Today, Thogden and his Father give their EURO 2020 Predictions, from an England fans' perspective. Comment who you believe will win EURO 2020, and join our Euro Fantasy League! Code to Join: 59SQGLZG07

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Just love how Thogdad is brutally honest with his England prediction 😂😂
Tiago_ F.B.
Tiago_ F.B.:
"Football it's coming home. We gonna win it"
English fans everytime
AlphA RitviK
AlphA RitviK:
“Your nation will win the euros if you subscribe”
Me in india-😐
hystre RAW
hystre RAW:
“If they surprise me, it wouldn’t shock me” ok thogden
H Thomas
H Thomas:
"Footballs coming home" its been coming home since 66 lads dont hold ya breathe
Andy Benji
Andy Benji:
Theo: It's coming home!
Thogdad: We're going to bottle it.

August 25th
August 25th:
"Ronaldo ageing not looking good at the moment" 10:41
Literally just scored 44 goals this season
Harshvardhan Gaikwad
Harshvardhan Gaikwad:
I think whoever gonna win the group of death, will win the whole tournament…
Btw I want Portugal to win the Euro…
Ted Clubberlang
Ted Clubberlang:
“If they surprise me it wouldn’t shock me” 😂makes perfect sense thogden
The Cheltenham Town Supporter
The Cheltenham Town Supporter:
“Scotland get battered everywhere they go” That aged well ffs 😭🤦‍♀️
blake harden
blake harden:
theo “your country will win the euros if u subscribe”

