OUTLANDER - Season 1 Trailer

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Outlander follows the story of Claire Randall, a married combat nurse, who, in 1946, is mysteriously swept back in time to 1743, and immediately thrown into an unknown world where her life is threatened. When she is forced to marry Jamie, a chivalrous and romantic young Scottish warrior, a passionate affair is ignited that splits Claire’s heart between two vastly different men in two irreconcilable lives.

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Kobra Black
Kobra Black:
Don't care what anyone says, this is the most amazing love story ever made for TV
Cait Hurlee
Cait Hurlee:
If you haven’t watched this show LET ME TELL YOU, you are really missing out!! This show will truly change you forever. You won’t be able to unsee it, but you wish you could so you could start it all over again w/o knowing anything. It has one of the BEST love stories of all time, you’ll laugh, blush, and cry oh god you’ll cry, but it’s all worth it. Even though the first season has most of the romance, in the center of everything is their relationship and it’s the greatest goddamn thing... I literally don’t even know what to say, I’m speechless every time I start it again.

My only warning for this show is there is a horrible, pretty scarring, rape scene in one of the last episodes of season 1. The rest of the rape scenes are like you would expect. But this one, I haven’t even been able to sit through and I’ve seen every episode 10+ times. I wouldn’t recommend watching if you aren’t old enough or if it is just not something you want to see. This is your warning.

I've finished watching season 4 and have to say this series is out-of-the-box, a gem, it has such a good production and acting that you will think this story really happened. I give a standing up applause for this series.
Leslie Ann Barker
Leslie Ann Barker:
I've watched the whole series 4 times...and not ashamed to admit it.... simply the best I've ever seen. Amazing writing, amazing acting, amazing locations.. realistic and absolutely transports you in time. No pun intended.
Carl Lelandt
Carl Lelandt:
Outlander is outstanding.. One of those extremely rare situations when a film/visual production is better than its original written form.
One of my absolute favourites!! Great show with fantastic actors. The story is so intense and breathtaking. Though the time travelling is unrealistic, the series creates a very authentic atmosphere by putting the characters in the foreground and not the time travelling itself... highly recommended!
Assoc. dos Morad. do Bairro Dunas AMBD
Assoc. dos Morad. do Bairro Dunas AMBD:
Não imaginei me apaixonar por essa série! Fantástica!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Jo Alex Sg
Jo Alex Sg:
It´s beyond words, folks, and it only gets better and better! All the actors are incredibly talented, embodying their roles with such depth of commitment that the spectators truly feel to be living this most amazing fantasy, which, by the way, has its plot developed around actual historical events! And the production itself is utterly impeccable in all aspects!
Kathleen Henry
Kathleen Henry:
This was our favorite series. My hubby and I just watched it for the second time since the lockdown. Love it! I cannot wait until Season 6!
glener cesar ferreira
glener cesar ferreira:
já estou na quarta temporada,a melhor série de todos os tempos!
Iris Mamić
Iris Mamić:
This show is not only show, this is art this is gold..i just finished all 5 seasons and I was speechless. Im a huge fan of movies tv shows i have 25 years old and i think that im alredy whatched a milion shows..but this show is something else i have no words to describe this show. this series touched every emotion in me, I cried 10,000 times, I was angry happy sad all .. an amazing feeling that this series awakens. pure art. gem.
Big congratulations to these outstanding actors and productions. you created a masterpiece!!!
Kathrine Mc
Kathrine Mc:
I read the books based on this series and totally fell in love with the lead male. When the books finished I was broken hearted as though my affair had ended. This never ever happened to me before or after. 💞💞💞
Álex Kauã
Álex Kauã:
What if your future...is your past?..DAMN that's a such a good phrase it gave me goose bumps haha😂😂 LOVE IT!!
Swati Sarkar
Swati Sarkar:
Give it a try it’s amazing it’s something u don’t just watch u feel it love the series
Also can anyone suggest me more series like this 🥺 loved it
Jeanelle Beasley
Jeanelle Beasley:
I love the book and watch every episode this show is what I've been waiting for.i just can't wait for season four.the song and videos are great also.it can't get no better then this.
Mary Beth Smith
Mary Beth Smith:
This is the greatest story. No matter whether it’s the books or the show. The story itself if my favorite of all time.
