Path of Exile 2 & PoE Mobile reveal?!?!

Rather than PoE 4.0, we got a Path of Exile 2 announcement at Exilecon 2019 and a Path of Exile mobile reveal.


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100+ komentarze:

Huh, imagine actually announcing PoE mobile and PoE 2 at the same time, and not the PC game a year later. Clever these guys.
The best thing was Chris saying "About a year ago, this became very hard to announce"
Blizzard: Is this...out of season Aprils fools joke?
GGG: Is this out of season Christmas present?
So, there are two gaming companies worth putting money without regret:
2) GGG
It was hard to hold it in when watching Chris almost in tears announcing the details of the game we've come to love. Don't see myself leaving PoE anytime soon. Absolutely amazing team.
coal james
coal james:
I watched it live and Chris was legit about o have a heart attack he was so excited/nervous.

They seriously didn't hold back on the mobile stuff either, the first thing shown on the mobile reveal was Jonathan literally saying that mobiles games monitisation is predatory and shitty and that they want to be different just like how they started with POE on PC in the free to play category that has similar problems.
Rex Ferriols
Rex Ferriols:
Havent seen Rhyk this happy announcing in a looong time. This is nice :)
Arturo Méndez
Arturo Méndez:
Love this dude. Always refreshing to see someone who loves what he is doing. Keep up the good work man.
Ken Hiett
Ken Hiett:
This is why I have the utmost respect for Rhykker. He makes no attempt whatsoever to protect the turf of the game that brought him to popularity.

Genuine humans are so easy to like.
Sir I say this with the upmost respect...damn you look rough sir. You need to get some sleep! Take care of you first sir. The videos can wait!
Holy crap! The card game idea is freaking genius! GGG definitely has some people with serious brain power working.
Jay Carr
Jay Carr:
GGG Just sounds a billion times more personable than Blizzard.
“And the unrighteous were burned to ash-YES, THEY WERE!”
Mike M
Mike M:
Good morning Rhykker, question: if/when will you upload the interview with blizzard north at exilecon?
When a company still has the goodwill of fans vs blizzard
Heath Gullery
Heath Gullery:
I was at exilecon today, and the calibre and love that went into the multiple announcements was real, this game is going from strength to strength
Robert Sharp
Robert Sharp:
My jaw dropped at the announcements. It is truly an amazing con, i cant wait for the future of this game.
Tyler Law
Tyler Law:
I saw this notification and I said, out loud, “What?”
I’m so confused right now, can’t wait to see what’s up.
Jonny Wrigs
Jonny Wrigs:
stoked to see this positive vibe at a con.
Einhar: what do you not have phones exile?!
Wolly Ram
Wolly Ram:
Rhykker looks like he's had three hours of sleep and eight slugs of whiskey.
Leon Purta
Leon Purta:
Haven't seen you this stoked in a video for a long, long time. A lot more stoked than your were at Blizzcon. I think that says volumes.
Travis In Canada
Travis In Canada:
Having the voice actors in full cos play is brilliant!
Newchannel haha
Newchannel haha:
I thought the mobile thing was a meme when it was announced...
Daniele Hartmann
Daniele Hartmann:
Are there any chances, you do an Lore-Series of the Path Of Exile campaign at least? Like 1-2 Videos of 10 Minutes?
Sun Shower
Sun Shower:
Looks like I could take the bags under your eyes and brew tea. Take care man, maybe have some fun in NZ and relax? ;D
RHYKKER VIDEO YEYYYY 2:30am in germany no reason to sleep!
SIKU the shrink
SIKU the shrink:
Interestingly enough preregistration for POE Mobile started before the Exilecon in Korea. I never knew it was going to be a surprise announcement.
Rhykker will you ever be covering/streaming POE in a similar way you cover D3 content?
Tyler Fisher
Tyler Fisher:
Watching you talk about all this makes me so excited. I can’t wait to see everything that’s gunna happen to POE over the next few years.
Lena Santana
Lena Santana:
I was super happy to hear you made it all the way to Exile Con :) not going to lie, I'm very jealous that I wasn't able to fly out this year... I wish I could be there. Seeing Chris almost in tears as he told us about the epic plans for the game he and the team have spent so much time working on was so touching. I was a bit worried the poor guy might have a heart attack on stage.
