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"The most important thing in life is to be understood. Acting gives you that."
Our memories of Sushant Singh Rajput.

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100+ komentarze:

Deeptanshu Mehta
Deeptanshu Mehta:
He tried so hard yar... He expressed himself in front of the world but we didn't even see it... He tried man.. He really did.
Never underestimate an interroverted guy, they are much smarter than others
The Silver Skull
The Silver Skull:
We should stop watching Bollywood Star Kid's movies, and switch to self-made actors' movies!
Kaviu Mishra
Kaviu Mishra:
"It's such an unfair world. I can't lose something i want to do, because i dont have something which I can't possibly have at that point of time."
It says a lot about his perspective to look at things so differently unlike others.
Its our loss , we lost a wonderful human being 💔
Seema Begum
Seema Begum:
Who is watching all his interviews and feeling heavy hearted 😢
Payal Gupta
Payal Gupta:
One can see he wanted to say so much, his mind was working ferociously but his words didn't do justice. He was an introvert. Not that being an introvert is dangerous, but some introverts are dangerously intelligent and sensitive. They want to do a lot in their lives for people but their environment fails them. And then they start alienating from everyone. It's a subjective matter. We all spend our lives talking, throwing words at each other not meaning any of it. We should all start observing our loved ones, listening to them, letting them talk or just stay silent and cry out. Maybe before that final suicide, all he wanted to do was embrace someone and cry.
Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre:
As silly as this sounds, I wish I knew him personally and could've talked him out of it, prevented it. It feels as though we lost someone close. We were blessed to have such a person like him in this world. Unfortunately he was too good for the so called Bollywood 'industry'. RIP Sushant Singh Rajput. You'll be missed and karma will take revenge. To hell with all those who made life difficult for such a gem. To hell with karan johar, alia bhatt, salman khan, shahrukh khan, shahid kapoor and all the useless, incompetent 'starkids'.
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes:
*This death is unforgettable like James Dean and Marilyn Monroe*
Anandi Ganguly
Anandi Ganguly:
I can't imagine him without a smile. Every image in my mind of him is of his dashing contagious smile. Such an intellectual person. He said he didn't have friends, if only... His death feels so so heavy. What a brilliant actor and human being. Life is so unfair. Talk to people guys, your feelings are worth it. Please just communicate.
prakhar trivedi
prakhar trivedi:
I mean that pause silence at 3:50 was everything.
I am very sorry man dnt knw why.
I m broken man, don't know why but yes, something is just broken.
I wish I could be your friend 🥺
Natasha Chaturvedi
Natasha Chaturvedi:
3:48 had me in tears. Sushant wherever you are please remember that you are acknowledged and loved by us...your existence was a gift to the human race.
al pacino
al pacino:
the interviewer lady was too dumb that when Shushan said that when he gets free time he reads books then she actually asked him what does he do for fun!! these are the people who indirectly insult the intelligent minds.
Xeon Su
Xeon Su:
I am in shock. It itches my whole being to realize that someone as purely good as him left the world and all i can do is write a comment here
arindaam roy choudhury
arindaam roy choudhury:
You can see the void in his life when anupama asked him what he does in his free time. He got somewhat confused. The pain, the loneliness it was all there from way before.
Nathasha Fernando
Nathasha Fernando:
“Since I don’t like to talk that much, I don’t have many friends” - I felt that...
A G A:
Decent, Charming, Child Like, Talented, Honest, Charming. Sushant we are sorry.
