From Celtic vs Real Madrid, PSG vs Juventus, Ajax vs Rangers, Napoli vs Liverpool, Inter vs Bayern Munich, Tottenham vs Marseille, Atletico vs FC Porto, Barcelona vs Plzen, Dinamo Zagreb vs Chelsea, Salzburg vs AC Milan, Sevilla vs Man City, Frankfurt vs Sporting, Benfica vs Maccabi Haifa, Dortmund vs Copenhagen and more...

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Hey Theo! Great video as always. but a small correction: Milan last won the champions league in 2007, not all the way back in 94!
Beyblade King
Beyblade King:
0:27 Zagreb v Chelsea
1:25 Dortmund v Copenhagen
2:36 Benfica v Maccabi Haifa
4:09 Celtic v Real Madrid
6:37 PSG v Juventus
8:14 RB Leipzig v Shakhtar Donetsk
9:11 RB Salzburg v AC Milan
10:18 Sevilla v Man City
11:07 Ajax v Rangers
12:42 Eintracht Frankfurt v Sporting
14:05 Atl. Madrid v Porto
15:32 FC Barcelona v Viktoria Plzen
16:31 Club Brugge v Bayern Leverkusen
17:08 Inter Milan v FC Bayern Munchen
18:31 Napoli v Liverpool
19:47 Tottenham v Marseille
A M:
AC MILAN won the CL in 2003 and 2007. And made the Semi-Finals 5 years in a row between 2003 and 2007
Devils Real Talk
Devils Real Talk:
Appreciate the effort you and thogdad put into all the content! 🙌
Scotty 8
Scotty 8:
Theo you said Celtic haven't beaten a Spanish team since beating Barcelona in 2012, wrong we beat Real Betis 3-2 last season. Your apology is accepted🤣
Sashah Soheili
Sashah Soheili:
Antonio Conte had made it out of the group stage and into the knockouts.

2012-13 with Juventus: W in R16 vs Celtic, L in QF to Bayern Munich.

2017-18 with Chelsea: L in R16 vs Barcelona.
Justin Cosing
Justin Cosing:
Theo you’re great and I love your vids but Milan has won 2 CL since 94! 03 and 07. They were also in 4 finals since 94.
Amy Key HCAFC:
Brilliant video as always Thogden and Thogdad, brilliant editing Josh 👍
Francesco M
Francesco M:
The knowledge thodgen have of Milan AC history really made me think about what really people outside Italy thinks to know about serie A . Also Conte made out the group stage with Juve and Chelsea....
Thanks to Theo for only prediction a 1-0 defeat for my team against Dortmund, can't complain about that one, honestly a 1-0 away defeat wouldn't be too bad, and a draw would be the dream and then perhaps a win or draw in the home game, and a win against Sevilla at home, big dreams Í now, but honestly best case scenario for Copenhagen is 3rd and that Europa league spot
Phillip Lloyd
Phillip Lloyd:
Great Video, but just an FYI, Milan last won in 2007 and are the second most succesful club in the champions league with 7 titles. Put some respect of Milan's name please. Cheers
Harvey Smallworth
Harvey Smallworth:
Conte has made it out the group stage before he did it in his second season at Chelsea
GainzBro :
Really hope Celtic wins this one regardless of the odds, the boys have the tendency of surprising their fans.
Moo ahmed Baar
Moo ahmed Baar:
Absolutely impossible predictions i always with you thogden good job and amazing analysis keep going guy's 👍👋👋🤟🤟
Child Abboud
Child Abboud:
Happy that Thogden said that Bayern are gonna win😁 Hope he's right...MIA SAN MIA ♥️🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪
Theo really said AC Milan last won a UCL in 1994😭😭 0 ball knowledge
Nicklas E-l
Nicklas E-l:
I did not expect so much analyzing about Copenhagen and yeah you did put in a picture of Viktor Kristiansen and not Victor Claesson :)
Wow Napoli really CRUSHED Liverpool with a 4-1
IDoThings - CHESS
IDoThings - CHESS:
As a Chelsea fan I want to predict 3-0 win
Based of our results recently I predict 1-5 loss
Thogdad's a wise man, I've got almost every one exactly like him
I really like your predictions videos, i would love one for conference league.
