Overwatch Blizzcon - Gameplay Demo, New Characters, and Everything Else to Expect

Overwatch Blizzcon predictions for Gameplay Demo, New overwatch Characters, and Everything Else to Expect

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Blame The Controller - Overwatch
Blame The Controller - Overwatch:
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I'll follow Sigma's advice
"Reduce your expectations to zero"
I'm excited for tomorrow but I think going 2 years without a new hero is an EXTREMELY bad idea
There's no leaks, the reason is simple: there's no content to leak.
Matt Damiano
Matt Damiano:
I think it's going to be another "do you guys have phones?" scenario, they're going to announce a netflix series and be like "don't you guys have netflix?"
Yoshio Kojima
Yoshio Kojima:
We announce that we hired people to make Overwatch 2! Coming soon 2030 winter
Sib Sketch
Sib Sketch:
I think the whole mentality that “were not going to release things until overwatch 2 so overwatch 2 has more content” is really dumb and staving fans of content
Jack Lunz
Jack Lunz:
Really think that there has to be a new support or tank added no matter what. Hopefully the kanezaka fox healer ninja.
Liam Zoldyck
Liam Zoldyck:
Even if we only get a new cinematic I would be happy with that.
If we would get Overwatch 2 around October, i could see Overwatch surviving this year, but if it gets released next year, Overwatch is doomed
I just want some type of playable content.... I dont care much for sneak peeks at OW2. I just want to PLAY something, since its going to probably be over a year before this content drought goes away with the OW2 release.
Emmeline Close
Emmeline Close:
I want to see the hero redesigns for Talon since they're a big part of the story too.
Berke EROL
Berke EROL:
so literally they dont have anything for blizzcon :D
i hope for a demo. they owe us that at least.
Connor Cortez
Connor Cortez:
I’m kinda hoping the animated short will be about Ana and Soldier
Skarlight MorningStar
Skarlight MorningStar:
I want to see a Lucio and symmetra short, and Sanjay too
Kim Jong Un's Third Chin
Kim Jong Un's Third Chin:
"There hasn't been any information that's gotten out ahead of time."
*laughs in WoW*
Jorge Salazar
Jorge Salazar:
I swear if they just give us a new skin I'm gonna uninstall the game
Finn White
Finn White:
I actually liked the new HUD, thought it looked clean
2:04 I started CLAPPING saying "THANK YOU"
Someone else wants to see Doomfist rendered in an animated short
Ombric Shalazar
Ombric Shalazar:
no leaks concerns me. is there no content?
Sam CS
Sam CS:
at least let them update Paris/HLC
a whole year without a new character?
Overwatch is dying. We haven’t seen anything new in years, it is stale
Heck. I'd take the playable PVE demo being opened to everyone with a bit more polish from last year. Maybe they could throw in another stage with it.
Jadon Rongong
Jadon Rongong:
It's sad what Blizzard is doing to overwatch. Overwatch 2 is cool and all but they should be doing an almost 50/50 split with work on both games.
They want to kill the excitement of this game go ahead I guess
This feels like a worse reveal then when sombra was released.
Humberto Hernandez
Humberto Hernandez:
My expectations are already low enough.
DIO But He's T-Posing
DIO But He's T-Posing:
i feel we need more of jack, at least animated short wise. maybe his reaction to the new overwatch.
Diesal Fuel
Diesal Fuel:
We will get an Animated Short introducing Sojourne and we will get her and Toronto map as well to keep us quiet for a little bit.
ChibEevee 147
ChibEevee 147:
I hope someday we get an animated short for Sigma, he's such an interesting character. Or maybe one focused on Vishkar/Los Muertos/The Junkers
Canadian beats Eh!
Canadian beats Eh!:
I wouldn’t mind waiting a year for ow2 if they give us a Netflix series
Animated short, playable demo, hell even if it's the one they showed last year, it would be something.
If they do properly announce a 2022 release window, i do expect at least 1 more hero half way through this year.
Otherwise it will be a very long time without any major update to the game.
Sojourn seemed like kind of a bland character design. I hope they tweak the design a bit.
Nathan Fernandez
Nathan Fernandez:
plot twist: BTC _is_ the leak and netflix ow series confirmed
Loving the new animations and stuff BTC!!!
