Osaka Won't Talk To Press At French Open, Citing Mental Health Concerns

Four-time Grand Slam winner Naomi Osaka announced on social media that she won't attend any press conference at the French Open because of mental health concerns. Osaka says taking questions from journalists is like "kicking a person while they are down."

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95 komentarze:

Ryan Kelly
Ryan Kelly:
“I’m here so I don’t get fined “ Marshawm lynch save $15 k
adrian wright
adrian wright:
Why not let those who are happy to do interviews do them and not force everyone? Many interviews are so boring or embarrassingly trite that I'd be quite happy never to see another. Only the media are really keen - and that's understandable as that's what they get paid for!
Chic Style and a Winning Smile
Chic Style and a Winning Smile:
Wonderful upload, thanks for sharing! Have a calm and relaxed day! Stay healthy and safe! 👍😊🍓
Lois St. Cyr
Lois St. Cyr:
Give her a break . There's Different Strokes for different folks. ❤✌🙏
Phantom Menace
Phantom Menace:
You cannot eat your cake and have it!! The media is part of the reason the sport draws more audience and makes more money!! She signed a contract and enjoyed the money and fame yet she wants to be choosy!! She had no problem when she was winning!!
Nkanyezi Zithulele
Nkanyezi Zithulele:
Kudos to her. A lot of other athletes feel the same. Why do they have to pander to shady sports media?
nicholas schroeder
nicholas schroeder:
Why are these media shark feasts required anyway? I just want to watch them play.
Be Positive
Be Positive:
Please remember in 2019 Naomi Osaka vs Coco Gauge. Coco was crying so hard after the match. That was not a good time to be interviewed by the press in that condition. Even though the interview process is expected of the athlete. Who is going to stand up for them when they are not in a good condition to give the interview?
David Dc
David Dc:
Neskutečná 3,14
Lynn Schmitt
Lynn Schmitt:
This is a huge disappointment. It’s time to play tennis and to focus. Not to make a stand of push for any other agenda than to play the game of tennis. So far this young lady has been a disappointment. Starting with the picture that was taken when her punk boyfriend with the middle finger stuck up when she win her first grand slam.
You Rika
You Rika:
when you mix sports and dirty politics, and when you feel like you can change the world because you are tennis diva. huh. 👎
Tom Wiesemann
Tom Wiesemann:
No one really needs these press conferences. Always the same questions, always the same answers. They could easily preproduce these and use them for a whole year. I watch a tennis match, never these useless press conferences.
lakshya tiwari
lakshya tiwari:
Why are they asking people like her, look what is written on her shirt, " woman of colour" how is that even related. 😠
Kenny Testa
Kenny Testa:
You have to take the good with the bad
Futhi Johnson
Futhi Johnson:
Do not bring politics and other issues to tennis. Some of us watch tennis because we tired of politics and other issues..we just wanna watch sports
Carol Walkerfountaine
Carol Walkerfountaine:
And so if she just wacked the journalist with her racquet what then? Forcing ppl to talk to journalist. Straight up BS
Whats the big deal? You're an superstar at sports you should be able to have press conferences after games. Its so strange how women want "same money for same work" but always try to skip work. Men tennis is 5h matches women 3h. And now you demand to skip interviews too? Never ever did a journalist at press coferences insult players: NEVER. So please stop talking about "treatin sb as human" while they are treated with great respect and getting payed alot of money.
Stop try to force us on YOUR social media while we want interviews after expensive pay per view matches.
i minabrons
i minabrons:
I'm on top of the world but don't forget that I am still a victim too.
Cuddy Mack
Cuddy Mack:
Im just hear so i dont get fined
Ajiro Akomo
Ajiro Akomo:
Profit and racism before health kills silently.
Michel Ramirez
Michel Ramirez:
20k is a piece of change for someone who made 50 million OFF the court in the middle of a pandemic. I would respect her decision way more if she skipped all press conferences this year, not just at the tournament where she is by far not amongst the favorites. That would make a bigger statement because I agree that press conferences are pretty harsh and indifferent to the player's feelings.
Futhi Johnson
Futhi Johnson:
We not going to hear from Osaka
Maybe you are in a wrong in politics or be a mental health advocate...get out of tennis.
You really think you are a celebrity most of them tell us what to do ??!!!
