Park To Prem FM21 | Episode 1 - First Job Hunt | Football Manager 2021

Time to start a new Football Manager 2021 lower league career. Starting unemployed, holidaying till Christmas, going from the depths of Non-League all the way to the top!
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Park To Prem FM21 | Episode 1 - First Job Hunt | Football Manager 2021
Park To Prem FM21 | Episode 1 - First Job Hunt | Football Manager 2021
Park To Prem FM21 | Episode 1 - First Job Hunt | Football Manager 2021

100+ komentarze:

harry wilce
harry wilce:
The fact Work The Space is Tow Law FC shirt sponsor, just proves that last years FM save is the best of all time!!
Owen Sanders
Owen Sanders:
Signing recommendation: There's apparently a Russian bloke who's a Tow Law legend called Shvetsov, maybe he could be worth a look?
Check out the Park to Prem FM21 Series Playlist here:
Diego Frantz
Diego Frantz:
I promise I will switch clubs. 10 seasons later still at Boston trying to win the Champions League
Kieran Dudson
Kieran Dudson:
Odds on Jack getting to attached and never leaving Boston?
Dragan Pajević
Dragan Pajević:
It's a shame it's not a Tow Law, but still Excited about this series.
And by the way, Paul Green is 37, but looks good for that league.
Chris Hornback
Chris Hornback:
Please save that News Article about the Fans laughing off your interest!!! You can rub their noses it in when you when the Prem! I have the faith in you !
Boys, I'm gonna skip around teams this year in Park to Prem! *signs to coach boyhood team* Boys, I'm taking Boston to the Champions League!
Arnim Giehring
Arnim Giehring:
I remember the good old times when Tow Law Town was in the Vanarama South accidentally lol ;)
Ben Foster
Ben Foster:
I already miss Kumwenda bring him home
Paul Raymond
Paul Raymond:
If you continue with that run of results could see “Terrible The Space” headlines
Callum Hayes
Callum Hayes:
I went to primary school with Matty tootle, work with his younger brother Kalvin too hahaa.
the GOAT FM series is back, you truly love to see it
Γιωργος Σηφακης
Γιωργος Σηφακης:
The hype is real!
Lucas Pereira Martins
Lucas Pereira Martins:
The race to convert a sweeper keepeer in the Dream box to box starts now.

Yea, i'm came late for the series past season but the joke still go on.
Tadija Radovanovic
Tadija Radovanovic:
It's starting again let's gooooooooo
Joseph Chambers
Joseph Chambers:
lets go! Missed that intro :D
DJ PsyChaotic
DJ PsyChaotic:
"The Space takes place at Boston"
Lukas Ge
Lukas Ge:
The music gives flashbacks. Love it! Come on you boys in yellow
Alex Ayliffe
Alex Ayliffe:
"37 year olds, out of my age range"... the entire Luzenac fan base laughs at this lie!
Alex Ayliffe
Alex Ayliffe:
Ah that 4 to determination! I remember it well, back in the heady days of Lockdown 1 :')
Frosty The Spaceman
Frosty The Spaceman:
Let's gooooooo! I'm so excited for this, binged through all of Park to Prem in FM20 and just recently finshed The Climb, hopefully going to be keeping up with this daily!
Zac Tangey
Zac Tangey:
Feels like the return of a close friend, so excited for this series!
The Football Manager Addict
The Football Manager Addict:
such a FM addict like I do!`~~~~
loved this series last year, please put the up asap, I need to binge some park to prem!
Gabe Fry
Gabe Fry:
Hey Jack. I'm so excited to catch a new series at the beginning. I started watching a month ago and have made it through the first 50 episodes of Tow Law Town. Thanks for making this channel. You are entertaining and fun to watch.
aw man, that intro, remembering the 200 episodes seein in a few days at 1.75 speed...
I’ve got Brockbank in my FM20 Bolton save, second season in , 22 years old and he’s rated a good Sky bet championship defender in the future . Very decent ball playing centre half.
A great start in the series and I can't wait for what happens next.
David Manley
David Manley:
Yay! I'd lost interest with that Salford team but now these are out I'm back on board.
Looking forward to see Boston United win the CL! With the love from WorkTheSpace oozing out to the club theres not gonna be any clubswaps this year. :D
Alex Kangaroo
Alex Kangaroo:
Jack love the next intro thing where you show how you set up the game. I believe its helpful to a lot of people.
Peter Waite
Peter Waite:
So excited for this Jack!!
Jacob LeMeunier
Jacob LeMeunier:
How do you import the real names/logos/league names? First time player here.
Jacob Brook
Jacob Brook:
Yesss Boston - my home town team! They’ve got a great squad this year for that level!
Santiago Teijón
Santiago Teijón:
Yeees. I was waiting for this. Hahaha

Btw, in Uruguay we speak spanish. 😂
didnt know you got a check mark besides your name xD congrats man
Alex Rhodes
Alex Rhodes:
Love this, started myself at FC Halifax in a similar boyhood team move. Signed a couple of loanees that are playing well but still to get hold of the team properly. Some offloading to be done I feel.
I didn't know you were doing it this year but i am so so happy you are!!
Danny Jones
Danny Jones:
I liked this video.👍 Good start to a new mission.
It's here!!!! Long time watcher Colin
I would really like to see a playthrough in one of the Tier B European leagues and trying to make them into good EL side or a decent CL "group stage regular attender".
Charlie Wilkinson
Charlie Wilkinson:
When your key player is Paul Green you know you have problems
Lewis Williamson
Lewis Williamson:
Currently watching from Boston. Up the Pilgrims!
Sam McKinlay
Sam McKinlay:
Should’ve absolutely gone for Glentorans interview. Could be in the champions league by next season aha
Darryl Hilder
Darryl Hilder:
Loved the Tow Law series, and watched until about 3 seasons from the end (got a bit repetitive). Will probably watch this.

