Patch 10.24 Rundown | TFT Fates | Teamfight Tactics

10.24 is a very big important patch where we are making some big system changes and some champ reworks. Here's the patch rundown where Riot Statikk and I go over these changes and why we're doing them. Official Patch Notes are November 23rd, and the patch goes live a day early on the 24th for Thanksgiving. Hope you enjoy!

Originally Aired: November 22nd, 2020



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An Phong
An Phong:
2:18 Player damage changes
4:17 Chosen odds changes
7:01 Normal odds changes
9:42 Loot distribution changes
12:25 Chosen bonus stat adjustment
14:25 Balance - Traits
16:04 Balance - 1-costs
18:37 Balance - 2-costs
23:46 Balance - 3-costs
27:01 Balance - 4-costs
33:37 Balance - 5-costs
36:38 Balance - Items
37:10 Bugfixes
Austin Chan
Austin Chan:
god if this succeeds the game is going to be so much more fun
The animated mort in the thumbnail needs a longer beard IMO
"Just coughing"
At this day and age
And this set has come full circle.
Zed/Sins OP
Cultists OP
Kayn OP
Yone even more OP

If you don't highroll early or find a specific chosen, it's fast 8th.
Is it just me, or is the volume really low on this one? Regardless, thanks for the rundown Mort. Glad this one was uploaded on the same day, too!
Victor Trần
Victor Trần:
everything look fine beside the Jhin buff.... he is perfectly fine and strong in dusk comp... Expect Dusk Jhin dominate the meta since everything else got nerf and dusk is untouch.
Teo Jiménez Lepe
Teo Jiménez Lepe:
Chosen and player damage changes seem very healthy for the game. Looks like rng impact is lessened this way.
Steven Hudson
Steven Hudson:
Love getting these videos, been looking forward to see this patch. I'm excited you guys are wanting to stretch yourselves with these changes, and see how you can shake it up, not many devs would take that jump.

I also love the item variance changes, I've gotten 4 belts 2 games in a row, that was tilting.
Pink Guy
Pink Guy:
They finally nerfed diana, everytime you try to break her shield there is always another
S M:
Looks exciting, Mort! Thanks for the great info. Why do I have a feeling that experienced players will come to love this, while casual players will be going for simpler, lower cost comps? This has so much potential... in balanced lobbies :)
Julian Miranzo
Julian Miranzo:
Good bye Talon, but wow, this seems really interesting
you and your team do too much for the community man, thank you
0 0
0 0:
Patch 10.24 Post Mortem. "Guys we broke Jinx"
Steven Keller
Steven Keller:
Usualy id say that im looking forward to the Patch. Not this time. This time its more like: Holy f am I excited to play this one.
Great changes mort keep up the good work. Thanks for all the effort you put into this game and it's community!
Karan Khanolkar
Karan Khanolkar:
Was Cassiopeia ever a Dazzler!
I am in shock I wonder how this will shape the patch...🤷
I have felt this set, though balanced in terms of comps, it felt unbalanced at times if you tried to play a way that wasn't roll at 7. I still play all the time, but was not enjoying the level 7 roll down meta. However this patch sounds FRICKIN AWESOME to me.
Love the goal of separating the low, mid and late game this sounds awesome and will add a further layer of depth to games.
Love the CC reduction, though I shed a tear for bubble nami and
Love that you guys are so honest and open with your community. Thanks guys to you and everyone on the team. The open communication with the community is refreshing and makes me appreciate the game and the work you guys put in even more.
So ima play Warlords into legendarys cuz i get my shit late anyway, fine for me ^^
I'm so happy about the chosen changes that I damn near wept.
I have to say i'm very excited for the changes coming soon, it looks very refreshing and needed indeed
Thank you both and all the folks on the team for all their hard work <3 - take care and stay safe x
Kreal Dawwg
Kreal Dawwg:
the stun amount was exactly what was driving me mad :D
Love these videos. You guys give great insight, looking forward to jumping back in, had a lot of fun in set 2.5-3 a lot, had a lot of fun early set 4
Nurse Fern
Nurse Fern:
thanks for the amazing run down, can't wait for thanksgiving! stay amazing team TFT <3 Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
hadi Mazloum
hadi Mazloum:
Thank u so much for ur work <3
Javaday TV
Javaday TV:
Talon is a dead comp now. Talon does literally nothing in game
Korhan Alparslan
Korhan Alparslan:
Uhh I'm calling this now, this will be a Lulu meta.
Kyle Ganse
Kyle Ganse:
Interesting changes! Thank you Mort
Frank Geo
Frank Geo:
thank you for nerfing talon.
I really, really like these changes. Will see a lot more comps around 1, 2 and 3 cost chosens. Keeeeen!!
Thanks Mortdog. After a game with 6 bows / 6 armours the item change is greatly appreciated
Isa Wes
Isa Wes:
yesterday i had a 20g start and was lvl 8 at 4-1
Valtteri Vitikka
Valtteri Vitikka:
This looks really good on paper. Let the testing begin !!
The willingness to make these changes, and the fact that most of them seem very wise and healthy is very promising for this game. I hope this patch is as good as it looks.
Ooooh boy!

Excited for this
George Asiedu
George Asiedu:
that extreme case about the items happened to me, was thinking oh god please not another cloak
bob dole
bob dole:
hahhhh. I wasted my channel points in morts channel to answer a question a month ago, asked him if the right move would be to remove warwicks fear altogether and he said no.
Anan Anwar
Anan Anwar:
Nice that there might be more mid game rerolls for 3 star chosens now.
Lennart Jessen
Lennart Jessen:
I look forward to the 4-1 hands up-change SO much. Thank you for your efforts!
Is the new ww takedown mechanic cumulative? So can Ashe for example profit twice when you build elderwood spat for elder and hunter?
Reich Gaming
Reich Gaming:
happy about the item distribution changes. there was one game when i got 4 belts and 3 armor and 1 tear.

got the perfect sharpshooter comp but those items were trash
Hamza Abdullah
Hamza Abdullah:
I love that you changed Jinx
Gérard Menvussa
Gérard Menvussa:
Thanks for patch rundown like always!