The whole thing looked so suffused with positivity. And even when the competitive race went off, and the three guys have finished and everyone was waiting for the last person to wrap up his game, everyone was cheering him on, and clapping and providing emotional support for what must have been absolutely soul crushing defeat for him.
I really wish I could make it there, and I really hope I will next year.
I laughed so hard during the PoE mobile announcement.
Sounds like a great convention and delighted to see you (Ryker) so excited about it. Seemed you are more hyped about this then when you were at blizzcon. That card game sounded like alot of fun!
Jeremy Wright
Jeremy Wright:
Talk about a long flight! Even though he delivers his content with his same level of energy, Rhykker looks absolutely exhausted!
Your enthusiasm made me so happy, I love PoE.
John Pasion
John Pasion:
Diablo 4, PoE 2, Grim Dawn 3 (hinted), Last Epoch, Wolcen and more. ARPGs went from dead to ALIVE.
stephen abernethy
stephen abernethy:
wish someone would have went as hilock and kept people from getting in.
Renan Xavier
Renan Xavier:
"Hey Folks, this is Rhykker," HEY WAIT ! "where's the D3 tier list builds video ???????"
GGG - creative ordinary people doing creative extraordinary things. i mean congrats on all of it, over the years they kept bringing endless stuff to the game and on top of it we dont have to pay nothing!!!! GGG has my respect for a long time , i gladly pay just to keep these awesomeness around.
Now i was going to rant about some other Dev teams launching games in the past month or so, but theres no point :).
Keep up the amazing work GGG and thanks for being here.
Rhykker your expression , despite tired, passed that joy and that surprise feeling that your mouth was talking about :). Nice video as always. Cheers from Portugal
Ruby Inferno
Ruby Inferno:
Quality content as always, my man! Very quick with the info as always! <3
Wow. I just found this game literally yesterday and fell in love with it thinking this will hold me over till D4 comes out. Didn’t know how far behind I was.
GGG has been the most generous game company I've ever experienced so far. I love GGG!!!
Naseem Shanboor
Naseem Shanboor:
i was expecting some 1 in the crowd yelling "DO YOU HAVE PHONES? "
you look very tired! Thank your coverage of Exilecon, really appreciate it =)
No Time Dad Media
No Time Dad Media:
PoE Mobile. Shots fired hard. I wanted some good news from Exilecon, but all these announcements have exceeded my expectations.
9:30 That's cause GGG made firstly great steps up to a new whole universe of PoE, while they give as "extra" to the people who like to play it but prefer mobile also the possibility instead of marketing it as a huge upgrade to the actual game.....
Logan Holkem
Logan Holkem:
That card thing is so cool! I’m glad you mentioned that. Thanks for the content update!
Yooooo my mans with the scoop. Much love buddy. I can see the mind blowing excitment in your voice. Trying to figure how to put the excitment into your own words. Love this dude
I home you're enjoying NZ and have researched what to experience while you're here.
Chico Manara
Chico Manara:
You seem tired, man. 20+ hours flight, maybe? Keep up the good work. I saw the announcements by livestream, but came here to hear your take anyway.
I got a good laugh watching the livestream when I saw the mobile team lead titled as the "Mobile Fall Guy". The new socket system looks amazing! Sucks we gotta wait so long to play it now.
Tutorial 101: How to release a Mobile version with +20% Quality Full T1 Stats
BButlerGaming LEGENDARY:
The days of announcing games close to a time period when they might actually be near a playable release date is far behind us.
Where is the diablo 3 builds for the next season?
GGG are one of the few developers that do "Games as a service" done right. Constantly supporting the game with new content every 3 to 4 months, massive updates, still free to play.
Glad you finally gave this game a chance after all those years! Keep up the ARPG news, and it was great meeting you man!