Would be great if it was realistic, instead of winning every league one after the other tho.
Play Up Sky Blues
Play Up Sky Blues:
Imaging he will stay at Boston untied until fm22
Started unemployed and ended up at York. Loving this save, currently doing very well in National League after getting promoted from National North :).
Obsidian Blitz
Obsidian Blitz:
Glad to see another Boston lad. Bring the home town some glory
Mick Weir
Mick Weir:
What logo pack are you running?
Daily Oscars
Daily Oscars:
This game is beatable to play because time takes light speed !!! 👌🙏
Michael Burman
Michael Burman:
Crazy that you and Ben are from the same town as me. Every time anybody asks where I’m from and I say Boston they go “you’re from America”. Super looking forward to the save hopefully can do a few years here first!
ahmed abidi
ahmed abidi:
any chance you can upload vods of the twitch series on here ? i love all the content and not hating but it can get a bit dull seeing you choose the english league each save with a 99% chance you are not gonna be even leaviing boston utd
Ellis Turnell
Ellis Turnell:
Already liked the channel but when I realised you were also born in the Pilgrim, that was the icing on the cake!
Inside the White Lines
Inside the White Lines:
What leagues have you selected for this series?
Ryan Hamilton
Ryan Hamilton:
Please move clubs this time.. towlaw was a brilliant save, loved it. But I want to see you move clubs and move around
Owen Hope
Owen Hope:
Leis Korp
Leis Korp:
Bring back Jim Rodwell!
James Ingman
James Ingman:
So how long before 'Everybody knows your name'?
Jon Swasey
Jon Swasey:
Here we go! Is Jack still going the Penta-Continental challenge?
Ernest Alim
Ernest Alim:
I done this but applied for jobs at the start and I got the Wigan job, was shocked, confused & took it, but restarted as felt like cheating starting in league one, with no reputation & badges.
yash kadam
yash kadam:
Here we go the boston united save starts😂
Brock Lee
Brock Lee:
Leyton Stewart reunion? 👀
Godfrey Kwong
Godfrey Kwong:
Not start at tier 10 this time? I remembered that the previous year series you started at tier 10 team, Tow Law Town.
Christopher Gregory
Christopher Gregory:
I actually did 22 seasons for Boston United back in FM 2008 😀
Henrik Frederiksen
Henrik Frederiksen:
Up The Pilgrims! 🧡🖤
Rachel Hughes
Rachel Hughes:
Alvin Wong Wei Ye
Alvin Wong Wei Ye:
Miss the intro music in like forever !!!
Sebastian Frintzer
Sebastian Frintzer:
If you want to ensure that you switch jobs with reasonable frequency in Park to Prem '21, then never renew your managerial contracts. I see at 5:14 that you signed a two-year contract, so stick to that.
I had a laugh when i saw Andi Thanoj.
I’m Chelmsford and I signed a guy called Anthony Spyrou from “Holland fc” he’s unreal , an absoloute gem of a find . Check him out
Edward Blackwell
Edward Blackwell:
The return of Park to Prem!
Jamie Montgomery
Jamie Montgomery:
Maybe you could make a rule that you cant spend more than 3 years at a club or you are only allowed to stay as long as your original contract lasts
Gabriel Gonzalez
Gabriel Gonzalez:
Lol on stream you said it wouldn’t be tomorrow haha what a legend
Pramod Neupane
Pramod Neupane:
Over or under 1.5 club, i am taking under
Yippee, Park to Prem is back...I had to take a holiday when it was that team from Salford...was sort of hoping it would be Kiddy as they have a small place in my heart, love visiting Aggborough, come on the Pilgrims!
Koos Gadellaa
Koos Gadellaa:
WorkTheSpace is a sponsor for a team that never plays this year -_-
Iwan Baker
Iwan Baker:
Do a Wrexham one and do it like Ryan Reynolds and rob mcheleney
Christian Bak
Christian Bak:
I have a dream and it is called Fm21 Speedrunning
Got my Tow Law jersey a few weeks ago.. it's not a bad looking kit.
Not nearly enough Kentish saves in FM, make them the only ever Premier League team in the county of Kent
ReggaeBoy Gaming
ReggaeBoy Gaming:
great first episode
You will have to rewind to last year and resign the schoolboy Kumwenda I have him on loan from Hull and I started with Chorley !!!
El Presedente
El Presedente:
Winner, winner Nando’s for dinner!
Jack Whittle
Jack Whittle:
Can you move to yeovil Town at some point
Ricky McGarrigle
Ricky McGarrigle:
Henri Kumwenda!! 👏👏
Alex Blaine
Alex Blaine:
Wish this actually started in the 10th tier...
Pavel Korchagin
Pavel Korchagin:
You got me really excited for a minute - my current FM20 save is with Kidderminster...

Are you going to switch clubs this time? I think it would be really interesting to switch to another big nation (Italy, Germany, Spain) at some point.
Joseph Lagrue
Joseph Lagrue:
Hells to the yes
bob larry
bob larry:
Yes yes and ... yes
Adam Taylor
Adam Taylor:
Is there a tier 10 database out?
Neil Barry
Neil Barry:
Jack, what player screen skin do you use? Looks like lasts years TCS? Mine would work on this years beta.
Declan Frew
Declan Frew:
Jesus Boston is a hotbed of FM Youtubing talent!
Syteanrics Scenes
Syteanrics Scenes:
Tow Law...

No other team should even be considered
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