Patch 10.24 Rundown | League of Legends

0:00 - Introduction
2:04 - Champions
40:28 - Items
1:25:48 - Miscellaneous
1:27:28 - tl;dr

Patch notes:

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Judentreff Gaming
Judentreff Gaming:
That Hecarim question was a really good question Riot should focus more on. Gamehealth and stopping non counterable gameplay should be the priority.
Paul Elias
Paul Elias:
There is nothing that could ever be done to Yasuo, to make me feel bad for a Yas main.
always appreciate these : D
King Taku
King Taku:
What are your thoughts on Samira Q applying 100% lifesteal in melee range as aoe? I find it extremely stupid and it makes it far too hard to properly punish her.
Philip Suhrke
Philip Suhrke:
Never really comment youtube videos, but just this time i wanted to let you know that i highly appreciate your patch rundowns, and that you are for sure the best content creator in this field imo!
I understand why everyone forgets about Ivern when talking about support items it still feels bad
Connor Riccilli
Connor Riccilli:
Aye man not sure if you hear this enough but I really appreciate you taking the time to do these every patch. Not everyone cares about these stats, but for the people that do it really helps a lot that you go out of your way to do it. Keep it up man
30:57 brutal
The Trynd damage going on his Q makes a significant difference from base stats because his spin scales on bonus AD not total AD so adding the AD on his Q as bonus ad makes his spin do more damage too
Thoughts on the AP Bruiser being abused by every AP champ and meanwhile Singed and Morde have sub-50% winrates with these being their core items and getting them nerfed? Seems Riot flopped creating AP Bruiser items that would make those champs strong while not being poached by other classes.
Cyberpunk Spinoza
Cyberpunk Spinoza:
Meanwhile graves is top tier for almost a year now and still no nerfs. Get this champ outta ma games already. I see him more than Lee sin ffs 😂
Elliot McJohn
Elliot McJohn:
Could you link the spreadsheets for some of these videos? That'd be sweet.
i have grown to love these breakdowns with nice insights, spreadsheets etc you deserve ten times the subcount phreak!

keep up the great work
1:13:40 - 1:14:06
Phreak 2020
“Trinity Force should do tons of damage”
Hey phreak I appreciate all the effort you put in ur vids. I watch and learn deeply from it thanks man!!
Abdollah Ebrahimi
Abdollah Ebrahimi:
I respect that speach aboyr hecarim
T Highdrus
T Highdrus:
These are the best patch rundowns. I like how you go in depth on how to play in the game based off the changes. ♥️ Love you, you big phreak.
So after scarra left league, ls going through something, and iwd not uploading... phreaks patch notes has now emerged as the authority
I think on the subject of items that scale twice (level and ap), its probably to gate supports or low damage champions off of them. If it didnt scale twice, they would have to increase one of the scalings a decent amount to keep it relevant. If you boost the base damage scaling, suddenly Support Morg can build it and gain 300+ damage burst on her pool, per champion, every 40 seconds. It would literally be the only item she'd need in her kit to do relevant damage. Or, someone like Maokai could build it, throw a sapling and do 40% of an adc's hp off of a single item. But if they buff the ap scaling, it would only be good on champions who rush for the highest raw AP numbers (and it would probably be busted on viegar).

So while it feels wrong, i think double scaling on some items is super important to gating them off from certain roles/champions to help keep damage in check. Lord knows there's enough damage in the game as is, without every ap champ gaining 300+ damage on a single button press.
Alec Pettengill
Alec Pettengill:
you've been absolutely crushing it lately. Love the depth of your analysis and I think you have really great design sense when you're being critical.
Rebel Phoenix
Rebel Phoenix:
I love that Varus breakdown, though you didn't even comment on the fact that hurricane means you can pop a lot more than 3 (4 on E, 5 with Rageblade) stacks with a single cast in a teamfight.
I hope you stream some of your games in the future. I always enjoyed watching you play! So much bot lane knowledge in every stream.
I just wanted to say that although I don’t agree with absolutely everything Phreak is saying at times, I ALWAYS appreciate his opinions and insights in these lengthier breakdowns, both objectively and subjectively speaking.
Thank you for taking the time to do these breakdowns Phreak!
Appreciate it, Mr. Turley!
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith:
Appreciate these videos Phreak! :)
Dark mode stats pls save me from flashbangs
"all junglers do at least some aoe damage"