When he was alive there was nobody with him...and he said in an interview that nobody call him to attend their parties and now the whole bollywood showing sympathy on him.its a fake world.if i written something wrong..sorry for that
Ngam Edwrd
Ngam Edwrd:
The actor who told the untold story left his Story untold ❤😭
Y S:
Bollywood is full of nepotism. They isolate the outsiders. Bitter truth.
Garima Malik
Garima Malik:
Now it's clear Bollywood bullies and Nepotism killed him ..he lost on 7 films despite having his last film as hit and a malign campign was started by Karan Johar uncle. He was banned by Yrf ,dharma and salman khan ...please these Kapoor's ,Khan's and Karan johar uncle and their kids should be Banned !!!!
Anusmita Samanta
Anusmita Samanta:
His voice gave a clear indication of his dying pain deep inside his heart 😣😖💔💔 this cruel Bollywood had destroyed him! And you know after a few months they all will forget him and his talent eventually😖 but no we all fans have to keep him alive in our hearts ❤ this is our duty!!!! Will never stop loving this handsome and talented soul!
Atharv Pathak
Atharv Pathak:
It's murder
It is one without doubt. It is a clear case of boycotting someone just because others consider him an outsider’. I am sure Sushant would have struggled so much in life to rise from a TV actor to a movie star he was and maybe more than that to be accepted in the film fraternity which is almost ‘owned’ by people like Karan Johar, Salman Khan, etc etc. He has been more successful than maybe Ananya Pandey or Arjun Kapoor for that matter. He also did a Dharma production film but why wasn’t he ever called on Koffee with Karan which is considered a barometer for success in this industry. Why did Karan Johar rubbish the thought of Kriti Sanon mentioning on the show that she had chemistry with Sushant as if coz she was a part of his ‘cartel’ and Sushant wasn’t fit to be one!
Karan Johar mentioned on Instagram that he hadn’t spoken to Sushant in a year’s time but Drive was released in November last year and was a Dharma production but strangely Karan Johar doesn’t bother to speak with his lead actors even when there is a release or maybe he didn’t consider Sushant to be worthy of a conversation. People like Janhvi Kapoor or Sara Ali Khan get multiple opportunities but there are no second chances for outsiders. Plus everyone knows how these people like Karan Johar or Kareena Kapoor pull others down openly and we have seen it all on Koffee with Karan with our own eyes and we think it is fun and entertaining. Maybe until now when we know it impacts lives. The nepotism prevailing here has forced multiple people to put their dreams aside and yet we drool over the stupid films these people make. I am unfollowing people like Karan Johar, Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, etc etc. right now. I know my unfollowing them won’t make a difference to anyone of these but maybe all of us boycotting a stupid film industry which makes stupid movies will
Bhavana Chaturbhuj
Bhavana Chaturbhuj:
He dropped so many subtle and literal hints about his depression
I have watched all these interviews but now when he is no more, I just feel we all were just numb when he was screaming with those words.....
The only line that hit me was "it is such a relief to not play yourself but somebody else" he was suffocating badly......
He just went to his mother I guess to have some relief, I'm sure he'll be soon back with a new life already....till then Rest in Paradise Sushant...sorry we couldn't understand you...our BAD..💔
Sai Sabari
Sai Sabari:
I cannot handle his demise, it’s unfair so many bad ppl in this world roaming around happily not being punished ,but a person like shushant had to go just because ppl weren’t there for him
Soumojit Guha Majumder
Soumojit Guha Majumder:
"What do you do in you leisure time?"
-" I like to read"
"What do you do for fun sushant?"
"Reading is my fun"