Nguyễn Thuỳ Linh
Nguyễn Thuỳ Linh:
My favorite season after all!! I thought I gave it up because it was kind of boring at the first half of the episode 1🥲 until Claire traveled back to 1743 and saw Jamie for the first time, I couldn’t take my eyes off this fantastic series 😂😂 Must watch!!!
hugh mungus
hugh mungus:
I avoided this show for some time, because of the amount of romance in it. Decided to give it a go anyways, and i am positively surprised. Especially the first three seasons were amazing and i could say it is easily one of the best shows i have ever watched.
Bojana Lekic
Bojana Lekic:
I am on season 4 now and I am speechless. This is one of the most amaizing series ever, the best love story I have ever watched. The actors are so so sooo good.
I wish to live live like this❤
And I just noticed that I don't know much about Scottish history, it inspires me to learn more❤❤
god himself
god himself:
who's here after watching Bridgerton and wants to watch something similar
elisa di carlo
elisa di carlo:
Omg I am so hooked on this series. Can’t get enough. The actors are amazing 👍👍👍
Katelyn Currie
Katelyn Currie:
If anybody wants to watch Outlander I'd recommend it, it's an amazing television show and the characters are a lot like they were in the book. I've finished both season one and two and they were amazing, although it was hard to watch when Jamie went to prison. There's eight books too, so that'll definitely give you something to do. I've just got the first book and it's just as great as the series. 😊
Rebecca McCoy
Rebecca McCoy:
I wish that I could undo seeing this just to watch it for the first time all over again so I can feel how I felt then. This show, the books really, are truly amazing.
Alice Lewis
Alice Lewis:
1 ❤️ Hermosa eleccion XXLIKE.Uno de mejor
2 (elecciones ) 9.2/10 3 ( culturales ) 9.1/10
Son unos de los mejores conciertos
, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos
desde pantalla,, se que estuvo
Sorprendente .
marco brenni
marco brenni:
A nice-catching fairy tale for adults. Very good actors and a professional historically correct direction.
I remember seeing this when it first came out and as a fan of the books I was like... no way... NO WAAAYY!!! And when he calls her Sassenach I knew a show was being made of the books I loved!!!
Just binge-watched the entire Season 1 in a day. I’m late to the party, but it seems to be still in full swing. Haven’t really heard a lot about what other people think, but damn this series is GOOD.
BEST THING EVER!! Binged this in a few days, now I'm reading the books y'all this will be the best historical show you'll ever watch
Isabella Duarte
Isabella Duarte:
I've always saw about this show.. but never watched it cause I thought it was about romance... and now rewatching the trailer and knowing that this tv show is still continuing.. makes me so excited to watch it
Maria Silva
Maria Silva:
E ótima estou amando essa serie
I, Changeling
I, Changeling:
I love this show! Only watched through season 2... hope to catch up one day. ❤️⭐️🦋 I did read the first couple books too. 🤓
D M:
Im only on season 2 but im surprised Claire hasn't realized that no matter what she does to change the future all she is really doing is ensuring the future that she doesn't want. It all came to pass thanks to her, not in spite of her efforts.
Rashawna Green
Rashawna Green:
Hands down by far one of the best history/love series I've ever seen
just finished season 4, this tv show is one of the most captivating shows i've ever watched!! so good!!!
Do not let your life go by without watching this. It is simply…THE greatest thing ever put on TV. Just believe it.
Mo Chára1919
Mo Chára1919:
Came across Outlander by accident and season 1 episode 8 and loving it. As a Irish man I'm down with the whole Clans thing and a bit of trad music. Well done great show. I'm sending the kids with their Granny and binge watching the rest 🗡👑🍺⚔🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Rust Belt Angler
Rust Belt Angler:
I didn’t think I could like a series more than Thrones, but this show has surpassed it.
Such an underrated show! If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it
Hoa Scott
Hoa Scott:
The trailer doesn't give this series justice - cause it is amazing!
JamieLee 💜
JamieLee 💜:
Love, love, LOVE this show. But tht last episode of season 1 made me cry. It was so sad and awful what happened to Jamie :(. I definitely recommend this though. Its amazing :o :)
Laughuntilyoucry Cryuntilyoulaugh
Laughuntilyoucry Cryuntilyoulaugh:
If anyone could get passed the episode when Jaime doesn't kill Randall, I commend you. People time traveling through a rock is more believable than a man missing an opportunity to avenge his wife and get payback for being flogged 200 times.