me in the corner with my ez jungle weeping
Alex Dattel
Alex Dattel:
What's up fellow gamer? Thanks for your review
You went on a lot of tangents but I enjoyed it there is a lot to talk about because of preseason after all
I'll have you know that jungle Brand is pretty lit
Ben Guffey
Ben Guffey:
I dont even play this game but I love watching the patch notes from phreak
TJ Nelson
TJ Nelson:
ice-whatever is the new name for FFG and you can't change my mind
Fear Alive
Fear Alive:
Riot buffing champions when they are already strong?! Thats preposterous! *stares at lucian*
@Phreak Kraken Slayers Truedamage on attack effect was considered onhit for melee users and on attack for ranged users so it wouldnt interact with rageblade. But this patch they changed it.
Christian Kessler
Christian Kessler:
I think I know how the rest of that Archer t-shirt
Matthew Moran
Matthew Moran:
the trynd q ad scales based on missing health so its distinct from a base stat buff
Jan Kowalaki
Jan Kowalaki:
39:07 there is less choices now, if u want to win, you just don't pick Yone/Yas.
for the tryndamere buffs, doesnt the fact it doesnt go into base stats means that things like triforce dont interact with it ?
@Phreak On the topic of Essence Reaver, would you like the idea if its passive gave bonus dmg to abilities instead of having spellblade? Instead of relying on base AD and basic attacking after using an ability, it could make for some sick snipes if it added like +20 or +25 dmg to abilities. I know it would empower poke champs/comps but still...
Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee:
Does Phreak Show only happen during competitive season?
Peet Plus
Peet Plus:
Tons of Damage 💥
Denis Shevchenko
Denis Shevchenko:
is this an omegaLUL left to the title?
Sneaky Cuack
Sneaky Cuack:
I think the trynda not getting the 5 Ad as base, is to avoid buffing sheen no?
Jean-luc Chappell
Jean-luc Chappell:
Kraken Slayer is on-hit for melees and on-attack for ranged, Guinsoo applies on-hits, so Kraken doesn't work for ranged Guinsoo users.
so it sound like they kept the item shop as tiny as it is ... i'm disappointed
Please keep being loud with regards to Riot's balance team not knowing what they are doing. MANY buffs last season (Karthus Hec Cait and MANY others) had to be reverted over time and then nerfed once again because of their favoritism. They will never listen to us, but may listen to you.
23:17 Nice
a name that doesn't break your computer
a name that doesn't break your computer:
Urgot krakenslayer lets gooo
Jarlath Mc Donnell
Jarlath Mc Donnell:
Don't forget Varus R applies Blight stacks eg: auto auto Q, R E, Q
Brendan Coen
Brendan Coen:
Kraken slayer does not work with rageblade. Since it’s on attack
King Swirly
King Swirly:
58:05 the item you were talking about was runaans hurricane. It applies on attack and the bolts don’t stack with kraken slayer.
@26:30 what does he mean by "you could get a 4th stack if you used your E"
is there something i missed from varus' kit?
Blake Bailey
Blake Bailey:
Very good points about Hecarim and Caitlin. I've been saying the same exact thing for a while. Riot has been ever so slightly degrading since it got fully taken over by tencent in 2015
Prithvi Castelino
Prithvi Castelino:
Literally first
I couldn't find it listed anywhere but they fixed the mini map resetting to the right side every game if you have it set to be on the left. This drove me crazy.
I think I missed the adc buff in this patch
Sébastien D
Sébastien D:
Hi Phreak,
About the item doubling on-hit, that's Rageblade yes.
Works with Kraken Slayer as long as the attack is a non-projectile one (also works with Black Cleaver).
Phreak idea.
800 gold anti heal items should only have 30% healing reduction.
About Karthus, single target karthus q's get single target omnivamp, so he heals 2% less on blue, red, gromp and scuttle now. I don't think that this is a huge buff at all.
When phreak was talking about measuring the strengths of ad carries, I wasn't really sure what his point was. It seems to me that ad carries are weaker except for basically jhin and samira, is that what he is saying? Also something to look at is game impact of ad carries. The less the deviation in winrates of a role the less impactful it is. Did that variation increase or decrease after preseason? Probably increase but if you take out jhin and samira I bet it would be a decrease compared to before.
Cory Morgan
Cory Morgan:
I honestly really appreciate your patch breakdowns and the insight you provide.