I wonder if the industry he was in (main stream one) had enough people who could match his intellect ? This is not a jab at AC, but in general , I doubt how many main stream actors are well read ? I guess directors would be, but how many people he was surrounded by were ?
Ashraf Hossain
Ashraf Hossain:
"I didn't know how to deal with people when I was stepping out of my house"
"All 18 & 19 years of my life nobody looked at me and said that you exist.... nobody!"
Through these words,I could relate myself completely!I didn't know Shushant Sing that much before his death.After his death,when I watch his interviews I can see my own shadow in Shushant.He was totally like me!Always craving to be recognized,but unfortunately that never happens!
Top 10
Top 10:
Sushant sir eyes is saying everything...That he is in some kind of nervousness and in lot of pain 😭
We will miss u alot rip 🙏🙏
Gift Essien
Gift Essien:
My condolences to his family he was my favorite Bollywood actor that made me love watching zeeworld I wish I never get to know his no more it's really heartbreaking. RIP
Rashik Riz
Rashik Riz:
"when you play a character, it's so much of a relief not to play yourself"...this line says everything.
sophymol bs
sophymol bs:
I don't know how to tell my feelings 😭😭😭 such a great person wth a great personality. How can do this dear😭😭😭 from this situation we understood one thing no one in the universe knowd what is going through the mind of one person. He has a lot of dreams of india. Like our Honorable APJ sir he also like to work for the progress and development of our country through education,space and all and all. Bt no one of dream comes true😭 missing a great person other than an actor. Love u Sushant 😭😭 always be in our mind😭😭😭
Srinidhi joshi
Srinidhi joshi:
You can clearly see him stopping himself from crying when he says I don't have friends😢...
The world is very unfair..
That line " I don't have any friends" pricks even harder than any sharp object...it clearly shows he was in depression... But two things which he never knew was:- 1. The bollywood industry doesn't give self made artist a chance to survive
2. He had 11 million family on instagram..who waited everyday at 5 am for his posts which were filled with energy, motivation and inspiration....
I wish he finds peace in gods own place, unlike this unfair and nepotism influenced world..
RIP Sushant Singh Rajput 💔
I love you 3000😢💔💖💖
The_ Aranamor
The_ Aranamor:
" *We all want to be understood* ."
"I can hide behind all these character. . . cause I'm not me but somebody else ."
these lines did hit me hard .
Ratnesh Kumar
Ratnesh Kumar:
"What do we do everyday. We try and project a personality that we think we are. Thats so much of an effort".
" The most important thing in life is to be understood. "
Muzungchim r
Muzungchim r:
He talks about facing difficulties about money during his childhood then he donated 1. crore to Nagaland flood CM fund. We the people of Nagaland will always remember that kind gesture of yours. Respect to you and Rest in peace, Sir.
Dynamic Soul
Dynamic Soul:
2:33 , all the 18-19 years in my life no one looked at me and said you exist, because I was an introvert ... He tried so hard to tell the world, he fought, we failed to notice it. :'( #ripsushanth you shall be missed
Anisa Avdo
Anisa Avdo:
OMG!He was such a nice guy, good-hearted, intelligent,dreamy,full of life and passions!He went too soon.😢R.I.P Sushant 💚
Ananya G
Ananya G:
I still can't believe that he's gone!!....am still hoping that someone will come to me and say that it was just a bad dream and that my fav actor is still there. You will always be alive in my heart Mr. Singh😭😭😭😭😭😭
One can write a book on him, on his life and his thoughts
Vinit Kumar
Vinit Kumar:
I don't know why am I feeling so disturbed after his demise... I was in no way connected with him... This is heartbreaking.. It would be just disaster for his father..
Jay D
Jay D:
Dear Sushant,
It has been quite a few weeks since they pushed you over the cliff of 'life' towards the abyss. The good thing is you - being the 'Child of God' - have safely navigated towards the Pearly's Gate and ensconced yourself comfortably in HIS lap. In retrospect, I believe that you were too rich and endowed to have polluted your soul by dwelling amongst the lesser mortals any further.