Kristi Taylor
Kristi Taylor:
Can't wait for season 4! I don't get why people talk trash about this TV show, It's still One of the best. It has everything like romance and drama for girls and action and nudity for guys and honestly its really celverly thought out. It's also full of twists. People say it's apparently slow and predictable but they won't think the same when they watch the s2 finale. Also, most villians are forgettable but Jack Randall is DEFINITELY not. He is the most notorious TV villian since Negan. I mean this dude really does everything. Can't say what tho that's be a spoiler.
Loving this series, shows you how brutal the British army was in the 1700s
Broken bones Zolo
Broken bones Zolo:
One of those rare series that i managed to binged watch without switching to another series if somehow i get bored..
Jeanelle Beasley
Jeanelle Beasley:
This is to all my outlander fans keep watching the show I'm loving every episode.and to all that dislike don't watch and keep your comments to yourself.
This show is 100/100 amazing-
because i'm Batman
because i'm Batman:
my wife wanted to watch this with me. i finally gave in en thought little of it, after episode 2 i was hooked! great show!
t w
t w:
3 seasons and it started with this. Man I do love outlander
Betty Berova
Betty Berova:
As soon as I watched her in outlander Her height, walk, grace and beauty- I thought she must have been a model! I realized she has in high fashion top model first walking all the major runways and VS fashion show.
Kwisatz Haderach
Kwisatz Haderach:
This is not for children or people who think Twilight or Fifty Shades of Grey are great love stories. I read the books and no shows and no movies have better love story than this. Those who say they have seen better, they have paralyzed sense of taste and don't know what are they taking about. A great love story isn't just about love. This intense and mature love story with great plots is for generations.
jamie foyers
jamie foyers:
Can't wait for the next season of this to come out. Starting season 4 I hope very soon. I miss the yelling at the TV when the first season was on!. "Black Jack" Randall was such a villain and those redcoats!. Still it's proved to be a worthwhile series..if only they'd leave the theme tune alone!. Season One's version was the best version!.
Best show on television❤️🧡💛💚💙 season 1 is my absolute favorite season!!!
St. Vodou
St. Vodou:
My first thought upon waking up in the 18th century: “Am I in a Starz period series?” Good soapy fun, lots of history, and addictive, so I wish they’d run all the seasons at some point
Luna Moona
Luna Moona:
They look soo much like how I imagined them whilst reading the book!
Angel Moon
Angel Moon:
This is the best ever series i have ever watched , i cant wait for season 3 episode 6 :) x
Sibele Kologeski
Sibele Kologeski:
Serie Linda, prende, recomendo!
Maria Ferrao
Maria Ferrao:
My cousin just recommended me this book, I can't wait to read it while watching this show... it looks really good.
mo nighean donn
mo nighean donn:
I HATE how Netflix dont put subtitles when the characters speak Gaelic. Like we know they speak a different language??? YES BUT WHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO SAY FOR CHRISSAKES
Son Excelentes como actúan, a todos los actores los amó. Feliz 😘 Navidad y próspero año nuevo abrazos y besos 😚
R Gonzales
R Gonzales:
I immensely enjoyed the book and Im pissed I only learned about this series adaptation now!!! I wanna read the book again so bad!
Valery Ef
Valery Ef:
i am on season 2 right now and the show is 50/50. I love the idea of going back to the past, the setting, the costumes, but i have to fast forward all the time because i just hate all these boring conversations with Clair when she asks Jamie not to kill Randal because her other husband will not be born 🤣. All her actions are irrational and reasonings are ridiculous. She is so annoying
Douglas Beltrami
Douglas Beltrami:
passionate series every episode ♥
Rosangela Ribeiro
Rosangela Ribeiro:
Minha série favorita tem amor aventuras E ação os fãs gostam desta série eu amei
elveda uzuntepe
elveda uzuntepe:
Yorum atan ilk Türk benim herhalde neyse şarkısıyla,kurgusuyla,bitmeyen maceralarıyla en önemliside clair ve jamesın arasındaki hayranlık uyandıran bağlılıkla müthiş bir dizi ilk çıktığı zamanlardan beri izliyorum tüm sezonlarını izledim hatta yetmedi tekrar başladım bitirdim şiddetle tavsiye ederim önüme çıkarmasına sebep olanın alnından öpeyim
el p
el p:
This is the best show i've ever watched.