Edit: great job keeping your cool with the blizzard north interview, that shit was legit
Indra The Lone Warriors
Indra The Lone Warriors:
omg vulkor, i'm so hyped. 19 ascendancy class and god know how many quality of life changes that we'll get man its a good time to be a poe fan :D
Roy Engelen
Roy Engelen:
Good to see u have a great time there Rykker!
and the whole show was amazing! Einhar was a little to long, but i think that had to do with them stalling becouse of some technical difficulties, regardless, kudos to him.
And the reveals! oh gods! i think no one who saw them was NOT blown away! so good and awesome!
D4 for is't even competition anymore if they release this good eneugh, and knowing GGG they will pull it off.
Alpha Lima
Alpha Lima:
But damn, I just started playing on Ps4 after a long ass break on PC.
Tyler Dyrdan
Tyler Dyrdan:
Man, you are so happy and excited - glad to see that! <3
This is awesome. I'm new to the game so it's an exciting time to be on this train. Is it true that these guys come from a Diablo developer background?
Steam Avila
Steam Avila:
Rhykker thanks for the review, im happy for GGG nice to see a "small" indie company get this far, so happy for them and all poe fans, can't wait to play D4 + Poe 2 !!!!!
Zana: You either die a hero, or live long enough to get tired of me asking you " STILL SANE, EXILE?"
1.0 Exile: Eh... I lived a fun life.
Dude get some sleep D: Thanks for the work tho!
Things looking good for you man, i remember you talking about being worried about job security after the diablo immortal announcement - now with both diablo 4 and poe 2 you seem to be all set!
Mt Isp
Mt Isp:
God bless GGG workers! IM sooo HYPED for THIS!
The lighting makes it look like you've slept poorly, sleep well and keep up the good coverage!
I was waiting for your thoughts, but please get some sleep sir! Hope you have fun and I can’t wait for your play time tomorrow :)
On a second look. I must say the game looks amazing. It is clear that the devs have put tons of real effort. I still dont like the flashy effects tho...
Thanks for commitment to arpgs! Thank you for making the trip out there and bringing us the detailed updates.
I think I'm going to break my F5 key waiting for the brevik interview video..
nawawi I
nawawi I:
first of all .. Thanks for CC! <3
As a Silver tier 'backer' of Exile back in ye olde days, it warms my heart that PoE has done so well for so long, and looks to have such a bright future.
Kit and Barry vs The World
Kit and Barry vs The World:
I was watching the video in thumbnail with subtitle and I could still hear Rhykker's booming voice😂😂
Donnell Jones
Donnell Jones:
Oh man! Got me so hyped up for poe2. Looks like I need to finish my character and get my crew back together. Can't wait!!!!!!
I can see diablo 4 and poe 2 having a great competition for the next 6 plus years
You did a great job of conveying the passion and effort that was put into the project by GGG. Kudos!
Bruno Alexandre Cartaxeiro
Bruno Alexandre Cartaxeiro:
hehehe, you're obviously so excited with the convention :D
Ibra23 Ibra23
Ibra23 Ibra23:
Rhykker, you look so tired... get some rest and take care of health man.... your dedication is highly appreciated...... you have my respect.
Chris G.
Chris G.:
cgexile here - playing poe for 5 yrs - love your hype for both games and wondering if I'm looking at a journalist or a PoE convert ;) It's great to see someone hyped for both D4 and PoE without bias
Endless Waters
Endless Waters:
Haven't seen you smile so much in long time bro. Like a kid in a candy store on christmas. Glad to see you so excited. Being a diablo fan for so long and trying to go over to poe has been overwhelming for me but gawd damn does ggg take care of their fans. Look forward for more Cheers man!
marlow.e ncna
marlow.e ncna:
nice, and informative Rhyk! very interested to play more of POE. Action-RPG/Diablo-like games is thriving. Cheers
Sergiu Mantale
Sergiu Mantale:
My man, you know we love you and we understand the hype but pls get some sleep we need you to reliably keep us up to date on all things rpg in the future to, GJ.
I've never been able to get into PoE mostly because I found it several content patches in and I was just overwhelmed. Might try again when PoE2 releases since looks like im not playing a new Diablo title for at least another year.
I'm glad to see all the excitement in content creators over Exilecon's features, compared to the mixed enjoyment and concern over Blizzcon's. GGG truly is an incredibly passionate team with a very honest monetization strategy. They deserve all the praise they're getting!
U look really tired man, get some sleep :D
Craggle Rock
Craggle Rock:
If they can port PoE to the Switch I will cry the happiest tears.
GGG have gone mad! We need to lock them in Exilecon before it's too late.
Mr. Tea-yagi
Mr. Tea-yagi:
watched it in europe via stream till late at night.
it wass so "nice" to see how exited chris was. you could see and hear how much he cares.
the wohle event felt more like a big familyparty and not like just a big company shows you what top buy next year.
i enjoyed blizzcon too but this felt diffrent.i hope they get the success they diserve
Thorian DragonTamer
Thorian DragonTamer:
GG ... GGG. xD They just knock all other game cons out of the park. Wow. So cool. So Jealous. xD
All this and they still have to rely on 3rd party websites. Ugh
Endless creativity, its amazing!
Odd Eology
Odd Eology:
confession bear meme:
As a blizzard fanboy, Rhykker secretly wished...
...Blizzcon to have outputted the same vibe as Exilecon.
Quinten Turner
Quinten Turner:
Super Keen for shapeshifting, thanks heaps for the video dude was a great report, I live in New Zealand and was super disappointed that I couldn't go
Overwatch 2 having same thing as POE 2.. a merge, so ppl don't lose all your grind. First step in this sequel merging era!
The card ‘game’ sounds so cool. What an inspired idea.
Arkadiusz Tkacz
Arkadiusz Tkacz:
Just imagine shape shifting MTX possibilities - they are way too smart
Great video as always Rhykker! Watching this after watching the vids on GGGs official channel made me smile again. The comments on the official videos were ( no surprise here) more about bashing D4 and Blizzard then about the actual annoncements. I gotta say I'm so tired of the divisivness and fanboyism in the community...
The hypocrisy of the masses of fans that raged about Immortal and are now perfectly fine with PoE Mobile. It also makes me bummed out that it feels like GGG was kinda riding on the hate-wave from last year when they could have stepped up in solidarity instead. The ARPG community should come together. We have so many reasons to be excited again, it's a great time (possibly the greatest time ever) to be an ARPG-player!
Jonathon Gallo
Jonathon Gallo:
Competition is amazing, yes please!