That said, I'm really disappointed that all of the mage items are getting nuked, but items like duskblade remain untouched. Yes, I am aware that part of this is bias, but at the same time, it genuinely felt like mages had consistent, anti-tank potential, and now that is gone- but you can still get one shot by literally every assassin in the game, who then gets to go invisible again and proceed to wipe out the rest of your team.

I didn't really believe the idea of "You're either a tank, an assassin, or irrelevant" until now.
Pas F
Pas F:
The reason u might feel like double scaling is not good item design at least to me is that it can lead to stupid burst DMG happening, something that ad can't do (250ad is usually a lot already and crit is at max 175%). By stupid I mean unintentional, with low counterplay, tied to low cd abilities
just to mention that tear buffs are insane for ryze, as he doesnt need to start sapphire to not lose a bunch of early mana and he also stacks it way earlier. not sure if it's enough to account for losing the shield and roa, but def good steps towards having him in a healthier spot
Collin Amano
Collin Amano:
The biggest benefit I see with level 1-18 scaling is that it prevents some of the snowballing that can occur with level 10-18 scaling. If the scaling starts at something like level 10 then when one lane destroys another and hits the item at level 5, they're getting so much more power than intended for those 5 levels. Now whether reducing snowballing is a good goal with most items, that is a different conversation, but that is a real benefit of 1-18 scaling. You could also start the scaling at 5-6, and compromise it, but at that some point it feels like it's not worth switching from the simple level 1-18 scaling
Horti Culturalist
Horti Culturalist:
The overall nerf to lifestyle making yi not able to actually 1v5 is pretty great
In regards to serpent fang unless you are against a very very specific team when will you ever want extra shield damage over literally anything else

Also, just to complain more, how do you even get mana on blitz anymore unless you're trolling with seraphs or buying frozen heart when its already a super niche item compared to randuins
Elliot McJohn
Elliot McJohn:
Do want to point out that they can't make tear 250 mana to match sapphire crystal, because then the remainder wouldn't be a multiple of 3 so it would take a non whole number of stacks.
Jack R
Jack R:
thanks phreak mayn
I'm in gold playing kayle. I was trying riftmaker nashors, but I wasn't feeling it so to say.
I have started building tear with Kraken Slayer > Rageblade > Muramana and I'm having better results.

Can someone explain why that may be, since I'm not super knowledgeable, and if that could work in higher elo
de Beer
de Beer:
Phreak, could you take a look at Illaoi's undocumented changes over that past season or two? She's received some nerfs, buffs and bug fixes and I'd love to hear your insight on the situation.
Archer shirt poggers
Tristan Kwasniewski
Tristan Kwasniewski:
hello boomer
riot really reinforcing that ADC's are indeed marksmen, not carries
Gabriel Pendragon
Gabriel Pendragon:
For the sivir example, replace her AP scaling with crit scaling and problem well on the way to being solved. Why is it called lich bane, when you build it on AP champs? Wouldn't it make more sense to be an ad item that scales on the targets AP or a tank item that scales on your MR?
Stefan Lopuszanski
Stefan Lopuszanski:
Why did the live team do that to Hecarim then? Confused on your rant on why they did it in the first place?
john hn
john hn:
im not predator
Duk Fin
Duk Fin:
Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.
Justin Wheeler
Justin Wheeler:
Love you bud
Jerry Lin
Jerry Lin:
Yasuo and Yone were already 47% wr even with "broken" rageblade. Now they're F tier 41-42% wr while champs like Kayle and Kayn still run rampant at 55% wr with over 20% play rate. The argument being made is that his build path was too restrictive, but thats because the other options are absolute garbage. PLEASE FIX
Why nerf aumumu just fixthe items dont hurt my main for seasons
Good vídeo man
Phreak just confirmed that he is a meta slave :9