You can see for yourself how deficient and short-sighted most of us are. We are deficient intellectually and stunted morally. We had failed to nurture the treasures in you. The few conscious stricken here are now running helter-skelter to exhume the 'truth' and fetch justice (in actual 'face-saver') for you. Well, this is all we the lesser mortals are capable of.

Your sisters ( they had nurtured you well, Sushant) and your father are giving their all to get back at the 'monsters' - those demented and degenerate creatures in human form. I am sure they will all have much to share with you when they too take their leaps to the other world where you dwell.

To cut a long story short - WE THE PEOPLE FAILED YOU. That is because we are basically hypocrites who deify murderers as 'dabangs' , eulogize child molesters as intellectuals who sculpt the 'saaransh' of life and those chicken hearts as 'singhams'. We chew delight from 'sanitary napkins' served up by the illiterate restaurant attendants. I am a hypocrite too - I have contributed towards ensuring that these germs thrive on by paying to watch them procreate. I can only say – SORRY SUSHANT, we could not even apologize to you!
saniya joseph
saniya joseph:
He pretended his whole life,poor thing he couldn't take it anymore just remember to be kind people it's not that difficult 🥺💔
I decided that I am going to volunteer 12 hours to teach students science to honour Sushant Singh Rajput's memory, because he loved science. Maybe, more people can join me..
Savitribai Phule
Savitribai Phule:
A beautiful soul with a beautiful mind & heart.... That's how I would like to describe Mr. Sushant Singh Rajput. We lost a great actor, an intelligent person ... who loves acting, seeing planets, discussing about physics... Who preserved his humanity & innocence in this Kalyug (Age of Downfall).

A National Physics Olympiad winner and seventh rank holder in All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE), who bought a piece of land on moon on the far side of the moon, in a region called Sea of Muscovy, from International Lunar Lands Registry.
International Space University pays him tribute
Founded 3 companies in 2 years... note it wasn't any production company, one of them
"Vividrage Rhealityx " dealt with avenues like artificial intelligence, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), whereas another "Innsaei Ventures" worked in the field of computer sciences . His third start-up was a non-profit organisation "Front India for World Foundation" with focus on health and social work.
I'll definitely miss him, thank you Mr. Sushant for bringing various characters to life in the Big screen, Thank you for always motivating us through your FB post and poems, thank you for spreading happiness through your smile. RIP, where ever you are, be happy.
b y
b y:
I think Sushant was so intelligent that he was able to talk his mind into suicide. You know an intelligent mind can negotiate himself to do anything from climbing mount everest to suicide.
Amruth Varma
Amruth Varma:
"It's a relief hiding behind all the characters and not to be yourself.."
X Ław
X Ław:
i Think I was Injected Sleeping Doze
And Made Him Hanged
Full of Suspects
I Can see Only Sushant Rajput Every Where
His Memories ,
Sharing , Caring , Loving , Best Actor.
May be He was Deeply in Deepression
Because NoNe Was With Him To Share His Life And He Was Deeply upset or sad
And Mean While He Wanted to Call His Dad or Sister But They Didnot Pick his phone . This Made Him More Upset and sad .... And He is NoW !!!!!!
First time in my life I'm feeling heart broken for the person even I have never met.
His expressions reveal his pain..... 😔😔😔😔

This even define that how cruel the world is.
Shiz K
Shiz K:
I can tell that this was purposely made to brain wash the audience who are convinced of Nepotism! Look and watch at the video, they are just " SPECIFIC" clips of Sushant Singh Rajput talking about how he doesn't have friends or how he likes to play another character that is not him! I have seen the whole video of film companion but this woman the critic just puts up clips of him talking about his introvert behavior! Why hasn't she put other clips of the video where he talks about his college days, his zest for life, how brilliant he is, it was all part of the interview!!! She has been told to specifically put these clips to brain wash our minds! You bitch!
Punit Gawri
Punit Gawri:
WOW this is beautiful. You Aditi ally asked him questions that made him open up! Wish you stayed in touch with him and talked to him but again you can’t handle everyone! I feel sad since I feel the same he feels sometimes, I also came to Mumbai with dreams of becoming an actor but ended up coming back to the US and start my 9-5 life! I feel his pain since there is no respect for an outsider! We Indians hide our feelings and are not vocal about our feelings plus no one wants to hear lol. Like he mentioned “ we want to be understood” not to much to ask yet so much... RIP SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT.
Divyanshu Kumar
Divyanshu Kumar:
At 3:48 we can clearly see in his eyes how alone he his actually. He clearly says " Nobody Like to understand me". A boy who lives mostly alone in Mumbai without his family and nobody wants to talks with !!! That's why he is in depression from last 6 months. What's going through all day in her mind in these lockdown days !!!