Archie Swain
Archie Swain:
Nothing like Theo repeating ‘never’ when Conte has made it out of a European group stage lol
Dylan Murray
Dylan Murray:
I respect the confidence coming from theo for the Celtic vs Real Madrid game😎👊🏻🍀

It’s just class being a Celtic fan🍀💪🏻🙌🏻
Forza Milan 1899
Forza Milan 1899:
Theo Milan won the CL in 2003 & 2007. Their last wasn’t 1994 😉
Callum MacDonald
Callum MacDonald:
you really did your research on ange there theo! love it! celtic 2 - 2 real madrid
For Rangers I expect us to have a massive bounce back after the weekend but I don’t see it coming against Ajax they’re just too strong, I do think we can get a draw if we’re lucky but the whole team really needs to give their heads a wobble and stay switched on
Mary Cynthia
Mary Cynthia:
The editing top notch well done Josh fusion and well done thogden/dad
Just a random question, Do you people think that now with a new and improved Manchester United side would they be able to make it to the champions league quarter finals (IF THEY WERE IN IT).
Just a curious Man Utd fan
Quandrle dingle
Quandrle dingle:
“Done” can we appreciate what he does for us TOTTENHAM
Conte made it to the knockout stages with chelsea
Just discovered this channel and I already love this guy!!!
Aiden Donnelly
Aiden Donnelly:
Just happy to see Celtic back in the champions league the way I’ve seen us play I can’t help but be confident think we could grab a result
Albert Søndergaard
Albert Søndergaard:
When speaking about Copenhagen, you mentioned Victor Claesson, but the picture you showed was of the other FCK player Victor Kristiansen.
Conte got to the champions league knockout out rounds when they faced barca in 2018 in the round of 16
Will you make Europa League predictions coz' Union Berlin, who IMO have been one of the most overperforming clubs in German football in the past few years, are in there? And I'm saying this as a fan from a different club.
Bagermanden dk
Bagermanden dk:
Amazing video, can you make a ranking of all UCL shirts? Would love to see it :)
Frank Diodati
Frank Diodati:
7:37 "if you had Italian fantasy"
Fantasy football was literally invented by an Italian
I think Spurs coukd be a dark horse for the ucl this year, kane, son, Kulusevski, and options off the bench like bissouma and richarlison, if city and psg bottle it again, spurs could potentially go far in the ucl this year.
DidaKa BG
DidaKa BG:
10:10 Wow what a spot on🥶
Giovanni 28
Giovanni 28:
For me, will be in 8èmes:
- City
- Chelsea
- Liverpool
- Tottenham
- Real
- Barca
- Atlético
- Bayern
- Dortmund
- Leipzig
- Juve
- AC Milan
- Porto
- Sporting
- Ajax
Thogden to hit 1M before Qatar!
Let’s make it happen! 🇶🇦
Dino Gaming
Dino Gaming:
As a Croatian, I’ll be backing up Zagreb all the way for obvious reasons
Ethan Claridge
Ethan Claridge:
Great vid think Celtic could be a massive upset in the Madrid match 🔥🔥
9:57 "in 1994 where they last won the champions league" Are you good bro?
2:33 That ain't Viktor Claesson, that's Victor Kristiansen :D
Zakzo FF
Zakzo FF:
Congrats on 1M subs in advance we'll deserved Theo love from south africa
Amjad Retiwala
Amjad Retiwala:
Hey there theo i really love your videos and hopefully juve wins tonight
Davide Caprio
Davide Caprio:
Napoli - Liverpool 4-1, close one 😂
María Alejandra
María Alejandra:
Theo and Thogdad are raaly nice with Sevilla here in the hispanic world we are predicting that Sevilla will loose at least 6-0 against City jajaj
A.C Milan
A.C Milan:
did this man say we last won the CL 1994?did i hear that right?there is no way
LD vlogs 195
LD vlogs 195:
Love your videos thogden 👍
Mayank Srivastava
Mayank Srivastava:
Now i gotta cross check everything you say Theo...AC Milan won the champions league in 2007 against Liverpool and in 2003 against Juventus...but i liked the way you cheered when AC Milan name came up 👍👍
Paul Rivera
Paul Rivera:
These two are the most most knowledgeable and entertaining pair in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Never write them off thogden did that every game with Real Madrid last year 😂😂😂😂
Scott's Week In Sports
Scott's Week In Sports:
What’s up thogden and thogdad here are my predictions for the champions league. I am going with Chelsea to win this game 2-0. I am going with Dortmund to get the win here 2-1.