Im not happy that Lichbane is the only Movespeed AP item left, i want a version of the old Ludens. Current Ludens and the cosmic drive are better for repositioning in a fight but some champions wants general movement speed more than repositioning
hi fellow gamer
I'd like to add to Samira, that she is basically a stat-checker. If you have more gold than the enemy, you kill everyone, if you have less gold, you get popped; this is due to her nature as an assassin-marksman. The reason she is so overwhelming, is because she got all the tools in the world to get this gold advantage early into the game. So nerfs to her early game, like the range of her passive, have a substantially higher impact on Samira than the average ADC.
J Grub
J Grub:
Phreak I am really disappointed you missed a perfect opportunity to use the pun "I don't wanna beat a dead horse"

It's hecarim we're talking about here!
why does riot consistently ignore the actual issue with samira and continue to nerf the parts of her that arent the issue.
you have no mana
You said "Kraken Slayer is an antitank item, it is very good at that." While it may be true that flat true damage is better against tanks than %phys, I strongly disagree with your take that Kraken Slayer is good against tanks. In practice, the DPS from Kraken when freehitting a tank on item parity with you is /laughable./ I've played a lot of games with the ADC mythics, and Shieldbow definitely feels like the strongest of the 3, like you said.

"People think %phys is better than flat true for some reason, it's not" this is also a good point and is probably true, but like I said, it doesn't make Kraken good.
Max Henretta
Max Henretta:
Samira abusers
With Yone and Yasuo's crit change, how does it affect Infinity Edge? Because how the text phrased it, wouldn't that mean IE's crit modifier applies first and they essentially lose more crit damage from IE? IE would take their initial crit rate (just like rage blade) and applies the calculation before the doubling effect. Does this mean that to maximize Yasuo and Yone, you would need to build 5 crit items?
Nicholas Figueiredo
Nicholas Figueiredo:
57:40 is krakens slayers. Kraken slayer is on-hit effect for melee but on-atack effect for rangeds... So if you have kraken slayer on rangeds neither lifesteal or rageblades works with its passive @phreak
Dont understand the amumu nerf... u just should nerf sunfire.
On the topic of Crit Marksmen: I think the Spellblade on Essence Reaver can be pretty good on Champions like MF, Jhin or Senna and is a good choice as a late game Item, because of the bonus AD Ratio. Other Crits Marksmen like Sivir and Xayah get a lot more power out of Navori Quickblades. Personally I like Quickblades -> Shieldbow -> IE on these Champions. For Mana I mostly rely on Presence of Mind.
Tiara Azmalan
Tiara Azmalan:
The idea that true damage isn't anti-tank is hilarious to me. The ENTIRE POINT of true damage is that it ignores armor and MR. The more armor/MR the target has, the more valuable it becomes, and anyone who's ever seen a fed assassin/marksman melt through a 4k health cho/mundo knows that stacking health isn't what makes tanks tanky. Healing effects like lifesteal aside, a 3k health malphite stacking resistances will outlast a 4k health Alistair with none.
I actually think the "item sharpening" thing has already proven itself to be really bad for the game. The best users of items use them way too incredibly well, (nashors kayle, demonic embrace amumu) and everyone else who aren't those champs buy these items and kinda feel really bad. A lot of ADC's right now just have no mythic they want to buy, and that's just too bad for them I guess. "Everyone wants crit right? No? Well sucks to be you I guess" "and also crits are nerfed omegalol" Also also I play a lot of urgot and every mythic in the game feels trash on him. So that feels bad.
John Paul
John Paul:
I dont understand the Kraken slayer patch, what is "Wyrmfallen Sacrifice attack damage" i dont see it anywhere on the item.
Mr. Ash
Mr. Ash:
Fizz is S++ with that Night Harvester, he needs a nerf. Also diana is sleeper OP with this item.
Riot nerfing Mordekaiser without any compensation buffs is really strange. He's already been pretty bad, but nerfing his main mythic (and each other mythic he could buy), his core item, Demonic Embrace, and a decent additional option, Nashors Tooth, without buffing him because of OTHER champs overperforming is such a shit feeling.

I just want old Liandries back, it felt a lot better than Demonic Embrace.
Pedro Dipp
Pedro Dipp:
30:57 "i don't play a lot of Varus cause i don't play dog champions" man was that really necessary?