Please consider fixing volume level, this is really too low compared to other videos. I need 4x more volume to clearly ear you (from 15 to 60 windows volume)
Barış Kera
Barış Kera:
pls someone make a video of duelist ww
JetGabz TFT
JetGabz TFT:
Akis akg
Akis akg:
16:19 the voice crack 😬
Strahinja Bajić
Strahinja Bajić:
Have you fixed the bug where all units (champs and monsters) are really dark?
Really good patch on first look. This will really determine who can actually play the game
I'm excited for duelist Warwick that should be scary af
Geronimo Crisanti
Geronimo Crisanti:
In one game i got 4 bows and 4 gloves xddd
So when does the mid set update hit? Late december?
Delmer Wilson
Delmer Wilson:
You wanted to nerf CC but Teemo still exists. Teemo rise up!
Thank yooooouuuuuu
Austin Blair
Austin Blair:
I was concerned about this set, but this patch is exactly what I was hoping for. Great job.
I'm scarred of the Warwick change. Seems pretty OP. I'm exited to try it
Clapton Is God
Clapton Is God:
Cant wait for wednesday
Nam NHK:
Zephyr is one of my favorite item, not strong in qss meta but it’s such BM when you have 2-3 zephyr
Tom Potthoff
Tom Potthoff:
Thats A HUGE change, i like that you took thats step, can’t wait to play it
Gabriel Alessandro
Gabriel Alessandro:
> Yone 90% mr and armor shred
Welcome to the Adept meta 2.0
on porpuse
on porpuse:
I think we will see alot of duelist this patch
Changes sound really great, Mort! Really think these balances are healthy for the game.
Genji Shimada
Genji Shimada:
i really like most of the changes but i feel like talon is going to be played almost never if this succeeds
Chris M
Chris M:
Mort please stop using the old image of Cass where she has dazzler, I go into a panic every time
Yusuf Demirci
Yusuf Demirci:
probably one of the worst patch of this season everybody going to force early dominant comps and people will die before 5-3
Dinh Loc Vo
Dinh Loc Vo:
the patch just hit my sever this morning.
I really love Fortune with a jinx carry but i do thing jinx's change is a failure!!
will u do something about it ?
Volume is a bit low for this one?
Santiago Floyd
Santiago Floyd:
The Yone change looks potentially patch breaking
Ken Joshua Vida
Ken Joshua Vida:
Hi Mort! looks like bunzz pulled of the 12 lose-streak fortune payout xD. could be a premade tho
Krishna Ragunathan
Krishna Ragunathan:
@Mortdog is there somewhere that you can publish which chosen's get what stats?
Can we up the gain on your mics? Or possibly just boost the volume on the whole video
The Tourist Guide
The Tourist Guide:
Hey mort, if talon feels a lil weaker than intended I really recommend making his spell refund 20 mana so blue buff allows him to still hop around but you’re sacrificing an item slot sorta for it
But I definitely think making him not reset anymore was the answer, he should def do hella damage just not allllll the time
This is going to get so spicy
James Olmstead
James Olmstead:
Great vid, but volume is way too low for both mort and statikk
Mehmet Burhan Ergin
Mehmet Burhan Ergin:
Nice Fiora buffs, I am gonna spam her
Ryan Andrew Adormeo
Ryan Andrew Adormeo:
any spatula warwick is gonna be scary imo
The Only Joker Clone
The Only Joker Clone:
you just made the game so hard for new players, i just started a couple of weeks ago i was doing good got to plat III and after the patch i just can't play i keep getting 8th or 7th dropped to gold recently.
Chosen Shojin Lulu here I come
Arthur Cls
Arthur Cls:
anyone have the loot table of 6 fortune ?
Yasuo buff.Wow,instead of getting a nerf he is getting
Jason Han
Jason Han:
Will carousel units change to match the ship percentages? Aka less 5 costs in carousel at round 5?
israel thao
israel thao:
Duelist WW will be nuts.
Marcial Alejandro Bernal Arredondo
Marcial Alejandro Bernal Arredondo:
Bruno Firmiano
Bruno Firmiano:
32 bit ?
Mohamed Abdelkader
Mohamed Abdelkader:
RIP Talon
Sett got buffed? kidding me
Such BS....You need to get level 8 to get any reliable 4 costs now
on porpuse
on porpuse:
Ludens j4?
Kalipe_man Díaz
Kalipe_man Díaz:
TFT Hates: Talon
El Tiqi
El Tiqi:
bring back shapeshifters, and make udyr a brawler shapeshif..plz
Arnold Sven Kalle Kudrjavtsev
Arnold Sven Kalle Kudrjavtsev:
so guess i get to play 6 dusk 3 cultist again :3
Benny Jackson
Benny Jackson:
They said Sett got buffed but displaced a nerf
GG, 4 ninja is now dead RIP
The Chosen odds patch is God sent
You nerf fortune with the player damage changes 0.0
Rip qss
Michael Allen
Michael Allen:
Mort: Nami doesn't need a nerf

10.24: Nami nerfed
Marcos 22
Marcos 22:
Hopefully this fix the game
*fewer cases 11:35
Benny Jackson
Benny Jackson:
I feel like these changes kinda make ninjas unplayable