Paris Jackson Got Starstruck When She Met Fave Alice Cooper

Jimmy grills Paris Jackson with his Fallon Firsts - rapid-fire questions that reveal things like how Zac Efron broke her heart and more.

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Paris Jackson Got Starstruck When She Met Fave Alice Cooper

100+ komentarze:

Those EYES though...
Shamna Farheen
Shamna Farheen:
This is the child of Michael Jackson. The actual Michael Jackson. This is the child of the King.
Aesthetic Wolf
Aesthetic Wolf:
She's like the princess cause she is the daughter of the king
BarbJ White
BarbJ White:
She has Michael's bone structure.
Leonardo channel Roma
Leonardo channel Roma:
This girl is special. Very good mannered and so sweet....and beautiful of course. Michael did such a good job
"First time you were starstruck."

Her... her dad was Michael Jackson.
The smile Michael is in her...I like that. I love #MichaelJackson and his children!!!
Allina 999
Allina 999:
People are so uninformed. She naturally has curly brown hair, Joe Jackson and Debbie Rowe had light eyes, therefore Michael was a carrier of the gene. Her bone structure is obviously not Caucasian. Finally, her skin tone especially as a child was very tan... it’s obvious she is Michael’s child and if not biologically, than simply by the fact that he raised her. Chill!
Melissa M
Melissa M:
Can't believe she was 18 in this. I'm 19 and I look like a baby in comparison
Chayanka Kaushik
Chayanka Kaushik:
She has a legends gene.
Ray Patson
Ray Patson:
R.I.P Michael Jackson. Bless you Paris
shdhfbdbdn dbdjfnfb
shdhfbdbdn dbdjfnfb:
If she had brown eyes and a darker color y’all would definitely be able to see Michael in her. The big eyes and especially the teeth and mouth. The rest she got from her mother. And btw she doesn’t have to look ANYTHING like Michael to be his biological daughter. Some kids look like one parent and only that parent. Some mixed people look all white some look all black you never know what you’re gonna get
Allison Anderson
Allison Anderson:
She has Michael’s mouth. That is his daughter DNA right there.
Nostalgic Harmoni
Nostalgic Harmoni:
“First time you were starstruck”
Me: her dad is Michael Jackson i— 🥺🔫
Miz CanD
Miz CanD:
She smiles like her dad
Chiara The Original Me
Chiara The Original Me:
When u father was Michael Jackson
Jennifer Bolivar
Jennifer Bolivar:
her smile is just like her dad she really looks like her dad Michael Jackson
Moonwalker lbslavigne
Moonwalker lbslavigne:
She got the angelic Michael smile 😍
Bruna Andrade
Bruna Andrade:
Did anyone else notice that when she talks about the invincible tour her voice shakes a little and her eyes got a bit teary?
I can't imagine her pain and how much she misses him.
Claire Legrand
Claire Legrand:
It makes me sick of seeing people posting comments about if MJ is the biological dad of his kids...

Even if If Michael wasn't their biological father, he raised them, loved them, educated them and took care of them till his last day, for me that means "father" more than a simple DNA test.
Daughter of Michael Jackson.
Jennifer Bolivar
Jennifer Bolivar:
she looks like her dad alot
X X:
1:40 the invincible tour
Me : 😍😍
1:46 : the first one I really wanted to see was high school musical live....
Me : ☹️
Damn 070
Damn 070:
You had Michael Jackson in your living room and you`re starstrucked by Alice Cooper? Jesus even his daughter doesn˙t get it
Jennie x Jisoo
Jennie x Jisoo:
*She's so gorgeous!*
king popmj
king popmj:
Micheal jackson daughter is gorgeous 🎩 beautiful eyes . Rip king of pop
Chase Potter
Chase Potter:
Sad everyone remained silent when she mentioned the invincible tour
she's really looks like MJ
Shaira Nazarrea
Shaira Nazarrea:
1:38 "The Invincible Tour an album that was released 2001." —Paris Jackson 💗
King Of the Beast
King Of the Beast:
“The invincible tour”

Lara Agius
Lara Agius:
Is it just me or the “umm” she just said in the beginning totally sounds like MJ???
Bhanu Partab
Bhanu Partab:
This is the lucky daughter in this world.....
Fatima Jn
Fatima Jn:
She is so humble like her dad
Random words of advice
Random words of advice:
She definitely looks like Michael her smile is just like his and her eyes are super pretty ❤
Steve Ernest
Steve Ernest:
She’s like MJ when he was young. So innocent. Fallon is such a suck up. He’s not engaged...just going through the motions.
Pom pom
Pom pom:
Her smile,her teeth is Michael Jackson.
Jen- A-Purr
Jen- A-Purr:
She is freakn gorgeous. And so so warming. I really like Paris.
Samantha Contreras
Samantha Contreras:
Her eyes are so beautiful. I can see a bit of the Jackson family in her as well❤
She reminds me of Madonna sometimes when she was young. Especially in the movie those were Madonnas gloves. Check her songs Like a virgin, When you call my name, my fav... La isla Bonita, e. t. c LOL!
maddy Vrt
maddy Vrt:
Her eyes 🔥 I want the same
Haven Shields
Haven Shields:
She’s so pretty ❤️
Kyle Norcliffe
Kyle Norcliffe:
My god she’s unbelievably beautiful
I was with her until she said “bae”.
M Kz
M Kz:
What a well spoken elegant and beautiful young lady, considering the life she had and the horrible traumatic thing this poor child went through she still grew up to be a wonderful human being. I wish her all love, happiness and success, her daddy would’ve been so proud (:
Hanita Mor
Hanita Mor:
I miss her father and her
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name:
Bruh everyone talking about how she looks like Michael but like damn her voice is like an angel
Monatslohn wie‘n Koksbaron
Monatslohn wie‘n Koksbaron:
When did MJ the Invincible-Tour?
Adilah Al Jashamy
Adilah Al Jashamy:
Techno Mania
Techno Mania:
its like seeing the legend alive again.
I miss him so much 😭💔
Michael Jackson was, is and will always be the king.
I actually see a lot of Michael in her. If you compare her smile and jaw. Those are MJ’s pearly whites she’s got there. :)
Shaktikaur Khalsa
Shaktikaur Khalsa:
She looks a bit like Kristen Stewart.
Kory Martin
Kory Martin:
she's Michael Jackson bad . holy shit.
عبدالكريم القريو
عبدالكريم القريو:
jimmy and the crowd are talking and laughing with her like they're talking and laughing with the king's daughter