Es Pr
Es Pr:
If she can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, unprofessional
Osaka is very immature and although sports an impressive game does not exhibit the maturity to handle the pressures of the "other part" of tennis.
Jose Ochoa
Jose Ochoa:
Talented athlete entitled to her opinions
Tidal Wave
Tidal Wave:
The optics of the most bankable female tennis player saying she is willing to pay the hefty fines for not doing post-match interviews are terrible. Even if she has a point in raising the mental health issue, the way she approached it without any prior discussion or consultation with tennis officials and fellow players is a PR disaster.
Dan Dan
Dan Dan:
@4:36, we know why? She doesn’t want tough questions but wants reap the rewards the sport offers. Either get media training or remove yourself from the game until you’re able to able to perform media duties like all other players on tour.

She refuses a lot of Japanese interviews as well because she hardly speaks it as she’s grew up in the States, but boy does she get incredible Japanese sponsorships.

Respect to all players on tour that get on with the job.
steve coleman
steve coleman:
The press chats are a part of the professional tour always have been
Osaka had no problems when she won slams ....? She's seems like she has lost her way .Sacking the coach that took her to the big wins and no.1 in with rank falling and personal issues she wants to blame the press ?.....No ..not buying it .....I hope she regroups but at present something's not right .........
Ouin Nin
Ouin Nin:
a MILLIONAIRE, a tennis player treated like a princess always .. Osaka
had no problems talking about POLITICS LAST YEAR .... blah blah blah
.. each game .. blah blah blah... ~ Just another politics WOKE LEFTIST
moment from Osaka .
Nicholas Cage
Nicholas Cage:
Tis type of player tht after won a few tournament ,the head become big..very disrespectful!
B0Y S0l0
B0Y S0l0:
Imagine if she has no money, I bet you they’ll be right on time for media.
Contractual obligations aside a well-handled press conference can actually enhance a losing player’s image more than winning can. But she won’t attend them even if she wins. That’s a bit much.
Hans Solos
Hans Solos:
more reason to support osaka. She is absolutely right. Tennis federation must improve their outdated regulations and move forward with existing time. If there is official legit crowdfunding to support her cause i be glad to contribute.
California 2021
California 2021:
Good for her
So she just wants to pick up the check and leave. Another one lost to the woke snowflake generation. Tennis is that popular and well paid thanks the the likes of Roger and Rafa yet they never complain
Carrie Bartkowiak
Carrie Bartkowiak:
Kudos to her for setting a boundary against the vultures.
Tesla Porn
Tesla Porn:
I thought the “unprofessionality” stopped with Megan Rapino.
Sports is not for you if you expect the press to be cuddly
Brigitte Cerra
Brigitte Cerra:
Way to prove her right, people have no idea about mental health concerns and they don't care. No compassion, just haters. What have you done to promote social change and the evolution of mankind? How many are Christian? Judge much? Did you even listen to the discussion at the very end, the realization they came to? The grey matter between you ears is there for more than filling up space, try expanding your use of it. Use it or lose it isn't that the saying?
Omg what a self centred drama queen. If you have balls, Don’t use to media to self promote outside tournaments
How fragile is Osaka that she can't handle a 10 minute presser? Never in a million years would you see Djokovic, Federer, Nadal or any other player literally telling the moderator that she's about to cry and leaving in the middle of a press conference. Glad the FO fined her and the WTA is threatening to disqualify her from the slams for refusing to do what she's contractually obligated to do. Oh the horror.
You Rika
You Rika:
when all the fame and fortune get into your head! they should boycott her and the sponsors.
Joku heppu
Joku heppu:
She’s going to be defaulted if she keeps it up, post-match pressers are not optional.
Absolutely proud of her. Don’t give them the time of day. I’d go so far as to request her matches get no press. Fug em.
Randall M.
Randall M.:
Good for her. Hope she gets more athletes on board. Put the ignorant abusive media in their place. Shut the door in their face!
No interview should be mandatory. Forcing people to do pre/post game interviews in sports isn't essential. Screw the media and the money symbols glistening in their eyes.
rick schofield
rick schofield:
I hope this becomes a normal thing in sports. Just saying I can’t comment now should be fine especially if you lost I certainly wouldn’t want reporters running up to me and saying how do you feel about not getting that job after your interview
Dirty Red
Dirty Red:
The French has always been known for their racism. Let’s hope that the United States block the broadcast. And for all you sponsors I will promise that once we find out who you are we will block and not support you too.