RIP we will miss you
These 3 times he shouted with his all energy "That I'm lonely" ..... he hinted so many times....he felt shame and sadness when he was talking it can be clearly seen ....
He was not an introvert but was being ignored...an introvert never says that he is and intovert and he said it 3 times😫
He didn't asked for attention but some company..
power always
power always:
"I don't know bcoz I don't care" 👍guineous....v lost 1 beautiful/intelligent human being tooo.....best actor 😭😭why shushant yaar....I hate Bollywood hippocracy and nepotism😡
Neelam Chauhan
Neelam Chauhan:
He is so sensitive by thought we love you RIP 😭 you r always alive in aur hearts bt it's time to fight shushant killers # Boycott karan johar alia bhatt Mahesh batt n industry ke kaale log heartless log
Anusmita Samanta
Anusmita Samanta:
Though I am speechless, all I can say is I love you soooooo much SSR. 😖😖😖❤❤you will be greatly missed! 😫💔will never....stop loving you....❤😭mumkin nhi h tujhko bhulana 😭😫😖❤💔and will make sure the ones who had eradicated you will be boycotted severely! 😡
Soumyadeep Banerjee 9728
Soumyadeep Banerjee 9728:
3:46 this part shows his honesty about stuff and his eagerness for people to know certain things. He always gave us signs maybe he wanted us to save him. This is just a random thought.
kiran manwar
kiran manwar:
His every single sentence is so deep. He was living in a whole different inner world which this society doesn't recognise or appreciate.
"Hide behind the character" this should be enough to understand how much he was suffering in this matrix of society
ashish a
ashish a:
His death has really affected me. I wasn't even fan of the guy yet I feel broken.
abhishek shankar
abhishek shankar:
Now when I look back everything clicks .... There are always signs , more than signs about a bottled up person , someone who can't vent out... Sad
Aliya Abbas
Aliya Abbas:
Omg I feel so sad watching him like this so happy and positive and full of life. He had so much more to give may his soul be in peace. Will miss him! 😔
shivani mahajan
shivani mahajan:
He was so handsome, charming, intelligent and all his interviews he was so genuine , honest and wise. Also a great actor who excelled in every role. His hand gestures are s sign of his passion and honesty.
I'm not blaming anyone, but I wish someone from his family or friends had taken extra care of this beautiful soul.
This loss feels so personal. Sushant Singh Raipur is far better than all fake bollywood khans, kapoors and johars.
He will be genuinely missed by audiences. I hope he is in a better place.
He was always acting
24 / 7

R.I.P 😭😭😓😓😓
PAiN AxeL:
He was soooo handosome,so intelligentttt,so talented...How he got the courage to take his life!!!
Aditya Bhattacharaya
Aditya Bhattacharaya:
He was banned from 7 production companies. We lost a gem. It's high time we should boycott nepotism and its
bearers in bollywood. Just some known production
companies have captured the whole industry
Independent film makers and geniune talents are no
way near making it to bollywood. JUST STOP
Kevin Menezes
Kevin Menezes:
How do you motivate yourself ? When you sacrifice everything you have, and put your heart, mind and soul into the things you love and yet are not appreciated, acknowledged and accepted into the community. Your only fault is that you are rejected and neglected just because you don't come from that back ground.