Season 1 and 2 i like the most. I didn't enjoy the episodes when they are in America. I want them bach to Scotland
Record Label
Record Label:
There love is so natural, relatable and pure.
Pau CB
Pau CB:
Esta serie es buenisima se las recomiendo
Nini N
Nini N:
Excellent series..thought I had subscribed here b4 but was mistaken. Anyway- I would like to commend the set designers, hair makeup n costuming. Extremely well done! To b able to cut these books the way they were. Bring these images to the viewer...stunning. Kudos to an excellent team. But I need to address the key hairstylist. This is 1740' highlands. Jamie's hair is too short. It should have been longer n tied back in a queue. Simple easily done. Extensions! That's it the rest is great. Dougal ok he has no hair but Jamie does. This was not a hygenic time period. Scabies ,lice prevalent. Thank u for a remarkable series look forward to season 3. All the best!
The best season!! 💕
Craig Davidson
Craig Davidson:
my friend used to work on this show behind the scenes absolute brilliant series
Minn Malhotra
Minn Malhotra:
Addicted and rattled... amazing show!!
Polly Bilera
Polly Bilera:
the ending of the season 2 was so shoking
i love this series
10/10 this serie must watch, i normally never comment on these kind of things but this serie blew me away and i had a must to post this and let you all know
Ana Cassama
Ana Cassama:
Suis obsédé par cette série
Cait Hurlee
Cait Hurlee:
Oliva Sullen
Oliva Sullen:
Don't binge all these seasons too fast or you'll go into serious withdrawal.
One of the best shows out there. Trailer comes off very awkward though, which is sad haha.
Canadian Kin
Canadian Kin:
I've watched the entire series twice now. I've never done that before. Best show ever!!
Book Dragon Erin
Book Dragon Erin:
My reasons to watch Outlander:
1. Time travel
2. Epic battles
3. Jamie (for others)
4. Graham McTavish (for me)
My mother wanted this series so bad I had to get all 4 seasons. I've not watched it but I thought I'd check it out. Trailer says to me "eeehhh I dunno". But then somebody said the trailer doesn't do the show justice so count me in!
J T:
My VERY FAVORITE series ever!!!
April Hughes
April Hughes:
Always go back to this when trying to
Find something to watch I love it so much
Ronald JK
Ronald JK:
Can't wait the next part of season 6! Please comes out!
I fell in Love, and I'll never be the same again! Season 6...waiting patiently❗💞🙏🏻💯
Dona Donev
Dona Donev:
Best series I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!
Erin Sky
Erin Sky:
I love it!❤
Rich Dollars
Rich Dollars:
Outlander outander outlander is very underrated im on season 1 last episode this series needs more attention.
Catherine ikumbu
Catherine ikumbu:
I miss this show already. It's underrated.
This is the best show ever🖤 Any other show similar to this? Recommendations please.TIA
M. St.
M. St.:
Ok, I'm a huge Scotland fan, so I have to watch this! ❤
Maryan Merida
Maryan Merida:
Capítulos completos subtitulados en español por favor, gracias
Gea D
Gea D:
Excellent series!
Oh jala
Oh jala:
I watched this movie and I love the story. ❤🇵🇭
help ive been binge watching this for the past 2 days and im already on S4...its so addictive
Mel Flook
Mel Flook:
I am so late on getting into this show, I have never seen an episode. I keep seeing promo's for the new season (Mar 2022) and they look good, so I am going to have to start watching this from the beginning...starting tonight lol....
Lisa Thomas
Lisa Thomas:
Read the books too... absolutely fabulous!
Iris M
Iris M:
Da sieht man das Caitriona & Sam ihr Arbeit lieben das wird umgesetzt in Outlander❣❣❣👍👍👍
This show looks perfect for me...I LOVE time travel and historical drama stories, but I hate nudity and blood/gore 🤦🏻‍♀️. I wish they could have gone the pg-13 route and not put so much suggestive material into what looks to be an incredible story. I own the book, so I’ll definitely read that though!
kev WHUFC:
Just started watching S1 on A'prime ,
really enjoying it so far ..

I get what they mean using the word sassenach to mean English or outsider,
But without going into the full etymology of the word,
...'sassenach' more accurately means Saxon.
Jim Karagkounis
Jim Karagkounis:
this seems so good. I just bought the book
Jaylin Wooden
Jaylin Wooden:
I've never heard of this book or the show until today ...... is this worthy of a binge watch?