Sharifah Hanizah Syed Hussein
Sharifah Hanizah Syed Hussein:
Yes, kudos to last she has spoken and they should listen...what did they do instead? My support goes to Naomi
Vince Bourgeois
Vince Bourgeois:
If the press is asking about woke issues, shame on them. If the press is asking tennis questions, shame on Naomi. If the latter is the case, she needs to take time off and get psychological help.
Phillip d'Amérique
Phillip d'Amérique:
I see nothing wrong with this. The press has an important role in certain aspects of society but in sports, there is no necessary or important role. She’s okay with the fines and so good for her. I would like to see the WTA or Roland Garros (whoever is the recipient of the fine money), put it towards the prize pot or to a charity of some sort.
Rob tlj
Rob tlj:
Depending on what the current definition is of "media" or "journalism" is, I agree with her 100%. A simple answer to a simple question can wind up turning into a whole other animal on social media so why bother?
I have always supported Osaka. Not only she excelled at her craft, she appeared to be thoughtful and respectful. Now, I am starting to think that with tremendous professional success, and more importantly financial success, she is turning into a sort of DIVA. She wants all the benefits of being a star but shuns responsibility that come with it. Is she this fragile that the mere thought of talking of talking to the press gives mental breakdown. If this is the new Osaka, I can' not support her. Hope she loses in the first round so she wont have to talk to the press for rest of the tournament.
Another LeBron. Pathetic.
Gonzalo Libano
Gonzalo Libano:
I just posted some weeks ago about her following the path of Serena...And my suspicious was right! Wrong, wrong way....She should looked in the mirror of Barty instead, she is really a great player and an example in and out of courts.
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas:
The hen house speaks...ridiculous and overly dramatic.
Nobody cares what the 100th ranked player thinks. Or the ballboy or groundskeeper or the thousands of behind the scenes tournament workers. As a champion and top player you have an outsized responsibility to do some PR and marketing. Thats why you're a professional and get paid millions for hitting a little yellow ball. I'm sure Serena, Federer and Nadal would rather skip the painful interview relax and see family, but they do it because they are ambassadors of the sport who accept the added responsibility.
Treyvon M
Treyvon M:
Hey Naomi! Grow some balls! This is not superstar quality! You can hit em but you gotta have em in this tough world or you won't be playing very long.
Alec R.
Alec R.:
Quite interesting. Now that she has some recognition, fame and wealth, it would appear as though Osaka is now destroying the tool that other players utilize to gain a little more recognition off the court, potentially eliminating further opportunities for them. The potential consequences of Naomi's actions would eliminate that very element. For what she claims is on behalf of the mental health of the players, she is more than willing to hold their careers back, not to mention the pay that reporters receive for reporting. She wishes to solidify the idea that everything lucrative keeps getting filtered to her. Naomi Osaka: destroyer of the livelihoods of others.
Jeremy Spice
Jeremy Spice:
Feel sorry for her in a way especially given the media reporting on this is going to be biased anyway. It's the media who are unhappy about it and so the media who are reporting it to make sure that when your ordinary person on the street finds out about it they are informed by the journalists that she's being ridiculous and completely wrong about this. She has her reasons for not talking to the press. We should respect them.
J C:
The players need to get behind Osaka. Media interviews are more stressful for some players than others. Fining her is disgraceful and does nothing for the fight against mental health issues.
William Stalvey
William Stalvey:
This woman needs to listen to David Goggins, like real bad!!
Part of your profession, this chick getting weirder by the month.
It's okay just get the china virus
Andre Campra
Andre Campra:
To the officials at Roland-Garros: This is what bullying looks like.
Scorpio D
Scorpio D:
Entitlement. Enough said.
Demigod1 01
Demigod1 01:
The most wokiest 'victimized' diva in tennis shuns the press due to 'mental health' concerns. A weak character I say..