It's sad, shameful and scary that we can drive such a cheerful and hard working man into such a crime. Rest in piece Sushant Singh Rajput.
Ashish Singh
Ashish Singh:
I really wish Sushant had a quick run through these awesome interviews before he left us. If only he could speak it out to someone who really listens. Rest in peace beyond great green mate ... #gonesosoon
Ankit Raj
Ankit Raj:
Super 30 , Hritik Roshan: Raja🤴 ka beta ab Raja🤴 nhi bnega, raja vhi bnega jo hakdaar hoga
Now , we (public) : star😠 ka beta ab star 😠 nhi bnega star vhi bnega jo hakdaar hoga
Love you Shushant 💖💖💖
Boycott- Karan Johar camp 🙏🙏🙏
“Its such a relief not to be ME” this line is screaming of lonliness, sadness, depression!
Porneesian Parrapio
Porneesian Parrapio:
There are so many people out there (especially in India, I WONDER WHY) who felt and feel the same as him. There isn't a reason when a person is depressed, there are lot of them that all together generate emptyness in the heart.
Maybe you were lonely Sushant, but you weren't certainly alone.💜
chitti 2409
chitti 2409:
Tears running, crying from last three dys...
I couldn't take it to my heart. Please sushant come back😭😭
Best actor in world I realise it after his death no attitude just share his feelings how innocent he is I miss you sushant sir😭😭😭
I am on my way to join this industry as an actor and Sushant's suicide has put my mind on a complete different pedestal- I'll not only have to concentrate on bettering my craft with each opportunity but also fight each and every day against this nepotism virus that's completely taken over the industry! Your death will not go in vain Sushant, one day this industry will have mostly outsiders who have made it on their own and I promise you I will fight each and everything that comes my way but I won't let these murderers get away. They will have to pay for wasting real talent and choosing their own friends' kids over people who actually deserve the role. The days of nepotism are numbered now. Please spare a moment to pray for me.
Pranav Ahuja
Pranav Ahuja:
It's like he was literally screaming for help.
Garima Malik
Garima Malik:
His passion project "Paani " was dumped ,he was preparing it for so long but YRF did not want to work with Sushant so they Backed out ...SHAME that one of top production houses Bullied a Self Made Star by their Power 😷😷😷
Sonalee Z.
Sonalee Z.:
I can hide behind all this interesting characters and that’s a relief...I am not me but playing a character..(Anupama even laughs at that point)
Acting was Relief/Medicine/Oxygen/life for him..and he was blocked doing that..He tried hard for medicine and ppl played with it..he felt suffocated and left.
1.Identify ur oxygen
2.Do not let anybody to play with it.
3.Do not play with somebody’s oxygen. O.w. Instead of teaching him a lesson, u may end up his life..and that =Planned Murder.

#being Introvert
He used to speak less...have Anupama given him pen and paper, he would hv articulated it very well...or taken his Informal interview at home...In interview, his thoughts are rushing in and he is not able to comprehend very well...so ppl may found confused/psycho.