I've been watching Overwatch on YouTube since the month it came out, shame I never got the chance to play it because it ain't F2P
Yah Mean
Yah Mean:
We need ow2 THIS YEAR this game is stale
Myth Mage
Myth Mage:
I'm keeping my expectations low.
I'm not expecting anything to come from this PoS event.
Jakub Pavlovic
Jakub Pavlovic:
I don't even care anymore i just wait what they add, get excited for a week and then stop playing until a new announcement...
WarriorDan- Game Reviews and Let's Plays
WarriorDan- Game Reviews and Let's Plays:
I think it's possible we may get an updated version of the PVE campaign mission we saw footage of last year, made available on the BattleNet client, and maybe we'll get a new OW hero announced to release in OW1 to hold people over. I'm not expecting much more than that in terms of content. Mostly, I expect lots of general info about OW2.
Im making a bingo sheet out of these predictions
Valentin Picart
Valentin Picart:
Wow, no new characters until ow 2, its already been almost a year since echo was released... That's really disappointing to say the least, and not even a new map ? I dont know what to say really...
I would really like to see some unexpected feature shown, unless it's OW mobile :D
Braven blades
Braven blades:
Blizzard: we have some great maps and characters to show you coming with the release of Overwatch 2.
The entire player base: shut up and give us jetpack cat
Prixi Am
Prixi Am:
I just hope when ow2 release, the game be more mature, more violence and less childish things.

I want more animations shorts. Apex do like 10 per year. (And I know is not the same quality, but i should rather 10 animation shorts with different animation than just one cinematic per year with good animation)
Riku Lovespaopu
Riku Lovespaopu:
Is it weird I hope bastion learns how to speak in OW2? 😅
Dianuj 13
Dianuj 13:
I just wonder, lookin back.
November of 2019 ow2 had its 1 map playable demo ready and i remember thinkin "wow i wish this game would come out early 2020"
Now "Dont expect the game to come out for atleast 2022"
Blizzard punishes ppl to be a fan of their games
I mean there's an overwatch stream on OW main account so I'm pretty sure it's going to be related
Weston Patterson
Weston Patterson:
Can’t wait to be bored with overwatch until OW2
SoNGY 8:
keep your expectations absolute zero so you cant be disappointed, EZ
I would love to see some new looks for the older og heroes like reaper and widow since they were in the gameplay teaser in 2019s blizzcon
I never knew sojourn was actually so-journ
My expectations are rock bottom. I look forward to Blizzard finding new and exciting ways to disappoint me.
William Carpenter
William Carpenter:
They should rework Mei and Brig as tanks on experiment between now and OW2.
Map editor, og ovw short about conflict between soldier and reaper/Reyes and a battle pass with a new type of cosmetic like weapon projectile skins or more weapon skins.
Garrett Edwards
Garrett Edwards:
I want an animated short about Talon.
MiStEr ΓuΠeaΓd
MiStEr ΓuΠeaΓd:
I want to see a Talon short of Sigma
I like how you have 0 understanding of how games are developed in general. Also how you didn't even talk about how overwatch had a 1gb ptr patch some 2 days ago which would mean we would have a new hero or something close to that. You don't have to be a journalist to check for updates on the PTR.
What I kinda want to see is maybe something like a Limited time challenge that introduces some of the characters new alternate skills. That way, while we wouldn’t exactly have a new character, we would have some that would have new aspects at least.
Nathaniel Santos Silva
Nathaniel Santos Silva:
I'm extremely disappointed about the lack of news of OW 2. I love this game, and I still playing each day!
I hope at least they bring OW for free.
paul mora
paul mora:
Im gonna be honest, im not waiting until 2022 for ow2 , if it doesn’t release this year , no more ow for me , sorry but it’s been too long , and im pretty sure most people who play competitive a lot think the same way. I know many people hate this type of commentary but it is honestly the way i think
I like a lot of games from Blizzard and just hope for some new stuff in any of them. Hots, Diablo, wow ~ any of those.
Funbros Cinema
Funbros Cinema:
What I love about your channel is you get out the info faster than anyone and with the best quality! 🙌
Who eveer decided to make overwatch 2 and not release hero for 3 years .. SHOULD BE FIRE
Maciej Faron
Maciej Faron:
I'm not overhyping for blizzcon.