Linus Sage
Linus Sage:
Darn. I had high hopes for her as a person. Now she's just another Serena.
drena Browning
drena Browning:
That's right Naomi ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🤍
Deki Freestyle
Deki Freestyle:
New generation tries to hide from confrontation... Classic
Sport Savant
Sport Savant:
If you can't handle the pressure then don't play. Simple as that. You get pay to play the game. Play the game and answer questions. That is your job. If you can't do it, quit. Don't play. There are plenty of other athletes will be more than happy to take your place. What the organizers are doing is correct. They can't just ban her because they will get sue. They will escalate the fine and give her three or more "chances" to break the rules. After that they can ban her without legal consequences. And I would go a step further, I would not televised any of her matches. If it is legally to do so I would not allow any press member to watch her matches or be in the vicinity of her matches. Basically, I she will be completely and totally ostracized. Problem solved. No need to deal with mental cases.
Ignore the haters and laugh all the way to the bank. You have to realize the country is full of moronic, unfeeling haters and act accordingly.
Antikythera Mechanism
Antikythera Mechanism:
She thought she would get Black Privilege and be treated as royalty as we do Blacks in the USA. The French don't feel such guilt and just treat her normally so she pouts and quits.
D R:
Rich and privilged using mental health as an excuse.
Don't blame her in some ways. She should let Federer, Djokovic, Nadal, 3 greatest ever, be her models, not Serena. She's always been a sore loser.
Lazy Q Biscuit
Lazy Q Biscuit:
Naomi has always been conceited and arrogant. People just realizing this?
With whole respect, she should be disqualified. I understand not to be interviewed sometimes, but you shouldn't cut off the media completely. There are amateur tournaments where you don't need to be interviewed. There is no big money or big trophies at stake. But if you want to take part in the biggest professional tournaments, you have to deal with stress and sometimes answering stupid questions.
L L:
It's fine for her not to talk to media at FO, but she needs to NOT do any articles, interviews, etc. outside of tennis. You cannot use the media to promote your brand, products you sponsor, and yourself, but refuses to do pre/post match press conference.
amanda gibson
amanda gibson:
She is bad example for tennis for top player
Ban her from WTA events. Its like any job and you decline to attend meeting. You are not fit for the job.
M. C. Othello
M. C. Othello:
Well, your special days are over Naomi. Reality . . . people of color are treated differently. You thought it would be different for you. Sorry it is Not.
Ricardo Shilly-Shally
Ricardo Shilly-Shally:
If you can't handle media questions after losing you probably shouldn't be in professional sports
David Geertz
David Geertz:
Osaka is a cry baby 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
So how about booing her on court, will that be banned or ‘cancelled’ next? We cant do that anymore? Its sports, deal with it.
Silver Chaser
Silver Chaser:
Agreed with Naomi, talking to the vultures (press) should be optional
Marc Krock
Marc Krock:
She can stay home and be a whiny prima Donna at home
Tony Hill
Tony Hill:
Ok that's fair, no press conference's when you win either.
Frank Nicholas Dale
Frank Nicholas Dale:
Naomi is absolutely correct, the media really ask very inappropriate questions. The row about her refusal shows how much the sport is driven by money and not respect.
Melvin Koger
Melvin Koger:
Luv this girl! 💓
Cel Mare Miyamoto
Cel Mare Miyamoto:
She supposed to represent Japan.
Half Japanese.
Yet only Black lives matter to her. Asians have been attacked %150 increase in 2020 and in 2021 its already another %170 increase and still half a year left. Nothing from Osaka. No care when it's Black on Asian crimes and racism. Nothing to say. 0 support from Naomi Osaka towards the Asian community.
Nancy Morrison
Nancy Morrison:
Her body her choice her right.
Katu Chau
Katu Chau:
She is athlete, press conference should just be an option, not compulsory. She plays good she gets heaps of money, that's just commence sense, then people say she acts like celebrities... wake up people, leave her alone
Tennis Sir
Tennis Sir:
Naomi is a great champion and obviously a great person and she supports great causes but this definitely makes her look bad. She doesn’t complain about the tens of millions she wins in prize money and the endorsements she gets which she wouldn’t probably get if she didn’t do her giddy press conferences after winning big tournaments.
Conrad Virant
Conrad Virant:
She has accepted the consequences of fines. She wants to focus on her athleticism and not her interaction with the media. I’d like to see the French Open fined for each time they repeatedly ask her for an interview.
A sports ball player doesn't want to talk about a loss? What a cry baby.