which she is the king's daughter
Did she say "Invincible tour"? I have the invincible album but I don't think there was a tour?
Saira Garcia
Saira Garcia:
She is beautiful omg love the eyes
LaDeeDa Cook
LaDeeDa Cook:
She’s adorable!
Jimmy The Clown
Jimmy The Clown:
Alice Cooper's an Icon, that's so cute that Paris has a crush on him
soham upadhyay
soham upadhyay:
MJ’s Daughter
Jessica S
Jessica S:
My god she’s so beautiful
Neveah’s World
Neveah’s World:
Tell me why I thought they was talking about Alice from riverdale
Matt L
Matt L:
I had no idea she was so gorgeous WOW
A C:
She is sooooo beautiful and perfect
Rusty James
Rusty James:
Those eyes and that beautiful smile ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
She is stunning 😍
James for Safe Streets
James for Safe Streets:
She’s extremely cute!!!
Faith H.
Faith H.:
Can’t believe she was almost 19 here, she really looks older than her actual age. Beautiful.
antione martin
antione martin:
These people in the comment section are straight up hilarious 😂 and delusional. Those three kids aren’t Michael Jackson biological children. Every other Jackson children looks and sounds like a Jackson.
Tiarra ET
Tiarra ET:
I don't know if I see Michael but it doesn't matter, he treated her as a daughter, he raised her. He's her dad. Doesn't matter about DNA. It's the love.
Music Lover
Music Lover:
Adding to everyone’s comments how she looks like Michael and all, she also has that calm quiet voice that Michael had.
jerome anderson
jerome anderson:
That’s adopted child
Paris Crooks
Paris Crooks:
Who else was named after Paris Jackson? Just me...ok. ima head out...
Actus Reus
Actus Reus:
Sure....mj's "biological" child 😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂 GOT ZERO TALENT
Pretty girl, decent, speaks well and clear. Lady like. She seems lovely
Wwe2k #Annus
Wwe2k #Annus:
She looks like Michael omggg
I miss him😢
She’s beautiful 😍💕🤤
Temple Goddess Journeys
Temple Goddess Journeys:
She is a goddess inside and out!!!! She is so level headed and normal and a wonderful actress. I wish the very best for this lovely young lady
Taribul 27
Taribul 27:
The beauty from the father
1 and 1 Hhh
1 and 1 Hhh:
She´s so precious and awkward and beautiful.
A moonwalker here
A moonwalker here:
Omg Paris smile, so goals😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️ Love the Jackson family
no name
no name:
Paris you are really a beautiful young lady😘😘😍😍😍
My first CD and concert was Michael Jackson. I'm so proud of that since I was only 5.
Quratul Ain
Quratul Ain:
Paris we see michael's smile in your wishes for u and your brothers..
You wouldn't think she is a Celebrity child, she just seems to Humble. She seems like a ordinary person like myself, who's on a late night Talk Show.

Then to think shes the Daughter of the "KING OF POP", the "MOST FAMOUS POP STAR" to ever live. Just amazes me how down to earth she is, I hope she lives a happy life...........Her dad is LOVED by the WORLD.
Maynor E.
Maynor E.:
She did mention invincible tour 2001.
Last Earthbender
Last Earthbender:
That's one pretty woman.
Valentine MJ
Valentine MJ:
She is so beautiful and perfect ❤️
Rijendra Rijal
Rijendra Rijal:
I'm in love with those eyes 😘😘
I like her aura. She seems chill to hang with
Michael K Boyd
Michael K Boyd:
Starstruck by a human being?
How silly that sounds!
kung Few
kung Few:
I'm amazed this girl is so in love with the Hollywood/music industry system that exploited her father's weirdness for sales and ratings! Take your millions and live your own life, your lucky you can.
Matthew Neff
Matthew Neff:
She so beautiful. She turned it to a freak and got a shit loud of tattoos
Sudha Taneja
Sudha Taneja:
O ho, her broad smile , so Michael , really , a daddys princess. God bless her .
I love how she was star struck at a Hollywood vampires concert !! ♡︎
she should get a role in the "thriller"and almost forgotten "moonwalker" sequel. Also she is a real clickbait ;)
Thiago Couto
Thiago Couto:
I thought I had a crush on her already then she said the Lion King soundtrack ... If only Michael could see his kids now ! He'd be so proud I know he would !
ur mum gae
ur mum gae:
Omg, she is damn pretty ♥️♥️
Shaina Rodriguez
Shaina Rodriguez:
gorgeous young lady and smart.
She is so beautiful and talented! Very unique style and talent.
Have yoy guys seen my drawings of Paris Jackson?
Why tf do people keep saying it’s not Michaels kid. Last time I checked he fed them, provided shelter, gave them advice and raised them. He was their father period. And Paris has the smile of Michael. You got to remember she had Paris with DEBBIE ROWE. she white. Has blonde hair. Joe Jackson has blue eyes. Stop doubting it. Also she has Michaels smile
"[...] The Invincible Tour..."


But there wasn't one