Path of Exile 2 - Gameplay Demo ExileCon 2019 [HD 1080P]

Gameplay Demo ExileCon 2019 of Path of Exile 2. More from ExileCon 2019 here:
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Anon Sidious
Anon Sidious:
Dude sound insanely nervous. props to him for sticking with it.
RaGnAr RoK
RaGnAr RoK:
I'd like to see trade rooms like we had in Diablo 2 back in the day. It'd be nice to be able to offer or get offered something other than just currency sometimes.
Star of Eden
Star of Eden:
Brilliant brilliant brilliant.

such a step forward.
been wanting this for ages.
poe 1 has been grinding on the same core
poe 2 is expanding with more realistic gameplay..
much better
better character movement and physics
and better gem system

seems like a much upgraded engine
so excited for this
Lilia Sahanova
Lilia Sahanova:
This is what happens when the company works and listens to its consumers, rather than just selling a pretty shell to please the board of investors.
THIS is the sound of a GENUINELY excited audience. No wooo guy / girl, just clapping and excitement.
looks awesome,great graphic improvement
I knew shapeshifter had to come in,it was like if it didn’t it never will. I remember in the q+a he said it would be a lot of work to do animations for all the skills but he never said no or unlikely.There was a hidden answer in the answer he gave ,shapeshifter could have had it’s own skills and been easier to implement but Chris had his own vision for it.
Rusu Denes
Rusu Denes:
Man, the new looks click so beautiful whit my test. I do like it even more than D4 and don't get me wrong I like the Diablo franchise. This really got me hyped!
Love it. But i'd also love some more quality of life features. Like a "put all my currency from inventory to stash" button. Multiple stash rows. Finally an actually usable interface for trading so i don't have to stand around in my hideout for that. The ability to empty and move contents of stash tabs. Stuff like that would be awesome and frankly get me more excited than a new lightning engine (not that i complain about that one. looks great)
Might I just say, that guy that turns into a boss, now that's something that looks like a boss... HIS PRESENCE IS INTIMIDATING
5:00 you can tell Chris had no idea how popular 1 click auras would be 🤣🤣
its crazy to see how GGG tackles game design problems compared to blizzard. The add cool experimental shit to the game instead of stripping away everything . take notes blizzard
Harrish Haroon
Harrish Haroon:
The dungeon designs are soo much nicer than Diablo3/4 ♡♡ ♡
Bottle Senpai
Bottle Senpai:
Looks amazing
Kaoru Sugimura
Kaoru Sugimura:
Honestly, I'm Impressed. This new system of linking skill gems will be a huge change to the meta. Not only will traps/totems/mines/minions each become potential staples in builds but auras are now more accessible. Going to have to see the new tree but this is a jaw dropping that I look forward to and that's coming from someone that's been around since 2013. Didn't play much the last league but the moment these changes come I'm going back in. Can't wait to start putting together builds for this.
Happy Thoughts
Happy Thoughts:
This is how you do it, Blizzard. More, not less.
Rock Fossil
Rock Fossil:
Kudos to GGG you can really go toe to toe with Gaming Giant Blizzard this POE2 looks impressive ...
Awesome. Melee looks so good.
Dangerous DD
Dangerous DD:
I hope all boss rooms are bigger. Many of them were tight as hell!
Only reason I never gave this game a shot was because of the visuals, I definitely will when PoE 2 comes out, take your time devs.
Marcin S
Marcin S:
There are some types of ppl - diablo lovers who hate poe and poe lovers who hate diablo. I'm neither of them but I preferred diablo for many years over any other h'n's but this... Man this looks like I'm gonna try it and if it's as good as it feels right in the exilecon this will be phenomenal... Imo poe is going to be way interesting and popular than incoming d4
Netherveil Games
Netherveil Games:
I hear people complaining about new graphics update not being what they hoped for, but what I see here is basically a commitment to be working on PoE for another 5-10 years and no removal of old content!
At first I was like "Wow, looks exactly the same" After 5 minutes, I'm speechless. Can't fking wait.
Ömer Koyunoğlu
Ömer Koyunoğlu:
Now we see a real boss fight
I want that Crypt area music! Sounds so great.
bubu mic
bubu mic:
WOW u can block mobs with the turrets ... How cool :)
Mehmet Talha
Mehmet Talha:
Excited to new game. * plays cyclone *
akilleas Macedonia
akilleas Macedonia:
Looks great. Still more hyped about D4 though
Vincent Omega
Vincent Omega:
I kid you not. I LITERALLY started clapping with the crowd watching this clip. Mad respects to the developers.
Thank god to others GGG are not a multi-billionarie company, if they were.. Path of Exile would be the ONLY ARPG in the market actually worth playing.

