo two minutes in Rio in 2016?
Fábio Martins
Fábio Martins:
Pictograms part was brilliant!!!
Lushikata Kanbaru
Lushikata Kanbaru:
I'd probably start crying at 1:19:15
Nier is perfection
2:18:43 clean dab