Pamela Anderson Divorcing Husband After 1 Year

Pamela Anderson and her husband of one year, Dan Hayhurst, are no more. The 54-year-old is reportedly filing for divorce in Canada where the couple have been living, Rolling Stone claims. A source told the publication that the "Baywatch" star's short-lived romance with the bodyguard was a "pandemic whirlwind" that fizzled out. "Pamela loves as authentically as she lives," the source said.

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Pamela Anderson Divorcing Husband After 1-Year


29 komentarze:

Lydia Reaves
Lydia Reaves:
When one is repeatedly married yet cannot maintain a relationship, maybe it's time for a serious personal assessment. When a person experiences one disastrous relationship after another, the key to finding the root of the problem, is to identify the common denominator in all the relationships/failures. Nine times out of ten- it is you.
Angela Holmes
Angela Holmes:
She really needs to stop getting married 💔
Love Locked
Love Locked:
1 year?? For Hollywood I guess that's an achievement.
Sexy Dudeuk
Sexy Dudeuk:
When they married i thought it wouldn't last as none of her marriages ever have. and now ive been proven right
This girl is doing her thing. Living life on her terms. If someone wants to get married 5x... who the heck cares? You see how most married people look that stay together for years and years? I think Pamela Anderson has got it right. Leave before they age you and make your life a living hell, lol. Shoot, she should have a Divorce Party!
Karl Schwinbarger
Karl Schwinbarger:
This is sad. She deserves better. People who look too perfect have a hard time finding the right partner. They attract too many and are taken in by the wrong ones.
Marriage is so hard nowadays.
Dina Rubaiyak
Dina Rubaiyak:
OMG! How many times she's been married and divorced?
There is a problem. It’s not normal to be married and divorced that many times.
netta keys
netta keys:
She's still beautiful
Scott S.
Scott S.:
Because he was unkind, unsupportive” and “a d–k.” LOL. She just described the type of man that most women love. Date a man for a year. He will be the same before marriage and after.
T. Michelle Hauser
T. Michelle Hauser:
Geez ... 5th marriage ending; stay single Pam and get some therapy!
Have a great day everyone 🌟
isabel lind
isabel lind:
Wow dude, nice to give a shout out that the dude you're playing is STILL alive! OUCH!
Mike Cacioppo
Mike Cacioppo:
Pam is the Best ! good looking and smart.
If it's not working, send em packing. 🦊
Megg Tokyodelicious
Megg Tokyodelicious:
Pamela is seeking her number 1 status by passing legendary Liz Taylor..... 😂
Jay Redstone
Jay Redstone:
Shes a mess.......this is about much of a joke as the meghan king split up after 4 months 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Opinionated Scents
Opinionated Scents:
Lol. This woman needs to just stop getting married. Just date girl! You don't actually believe in forever. 🤣
Just a statistic
Just a statistic:
Looks like someone has a problem holding down a man. Oh well, back on the carousel.
Vespasian Flavius
Vespasian Flavius:
How much did she make off this one?
ANOTHER train wreck !
She needs to quit marrying . It’s becoming a joke . The media are vultures too. Pamela having to re live all this crap again is disgusting
Madeline Bryant
Madeline Bryant:
Prolly because the TV show that came out
Willie Parker
Willie Parker:
Don't know who's worst her or jlo.
Jennifer Marcelino
Jennifer Marcelino:
She is not marriage material. Period.
McBenMan 1
McBenMan 1:
Borat will be pleased
La Will
La Will:
Micaela Montoya
Micaela Montoya:
Mira mira que en un café internent a retornarias a tomar aire lla tendría desision risa a dan .mira empese a ir Aser un poco músculo de metiche a fregada si Ai no estaba en un su local comercial
Marquesa Diablo
Marquesa Diablo:
Used, abused & tossed to the next like garbage.. sad !