Incredibly well done with this 4.0! I'm really hyped!
Vincent Nyrva
Vincent Nyrva:
Much more impressive than Diablo 4 and I don't like PoE. Can't wait for PoE 2, all my gripes seem to have been resolved here.
Bonex 120
Bonex 120:
i love it just not too sure about the gem sockel thing
R SJr:
looks like Diablo II on steroids and i love it!
Yoken Shiro
Yoken Shiro:
i was impressed with diablo 4 but this... THIS is leagues beyond what can blizard do with D4
s john
s john:
Gonna be so good
Łukasz Podyma
Łukasz Podyma:
That is great work
Taufiq Othman
Taufiq Othman:
I can have 4 6-link skillgems on a two-handed weapon?! Bonkers!
Edit: 8 6-link skillgems on a character!
HOly shit, the gem system is sooo much better now. I feel like playing again
Vestar Voss
Vestar Voss:
Cool, but i would like to see an ui restyle :(
Xsz Lolsz
Xsz Lolsz:
When will this be available? It actually looks playable
Wowo Mah
Wowo Mah:
I'm calling it, we're at least going to Ezomyr....
GGG is composed of ARPG fans. Blizzard is composed of businessmen. You see this at the announcements. Chris Wilson is nervous because he loves this game and hopes everyone else will too. Blizzcon's announcers just expect fanboys will fork over cash to the machine, and their excitement doesn't really show.
wow... a graphic rehaul of PoE 1... hopefully there will be more skin at 200$
Tom R
Tom R:
No pin-bal numbers and hit highlights. Pay attention Blizzard, hugely impacts in-game feel and experience.
I love how they shifted the camera. been playing since beta and that's the thing that always bothered me
Needs more Crowbell
i prefere the current grafik a bit more, it looks just "crispy" and more clear.
That here looks to washed out.
Mikko Gusi
Mikko Gusi:
An honest question. Do you guys recommend playing poe 2 first even without playing poe 1?
Daniel Kitchka
Daniel Kitchka:
GGG is a bunch of cool, talented and skilled motherfuckers! omg in so hyped!!
Kira Yukia
Kira Yukia:
meta crafting is gona be nuts
CJs Cat Jamm
CJs Cat Jamm:
They shouldn't release anything to console until they fix the existing lag, it's a shame too, it would be a really cool game.
Looks much better then D4
Why did it seem like he just never took damage? I mean, it seemed kinda boring just seen him spam the same two attacks the whole time :/