There is so much to learn from him. As a audience what I can promise is to boycott movies of ur culprits forever...This is very little I can do for u..May ur soul RIP Sushant!!
Mona Nasir
Mona Nasir:
I love that person, his soul.. I tried a lot to tell him or convey my message to him but I failed... now I am thinking I wish I could tell him... RIP
@1:01 - "most important thing we miss or we want in our life .. is to be understood" ... spoken like a true genius .. I've always felt the same way. Nobody understands me, or hears me out. I've been an introvert all my life. People just see the way I look and assume things.
Kushal Jadhav
Kushal Jadhav:
😢😢 We never understood how much all these words meant to him then.
Shalini Sinha
Shalini Sinha:
He given us so many hints that he is alone. But we didn't noticed it. RIP
Madhav Mishra
Madhav Mishra:
I can't say anything whenever I see anything related to Sushant sir i sart to cry😭💔💔
Creative VCK
Creative VCK:
Damn that connects so much!!! The moment he said "Wanting to be Understood" I could feel his pain... The pain of having everything but missing the simplest of thing and that is to be Undrstood... Somthing I've wanted and have been struggling to find!!!
A Man Of Culture
A Man Of Culture:
1:50. It's Not "PURSUE OF HAPPINESS". "It's HABIT OF HAPPINESS".. Well put..
This is a man who owns himself. So much self actualization and reflection in everything he says.
Shahid Khan
Shahid Khan:
This was really hard to watch. What an intelligent and talented human being, gone way too soon. Rest In Peace
Miss you sir
Rip Sushant Singh Rajput 😢😭😢😭😢😭 😢😭
2020 is getting wrost and wrost day by day we lost 4 amazing actors of film industry and also we are losing so many people day by day wrost year 2020
it's so much of a relief not be to be yourself.
You're leaving a legacy. God bless.
Cbey Tesq
Cbey Tesq:
Totally yaar!... I agree 👍
. Boycott Starkids' movies and nepotism system going on inside Industry..😠😠😡😡..
They don't give or show their values or support towards self-made superstars Who struggle a lot until they are gone out of the world forever.... Those racist Bollywood people especially with starkids nepotism system!😠😠😡..
I still miss Sushant Singh Rajput!😭😭😭..
He struggles from TV star to movie star unlike Ananya Pandey's struggles 😡😡😠😠
From now onwards, I will watch only self-made actors' movies... No more starkids nepotism system movies anymore...
enti nim
enti nim:
People who disliked this video are those whose eyes are blurred due to tears and clicked dislike instead of like.😢
Utkrist Gurung
Utkrist Gurung:
We'll miss u bro 😭 my condolence nd heart goes to ur family, ur loved ones and a fan like me ✨❤️ You've left us all void nd numb.... nevertheless we'll cherish ur great movies all my life and an incredible person u were, you have had inspired me 🙂❤️ #SushantSinghRajput
☮️ PeaceOut_Bro 👊🏻
R.I.P 😔❤️✨
LoveYouBeyondStars 💙
mahesh mohan
mahesh mohan:
After watching his interview I'm pretty sure he was depressed 😢
Really sad that he had everything and nothing at the same time 😔
really sobbing abt him going away
he was the most expressive actor i knew
why did he do this??
MIA Exotic Fishes
MIA Exotic Fishes:
Sushant Singh Rajput really we miss u yaar...ur act always entertain us.even in Dhoni biopic u shown us that how real do u act.and u take ur work very seriously.which shows in the movie.specially when u played the helicopter shot looks the real shot as dhoni sir do.it shows ur real talent that how harder u do ur work.which looks very easy to every body.really we miss u.don’t have any more words to say.ppls of Bollywood doesn’t understand ur real talent and ur dedications.still can’t believe....after Rishi and irfan sir and now u.cant take any more now. RIP...........SUSHANT SINGH RAPOOT.....(1986-2020)
Amrita Oxymoron
Amrita Oxymoron:
Hits me hard when he said he didnt have many friends. Real hard. One rightly well concerned friend who knew him could have made the difference. This day could be about something else. This video could be an online Unfiltered session about Dil Bechaara. One more thing...MEN CAN CRY TOO,MEN CAN VENT OUT TOO,MEN CAN HAVE MOOD SWINGS TOO.Please dont let people tell you that you are less of a man if you do so..
Garima Malik
Garima Malik:
Guys we Audiences have the power to bring a Change in Society ..Let's start Watching movies of Self Made Stars like Rajkumar Rao,Pankaj Tripathi , Ayushman Khurana ,Manoj Vajpyee , Nawazudain , Vicky Kaushal , Vikrant Massey ,Bhumi ,Kriti Sanon etc .... We need to make their movies a 100 crore hit not of Salman Khan or Karan Johar , or YRF movies or Ranveer Singh or Ranbir Kapoor movies .. it would start with us only ✌️✌️
Garima Malik
Garima Malik:
Cheapest Lady with Cheapest Husband : Anupama Chopra
Palindrome Music
Palindrome Music:
"Since i don't like to talk that much i don't have many friends" i felt that !
Its Human
Its Human:
It's been a week now but still feel the personal loss I have no words to explain what I m feeling now it's such a heartbreaking void
Vaishali Saini
Vaishali Saini:
1:01 Most important thing we want in life is to be understood... This line says a lot i think he was seeking to be understood..
Who and all.watching this after the rip of susanth sir
Sunil Urmal
Sunil Urmal:
That smile hiding his pain can bee seen...can be HEARD THROUGH HIS WORDS...💔
Bollywood is such a shallow industry..
Smruti Music
Smruti Music:
I just can’t fathom that he passed away. 😭💔Anupama Ma’am, why didn’t you interview Sushant during lockdown period? Probably an Irrelevant question, not trying to be mean either, just wondering!! 😭