Harry's Home
Harry's Home:
AC Milan last one the UCL in 2007. A simple correction
Juventus Era TV
Juventus Era TV:
Brother AC Milan last won the UCL in 2007 not in 1994, before that in 2003 & also they played the famous final in 2005 in which they led 3-0 at half time
How to days gone
How to days gone:
Hey guys, love your vids, im a fc copenhagen fan and im sorry to say it was not a pic of viktor claesson it was our left back victor kristiansen, just a little heads up, keep up making great vids, forza fc copenhagen
Celtic beat Real Betis last year, so we have beat a Spanish team since barca :)
Claire Keogh
Claire Keogh:
Thogden talking about value and fight in 1967 ibwas expecting him to start talking about juves ice age cl run
Just Hvid-Olsen
Just Hvid-Olsen:
Great video, but the picture, you've chosen of Viktor Claesson is actually a picture of FC Copenhagens left back Victor Kristiansen. Same first name and kind of the same hair, but an age difference of about 11 years.
psg 5-0 juve, allegri clearly said he has no interest in this game plus they got no game scheme and they're also missing lots of tough players
Ben Hayward
Ben Hayward:
My father in law, a benfica socio, is taking me to the maccabee haifa match tomorrow. Very excited
Lol I didn,t expected Chelsea to loose against Dinamo Zagreb I thought a draw match.
Will you live stream any of the games, Thogden?
AC Milan won the champions league in 2003 and in 2007
Zagreb 0-1 Chelsea
Dortmund 2-0 Copenhagen
Benfica 2-0 Maccabi Haifia
Sevilla 0-2 Man City
Salzburg 1-1 Milan
Celtic 0-3 Madrid
Lipzig 3-0 Shaktar
PSG 1-2 Juventus
Ajax 3-2 Rangers
Frankfurt 1-0 Sporting
Inter 1-3 Bayern
Barcelona 2-0 Victoria Plzen
Napoli 1-1 Liverpool
Atletico 0-1 Porto
Tottenham 2-1 Marseille
Brugge 1-1 Leverkusen
Sui Sui
Sui Sui:
Who’s here after chelsea dropped points against Zagreb btw it was a loss 1-0
Zagreb 0-2 Chelsea
Dortmund 2-0 Copenhagen
Benfica 2-0 Maccabi Haifia
Sevilla 1-4 Man City
Salzburg 0-1 Milan
Celtic 0-4 Madrid
Lipzig 3-0 Shaktar
PSG 2-1 Juventus
Ajax 1-1 Rangers
Frankfurt 1-1 Sporting
Inter 0-2 Bayern
Barcelona 4-0 Victoria Plzen
Napoli 2-1 Liverpool
Atletico 1-0 Porto
Tottenham 3-1 Marseille
Brugge 2-1 Leverkusen
Nicola Vallely
Nicola Vallely:
Dinamo Zagreb 1 Chelsea 3, Dortmund 2 Copenhagen 1, benfica 2 maccabi 0, Celtic 1 real Madrid 3, Benzema to score, you should go both, Paris at Germain 2 Juventus 1, RB Leipzig 2 shakhtar 0, RB Salzburg 1 AC Milan 3, Sevilla 1 Manchester city 2, Ajax 1 Rangers 1, eitract Frankfurt 1 sporting club 1, atletico Madrid 2 Porto 0, Barcelona 3 Vitoria plizen 0,club bruge 1 Leverkusen 1 inter Milan 2 Bayern Munich 3 Napoli 0 Liverpool 1, spurs 3 Marseille 1 up the TDL 🐻💞
John Sammut
John Sammut:
thogden’s ball knowledge is shocking. Statistics merchant
Yasin Yasin
Yasin Yasin:
Love your videos Thogden keep it up I think Liverpool will win the champions League
Ernest Carter
Ernest Carter:
Ac Milan last one the final in 2007 not 94! ❤️🖤
Gianmarco Maggiore
Gianmarco Maggiore:
Milan's last UCL victory wasn't 1994. We won it twice more since lol. 2003 and 2007.