me in the united states...
Robert Trca
Robert Trca:
"Czech Republic 4th place."
Patrik Schick: I took that personally.
Andre Korbas
Andre Korbas:
Every World Cup or European Finals...England: "This is the best and strongest Team ever!!!"... Knockout Group Stage...
Wolf Mauler
Wolf Mauler:
😂 Thoggy on Switzerland: "If they surprise me, it wouldn't shock" lol...So if they surprise, it won't be a surprise 😂
Sascha _GER
Sascha _GER:
When thogdad is right . he is right. But when the final is in London. Germany wins. Gnabry is there
“If they surprise me, it wouldn’t shock me”
- Thogden 2021
jeevan Darji
jeevan Darji:
Portugal will win the euro believe me 😂
Jake Howie
Jake Howie:
Portugal look strong, so do Belgium, of course Germany and Spain always there, but France are favourites. Few upsets as always
17:19 thogden said ad break and I got a ad hahahahah
Royal MC
Royal MC:
You’ve been singing “It’s coming home” for decades 😂
Oregan 2000
Oregan 2000:
Kante to score 50 yard header in final, heard it here first
Ali Sulman
Ali Sulman:
Thogdad is a legend... He literally stares straight into your soul.... Love from Pakistan
gary peacock
gary peacock:
I remember being Thogdens age once. I believed Ally mcleod would lead Scotland to world Cup glory in Argentina. I'm still taking the pills at 60 🙄💊
thogdad knows what hes talking about and thogden doesnt know anything
Ursula Wilson
Ursula Wilson:
"If they suprise me,it wouldn't shock" - Thogden 2021
Germany are going to be amazing this time, I'm telling you
Erik Stenviken
Erik Stenviken:
I love who all think sweden will fail even though sweden was in the quarter final in the world cup and has won against Croatia and drawn spain after that, and not lost a game aginst any other team than France, Spain, croatia and portugal. And they have played well in these games.
Thomas Cloke
Thomas Cloke:
I enjoy listening to thogdad, he’s so chilled and knows what he’s talking about and is good at what he’s talking about, he talks sense
André Louzeiro
André Louzeiro:
Underestimating Portugal...just how we like it!
See you at the final...or not.
Darren Murphy
Darren Murphy:
“Your nation will win the Euros if you subscribe”………Me being Irish 😢
Niklas May
Niklas May:
Imagine Finland winning the whole thing like Greece did in 2004.
Jayden FC
Jayden FC:
Theo mentioned us losing to Poland in the round of 16,I feel like we could do a job on them
alida flus
alida flus:
Germany are going to be amazing this time, I'm telling you
“Yeah they’ll piss it” 😂
how the dad is watching straight into my soul for 19 minutes straight :D
C Mangs
C Mangs:
Looking forward to hear Thogdad sing ABBA. Cheers from Sweden!
Dhirshan Gobind
Dhirshan Gobind:
"Ronaldo aging, not looking great at the moment". Come on mate!
My man talks about Ciro being a penalty Merchant, while Kane is you’re captain 😂
i’m so conflicted. literally 3 days ago i was convinced we weren’t making it out of the group but now i’m convinced it’s coming home
Travis Tarr
Travis Tarr:
This has been the best Euro preview I've watched on YouTube
Mathijs Beute
Mathijs Beute:
Just love to your Dad I’m a huge from The Netherlands
Harry GW
Harry GW:
11:20 😂😂😂
13:58 Sevilla instead of Bilbao...but still the home advantage
Ghost David
Ghost David:
Thogdad is 100% right about Turkey
When your worried cuz thogdan said England will win it ... then you realize his form of prem predictions 🤣🤣☺️ come On Scotland
Matt Rooks-Taylor
Matt Rooks-Taylor:
Thogden said advert break and I actually got a double ad 😖
Max05 Gaming
Max05 Gaming:
when theo said "advert break", i got an ad XD
Moe Faez
Moe Faez:
1)I like the format that this channel uses in terms of predictions cause every other channel uses the same method which is straight forward.
2) Me & my dad used to get hype woth these tournaments. We also did predictions but unfortunately he had already passed 😢. But seeing Theo & his dad dong this predictions really makes me remember the good old days.. Thanx Theo & Thogdad
We'll win our group and get knocked by Portugual in the last of 16, that's my prediction.
Leggasick Vincent
Leggasick Vincent:
Czech Republic on 4th place.
Patric Schick to Thogden Am I Joke to You
Germany in final?! Me as german: wow he really believes in löw :D
Sabin Kafle
Sabin Kafle:
Portugual🇵🇹 will win the euro
Aviation Flyer
Aviation Flyer:
“Not enough of them play in the highest level” more than 10 players play in Europe in top clubs, 3 Turkish players won the french league with LILE this season. So Turkey defo the underdogs and i think will finish top 2 in the group stages.
Twich Mo
Twich Mo:
When thogden said ad break I actually got a ad 😭💀
Frenki _
Frenki _:
2018: Sime Vrsaljko: Englezi se mogu ic suncat ako oce / 2021: Englezi vec pripremili kremu za suncanje / Iznad svih HRVATSKA!
I subbed so Brazil will win the Euros 🥳🥳
Lol I love how they are so confident that france will be in the finals
Zak Gibbs
Zak Gibbs:
I've got Hungary keeper as a sub iny fantasy team for that reason, big save points 😂
Warren Corden Greener
Warren Corden Greener:
Hey theo I know it might be a bit of a long one but for a vid suggestion you could pick the best starting 11 of every club picks could be from past seasons or just this one
Aryan Katore
Aryan Katore:
Please do your euro 2020 predictions from the official website which UEFA has launched
Lewis Wood
Lewis Wood:
Krishanan Merdono
Krishanan Merdono:
This was a good video, good to see how thog and thogdad have can sometimes have such different opinions 😂
England 😆 you’re on drugs as they always choke and will never be in the final four
Zak Gibbs
Zak Gibbs:
Mad said add break and I got an add, wtf love that ngl 😂😂
Republic of Handball
Republic of Handball:
Yeah England never made to an Euro final, but funny enough, they've been always hot favorites.
Get well soon Eriksen!
Pedro Moreira
Pedro Moreira:
Portugal fall in the round of 16 ?? Hahahahaha nice one . You could start a comidiant carrer
I like how Thogdad looks into my soul
I hope this competition could be great from Japan!
marten de jong
marten de jong:
Virgil can't come back, the selection has already been put in so he can't participate anymore, also, he chose by himself to not go with the squad to the euro's
Eoin Kirwan
Eoin Kirwan:
Near the end of the vid I swear when Theo said advert break I got an ad
I was playing fifa on a Brentford career mode and when you started talking about Spain I got the Spain job
Kacper Koman
Kacper Koman:
Underestimating Spain... I mean I understand if you don’t watch la liga and you think Adama traore will get a spot over the likes of oryazabal gerard Moreno or even dani Olmo from Leipzig. Spain are up there
Joe Morelli
Joe Morelli:
Italy squad reminds me a lot of that 2006 team. Strong experienced CBS (bonucci chiellini) up and coming goalie (donnarumma), young star in the middle(barella), creative attacking midfielder(insigne), veteran strikers (immobile belotti) not to mention the other talent they have
theo: “hit the subscribe button and your country will win the euros”
theo realizing he can’t subscribe to his own channel: “It’s not coming home lads”
Chris Stay
Chris Stay:
Love your optimism Thogden, but I’m with Thogdad here!
Eriksen did'nt deserve to collapse... Great player! 👍
Athletix 123
Athletix 123:
Thogdad is just sitting there with his triangle eyes staring straight into my soul...
Just Flow
Just Flow:
Optimism of the youth :D Oh i wish I had that cool dad haha
when thogdad said is final and thogden said ad break i dead ass got an ad
MSN Best Trio Ever
MSN Best Trio Ever:
niddg viiut
niddg viiut:
Germany are going to be amazing this time, I'm telling you
Alan Glauber
Alan Glauber:
You gonna win the thing with the ex-manager of Middlesborough :D
Rasmus Lassen
Rasmus Lassen:
"It's coming home"
Damn, that trophy must be homesick... I feel bad for it
Lar ska
Lar ska:
I guess eriksen didnt ball well after all
2028.Sheryaar Rizvi
2028.Sheryaar Rizvi:
Theo: Its coming home, its coming home
Thogdad: Were going home in the last 8
Vayun Gupta
Vayun Gupta:
theo has no clue what he is predicting lmao, spain runners up, ripp
999_ yzx
999_ yzx:
i really hope that sweden can go to quarter finals so thogdad can sing abba.🇸🇪
Chris Dunn
Chris Dunn:
Theo, your dads talking facts about England hahaha!
Viva España 🇪🇸 forever, Team Spain for the win #Euro2020.
Rogers Fon
Rogers Fon:
“England will bottle it”. Sounds about right!
Obsolete Beats
Obsolete Beats:
Had the same predictions as me for England thog 😂
Thomas Cloke
Thomas Cloke:
Soon as Theo said advert brake there actually was an advert that came on 😂😂
RA Zone
RA Zone:
Underestimating Croatia again? Just wait for it to backfire once more.
Majid Younis
Majid Younis:
Already 13k likes more than the goal in 5 hours!
Kieran Paul
Kieran Paul:
I think thogdad is the only youtuber I've seen give a realistic England prediction
Paul Lühmann
Paul Lühmann:
As a Germany, we will say good bye in the Group.
Cain Stewart
Cain Stewart:
Me being a northern Irish fan getting put out in 2 qualification finals in a row by luck and bad refereeing 😿
2:48 theo is chatting absolute dogshit wales beat Belgium in the quarter finals (Belgium was ranked the best team itw) we will defo get through