I'm keen to get into it but I dunno!
And whats with blue sockets on a pow ?
Like ignite proliferation for burning dmg quill rain builds ?
I can finally start playing this game.,... the old animations were the only thing preventing me from playing it! It took way too much time to do an overhaul of the fucking animations... this company!
Pixel Ranger Studio
Pixel Ranger Studio:
i was expecting a 4k gameplay, to see the nice graphics, but yt compression made everything mushy and soft :(
OK! I Love it. Come and let me use it.
Mustafa Söyler
Mustafa Söyler:
4:59 WOOWWW!
Diablo 4 is already awful. Dead on arrival. The game is years from being released and microtransactions have already been announced. Diablo, diablo 2 and vanilla wow were incredible games. Blizzard has not made a single good game since then. They are finished just like Bethesda. Watching this video is awesome because you can tell this developer really cares about making a great product first....
Slight Adjustment
Slight Adjustment:
Mark W
Mark W:
I'm still notice some game engine issues (like around 10:10) which make his pc freeze like with POE 1- they need to fix those. Otherwise very excited!
Todor Aleksiev
Todor Aleksiev:
Will each class have male/female option? Or are they predetermined?
Dark Bringer
Dark Bringer:
As a PoE fan this is looks like Poe1.5
Bishal Sarkar
Bishal Sarkar:
Diablo 4 : my time has come
Marian Doru Popa
Marian Doru Popa:
New Specters Hype!!
more socket for a combination of melee and range skill/build for shape shift hmmm...
William Eckhart
William Eckhart:
Hope music will be good and done by the first composer of PoE, them changing that marketplace tune was the reason that stoped my yet another run...
So is POE2 out now? If not anyone know when? Or did my noob self miss it in the vid?
Rik Mukherjee
Rik Mukherjee:
This game is more diablo than diablo 3.
I hope blizzard watch this clip and the poe2 trailer, watch and learn and dont screw up d4.
Buffalo Titan
Buffalo Titan:
When they started talking about the gems , I cried, and pooped a little.
Ryan Ellis
Ryan Ellis:
So the characters are the same but it's twenty years later yes?
Ralph L
Ralph L:
This game really needs a better designer and an UI dev to improve typography and UI, look at dat [SHOP] button, tell me what wrong with ur UI dev?
Nick Joy
Nick Joy:
Poe 2 have local multiplayer ?
- Hunt -
- Hunt -:
All this talk about physics and the bodies still just fall down in place in the same position. Would’ve been nice to see some realistic rag doll effects and that is a big turn off compared to D4 or Wolcen which combat looks more impactful. I’ll still play it though OF COURSE. 🤓
Juan Pieterse
Juan Pieterse:
Any improvement on melee skills and builds? if not they can stuck this game up there I still regret the amount of money i wasted on this game
Eliezer Ian
Eliezer Ian:
never head or PoE until now, why does this looks like diablo 2 but way better?
Jason Villareal
Jason Villareal:
i wish this was not laggy..
Ggg announces poe 2, suicide rates drop to zero
Mario Nikolaev
Mario Nikolaev:
Thanks for killing my social life Gringing Games... i wasn't addicted enough before.....
Kolby K
Kolby K:
This looks better than D4.
Azan Zaheer
Azan Zaheer:
Finally it doesnt look like a mobile game
Path of Exile just blatantly copied Diablo 2 huh? :P Sockets... style everything down to the Ui with the mana and the health like that? Wtf?!
I have never played Path of Exile. It looks cool at all. But how can they copy everything? Also is this pay to win or like you have to pay contiouusly for the game to be enjoyable?
Can someone explain what PoE 2 is? Is it just an expansion ontop of PoE 1 where you use your current characters or is it a brand new fresh start for everyone? Sorry im not a poe player just watched it from recommended
When was this launched?å
Manuel Castanon
Manuel Castanon:
RIP Diablo 4
Oh, this game is going to make me feel like Superman now
Someone explain it plainly to me. Is this a new installment, a stand alone exspansion. Or an addon to the core one?? The nr.2 is whats confussing me
You guys keep adding nails to that Blizzard coffin
Василий Николаев
Василий Николаев:
ok, now imagine fighting as early melee vs those bosses/ still sane exlie?
Swedish Flat Earth Christian
Swedish Flat Earth Christian:
Blizzard, watch and learn. Take some notes from GGG.. they are way out of your league! Great job, GGG! 👏🏻
R.I.P Blizzard
Poe God
Poe God:
What about microtransactions from "poe 1"? Will they be transfered to "poe 2"?
I haven't played POE before, but is all you do is spam a basic attack and use 1 skill?

Like... All i see is the Arrow rain basic attack and sometimes a balista and that's it... I know u can swap em out quickly but while ur fighting all you can do is the "basic attack" and one skill???
Guys wake up!!!! Diablo 4 is coming.
What will happen to current POE once the POE2 is out?
Shark Tiger
Shark Tiger:
Basically the SAME GAME 2!
DaeDraaH DeaDwooD
DaeDraaH DeaDwooD:
Man ~ Fak Diablo 4 really ~ This game has all the Dark n Gore you need ~