Rudy Clarke Johnson
Rudy Clarke Johnson:
Great content lads and these vids are great!
Enrico Urso
Enrico Urso:
Ac Milan won the champions league both in 2003 and 2007 too
Dinamo 0-2 Chelsea
Dortmund 2-0 kobenhaven
Benfica 3-0 maccabi
Celtic 1-2 Real Madrid
Paris 2-1 juventes
Leipzig 3-0 shaktar
Salzburg 0-2 Milan
Sevilla 0-3 man city
Ajax 2-1 rangers
Frankfurt 3-1 sporting
Atlectico 2-1 Porto
Barcelona 4-0 plzen
Club Brugge 2-1 leverkusen
Inter 1-2 Bayern
Napoli 1-1 Liverpool
Totenham 2-1 marseille
Magnus Lundgreen
Magnus Lundgreen:
You showed the wrong Victor from copenhagen. You showed Viktor Kristiansen the left back instead of Victor Claesson ahahha. Still massive respect for the research! Copenhagen has in the past beaten Furgesons United and drawn with 2011 barca in ucl, so there is somewhat football herrotage in the club. Looking forward for the games, enjoyed the vid.
Peter Yuill camping tips
Peter Yuill camping tips:
I’m flying out tonight for rangers Ajax and attending the game Cumon rangers 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🥳
VM Power
VM Power:
You should go to the derby in Romania, Dinamo vs Steaua. Both teams are in the second division for the first time ever, and the rivalry is massive. The atmosphere it's going to be electric. The match takes place on the 9th of september and it takes place on one of the biggest stadiums of Romania. It's the biggest derby/rivalry in Romania as both teams dominated the 1st division for a long time.
Tiago Gaspar
Tiago Gaspar:
Sporting masterclass
Scarface 615
Scarface 615:
Great video but Milan won in 2003 and 2007
Ranjeet Lohiya
Ranjeet Lohiya:
Thodgad said Manchester City to win the league 🎉….let’s gooo !!!!
Luis Lima
Luis Lima:
Keep disrespeting Sporting brother, we keep winning 🙉💚
Baba Tomorri
Baba Tomorri:
I don’t know what stats are you using but last times inter and Bayern met in CL, in 2010 inter beat them in the final. In 2011, inter knocked the out on the round of 16. They have not played since.
Pavle Marinkovic
Pavle Marinkovic:
This guy really thought Real Madrid wouldn't win against Celtic 😂😂 your dad knows ball tho
Matthew Robson
Matthew Robson:
you are a legend theo i thing we can nick something from real madrid im saying 2-1 celtic
Konrad Brodniewski
Konrad Brodniewski:
Real 3:0 without Benzema :)
Fyi Thogden team, Dortmund isn't part of the Rheinland but the Ruhrgebiet, love the content keep it up!
Carl Johansson
Carl Johansson:
can you ols do a prediction on the ucel. Btw really like the videos
romeo decuypere
romeo decuypere:
You should go see Belgium matches (USG)
Richard Hart
Richard Hart:
Celtic 2 - 2 Real Madrid? Come on man 😅
Western hammer YT
Western hammer YT:
I got the Juventus third kit the other day, just for that game!
Pl3ys Nontinde
Pl3ys Nontinde:
Forgot to talk about how West Ham beat Zagreb
Charlie Bull
Charlie Bull:
Zagreb played West Ham in the Europa league last year though. 8th time in Champions League consecutively?
Chidi John-chieme
Chidi John-chieme:
Conte got out with us when we played Barcelona in the RO16 in 17/18 season
Dav0z :
They literally beat Barcelona as a fluke. Barcelona dominated them in every department. Celtic are bottle jobs in Europe they couldn’t beat bodo/Glimt last season 😂
Leipzig 3-1 shaktar. Salzburg 1-2 ac Milan sevial 1-3 man city
TIAGO 2775
TIAGO 2775:
Atlético Madrid with all the injuries are going to get beaten by Porto
Vamos Porto rumo à conquista da Europa