I was watching nintendo direct for Silksong so I'm a little burned out :(
If Blizzard isn’t going to release a new hero or map before OW2, we should at least get the reworked Paris and HLC map. They have been removed from comp for a while.
Scream at 333am
Scream at 333am:
Hopefully they announce PS5 and Series X free upgrades. With 4k 120hz.
Mike Gomez
Mike Gomez:
I think the animated short is going to be on Hanzo and the Fox Hero and I honestly think the Fox hero is coming to the PTR. They said no new hero’s back before COVID and the delay. I think they have to give some content for the player base to stabilize while we wait for OW2
Lalos tacos
Lalos tacos:
Next year?! Bruh....
Ricker Lee
Ricker Lee:
Thumbs up for the video. Thumbs down for Blizzard (if I could).
there has been a PTR Update about 1,25 GB big! usually those size update are new heros, maps, etc. but if I have to guess we get the push gamemode from 2019
Jeff Darden
Jeff Darden:
Animated short will be about Lucio and Sym. Maybe a new character for OW2. Maybe some customization options for OW1. I think we're going to get a bunch of Diablo 4 stuff to shift our focus from the lack of OW2 stuff
Fisher NSA
Fisher NSA:
I'm here cuz I wan't F2P OW2
6 seconds ago ;-;
Shamirr Graham
Shamirr Graham:
Blizzard witnessing everyone taking less ingress : YOU KNOW WHAT!!!! *drops beta* How You Like That !!😌
Emile De Wilde
Emile De Wilde:
Blizzard misses out on a huge opportunity to bring back their player base if they don't announce anything new and playable before Overwatch 2.
Madoka Twinbee
Madoka Twinbee:
how tf did junkrat join overwatch, when will we get his actual backstory 🤩🤩🤩🦘
ginger_ninja_ jack
ginger_ninja_ jack:
I dont want to know what Blizzard is working on because then i gotta wait 3 years for a release date :)
Wyatt Crowe
Wyatt Crowe:
I like the idea of recruiting people, it wouldn't be action pact but it would be cool
If we don't get atleast one new character to play for OW imma cry
Nolen Lawton
Nolen Lawton:
I think I’m the only one who is fine waiting for a good game
NEX 56
NEX 56:
the funny thing ive seen is ow2 will be on 2024 and ppl r thingking it will be but no coz udk when it comes
i expect nothing and im already disappointed
shelby reed
shelby reed:
what if they are talking fiscal years... and what if they mean that the game wont be released this fiscal year! which means that we could get the game later in the calendar year! :D that'd be nice!
Kenny Kimble
Kenny Kimble:
When was the last time blizzard surprised you with MORE than you expected? ...Ever?
Maximilian Rhinestone
Maximilian Rhinestone:
My opinion is that ow. Developers will still keep game in autopilot.
Thassilo Kilian
Thassilo Kilian:
Maybe they will tell us about the Paris and Horizon rework.
Still waiting on any info about those maps.
Myles Coles
Myles Coles:
Clicked faster than Overwatch 2 will be released
Lower your expectations
Can understand not getting a new hero since there will have to be a lot of balancing going on… but we should at least get a new map Fingers crossed
A n i m e W e e b
A n i m e W e e b:
This just made me lose all hope for Blizzcon
Pervy Turtle
Pervy Turtle:
Im going to guess that there have been no leaks because there is no information worth leaking
Joe's Chipper
Joe's Chipper:
i have a feeling we might be reminded we have phones again this year
Maksims L’Hernault
Maksims L’Hernault:
In all honesty I am waiting for a huge disappointment
Unk nown
Unk nown:
Overwatch not going free?
Family Fraser
Family Fraser:
I hope the cinematic is about the fox girl.
Did anyone used to watch that small overwatch YouTuber that joined role play servers, he was funny at but can’t remember him
I'm gonna have to disagree on your point about not releasing new heros, I 100% believe they are gonna release 1- as we all know they delayed it, they cant expect us to be happy if they take 3 years to make a game and release 6 heros, if 6 heros they could of released them as the usual 3 heros or yead